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Thread: Big Brother 8/24 Recap: Winners Never Quit…Or Evidently Whine!

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    Big Brother 8/24 Recap: Winners Never Quit…Or Evidently Whine!

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    Welcome everyone. This has been a very exciting week in the hamster house. Early in the week Howie was evicted in a surprising turn of events under HOH ruler George. Boogie became the new HOH and put the last of the season 6 alliance on the block. Janelle was able to win the power of veto and take herself off the block leaving James to face Chicken George on the block. If you missed any of the action make sure to check out Waywyrd’s entertaining recap here. Tonight we have a live eviction and we will see who walks out the door and if they can be as dramatic as Howie and maybe really beat down Mike Boogie…because he deserves it.

    Plotting James Demise

    It’s right after the veto ceremony and emotions are running high because James still feels like Janelle cheated him in the competition. James hopes that Chicken George will be the one leaving this week and he is not being set up. James does not plan on trusting anyone in the game anymore. I am glad he finally came to that realization after he has been lying to everyone this whole game. Chicken George tells James that he will not be campaigning this week because his clothing choices are offensive enough to scare away any potential votes.

    James is talking with Danielle and he is wondering if they will keep him this week. Danielle is concerned for him this week. Will talks with Danielle after James is gone and asks her what James’s plan is. He is still worried that James is plotting with Janelle. Danielle just listens and is still concerned about James’s staying in the house. Danielle goes and talks with Erika, she does not believe or trust either of the people nominated. Danielle is going to try and protect James this week. Good luck with all that!

    Danielle approaches Janelle and wants to call a 1-week truce with her. Janelle is stunned by the question but eventually agrees to it. Danielle tells her they need to work together with the other floaters and go after Chill Town. Janelle nods her head and smiles all the while admitting that she was lying to her. James then approaches Janelle and wants to know if he has her vote. Janelle is on a role with the lying and tells him of course she will vote to keep him. He needs her, Danielle and Will’s votes in order to be able to stay in the game this week.

    James goes to talk with Will and tells him that he is paranoid. He does not want to be a Howie and be surprised when he is evicted. Will tells him not to worry that he is safe this week and for some reason that is comforting to James. Maybe lies makes him feel like he is at home snuggled in his bed.

    Will goes to Danielle again and tries to plant the James must go seeds. He tells her again that James needs to be out this week. Danielle is very emotional about the whole thing and does not want to talk about it. She would rather sit in the bathroom and cry than try and further her game more. This woman is losing it. I think next week is her time to go.

    Will and Boogie gather in the HOH room to talk about this week’s eviction. Will tells Boogie that James needs to go this week or he will come after them next week. Boogie agrees and does not voice his own opinion afraid that Will will never speak to him again.

    Filling the Time
    All the hamsters gather for their group interview with Julie, hopefully she does not ask too many pressing questions. Julie asks Boogie if he and Howie would have come to blows if James had not stepped in between them? Boogie tells her that Howie has about 40 lbs on him and that it is just game. He also said if he sold plastic light-sabers for a living he would be angry as well. I also would be angry and resentful if I stood in the shadow of the best player to ever grace Big Brother. Julie also wants to know how Janelle is coping after losing Howie last week. Janelle said it was a shock but she is trying to move on. The interview is over and I am much stupider for having listened to that.

    The Jerk
    We now get a new segment in the live eviction show called “What’s Happening in the Sequester House?” Marcellus was the first to move into the beautiful house on the ocean. He feels like he is in hell right now but he guesses it could be worse…like being in the BB house? He is happy to be alone for a week and the one person he does not want to join him is Howie. 24 hrs later Howie joins Marcellus in the house. Marcellus is stunned someone is there so quick and he is not happy that it’s Howie. Howie brings with him the tape of events and they watch it together. Howie rips on George and Boogie the whole time. I am a little embarrassed for him because of his rude behavior. It was very childish and a game and it is probably time to start getting over it. The two of them stuck in the house for a week together should be pretty interesting and maybe its very own spin-off show like the Odd Couple.

    Clarence the 5th Beatle?

    It’s now time for our first big filler piece of the evening. It’s about Chill Town’s Showmances this season. Erika and Boogie have been getting very close but Boogie says it’s just a showmance. Boogie likes Erika as long as it does not get in his way of winning all the marbles. I sure hope he wins them to replace all the ones he lost. Will and Janelle have fun flirting with each other. Will likes that he has her and everyone else for that matter wrapped around his finger.

    Chill Town has 3 women that they are working with, Erika, Janelle and Danielle. Boogie trusts Erika the most and Will trusts Janelle the most. Will thinks that Erika is playing Boogie. Chill Town’s fate lies in the hands of the women. Will thinks that Chill Town is like the Beatles. Boogie is John Lennon and Will is Paul McCartney and it’s time to bring in Yoko. He also thinks that James is Ringo and that George was not in the Beatles but maybe the Monkees. George is no Davy Jones!

    Chatting with a Loser
    Boogie is hanging out in his “pimping” HOH room as Julie joins him for his interview. Julie wants to know if Janelle has become an honorary member of Chill Town. Boogie tells her that she is a huge target so she is good to keep around to keep the target off of them. Julie wants to know if he trusts her. Boogie says not 100% or at least that is what Will says. She tells him that he and Will are best friends and is wondering if he is ready to choose between ½ million dollars and a best friend. Boogie tells her that 2nd season Will chose the money over a friend and he is ready to do that as well. He hopes that it comes down to him and Will in the final two though. Then they can have lots of alone time in the house to spend together doing whatever Will thinks they should do. She then asks him about the coup d’ etat. He said it played into his strategy, it was better to hold it and see what happens than to use it right away.

    Don’t Hate the Player Hate the Game!
    It’s finally time for the live eviction and everyone is gathered in the living room. George has put on his finest pair of yellow clown shoes, lime green shirt and hideous sombrero for the occasion. The funny thing is, I am wearing the same outfit. How did George know?

    Julie asks George and James if they have any final words before the voting. James wants to thank everyone who voted him into the house. He tells the hamsters he is here to play the game and would like to stay. George thanks the hamsters for keeping him around as long as they have, Cool Beans!

    Live Vote:
    Erika “My friends call me Skeletor.” Votes for James
    Will “It’s hard to look so hot, yet be so evil.” Votes for James
    Danielle “I think I am the best player this game has ever seen!” Votes for George
    Janelle “I may be blond but I’m not…what was I talking about?” Votes for James

    With a vote of 3-1 James is evicted from the house. I do the biggest celebration dance I can possible muster. I am so happy that he is finally gone!

    Caught In a Sea of Delusion
    James exits the house and tells Julie he is not really happy to see her. I feel the same way. Julie tells James that he seemed certain he was staying in the game. James tells her he got beat by the best, Will, Boogie and Janelle. Now I can agree with Will and get on board with Janelle but Boogie is not a good player. He is as good as Will tells him to be. Julie wants to know why he was so angry with Janelle. He said because she sold him out to Jase, Alison, and Chill Town, all in the first week. Julie wants to know if his actions will affect his friendships with the season 6 alliance. James tells her that he wonders what game was being watched? They betrayed him with their nominations. This man is so delusional I can’t wait till he watches the tapes and maybe someone will sell him a clue.

    James ends the interview by telling Julie that he was amazed to be able to work with Danielle and Will this game. I don’t know if they worked with him as much as used him, especially Will. Then again, I don’t know what game I was watching.

    But First…These Competitions are Getting Really Lame

    It’s time for the HOH competition tonight. The name of the game is But First. Julie will read two events if the answer is True they need to step up, if the answer is False they will need to step down. Confused? Why can’t they play a nice game of Dodgeball and the last person standing wins?

    True or False? Howie called Boogie a punk before walking out of the house but first gnomes threw pies in the faces of the House Guests. The answer is false and everyone was correct.

    True or False? The House Guests got all dolled up for prom night but first the grim reaper made an appearance. The answer is true and Chicken George and Janelle are out.

    True or False? Jase refused to walk Nakomis to the door but first Kayser became a human blueberry. The answer is False and Will and Danielle are out.

    Erika is the new HOH. The game is over and everyone is walking around confused about what happened. It seems that I was not the only one confused by the game.

    Julie talks with the hamsters one last time or to fill up the last five minutes of the show. Chicken George tells her he has lost 20 lbs on the slop diet. Janelle feels kind of good to be the last of the season 6 alliance standing. Danielle misses her husband and kids. I miss the last 55 minutes of my life that I wasted watching this show.

    Next Week
    Make sure to tune in next week for an exciting week of Big Brother were nothing they promised will happen and we will all feel worse for having watched it. Next Thursday they claim will be extra exciting because for the first time in BB history the whole show will be live and 2 hamsters will be evicted. I can barely wait!

    If you think the next HOH competition should be a fight to the death, email me at Yardgnome77@fansofrealitytv.co m.
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