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Whew. What a week this has been. Dilana gets thrown to the wolves, a piece of glass defies gravity and slashes Magni’s noggin open and to top it all off, the weather sucks. There’s nothing like getting a frosted perm at your favorite salon, only to have the humidity make you look like a Bichon Frise. Oh well, Aqua Net to the rescue.

First things first: Brooke looks hot even if it’s in that L.A. wannabe biker kid of way. Meow.

If you haven’t already, you should click your way over to AJane’s recap and see how all the rockers did. In a nutshell, Storm wore a purty little red dress, Ryan played three notes on a piano before using it as a tool for self gratification and Dilana, in Dave’s opinion, gave the best show in two season’s of Rock Star. I wouldn’t go that far, but if it was that great perhaps it’s time to shelve Mother Mother before I rip my uvula out.

Three Is A Magic Number. Yes It Is, It’s A Magic Number.
After the show and back at the mansion, there’s a lot of reflection and realization that half of the remaining six will be in the bottom three. Storm tries to validate being in the bottom by saying it doesn’t necessarily mean you suck. Well, no. But it doesn’t mean the fans love you either.

Storm stays at it back on the live stage. Dave tells Storm that she seems excited to be in the bottom three. She’s excited to get the chance to “rock out” and “kick the snot out of something”.

Dilana says it’s getting harder to lose fellow contestants- like losing a limb only not as painful. Magni bitched about doing a photo shoot to which Dave gave him a small hint. It’s part of the gig. Magni was pissed that he had to sit for four hours and Dave begins to give him a reality check when Magni blurts out, “Don’t you interrupt me young man.” Whether or not it was done in jest, Magni came off looking like an ass. You don’t embarrass Dave Navarro. That’s like calling Batman a pansy because he wears tights.

It’s On? Well, Turn It Off!
There’s no better way to end an awkward moment than to rock out, dude! And that’s just what Supernova had in mind. After having all the rockers take the third Supernova song for a test drive in the studio, Lukas comes out smelling like roses and is invited to the stage to front the band with a song titled It’s On.

It’s…uh…not exactly going platinum anytime soon. Lukas’s look is a little more toned down this evening. Only half his hair is standing up and he went light on the mascara. I guess it’s never too late to show your softer side.

So yeah, the song. How would I describe it? Go into your older brother’s room and rifle through his vinyl collection until you come across April Wine‘s Power Play. Turn up the treble, turn down the bass and then turn the speaker dial so it comes out of one speaker. Flop down in the bean bag chair, fire up the strobe light and crack a cold Schlitz. If that’s your gig, then you’ll love this song. For the rest of us, we’ll stick to the rocker’s covering the same nine songs over and over again.

On the bright side, Lukas saved this song with his usual charisma and dark vocals. He definitely deserves a pat on the ass followed by a “Good game!” high five.

Going To The Clinic. Not That Kind Of Clinic
Hey kids, did you know that MSN has their own version of Myspace? Me neither, but they do. Since Rock Star is being partnered with MSN, a zany and groovy contest is being held to see which Live Space member has created the coolest Rock Star: Supernova fan site. The winning member is Rob Carlos from Seattle, Washington. Woohoo! Rob and a friend will be flown in to the finale in two weeks.

It’s almost time for the encore but not before Gilby pipes up. There’s still a lot of work to do and as if to scold the little kids for spilling milk on the shag carpet, Gilby will be sitting down with the remaining five at the showcase room at Gibson for a song writing clinic. He’s going to help each of them write a brand new track for the Supernova album. Why do I have the feeling that Lukas will pull a J.D. and show up with nothing?

And from that we’re instantly thrust into the encore performance which is given to Toby. Toby tries to imitate the same intensity of last night’s performance of Billy Idol’s Rebel Yell. He utilizes the stage, the area where the rockers are sitting (rubbing Magni’s bald head for good luck) and even the ladies room. I even saw the curled upper lip ala Idol ala Elvis. It’s entertaining. It’s fun for the whole family.

One Left Seated
At last it’s time to find out who is in the final three. As per usual, the bottom vote getters at the end of last night’s show are announced: Ryan, Storm and Lukas. Boos erupt all around. But wait! There’s more. Dilana and Toby also saw themselves in the bottom three at some point during the night. Only Magni is left seated. Dave is surprised. He thinks after last night’s performances, nobody should be standing.

The first rocker in the final bottom three is Ryan. It’s no surprise, really. Will the dark horse ride again? He’s chosen to sing The Who’s Baba O’Riley. I love that song. He better not screw this one up.

As if he knows this is his final curtain call, Ryan pulls out a monster bottle of champagne during the intro lyrics and sprays it everywhere. Supernova looks less than impressed. They’re probably pissed at all the wasted booze. The bottle gets handed off to the rockers and Ryan does everything in his power to put in a great performance. It’s not bad if you like looking at sinking ships. He tries to get the crowd singing, he tries to get the crowd jumping. The keyword being he tried.

Storm is the second rocker in the bottom three. She’s going risky tonight with Helter Skelter by The Beatles. She wants to pay homage to what she feels is the first punk song.

Clad in jeans, a studded belt and a fedora, she looks likes Kid Rock but with yabbos. She is electrifying but personally the song didn’t fit her. She did do a lot of yelling and even ended the song with a little stage diving. The applause-o-meter is measured by Dave and Supernova golf clapping. Only slightly better than Ryan.

Only Toby, Lukas and Dilana remain standing. Toby breathes a sigh of relief as he’s told he is safe. Both Lukas and Dilana have never been standing nor in the final three. Brooke welcomes Dilana to elimination night and tells her to take the stage.

Dilana is dedicating Psycho Killer to herself. And in true fashion of the song title, Dilana does go a bit psycho. She starts off solo before Nate Morton and the house band kick in with added emphasis. She’s going nuts on stage and I love it. Lots of screaming and thrashing. Nobody puts Dilana in a corner. She’ll rock her way out of it. She definitely put her signature on this Talking Heads classic.

Giddy-up and Take A Bow
After deliberating who will be going home, Gilby delivers the assessment on Ryan, Storm and Dilana.

Ryan: he’s come the farthest out of anyone. He had one of the best audience receptions the band has seen tonight. But…is he right for Supernova

Storm: her first time in the bottom three. She has been solid but they haven’t seen a lot of growth.

Dilana: her song came out of left field. She was a little lost in the middle of the song but she has earned so much credit with them

Here comes the Tommyhawk. He praises all three of them once again, particularly Ryan. Then comes the “but”. But he is not right for the band and just like that the dark horse comes in last. I hope you weren’t betting on him.

Dave gives him a slew of props and wishes him the best. Ryan tells the band that he felt he could’ve given Supernova twenty years of great music. If they live that long. Instead, he’ll be hanging out as a solo artist.

That concludes tonight’s show. Don’t forget kids. The finale is two weeks away. Stay tuned, stay rockin’ and stay groovy…