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Tonight is the night when six of the Biggest Loser at Home folks make their bids to join the action at the ranch. Who will be joining the fray? Who will be going home? Who will be annoying the crap out of me for another week? Let’s find out!

This week’s episode picks up at the about the same point at which it left off: the Biggest Loser at Home contestants have filed into the elimination room and the ranchers are un-thrilled. Kai starts in with the Tourette’s Syndrome, “No. No. Uh-uh. No. No. NO!” I think she might be upset. Caroline tells everyone that the man and woman with the highest percentage of weight loss will be rejoining the game. They’ll be taking the rest of the night to get to know each other, i.e. scheming to get rid of the interlopers as soon as possible.

Let’s meet the contestants who will vie for a spot at the ranch:
Matthew, a youth pastor from ME
Jaron, a young father from AR
Tim, a school teacher from DE
Virginia, a grad student from VT
Adrian, a college student from ND
Poppi, a comedienne from NJ

Everyone makes nice and welcomes the newbies, including Kai, who actually gives Virginia a big hug. Poppi is clearly completely delusional: the actually tells us that she thinks the ranchers felt JOY at seeing them arrive. She allows as how they are also probably a little pissed off. Adrian immediately becomes my favorite person on the show as she remarks on how surprisingly little weight the ranchers have lost, singling out Kai’s big caboose. Hee.

Heather and Kai, aka the Welcome Committee, decide that they definitely don’t want one of the new girls in their room. They decide to move the extra bed in their room into Pam’s old room. They manage to carry the bed all the way to the stairs, where the bed frame promptly gets stuck. Heather and Kai finally give up and move the bed back. They decide that moving themselves would be easier, so they relocate to Pam’s old room, leaving their room to the new girls, who by the way don’t seem at all upset about not having to share a room with Heather and Kai.

Come Back When You Can’t Stay So Long
Although they arrived at the ranch less than 24 hours earlier, the moment of truth has arrived for the Biggest Loser at Home folks: it’s time for the weigh-in that will determine which two of them will be staying at the ranch and which four will be leaving brokenhearted. Caroline is, once again, uncoordinated. Someone buy her a color wheel. She unveils the weight board with the dreaded Yellow Line and then they get down to business. Here’s how things fell out:

Poppi started at 232. She now weighs 189 (43 lbs / 18.53%)
Virginia started at 277. She now weighs 230 (47 lbs/ 16.97%)
Adrian started at 227. She now weighs 174 (53 lbs / 23.35%)
Matthew started at 366. He now weighs 285 (81 lbs / 22.13%)
Jaron started at 323. He now weighs 248 (75 lbs / 23.22%)
Tim started at 268. He now weighs 216 (52 lbs)
Adrian and Jaron are in. Poppi and her glitter eye shadow are sent home.

The ranchers are all a little flipped out over how much these people have lost without the aid of a trainer and healthy food 24/7. Caroline reveals that Adrian has the highest percentage of weight loss of anyone on the ranch. Jaron is number two. Kai says that she’s bitter because that proves she could have been at home in her own bed doing the same thing. Noooo, you couldn’t have. Adrian is excited to be there and that her hard work paid off. Jaron is happy, but guilty, about sneaking in the back door. I’m sure they will be made to pay in lots of little ways over the next few weeks.

Feeling the Pain
Both Adrian and Jaron are excited about working with a trainer. How do the trainers feel? Meh. They agree that Bob will train Jaron, while Kim will train Adrian. Heather whines a bit about how unfair it is that Adrian and Jaron can join the competition at this point. Bob agrees that it seems unfair, but tells her that life is unfair. He tells everyone not to worry about Adrian and Jaron and to focus on themselves instead.

Jaron heads into the gym with Bob and the Blue Boys, while Kim and the Red Team try to get to know Adrian a little better so they can learn her weaknesses and exploit them. Adrian admits that she gained weight being the typical beer-swilling pizza eating college student. Kim attributes Adrian’s weight loss to her youth in an effort to make the other ladies feel better about their lesser results. Meow. I’m sure the hard work had nothing to do with it. The touchy feely portion of the program concludes and Kim puts her team through its paces. Adrian isn’t all that impressed: the workout isn’t up to the pace or intensity she was expecting. Kai in turn is pissed off that Adrian isn’t impressed and vows to kiss her ass or die trying. I know which option I’m voting for.

Bob is working the Blue Boys out in the gym. Bob, who has suddenly gone all hard-ass, tells us that he wants Jaron to see what he’s been missing with his workouts at home. Jaron says his struggle is to combine what he was doing at home with what is happening at the ranch. He then admits that the ranchers are in better shape than he is. Bob abuses Jaron on every piece of equipment in the gym. The poor guy is beet red and drenched in sweat. He hasn’t done much weight training and it definitely shows.

Before they hit the next challenge, Bob and the boys fit in some time for this week’s sponsor: Jell-O, because there’s always room for Jell-O.

Tons of Fun
As some of you may have guessed, the challenges are pretty much my least favorite part of this show. They generally involve holding something or carrying something ort balancing on something for a really long time. The challenges are generally both difficult to describe and BO-ring. This week, it’s more of the latter. Caroline greets the contestants wearing the color of Pepto. She explains that this week’s challenge involves the teams of two moving a ton of something from one end of the warehouse to the other. The items to be moved include tires, bottles of water, bricks and weights. To decide which team carries what, there’s a challenge. There’s a challenge for everything on this show.

Caroline unveils a meal consisting of steak, a loaded baked potato and a hot fudge sundae. The team that comes closest to calculating the correct amount of calories in this meal will have the right to choose which material each team will carry. They all confer and do the math. The winners: Marty and Wylie. Here are their decisions: Marty and Wylie will carry the water bottles, Erik and Kai get the tires, Bobby and Heather will carry the weights, which leaves the bricks for Adrian and Jaron. Adrian was sure that they wouldn’t be so mean as to give her and Jaron the bricks. She’s sweetly naïve. The winner of this week’s challenge will get a subscription to Netflix and a ginormous TV. Let’s call this the “Gaining All Your Weight Back” Special. They should have thrown in a year’s supply of pizza delivery from Round Table.

So begins another really exciting challenge. At least last week there was fire involved. Long story short: Marty and Wylie win. Wylie seems more excited about the TV. He claims he’s more excited about the win, but his eyes glaze over while talking about the TV. Since the competition is over, Adrian and Jaron decide to not finish moving all of the bricks – they’re not even half-way finished. The other teams – either to show up the newbies or because they are being all conscientious – decide to finish the challenge.

Let the Hazing Begin
When Bob and Kim meet up with their teams, they are clearly shocked that Adrian and Jaron didn’t finish moving the bricks. Bob says that it’s what Erik would have done when he first got to the ranch. Now they all know that they have to finish what they start.

Bob meets with Jaron to talk about his food journals. Bob is concerned that Jaron’s calories aren’t coming from the right places. Bob has issues with the way Jaron has been eating – basically, he’s been eating nothing but turkey. While that might be a good way to lsoe weight quickly, Bob tells Jaron that it’s not a way to live a life. Jaron agrees to vary his diet a little more, even though he swears that turkey 24/7 is just fine with him.

While Jaron is having problems with his diet, Adrian has issues with the workouts at the ranch. She isn’t sure if they’re going to be as effective as her workouts at home have been. She talks to Kim about her anti-trainer stance and admits that she’s exhausted by the schedule on the ranch. Kim tells us that Adrian is set in her ways and needs to learn new things. She then tells Adrian that if she chooses to do her own thing, Kim will not give her any help. She says that Adrian is a grown adult, so she can go take a nap if she wants. MEEE-OW. Adrian makes the decision not to go running with Kim and the rest of the Red Team. Kim thinks she is wrong and crazy.

At the last chance workout, the trainers are pissed. Bob announced that he people who deserve to stay – that would be Marty, Erik and Bobby – should stay and the rest can just pack their bags and go home now. Outside, a tearful Adrian takes Kai aside. She admits that she is exhausted both physically and mentally. She’s lonely here at the ranch, training on her own without the support system she had at home. Kai actually shows a human side (who knew?) and tries to encourage her to stick with it. They decide to go to Kim to see if Adrian can train with the team again.

Kim says Adrian is fearful of working out with a trainer and that’s normal. Adrian confirms that it was about fear. She was worried that the workouts at the ranch would not be as effective as her workouts at home had been. Kim agrees to give Adrian another chance and they have a one-on-one last chance workout. They do a little mini triathlon, complete with a run, some time on the stationary bike and then a dip – fully clothed – in the pool.

Weights and Balances
It’s already time for the weigh-in and there are still forty five minutes left in the show. Lord only knows how they’ll fill that time up. Tonight, Caroline looks tasteful and understated in black. I know: I was surprised too. Caroline questions the two newbies about their first week at the ranch. Jaron says that his diet has gotten better since he arrived. He attributes this mainly to the lack of fast food. Adrian says that she’s grown close to the Red Team and the girls in particular.

Wylie: 236 (6 lbs / 71 lbs total)
Marty: 282 (4 lbs / 83 lbs total)
Totals: 10 lbs /1.89%

Adrian: 170 (4 lbs / 57 lbs total)
Jaron: 238 (10 lbs / 85 lbs total)
Totals: 14 lbs / 3.32%

Kai: 201 (7 lbs / 61 lbs total)
Erik: 318 (20 lbs / 89 lbs total)
Totals: 27 lbs / 4.95%

Bobby: 252 (3 lbs / 69 lbs total)
Heather: 186 (+4 lbs / 37 lbs total)
Totals: +1 lb / apparently their percentage doesn’t matter, since they’re below the yellow line and will be up for elimination.

Quitters Never Win
The next morning, Bob meets with the Blue Boys to find out how the weigh-in went. He is less than thrilled with Bobby and accuses him of playing a game. Bob reminds him that a few days ago Bobby had said that, if he and Heather were below the yellow line, he wanted to go home.

In the gym, Bob works the guys out hard and says he’s been battling for a teammate. He wishes he could just let it go and let Bobby just give up, but he can’t. Bob tries to inspire Bobby and then plays the “Think of your wife and kids” card. It works like a charm: Bobby admits that Bob is right about him trying to quit. He says that he’s been fighting his urge to quit the ranch every day since he arrived.

While Bob is tough loving Bobby, Kim is meeting with the Red Team. She is not happy about Heather’s weight gain and Heather admits that the risk she took might not pay off. She says that she really wants to stay….just to torture me. Heather claims she wants to make Utah proud. Yeah, I think any chance of that went out the window weeks ago, sweetie.

At the elimination ceremony, Caroline is resplendent in Kermit the Frog green. She proceeds with the usual filler about how close they’ve all become. Of course, we all know they’d stab each other in the back in a second to save themselves. The votes fall out this way:
Jaron and Adrian tell Caroline that they’ve just been trying to get to know everyone this week, so sending someone home already is tough. They vote for Bobby.
Erik says this is the toughest elimination yet because he and Kai both had to think about sending home a best friend. Apparently, Heather is a better friend….of Kai is just scary, because Bobby gets thrown under the bus.
There’s no need to see how Marty and Wylie votes: Bobby is out. He says his heart is not in this and he has struggled with being away from his family. He credits Bob with saving his life. Bobby tells his former competitors that this is not goodbye: it’s “see you later.”

Just as Bobby’s fridge light is extinguished, Caroline throws another curveball at the contestants: the game is changing again. From here on out, there are no more teams. Each of them will be competing on their own.

So how has Bobby done since leaving the ranch? Bobby tells us that, when he left Tennessee to come to the ranch, he was a totally different person than he is now. He is much stronger than he thought he was. Twenty four hours later, Bobby arrives home, newly shaved, and is reunited with his wife and kids. His wife says that Bobby looks 5 years younger. At the fire house where Bobby works, his co-workers applaud his weight loss. His weight loss totals? When he arrived at the ranch, Bobby weighed 321. He left the ranch weighing 252 and now weighs 227 – that’s a total of 94 pounds lost. That’s an Olson twin…..carrying some bricks.

Next week: It’s makeover time! Plus, for once someone other than Kai will be having a meltdown on camera when Adrian flips out during the challenge.