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Welcome back, Big Brother addicts! If you caught the previous show, you know that Janelle and Chicken George are up for nomination once again, and we had yet another incredibly disturbing food competition that involved the houseguests dressed in freaky bee and flower costumes, humping and jumping on each other to squeeze nectar into jars. I'm still trying to banish the images from my mind. *shudder* If you missed it, you can catch up with Dinahann's very funny recap here. On to tonight's show!

Don't Worry, Be Happy
It’s day 54 in the hamster house, and Erika is quite pleased with herself after nominating Janelle and Chicken George for eviction. Janelle isn’t surprised, but she was somewhat irritated by Erika’s “you’re a great player and that’s why you’ve gotta go” speech. Just once, I wish someone would tell the truth during the nomination ceremony: “I can’t stand you, you suck, and I want you gone!” or “You snore and you have bad breath!” Something like that. Be creative! Oh, anyway. George isn’t shocked by his nomination, either, and even says that he’s used to it by now. Nothing seems to get George upset, at least as far as the game goes. You’re okay, Georgie.

Will grabs Janelle in the bathroom and instructs her to go make nice with Erika, and to tell her that she’s not upset over her nomination. Janie does as she is told, telling Erika that she’s obviously going to try and win the POV, but she’s not going to come after Erika - she’s after the people who got rid of her friends: Chilltown. It’s a lie, says Janie in the Diary room, but Erika seems to fall for it. They hug and the meeting is adjourned. Sucker!

The remnants of the Legion of Doom (Will, Boogie, and Danielle) discuss who they should get rid of in the upcoming eviction. Will asks aloud if there is any advantage to keeping Janelle over George, and Danielle cuts her eyes at him: “Have you lost your mind, Will? No.” Will quickly drops the subject, but Dani is still suspicious. She thinks Janie is working with Chilltown, and Erika won’t nominate Chilltown. Hmm. Something stinks in the Big Brother house, and it’s taken her almost two months to figure it out. I guess seeing James get booted by her supposed alliance members wasn’t a big enough clue.

Big Pimpin'
Finally, Will gets his trampoline! He made the house go on slop for a day just so he could have it, but does he care? Nah. He runs outside like a 5 year old on a sugar rush and proceeds to bounce around on the new toy. Boogie joins him as the three girls and George watch their antics. Boogie calls it the “pimpoline.” The pimp trampoline, get it? Yeah, I thought it was pretty stupid, too. The others are afraid that Will is going to break something. Dani asks him if he’s ever broken any bones, and he replies “Yeah. A lot!” I can see the trampoline going bye-bye pretty quickly after that statement.

Back to business, as Danielle asks Erika point blank if she’s going to take her to the final two. Hell yeah, says Erika. Dani swears on her kids that she’ll take Erika to the final two, no matter what happens. They talk about how dangerous Chilltown is, Will especially. Dani calls him the devil, and makes horns above her head as Erika laughs. Tell me this: if everyone thinks these guys are so dangerous, why are they still in the house? Silly, silly hamsters. Dani and Erika hatch a new plan, something they should have done long ago: put Will up if Janelle or George are taken off the block. But Erika has a dilemma. She’s technically part of Chilltown (at least, she thinks she is) and she’d be breaking another alliance if she put Will up. It’s all about who she can beat in the end, says Erika. In the Diary Room, Danielle says she’s “salivating” at the chance to kick Will out of the house. It’s her ultimate goal to boot Will out of All-Stars. “Sometimes people who scumbag, need to be scumbagged. I got something wicked coming,” says Danielle.

Dreaming Of Doogie
Apparently Will’s most favorite actor evah is Neil Patrick Harris, and he’s been blabbing about the guy all season. Well, guess who shows up with a Santa hat on for their “Christmas in August” prize? Yep, it’s Doogie himself. He wakes the sleeping houseguests with a cry of “Merry Christmas!” as they squeal with delight and stumble out of bed. Neil shares a meal with everyone (even tasting some slop, which he thought was all kinds of nasty), and confides that he’s a Big Brother fan, too. Will is ecstatic, and the others are happy to see a different face in the house. George gets a complete Santa costume to wear, and they all head outside to get their presents. Electronic stuff, clothes, lingerie, and DVDs are among the goodies. Neil even makes with some snark in the Diary Room, saying he’s glad that Boogie got some new shirts, because if he sees him wearing a Dolce shirt one more time, well...ugh. I love this guy! Can we keep him? He also thinks George is a great guy, but he’s a little “simple.” Janelle is even more beautiful in person in Neil’s opinion, saying that she has an “aura” about her. No comment on Erika, apparently. Neil goes to play on the trampoline with Will and Boogie, putting them to shame by doing a few nifty flips. He can’t stay, sadly, and gives everyone a goodbye hug before taking off.

It’s Electric!
Here’s our goofy story of the night: George was once hit by lightning! Seems like he was holding a metal pole outside while a storm came up, and a bolt of lightning struck it. He woke up to find that he was okay, but a little “smoky.” Will wonders why George has never told this story before, and thinks it explains a lot of his eccentric behavior. George was told by the doctors that he may have lasting side effects, but he claims to have none. Of course, they show a few snippets of George in his aluminum foil outfit, and the other crazy get-ups he’s worn. No side effects? Sure, Georgie. Will wants to ask the most important question: Did he get any superpowers afterwards? George laughs and says no, I would have shown them by now!

Will’s plan now is to get Danielle out of the house, and he goes to Janelle to tell her about it. Chilltown will try to throw the POV Janie’s way, and hopefully Boogie can talk Erika into putting her friend Dani up. Janelle wonders if Erika can be swayed, but Will assures her that he’ll get it done. He goes to coach Boogie on what to do. Later on, Boogie and Erika are in bed (why must they keep showing such awful things?) and Erika tells him she wants Janelle gone this week, and Dani to be put up next time. Perfect timing for Boogie to drop the plan on her! He says that she has to be prepared for Dani to go this week, and reminds her that Dani will probably beat the rest of them if she goes to the final two. Wow, replies Erika. “Do you really want me to POV her? You want me to put her up like that?” Out of nowhere, Erika tells Boogie that if she finds out that he’s been playing her, she’ll kick his ass. Boogie laughs nervously, and asks her why she’s said that two nights in a row. Maybe she’s not so dumb after all...

It’s veto comp time, and everyone gets to play, but one at a time. It’s similar to the “morpho-matic” contest from last year: facial features from two different houseguests will be flashed on a screen. They must then choose the correct two people from the board. The fastest time wins.

Boogie is first, and takes his sweet time, not wanting to win and put himself in a bad position with Erika. Erika plays after him, trying her best to keep her nominations as they are. Will is next, and for once he actually tries to win. I’m shocked. Chicken George is up after Will, and has a good bit of trouble with the pictures. Poor guy. Up next is Janelle, wearing her lucky competition gloves. Danielle is last, and seems to do well. Everyone gathers for the results:

George: 24:23 (good grief!)
Erika: 1:51
Will: 3:19
Janelle: 1:00 (everyone’s jaws dropped at this one)
Danielle: 1:23 (not bad!)
Boogie: 7:42

So, once again, Janie saves herself and wins the POV. Even if you don’t like her, you’ve got to give her this: the girl kicks ass in competitions. This is her fourth veto, and she’s creeping up on James’ record. Wouldn’t that be funny. Danielle is somewhat confident that she’s safe, thinking that a member of Chilltown will go up in Janie’s place. Erika looks disgusted, Chilltown looks happy, and George is still standing there with his mouth hanging open.

A Change In Plans
Everyone is still discussing the veto comp, and they can’t believe how well Janelle did. Will says that he has to give her props - she’s the best reality competitor he’s ever seen. Even Boogie has something nice to say for a change. The two celebrate in the storage room over Janelle’s victory, knowing that they now have a real chance to get rid of Dani. Boogie tells Will that he’ll make the plan happen. They both approach Erika with the idea of putting Dani on the block, but she resists, not wanting to put her friend up. They keep working her, reminding Erika that Dani would be hard to beat. She’s not sure that it’s the right time to turn on Dani, though. When Erika questions Boogie alone if they will take her to the final three, Boogie waffles and says “I thought we were going to have a conversation down the road.” Erika looks upset and tells him ”I know your loyalty is to him,” as Boogie looks confused and nervous. Without Will there to tell him what to do, he’s lost.

Danielle pulls Erika off to the storage room (is this the official secret meeting place now?) and asks her point-blank if she’s going to put her up. No, replies Erika. Dani says she has to ask, but she doesn’t seem so confident anymore.

Janelle is next to talk with Erika, who asks Janie for her thoughts on what she should do. “I think all three of them need to go,” says Janelle. Erika tells her that she doesn’t think she can beat Dani in the finals, and Janie agrees. “No one can. And the guys kinda suck.” Erika throws out the idea of the two of them teaming up after getting rid of Dani, and then going after Chilltown. Janelle replies that “Will sucks” while Erika laughs. Janie tells Erika again that she’s not coming after her, and they hug before Janie leaves. Boogie slithers up the stairs next, and Erika confides that it makes her nervous to keep Will and Boogie there together. “I’m afraid of being the Diane. Bros before hos.” A look of panic crosses Boogie’s face, since this is exactly what he and Will have planned. He tries to cover, and gives Erika a quick peck and a shoulder rub to distract her.

The Stuff Is Hitting The Fan
Erika sits by the pool, and Danielle walks over to join her. She tells Dani that she cannot beat her at the end. “You’re too strong a competitor to keep in here!” cries Erika as she turns on the waterworks. Danielle looks at her in silence, then says “Okay. That’s fine,” as she walks off. The look on her face said everything but fine. Look out, people.

A few hours go by, and now a drunken Dani is in the hot tub, venting to a reluctant-looking George. It doesn’t make any sense to nominate me, she says. Erika’s allegiance is to Chilltown! Oh, but wait - Erika is sitting right there, on the couch. She can hear every word Dani is saying, and Dani looks over and snarls “What?!” as Erika looks on. “Nothing,” Erika replies. George, sensing a fight coming on, tries to excuse himself. Too late, as Dani gets out of the tub and goes to Erika, raising her voice and demanding to know why she was nominated. “I looked in your eye, I made a commitment to you! You won’t get my vote. You nominating me is the ultimate betrayal. It hurts. It hurts!” Dani goes on and on, but Erika can’t take any more, and goes to hide in the HoH room. Will goes to hide there too, and Erika cries on his shoulder. She’s hysterical, says Erika.

Suddenly, there’s a knock on the door. Then the doorbell rings. Over, and over, and over. It’s Dani, coming to stalk Erika. Will shushes Erika and they go to the HoH bathroom to hide. Yes, we have grown folks hiding out in a bathroom tonight. “She’s clearly crazy,” he says. Dani just stands outside, leaning on the doorbell and trying to get Erika to open the door. Will is determined to keep Dani from getting to Erika, and he spends the night in the HoH room with her to do just that. After quite a while, crazy Dani goes away and the house calms down for the night.

Janelle calls everyone in for the veto ceremony, and it’s no shock as she takes herself off the block. For once, Will looks slightly nervous, but Erika stands up and nominates Dani to take Janie’s place. Dani, wearing dark glasses, plops into the chair next to George. Erika gives another teary speech, apologizing to her, but Dani ignores her and sits in stony silence. Erika walks away, crying.

We end the show with another corny phone skit from Will and Boogie, laughing about how they got Erika to put up her friend. It’s getting old, guys. As much as I love Will, I almost hope the girls turn around and bite him in his ass next week. Turnabout is fair play, yes? A big shakeup would be welcome at this point in the game, and the hamsters are still unaware that they’ll be losing two this Thursday. Should be fun - see you then!

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