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It's day 65, and this season of Big Brother is winding down. I don't know whether to be disappointed or relieved, but one thing is for sure: this has been one weird season. We've had homances, showmances, guys in tin foil suits, "ghosts" and goofy seances, girls hiding in vases...ugh. If you missed Sunday's weirdness, you can catch up with Dinahann's recap right here. Julie robotically walks out in a very strange-looking camoflauge shirt (sorry, it just doesn't match the big poofy hair) and starts droning away, so it must be time to get the show going...

Paradise Lost
So much for the fabulous sequester house on the beach in Cabo San Lucas – a hurricane is headed straight for the coast and the jury members are evacuated to a safer locale. It looks nice, but not quite as nice as the beach house. Oh well. These people won't appreciate it, either way. The sequestered houseguests settle into their new digs, but the bad weather isn’t over yet: Hurricane Howie is still blustering through the house. Seems he and Marcellas still aren’t getting along, and they trade insults by the pool like first graders on the playground. "We need more chlorine in the pool," say Marcellas as Howie jumps in the pool. "Something in there needs to die." Howie says that Marcy is a sourpuss 24/7, but Marcy counters that it’s only because he’s around Howie. James sits quietly, trying to read a book and ignore the idiocy, but you know that’s impossible when these two get going.

James is hoping George will show up as the next evictee, if only to give Howie someone else to cling to (and annoy). They gather in front of the gateway to see….Danielle! “Nooo!” cries Marcellas, as James just looks away in disbelief. “I got scumbagged,” says Danielle. She hugs everyone good-naturedly, and they all drink a toast to “the losers.” While they’re drinking their wine, George quietly slips in the front door, complete with boxing headgear on. Damn, is he really that afraid of Howie? Everyone laughs at the Chicken Man’s entrance (except Howie, who hollers something about "fat ass") and he holds up the DVD he has brought of the goings-on in the house. As they all settle down on the couch to watch, Howie makes some nasty comments about Erika being ugly, and then starts in on George. George isn’t having it, though, and tells Howie to shut up. "You're a ten year old stuck in a 30 year old's body!" He walks out of the room so Howie can calm down. “Are you mad because he outplayed you?” Danielle asks Howie. Howie continues ranting, and James tries to tell him that it’s just a game. I don’t know why Howie’s being so nasty this year to people, but he’s just about lost what little respect I had for him. Grow up, dude.

Operation Double Date
Will thinks that “Operation Double Date,” Chilltown’s plan to keep the ladies in line, has worked too well. It started as a joke, says Will, but it worked out for them in the end. He’s now worried that Erika cannot be trusted, and might vote him out if she wins veto. Boogie thinks he’s got it all under control, however: a little snuggling and Erika’s putty in his hands. (Ha!) Erika says she trusts Chilltown as much as you can trust anyone in the house, which isn't a whole lot. Janelle and Will are in the kitchen and Will spies Erika dragging around in the backyard, and Janie makes a snarky comment about what an idiot Erika is for thinking she can beat Chilltown, calling her a dumb bitch. Meow. Will flirts relentlessly with Janelle, cuddling up with her in bed, and she admits in the Diary Room that “He has me emotionally.” She knows he uses it against her, and she doesn’t seem happy about it, either.

Falling Stars
It’s time for the POV competition, and they recycle yet another game from days gone by. There’s a platform sectioned off into four areas so that nobody can see the others. Each player has a pool of colored goop that they must dig through to find 10 faces of evicted houseguests. They must then place the faces in the correct order around a 10-point star to solve the puzzle. The first one to get them right and hit their buzzer, wins.

Will, as usual, gives it a half-hearted attempt, but he’s not trying to win. Overconfident much, Will? I still wonder if he's throwing these things like he says he is, or he just plain sucks at competitions. Boogie gets all kinds of confused, totally missing the fact that he still has left one of the faces in his pool. Erika and Janelle both seem to get stuck on the right combo for Diane and Nakomis, but Janie finally gets hers in order and hits the buzzer first to win the POV. This makes her fifth Veto win, breaking James’ old record of four. I’m sure he’ll just love to hear that. A jubilant Janie runs to Will and kisses him on the lips (oh yes, she did!), knowing that she’s just secured a spot in the final three for herself. Will smiles, thinking he’s safe. Boogie says "Of course" after Janie's win, and Erika is disappointed at her loss. She went home at this point in her season, and doesn't want history to repeat itself.

Hell Hath No Fury…
Not so fast, though. Erika isn’t going to go without a fight, and she makes a beeline over to Janelle to plead her case. She asks Janie if she really thinks she can beat either of the guys in the end. Janelle isn’t sure. Erika swears on her mother (is that more binding than a pinky swear?) that she'll take Janelle to the final two, saying that the guys don't need the money like she does. Janelle doesn't trust Erika, and says so. “You have to decide who is the biggest liar in this game,” says Erika. Janelle thinks it’s Boogie, but Erika looks at her like she’s crazy and Janelle admits that yes, Will has been playing her too.

They continue their conversation outside, and Boogie and Will look over nervously from their workout in the yard at the two women, knowing that something is up. Janie and Erika compare notes like cheated-upon girlfriends and realize how much Chilltown has been playing them both. “They think you and I are a joke!” spits Erika. Janelle looks disgusted, and then asks if Erika wants some more wine. They head inside, and Will says “I’m going home.” Boogie throws a misogynistic fit, showing us what he really thinks of the girls. I’m sure his mom would be proud.

Boogie: This is our show, and these bitches think they’re going to steal it from us?”

The Silicone Alliance
Eventually, the uneasy hamsters turn in for the night. Janelle and Erika can’t sleep, though, and head outside for a cigarette. Erika takes the opportunity to prod Janelle some more. “I think they’re a couple of liars,” she says. Janelle thinks for a moment, then asks “Did they tell you that you’re part of Chilltown?” “Yes!” replies a shocked Erika. The two girls laugh as they go over what Chilltown has told each of them, and find that they’ve been told almost exactly the same lies. "Noone's ever come into Chilltown except for you" is what they told Janelle. Me too, laughs Erika. They both say how much they hate the guys, and Janelle is embarrassed about all the mistakes she's made in the game because of Will's "guidance." "People must have been laughing at us the whole time!" says Janelle. Let's kill them, says Erika with an evil grin.

The veto ceremony is up next, and Julie asks her usual lame questions. She wants to know if the houseguests will remain friends outside of the house, and everyone curtly responds that they will. Except for Boogie, who makes a comment about "seeing how Erika votes when he's in the final two," insinuating that she doesn't have a chance at final two. Erika looks surprised (and probably wants to slap him upside his head) as the others laugh nervously. You can just feel the tension in the room. Julie asks Janie who she thought would still be in the house, and she replies "Danielle. She was such a strong player."

Janelle obviously uses the veto on herself, and Boogie has nobody to choose but Will. He acts like it really pains him to do it. Janelle is the only one to vote, and Erika and Will give their save-my-ass speeches. Erika implores Janie to do the right thing, while Will jokingly (I think) says that there is so much hate for him in the jury house that he'd really like to stay for his own safety. Janelle grins at that, and stands to give her speech: she tells them that she's made a lot of mistakes in the house, but she's not going to make any more. For Howie and Marcellas, I vote to evict....Will. Wow. Dr. Delicious has been evicted! I really didn't think she'd go through with it. Erika smiles smugly, but Boogie looks like he just saw a ghost. He sits there with his mouth hanging open in disbelief as Will gets up to give his goodbye hugs - Janelle tells Will that she's sorry, but he says not to worry about it. Erika quietly thanks Janie before they go to prepare for the upcoming HoH comp.

In his exit interview with the Chen-bot, Will admits that his lies caught up with him, and that he played his strategy the best he could. He never intended to win anything, and it did get him pretty far. Julie asks about Operation Double Date and if he underestimated Janelle. Will thinks he underestimated Erika, and her ability to plant seeds in Janie's head. Of course, she asks about his flirting with Janie - he says there was chemistry, but makes it sound like it was all part of the game. Will and Janelle fans everywhere sigh in disappointment. He gets to watch his goodbye messages: Boogie gives a nice one, Janelle a polite but somewhat snippy message, and Erika is visibly upset and bitter. This girl is pissed.

The Shortest Endurance Competition Ever
It's time for the three-part final HoH competition, and Julie directs the final three out to the backyard where they find a "volcano." Each houseguest must climb up the side of the volcano and hold onto the key above their head. If they let go, or if their feet touch the mat below, they will be eliminated. Erika asks if they must use both hands, and Julie says "Yes, for now." Not ten seconds into the comp, Boogie calls out to Julie: "Do you remember Richard Hatch? They both have to take me to the finals!" and he jumps down. Erika and Janelle can't believe he jumped off. He tells them both that they can't take each other to the finals, one of them is going to have to take him. Says who?! The girls hang on for a few minutes as Boogie taunts them, neither wanting to let go. Unfortunately, Janie took one of her hands off the key earlier as she was trying to turn and see what Boogie had done, and Julie announces that she's disqualified, making Erika the winner of round one. I'm sure the set-building guys are thrilled that they spent hours making this stuff for about 5 minutes of airtime.

So, that's it for tonight. We'll have to wait and see if the girls will honor their new alliance, or if Boogie will get to them. I'm thinking Boogie is toast if he doesn't win the next round in the HoH comp, but then again, I didn't think anyone would have the guts to boot Will. You never know with these people. Tune in Thursday to see what happens - see you then!

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