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[Generic Husky Action Movie Trailer Narrator Voice:] In a world gone mad, only one model reality competition show stands alone…Like a Jerry Bruckheimer film but skinnier, taller and with better skin, this week’s episode of AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL is all about action. Only I like to pronounce it ack-SHOWN like in that old disco song in Priscilla Queen of the Desert, and I demand anyone who’s reading to do me the courtesy of pronouncing it that way too. So is everyone ready to roll on the recap? Quiet on the set…Lights, camera, ack-SHOWN!

Singing the Blues

Is it just me or is this show turning into “The CariDee Variety Show”—she does music! Comedy! PSA’s for Psoriasis! We open yet again with a shot of the lovely fair-haired lass strumming her guitar in plaintive requiem to the recently departed (this time Brooke). But this time, Melrose is singing the blues. Drunk, skinny, white girl blues. Her white wine-fueled impromptu goodbye song to Brooke will not be on my iPod playlist any time soon, I’m sorry to say. And wha-hey, Melrose actually misses somebody? What happened to her being happy to be alone in the house? Looks like the only thing Melrose is really missing is a little frickin’ integrity; her two faces are really photogenic though!

Michelle is feeling confused. She admits to the others that being a model was “never my dream.” She says she doesn’t know if she has “what it takes” to be a model, not the least of which is one iota of “fashion knowledge.” Personally, I think fashion people might actually find it kind of refreshing to find such an unaffected, fresh canvas-type of model; but a lot of people might resent Michelle’s ability to slide by on pure, innate talent despite not really wanting it badly.

No surprise that old meanie Melrose, is giving Michelle major stink-eye. She blabs on about how bad she wants to win this, wants to do big things in life, yadda yadda, and how much she resents people who stick around week after week when they don’t even want it. Well, if we all got what we wanted badly, then Brangelina would be my adopted parents and Star Jones would have a Pork Chop Tree. That’s just life, Melrose; some people get what they want, some people get what they don’t want, and even more people don’t get anything at all.

Bitch—I’m Mean Beach Volleyball

TyraMail says: “If you could bump one girl out of the competition, who would it be?” “Why are you all looking at me that way?” CariDee jokes. Come on now, we all know it’s the other blonde in the room who should watch her back. I am disappointed when I learn that the next challenge is not a UFC-type, weapons-allowed cage-fight to eliminate Melrose. Awww. But I wanted it so badly! (See Melrose, Mick Jagger was right, you can’t always get what you want.)

Turns out the girls are heading out on a field trip to the beach. They are, after all, in the land of Baywatch. Who should they encounter on the sun-soaked sand but Gabrielle Reece, professional athlete and model, who today will teach the girls about action modeling.

Michelle’s eyes twinkle delightedly at see a living example of athleticism and modeling combined (and maybe, just maybe, she’s checkin’ out Gabrielle’s tight little bod). Jaeda is psyched because she actually played volleyball in school, so her familiarity with this challenge is improving her attitude greatly. She even does a little happy dance!

Gabrielle says that she will teach them how to dive for the volleyball in a way that looks convincing but still maintains beauty, as this is, after all, a modeling gig. Best part? Girls in bikinis! [cue theme song from “Gidget”] The girls get changed into their itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, multi-colored, dot bikinis…but not everyone is comfortable in their outfit for the day.

“My fat is gonna jiggle everywhere,” Anchal groans. She admits she’s not a “sports person” and declares her body isn’t in the shape it needs to be in a bikini. How screwed up is this world that a woman as HAWT as Anchal, with a slammin’ hourglass figure is ashamed to be in a bikini?!! If you ask me, she should be proud of those curves. She looks like a heroine from a Russ Meyer film…and from me that is a huge compliment! Embrace your inner Super Vixen, Anchal!

Alas, Anchal clutches a towel tightly around her, then says she feels “gross” and doesn’t want to be there. Melrose notes how self-conscious Anchal is about the “extra weight that as a model, I don’t feel she should have.” I love the way Melrose not only bags on her competitor but also manages to bring it all back to herself (she doesn’t feel Anchal should have the weight, well who the hell asked?). Melrose’s bitchiness is multi-tasking! Now that’s talent!

Gabrielle does a demonstration on how to dive in the sand for the volleyball, and of course she makes it look easy and graceful. Well, I can relate to Anchal not feeling sporty—I myself would hate this challenge as I was a classic, chronis case of “Last Picked for Team in P.E.” and balls seemed magnetically attracted to my head. Whew, that last bit came out sounding far more troubling than I intended. Gabrielle feels it’s important to bring emotion to your eyes whether it’s action or couture. Oh there was emotion in my eyes whenever a ball would hit me square in the head, alright, although I guess in my case that’s called crying.

First up is CariDee, who is game as ever. Looking fabulously fit in a green bikini, she hops around in the sand spastically, like my niece after drinking a big glass of cola. CariDee has a lot of energy, but in the still shots, you can see is not conscious of keeping her face pretty. Gabrielle warns that she doesn’t want her face to be “so gritty” that the client is not able to use it. CariDee hopes there’s a good shot in there somehow.

Eugena, in a really pretty bright blue bikini, says she played volleyball in 10th grade but her experience was mostly her sitting on the bench. You can tell. She missed the ball completely, and unfortunately you can see the frustration all over her face. This experience “sucks,” Eugena whines.

Melrose attempts to keep her face composed as she dives, and Gabrielle says it was a nice try. Jaeda is excited to finally do something she knows how to do and have it relate to modeling. She looks pretty good diving over the sand, and bumps the ball to boot. Amanda also thinks volleyball “sucks” and is “stupid”—she has problems keeping her face visible. Michelle, despite being athletic, is still nervous and ends up in a face plant in the sand. Gabrielle says that it’s okay to not make the shot as long as the shot looks good on film.

When Anchal is called, she responds with an enthusiastic “Hell no.” Gabrielle docks points for Anchal not being ready in her “gear”—meaning instead of being ready in her bathing suit, she was sulking and hiding behind a big beach towel. Anchal is obviously reluctant to show her body, which Gabrielle notices. Melrose says, “You have to be ready to strip down at any time when you’re a model.” As much as I hate her, she’s absolutely right. I’ve been to a few fashion shows, and there’s more beaver flying around backstage than a wetland riparian zone inclusive of stream bed.

Now, Anchal looks bodaciously babely in her bikini, like she is some real life incarnation of DOA (that’s Dead or Alive) Xtreme Beach Volleyball, so there’s no need to be shy. But her self-consciousness eats her alive, and unfortunately her effort is DOA, as in Dead on Arrival, and she barely gives it a college try. Ah, I feel bad for Anchal, as does Eugena, who sympathetically says, “Anchal is always self-conscious which makes her look, I guess, even more flabby and more like a big ol’ blob.” There’s a thoughtful description from Eugena, the Queen of Kindness. Is it really necessary to call anyone a “big ol’ blob” other than Jabba the Hut?

Back at home, everyone is abuzz over Anchal. Melrose says there’s two sides to Anchal: “one is sexy and confident, the other is timid and shy.” Melrose has two sides too: the fake one, and the bitchy backstabbin’ hag. Melrose says she’s “frustrated” with Anchal’s attitude and pictures, and talks smack about her to Jaeda in the hot tub (her favorite bitchin’ place, it seems). Since when the hell did she care about Anchal’s performance anyway?

Likewise, Anchal is frustrated with Melrose. She says she’s tried to be nice to Melrose and get along, but it hasn’t worked. “She does bitchy things and it makes you wanna slap the ho.” Whoa-ho-ho, someone is channeling Huggy Bear! Tell me, does Anchal have to slap a ho?

Auto Neurotica

TyraMail asks, “Are you going to snap when the pressure is on?” This challenge is going to involve…ginger snaps and pressure cookers? Sorry, my psychic radar has been so off lately. The limo drives the girls out to a race track in the middle of nowhere. Standing in the middle of the dusty track is James St. James, infamous club kid/author/so-called stylist, standing next to NASCAR driver Stanton Barrett. The incongruity…it has confused me. CAN’T COMPUTE! CAN’T COMPUTE! [SFG’s head explodes]

To make use of all that action modeling training, the girls will pose for a shoot with Stanton in which they will play a couple having a fight over whose career is more important. Oh yeah, this reminds me, let’s all bow our heads and observe a moment of silence for K. Fed and Britney’s unceremonious break up…[slight pause before laughing maniacally]

The girls will have to leap onto Stanton pretending to be angry but of course staying pretty, and not only this, they will be given a neat little remote control from [product placement]Canon®[/product placement] with which they will be snapping their own shots. Oh yeah, and they have only 10 minutes to get themselves dressed and prettified.

The race is on! Clothes are whipped off (is Stanton standing out there watching this?), CoverGirl® Make Up is hawked…then it’s off to the race track where Stanton awaits his beat down. Eugena is first and her first snap is a powerful picture that looks like a frame out of a comic book. We should have known she would excel at aggression. Fellow Harpy from Hell Melrose then comes bounding out, teeth bared, but looking surprisingly wimpy. Oh in a fist fight between her and Anchal, Melrose would be going down.

Jaeda looks awesome in the air about to strike down with fury on poor defenseless Stanton, who is now on the ground. Jaeda in action is “awesome” as even James St. James declares. In fact, everyone seems to be having a fun time; even Amanda is looking good jumping on Stanton’s back. But as usual the life of the party is CariDee, who goes balls out attacking Stanton with a checkered racing flag. Unfortunately, she again forgets her face and pulls a few expressions that give rubber-faced comedian Jim Carrey a run for his money.

Anchal walks out in a va-va-va-voom violet dress that prominently features her décolletage (fancy French word for Bazoomies). Someone, I’m pretty sure it’s Melrose, though you don’t see her onscreen, murmurs, “Anchal’s, like, too pretty for this shot.” Anchal says she feels so nervous, she doesn’t really want to do the shoot, which is obvious from her lame attempt at a jump. It is true, what Tyra’s always bitching about—you can tell when people don’t commit. Anchal tries again and gives a lame little hop with her shoe in her hand. She then makes excuses about how she doesn’t want her boobs to pop out, blah blah blah. Oh Anchal, I love her but this week she is weak. She throws out one more sad excuse, that she’s not an “angry person.” Come on girl, just pretend he’s Melrose! I know you’re dying to kick her ass!

Michelle is finally up, and she’s jazzed because sports and action is her “thing.” [Austin Power voice:] Her bag, baby, yeah! Funny, her first shot looks like Amanda’s pounce on the back. Her second jump is crazy, hair flying, like she means to kill him. Michelle’s willing to try many things, and seems commited to this shoot. Perhaps a little too committed. Bravely, she decides she wants to climb up on Stanton’s car for a unique shot; unfortunately, her stiletto heel punctures the hood when she does. Woops!

Stanton’s not too worried; he’ll just make the producers pay out their ying yang. He’s happy as pie when he announces that the lucky winner of today’s NASCAR modeling challenge is Michelle! CariDee is glad the winner is someone who’s never won before (i.e. not Melrose). Michelle gets to pick some girls to share the prize and she surprisingly calls out CariDee first, even before her twin sister. She then calls up Melrose to complete the set of white girls (collect all 4!).

Shop Till You Drop

The prize, as James informs them, is the “opportunity for a $10,000 shopping spree.” Pay close attention to the wording on that, because no one else will, and will bite them in the ass. The women of color glare at white winners with anger and jealousy—hey, the racial segregation is like “Survivor: Cook Islands” kinda! I’m not trying to start trouble, I’m just sayin’…[shrugs] Anchal, who earlier reported that she felt isolated and not friendly with any of the other girls, points out that she is the only girl who has never been selected to participate in any of the prizes.

So they load up the Hummer and they head to Beverly…Hills, that is. Swimming pools, sample sales. Kate Nobelious welcomes the girls to their Billion Dollar Babes sample sale. In the showroom are over $10,000 worth of clothes, bling, and bags for the taking, but of course there’s a catch. Stanton is there to announce that this is also a competition. The girls will have 30 seconds to grab what they can and return to the finish line or be disqualified; the girl with the most items wins everybody else’s things. Oh snap!

The white girl crew goes off for their 30 seconds of sample sale smuggling while Jaeda, Eugena, and Anchal look on. Jaeda looks particularly despondent; she wants to know why they have to be here, watching them shop, and asks why they can’t be in the limo or waiting at home. That 30 seconds goes by fast, but everyone returns to the finish line. Kate counts each girls items. CariDee has a measly 7; Michelle, our original challenge winner, does a good job with 11 (she was smart to grab a bunch of little necklaces); Amanda manages only 10; but shockingly Melrose is the winner with lucky 13.

Now the white girls join the Resentful Looks contingent, while Melrose only fuels their jealousy by screaming ecstatically over her win. Michelle looks especially displeased, muttering, “I didn’t know there was a challenge within my challenge prize, so I get nothing unless Melrose gives me something, so that kind of sucks.” Everyone hands over their clothing to Melrose, who giggles and gloats. Aha, now the girls in the back have something to laugh about.

Seriously, though, if Melrose was really nice, she’d just share the stuff she won with the other girls. Melrose, however, just holds on to her plunder rapaciously, saying, “It feels really good to get the clothes but I feel like every girl is wanting to
Kill me right now.”

Back at home, the girls are discussing inter-ANTM relations. Anchal doesn’t feel like she has any friends. Melrose tells her she’s acting like a child. Angry fighting ensues. Anchal is literally run out of the room by Melrose’s tirade. Anchal runs upstairs to be by herself and cry.

Blow Me

“Tomorrow you will defy the biggest model stereotype,” TyraMail teases, “Don’t be an airhead.” Melrose thinks, “It’s going to be something about models being stupid.” WRONG! They head to a small airport, where Jay Manuel hopes out of a small aircraft to inform the girl’s that today’s shoot is “all about being in flight.” To help with this high-flying action shoot is Patrik Giardino, an expert in action photography.

It’s also the girls’ very first CoverGirl assignment, though it hardly seems that way since they are plugging it every other chance they get. Oh you think you’re so sly, ANTM, we’re on to you. Don’t think I don’t remember the Special K Red Berries Cycle. They will be shooting an ad for CoverGirl Trublend Whipped Foundation and to evoke the feeling of lightness/weightlessness the girls will portray “sexy space sirens.”

Jay assures them that they won’t be throwing them out of planes at 40,000 feet, which is relief to the girls. They will still be put up in the air, however, through the magic of “Indoor Skydiving” which entails being suspended in the air by the force of wind from a gigantic fan. Yes, people, it’s the world’s biggest blow job. Hehehe. Yes, I have the sense of humor of a 13 year old, what?

For once, Anchal actually finds the challenge “super exciting” because indoor skydiving is something she’s always wanted to do. And she said she wasn’t sporty…The pros demonstrate what it it’s like to be blown away, like instructor Shane Hillyer, who advises the girls that flying is easy provided you take it slow and stay in control. Jay reminds them that this will be a composite shot of them in space reaching for their CoverGirl foundation.

After the girls are made up and dressed in their space suits and helmets, it’s time for the real fun to begin. Michelle is the lucky number one today, and she steps into the air chamber where the instructor helps to both guide and hold her body in place. From the look on Michelle’s face, she is not flying through air with the greatest of ease. She says that once you go off balance, you start flipping around and it’s impossible to control. Jay liked her body language, but does observe (in classic ANTM-speak) that her “hands are like catcher’s mitts.” Still, I she does a good job, especially for being the first girl up.

Jaeda feels confident this time around, sure that she has the CoverGirl look. Stepping into the chamber, however, the air blows so hard it’s making the skin on her face ripple. Jaeda worked hard to keep her composure and relax her body and face—and it paid off. Jay says Jaeda’s not usually the most graceful girl on set, but this time, “she just looked super-graceful.”

Amanda’s action shot doesn’t initially go well, even Anchal says she felt bad to see Amanda’s skinny little body flip flopping around the chamber like a dying fish. After she gets used to it, however, Amanda has fun, and even improvises new moves. Jay loves that she brings her hand to her chest in a gesture that reminds him of a ballerina.

After Sutan makes Anchal up, and he sees her in her tight, white space suit, he tells her to “suck it in.” “I am sucking it in!” she responds. Jay leads her out to the air chamber; Melrose and Jaeda watch, and Melrose makes a crack that Anchal is “doing the same thing the whole time.” Jaeda laughs. Poor Anchal, probably sensing the Mean Girl vibe, thinks to herself, “Stop don’t look at me.” Not a good mantra for a model.

Eugena is next, and she is aware how important this shoot will be for her, after repeated warnings from the panel that she is not giving good face in her photos. She does her best to project a pretty face; no mean feat through goggles and wind. She does well enough to earn a thumbs-up from Mr. Jay.

Jay says, “Melrose you always give us an amazing shot. Make the girls hate you even more!” I’m sure that’s doable. Melrose of course feels that her success thus far has made her intimidating the other girls. Oh Melrose, it’s not your success that makes them hate you. It’s your horrible, bitchtastic behavior! Jay says he doesn’t know what went wrong, but Melrose did not live up to expectations. Her expression was “flat” and “completely blank.” Anchal privately rejoices that Melrose wasn’t the best today.

CariDee, who feels Melrose is her biggest competition, is the last to go. She thought it felt “really cool” to be in the chamber and she felt light and free. A little too free, apparently; CariDee, in fact, was “all over the place” according to Jay. She moves around so crazily that the instructor has difficulty holding her, and the two smack up against the glass wall. I’m thinking that’s gonna bruise. Jay is a little troubled that she ignored his direction and even the instructors. To her credit, however, even when things went literally “belly up” she “still kept reaching for that foundation.” CariDee says she gave those skydiving guys a real ride today. Hehe hehehe. Come on, like you weren’t thinking the same thing I was thinking!

At home, Melrose shows that she isn’t really two-faced. She’s three-faced! At least when she puts on her big, fake, walrus moustache and talks like Einstein’s retarded kid brother. Is this how she unwinds before elimination? Anchal wishes Melrose would go, as she is “the most freakin’ annoying person I’ve ever met.” Everyone nervously awaits another judgment…

Commitment Phobia

A picture of Tyra squatting over a staircase is somehow supposed to represent action. I guess. Hey, she can’t be kicked off the show, what does she care? The judges today will be given an assist by Gabrielle Reece, with whom Tyra once modeled “back in the day.” What day was this? When dinosaurs roamed the earth? Seriously, though, you can stop with the anecdotes, Tyra, we know you are either related to/friends with/or the hag of every single person who works on this show.

After the regular prize schpiel, it’s time for individual evaluations. But not before this week’s judging test. Since the lesson has been all about action, the judges will pick a verb and an adverb for the girls to act out. It’s basically a physical version of Mad Libs. Eugena’s the first girl, and she must “shake flirtatiously.” She does a belly dance type shimmy. That’s easy compared to Amanda’s, which is to “ski sadly.” Jaeda must “skip sensually.” Michelle has to “swim frightfully.” Anchal hesitates and shows self-doubt again, when told to “dance aggressively.”
She does an odd, Pee-Wee-Herman-with-arthritis dance. Melrose interprets “box joyfully” as acting like a mime on ecstacy. Bad ecstacy, the stuff that’s cut with some mystery amphetamine. CariDee’s “hide dizzily” act is so funny (she lurks all over the stage hiding behind her fingers or flinging her body to the ground comically); her slapstick has the judges in stitches.

Evals begin with Eugena. Twiggy found her shake “half-hearted.” Tyra gives the funniest backhanded compliment I’ve ever heard in judging, which is that Eugenia reminds her of Naomi Campbell (which is already a pretty suspect comment to begin with), a “weak version” of Naomi Camplbell. Looking at her high-flying CG shot, the judges are disappointed. Tyra thinks she looks like an astronaut, not a model, and everyone is disappointed that there’s no face again.

Amanda’s skiing was, well, sad. It didn’t work, but Tyra gives her props for committing, at least. They don’t fancy her space photo much, though. Despite Jay’s being impressed with her grace that day, her flying photo ended up looking more like a “dead spider.” Moral of the story: Her body is so slender she needs to be conscious of her “angles” otherwise her lanky limbs look like insect legs.

Jaeda earns high praise from Tyra for not giving up today. The judges encourage her to be bigger, use her body more. Gabrielle even favorably compares Jaeda to herself. Sadly, even with these encouraging remarks, her TruBlend photo is, er, whipped by the panel. Tyra think she looks like “old Michael Jackson” which couldn’t possibly be a compliment. And in the space shot, foreshortening was sooo not her friend. The angle of the camera makes her look about 2 feet tall.

Twiggy immediately gets on Anchal for always seeming “terribly embarrassed” to do anything she’s told—and doing what you’re told is, let’s face it, more than half a model’s job. Tyra also declares Anchal’s running off stage the “weirdest exit in Top Model” aside from Jade’s final bow upon her elimination (okay, so I wasn’t the only one that found that odd). Then Tyra confuses judging for her daytime talk show when she analyzes Anchal’s running out as somehow being indicative of larger life issues. The judges seem to like her photo, though; Twiggy thinks it’s the best angle on the face they’ve had so far this shoot. Tyra can’t get off her Wacko Jacko trip, and tells Anchal she looks like the King of Pop too.

The judges rib Melrose for her Vogue-ish (we’re talking the dance, not the mag) interpretation of boxing. Again, they like her commitment, even to something wrong. It was so wrong, but she made it right; Miss J. tells Anchal that this is the example she needs to follow. They love Melrose’s wind tunnel shot, with Twiggy declaring it the “best body” of this bunch. Tyra says she was beating herself up for possibly making this challenge too hard until she saw from Melrose’s picture that this was, indeed, possible.

CariDee’s bravura “hiding” performance earns actual applause from the panel. Hers was a supreme example of commitment. Her CG photo seems to awe the judges; Tyra likes the way it looks as if she’s “propelling forward.” However, Tyra accuses CariDee being “out of control” at the shoot because Jay’s notes indicate that she did not listen to him, the photographer or the instructors. CariDee breaks out in I-Just-Had-My-Lithium laughter, but still Tyra scolds her. CariDee just says, “Yeah,” in way that says, Uh oh, I’m worried, looks like Tyra’s looking for stupid reasons to get me in the bottom two.

Finally, the panel feels Michelle “chickened out” in her test. Tyra takes issue with Michelle and says that girls like her and Anchal make her think back to casting and wonder if she passed up some other girl who might have wanted this more. Tyra thinks their lack of commitment to Sparkle Motion makes them a waste of space—I get what she’s saying, but in the real modeling world, there are plenty of girls like Michelle who just fell into modeling and work steadily due to their natural talent. I think there are more models who don’t live to model, but simply model to make a living—just my opinion. Michelle does get props at least for being the NASCAR challenge winner. Twiggy likes Michelle’s wind tunnel shot, but Tyra has Michael Jackson on the brain, yet again. EEE-heee! Who’s bad? Nigel likes that Michelle was able to pose in a way that did not make her thinness a problem, and her face “has caught the light.” Mr. Jay’s notes mention her hands looking like catcher’s mitts, but really how could they not in those Michael Jackson gloves?

The judges go do their deliberation thang. You know how they do! After jibber-jabbering over each girl’s pros and cons (most notable, Tyra saying that it “scares” her the way CariDee doesn’t listen, and everyone drawing a dividing line between “girls who commit and girls who don’t”), they reconvene and Tyra hands photos back to: CariDee, Melrose, Jaeda, Amanda, Eugena.

This leaves Michelle and Anchal in the bottom two. Tyra says Anchal’s face is “so beautiful it’s almost scary” but she hasn’t committed herself; to likewise, Michelle has commitment issues, and Tyra questions whether all her natural talent is enough compensate for her lack of desire. Tyra gives them the classic, “If only you’d apply yourself more” speech, wrapped up in all this commitment mumbo jumbo.

“Start showing us that you want this,” Tyra pleads Michelle as she slides her picture out, sounding like a beleaguered girlfriend wondering when the heck her beau is going to propose. Tyra says if she doesn’t improve, it makes the judges go, “Whatever…There’s two of them, let’s just get the other one, she wants it.” Cut to Amanda looking relieved to have her sister saved.

So Anchal, sadly, is officially out. With tears in her eyes, Anchal hugs Tyra and thanks her for giving her “a great opportunity.” Anchal hugs CariDee next, then curiously embraces Melrose, saying “I still hate you.” Melrose, smiling, says, “I still hate you too,” adding later, “But I don’t. You’re awesome.” Psycho Sybil Alert! What is up with the multiple personalities this season?

Anchal is disappointed in herself, knowing she did not give her all during the challenges. She is not surprised that she’s leaving, however, and is aware now that her self-consciousness is something she needs to work on. As we look at shot after shot of her beautiful face through the weeks, Anchal says she believes God has plans for her, so she’ll try not to let going home get her down. Her last words are that she will look at this ANTM experience as a life lesson, and I hope she learns to love herself as much as millions of Americans in the viewing audience have over the past couple of months (she was, after all, a multiple-time CoverGirl of the Week). Au revoir, Anchal!

I want ack-SHOWN, I wanna liiive! Ack-SHOWN, I got so much to giiive. I wanna give it, I wanna get some too. Oh snowflakegirl@fansofrealitytv. com loves the nightlife, she’s got to boogie, on the disco rooound…oh yeah.