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When we heard that there were to be no maids waiting on the Bachelorettes this year, there was a slight panic over who we could bribe to sneak out these highly private diary entries to us. But where there is a will, there is a way. (And where there is an underpaid and mistreated PA, the way gets easier!) Ta da! We are pleased bring you these exclusive, insightful and sometimes alarming looks into the great minds of the B’ettes.
Also, these may or may not actually be real. Maybe, but probably not. Offer void where not valid or prohibited by law. Financing available. Lose weight now ask me how!

A million butterfly kisses go out to all who contributed to this effort: AJane, Brandy, Mariner, MotherSister, PhoneGrrrl, Roseskid, Speedbump, totoro and Yardgnome. It has been an amazing journey.