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Welcome back everyone to one of the most exciting nights of Big Brother. I have been anxiously awaiting the twist tonight and hope that Big Brother doesnít let me down. This past week in the house Erika reined as HOH and things were not looking good for Janelle until she won the POV. Will was able to work Erika to get her to put up her friend Danielle so they could get her out of the house before she was able to work them over. If you missed any of the excitement make sure to read Waywyrdís recap here.. Tonight we are in for all the excitement of a week packed into one 45 minute live show.

Bros before Hos
Its day 60 in the house and Julie informs us that we are going to see a full weeks worth of games all tonight. The hamsters have no idea this is going to happen and I canít wait to see how Chill Town will be able to handle this. Chill Town feels happy in the position they are in. They have Erika and Janelle both on their sides and they have also made alliances with Chicken George and Danielle.

Danielle is concerned whether she is really safe tonight or not. She has questioned Will and Boogies separately to see what they have to say. They both promise her that she is safe from eviction. Danielle for some reason believes them both. For claiming to be such a smart player she sure has been sucked into the charms of the evil doctor. I still stand by my theory that he is a hypnotist. No one can work so many people over and gain so much trust, unless everyone in the house is flaming idiots. Right now I may be leaning towards the idiot theory.

Chill Town Takes Down Another
Julie gathers the houseguests in the living room and tells them tonight to expect the unexpected. She then asks George and Danielle if they have any final words before the eviction. Chicken George tells them if they would like to save the greatest POV competitor in BB history he is their man. He ends with telling them he would like to stay as he is wearing a green leotard with flower petals around the neck. The wardrobe departments on this show really need to intervene on this mans behalf. He just looks ridiculous every week. Danielle goes next and tells them they are all All-Stars and she would appreciate if they would keep her there.

The live voting starts and Janelle is up first and she casts her vote for Danielle. Will goes next and also votes for Danielle and Boogie follows with a vote for Danielle. Danielle is the next victim of Chill Townís manipulation and goes down in a vote of 3-0. Danielle gives her good byes and walks out of the house with a lot of class. She tells the house guests that she is going to vote for the best player at the end of the game. Novel Idea.

Talkiní It Up
Danielle exits the house and joins Julie on the couch. Julie asks Danielle if she thought she was safe. Danielle tells her that she never thought she was safe. She said as soon as I was put on the block I knew that I was going to be out. Julie asks her if things were personal this season. Danielle tells her that these people were friends before going into the house this season but she also realized it was a game. Julie tells her that she lost to a guy in a green leotard. I guess she is trying to humiliate her even more with this question. Danielle tells her that itís hard because you have to go sooner or later in this game. Julie wants to know if she got redemption this game. Danielle tells her that she played the game the best that she could. Julie tells her about the twist tonight and then asks her who she would like to see walk through the door tonight. Danielle tells her this is personal but she would like to see Erika. As much as I dislike Danielle in the house I definitely felt like she was a smart player and has handled her eviction with a lot more class than some other players. **cough** Howie.

Battle of the Sexes
Its HOH competition time and tonight the houseguests are going to be participating in a classic Battle of the Sexes game. Each contestant is standing on a neutral line with a female line in front of them and a male line behind them. Dividers are set up on each side so they canít see the other hamsterís answers. Julie will ask a series of 8 questions and the person to get the most right wins HOH.

During a live show did a male or female player say that Kayser was even more gorgeous without hair? A male was the answer and everyone was right.

Was the 2nd houseguest evicted a male or female? A female was the answer and everyone was right again.

When Danielle used the veto was she replaced by a male or female? A male is the answer and Will and Janelle are the only two who are right.

This summer past houseguests made appearances. Where there more males or females? Males are the right answer and Janelle is the only one who was right.

Was the 2nd ghost to appear during the sťance a male or female? Female is right and Janelle, Boogie and Chicken George are right.

In the first HOH competition was the first person to throw a meteor a male or female? A female is the answer and all the hamsters are right.

During the judging of the sloppy cook-off did a male or female say the sloppy cakes tasted like low grade doggy poo? A male is the answer and everyone is right.

Did the majority of POV wins go to males or females? Female is the answer and everyone is right.

Janelle wins HOHÖagain.

Getting Worked Over By Will
As soon as the HOH competition is over Julie tells all the houseguests they have 4 minutes to get to the living room. Will and Janelle take off to one of the bedrooms to have a quick strategy session. Janelle wants to put up Erika and Boogie but Will wants her to put up Erika and George. Will looks deep into her eyes and Janelle immediately loses all her own ideas and caves to Will. For someone who has never won an HOH competition he has really ruled the house almost every week.

Everyone is called to the living room and Janelle is asked for her nominations. She puts Erika and Chicken George on the block. Julie tells everyone that they are going to compete for POV next.

This Show Is Knot Very Exciting
Everyone is called to the backyard for the POV competition. The competition is called Iím Knots About Veto. Each person is attached to a long rope with two knots in it. They need to get the knots undone and pull the veto off the rope. The person to detach themselves and pull the veto off the rope and then ring the buzzer wins the competition.

The competition starts and everyone is working on their knots. Will and Erika pull into an early lead with Janelle closely behind. Erika and Will both get their knots out and their ropes stretched out. Will rings the buzzer not realizing he first has to detach himself from the rope. Ericka is able to get herself off the rope and ring the buzzer making her the POV champion.

Everyone is called to the living room again for the POV ceremony. Erika removes herself from the block and Janelle replaces her with Boogie. I would love an ultimate twist right now were Will and Erika turn on Boogie but I just donít see it happening.

Kicking Another to the Curb
Julie informs the hamsters that they will be evicting another person tonight. She asks Boogies and George if they have any final words. George tells everyone he said his final words fifteen minutes ago. Boogie wants to first thank his business partner of Dolce for putting up with him being gone so long. I guess wearing the Dolce shirts was not enough advertising for him. He also tells them that everyone in sequester hates him and he will not be hard to beat. Everyone in America hates him as well but that really has nothing to do with anything.

Will is called to the diary room first and he votes for Chicken George. Erika goes next and also votes for George. With a vote of 2-0 Chicken George is out. He says his goodbyes and I think everyone is genuinely sad to see him go.

Talkiní It Up Again & Meeting the Colonel
George exits the house and greets Julie on the couch. Julie asks George if he is surprised that he made the final five. He tells her that he is so happy and that he canít believe he made it this far. She asks him about his strategy because sometimes he seemed confused but other times he seemed like he knew exactly what he was doing. He tells her he had no strategy and that having no food really messed him up. She wants to know what he would say to the people who thought he was acting like a buffoon. He tells her he was being himself the whole time he was in the house. I feel sorry for his wife and kids if that is the case.

What happens next is one of the oddest encounters ever. Julie tells George that they have a surprise for him and out walks Colonel Sanders holding a bucket of his fried chicken. George is excited and runs over to the Colonel. I keep expecting that Flava Flav will run out at any minute yelling at George for stepping on his endorsement deal. If you donít get that check out Flavor of Love forum and read the awesome recaps.

Next Sunday
Make sure to tune in Sunday night to find out who won HOH and the unlucky hamsters to be put on the block. Or you can tune in just to see if Will can manipulate these people more than he already has.

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