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Sunday was quite an eventful show, wasn't it? In a surprise double eviction week, Howie got blindsided and was sent packing by supposed ally Chicken George. Hurricane Howie did not go gently into that good night, however. Rage he did, but it was directed at Boogie, who had promised him Chilltown's vote. He flung Boogie's hat, ugly words were exchanged, and the door slammed shut on Howie's chances of winning All-Stars. Boogie wasn't done for the night, though: he won the HoH in yet another odd competition involving little people, fake trees, and cream pies. Is it just me, or are they getting really freaky with the competitions this year? If you missed all the drama, check out Dinahann's awesome recap here. Think we can beat the craziness from Sunday's show? Let's find out...

Downgraded To A Tropical Depression
Of course, we get a recap of Howie's less-than-gentlemanly exit. They're going to wring all the drama they can out of that. James says that he hated to see Howie go like he did, he's such a trusting, loyal guy and that was his downfall in the house. It's a rare occasion when I agree with James, but he's right. Why these people continue to trust Chilltown is beyond me. Janelle says that "people I thought were my friends are now my enemies." Will she stand by that statement, or will she fall under Will's spell once again?

Meanwhile, Boogie slaps Will's hand in celebration while Will says that Howie may regret leaving like he did. Somehow, I don't think it'll hurt his lightsaber sales. Chicken George sits at the table shaking his head in disbelief that he took Howie out. "Who would have thought the apprentice would lightsaber the master out of the door?" I'm really trying to retain my Chicken George love after he put Howie up, but he seems just a little too happy to have booted his buddy. Yeah, yeah, it's just a game, but still. Hmph.

Danielle and Erika rejoice at Howie's eviction - thus keeping Erika in the game for another week. "He went out so ugly," says Danielle. Erika thinks he was a big buffoon (this from a woman who is dating Boogie) and she's glad Howie is gone, pointing to the writing on the red room walls: 'Bringing forth anger and feelings of disgust.' All Dani can say is "Wow." All I can do is roll my eyes at her melodramatics.

Janelle's not taking Howie's boot so well, having retreated to the bedroom in tears. James, of all people, is trying to comfort her. She says she doesn't trust anyone anymore, and privately says that she doesn't trust James as much. If only she knew. James asks what they should do, pretending to be on her side. Janie replies "Win an HoH." In the Diary Room, James admits to being partially responsible for Howie's eviction, and says it bothers him that his former alliance members are hurt. What? James has a heart after all. A tiny, black, shriveled one, but a heart nonetheless.

We're forced to watch Boogie's HoH victory once again, as Danielle and Erika tackle him in glee before Dani goes off to dance with the little people. A strange sight, I tell you. Will isn't too keen on the fact that Boogie has won, knowing that it puts the target on Chilltown's back. Boogie informs us that the Coup D'Etat power is now null and void since he is HoH and he certainly won't be overthrowing his own nominations. *poof* Another Big Brother twist down the drain, never to be used. It would have been nice to see it put to use.

Jedis Aren't Supposed To Cry!
Janie's back to crying in the bedroom, and James asks her what all the tears are about - is it just Howie leaving? Janelle replies that she feels like it's all her fault. James tries to tell her that it wasn't, but she's not listening. She later goes outside in big sunglasses to hide her puffy eyes, and George plays Dad, trying to lift her spirits. "You're beautiful, intelligent, you have a glowing personality, a beautiful smile, and you really care about people...you've got everything!" Janie manages a wan smile, and sad piano music plays in the background as we get a montage of her crying around the house. *sniff* Boogie, James, and Chicken George all try to comfort the crying Janelle, but she remains on her bed with a blanket draped over her head, sniffling. Until Will comes in, that is. "Who's the princess of Big Brother?" he asks her. He lays it on thick, drowning her in compliments, until she comes out of her blanket cave and dries her eyes. This guy is amazing, I tell you.

Or was it all an act? In the Diary Room, Janelle says she wants to appear vulnerable and weak, like she doesn't have any fight left in her. But she does. Of course it's all strategy, she says with a smile. Will goes to her later and apologizes for the Howie incident, and he says in the DR that he wanted to console her because all of her friends have been evicted. She's a phenomenal player, a warrior. Will wants to take her from this dark spot and use her for his own nefarious purposes.

Will: I want to rebuild her faster, stronger, and more loyal. And have her attack James for me.

How Not To Decorate 101
Boogie has been given the keys to his new HoH room, and bounds into the hallway: "Who wants to see my room?!" The silence is deafening, as noone replies. I actually think I heard crickets chirping. Will has to go and round up the unenthusiastic hamsters to see Boogie's room, which is decorated in a putrid array of oranges and purples, stripes and polka-dots. It suits him. We also get a (way-too-long) glimpse of a picture of Boogie from a comp in BB2. He's clad in only a bikini, and I don't have time to avert my eyes before the image is burned into my retinas. Thanks, CBS. Give us warning next time, will ya? The others half-heartedly go 'yay' at his new digs and filter out of the room quickly.

Will plops himself down in Boogie's new room to talk strategy. Boogie wants to put Janelle and James up, and Will seems to agree. Will says he doesn't trust James, and they discuss throwing the POV comp to Janelle to assure James' eviction. The rest of the house thinks Janie hates Chilltown right now, they'd never believe that they were working together. However, if someone else wins the POV, they both agree: Janelle would go. James' ears must have been burning, because he shows up at the door, wanting to know the plan. They tell him that he and Janie will probably go up, but the Legion Of Dumb Doom is safe because they have the numbers. And James believes them.

Weirdest Alliance Ever?
Janelle tells George that she knows she's going on the block, and can't believe she trusted "those people." She regrets putting Marcellas up, and George commiserates with her. Then a light bulb pops up over his head: hey, we can really mix things up in here! George throws out the idea of he and Janie aligning, and she seems to agree to it. "Who would think, me and you aligned in the game?" laughs George. He likes that he can sit and talk game with Janelle. Janie feels alone in the house, and welcomes the chance to pick up another partner. Even if he did lead to her friend's eviction? We'll see how long this one lasts.

Will and Janelle talk outside (and Janie seems a little, um, tipsy) and she tells him "If I'm gone, you don't think James and Danielle will come after you and Boogie?" Of course I do, replies Will. If you need my help, says Janelle, I'll no longer feel obligated to you since you backstabbed me. I didn't backstab you, replies Will: "I stabbed you in the front!" Not funny, says Janelle as Will laughs. She goes over all the things she's done to help Chilltown, and wants to know what she's getting in return. "We're gonna get rid of James!" whispers Will. Well, then don't nominate me, Janelle pleads. In the DR, Will likens himself to Doctor Frankenstein: "I'm building a perfect monster, and that monster is a fem-bot named Janelle." And here I thought the only fem-bot around was Julie.

Janelle: I'm ready to get nominated, win the POV, and shove it up their asses.

Boogie prepares for the nomination ceremony, putting the keys in order. The ceremony begins, and Boogie gives his speech, but everyone knows what's going to happen. Keys are drawn, and Janelle and James are nominated. For some reason, he puts Will's key last. Usually, you put someone's key last because you want to make them sweat. This was just anticlimactic and...dull. Boogie reiterates that he's always wanted to go after the season sixers, they're great players, etc. James doesn't seem too worried about being put up, but Janelle is doubtful about their plan.

Is This BB Or Survivor?
The veto competition is next, and players are picked. Boogie picks Will, Janie draws Danielle (and she's not happy about it), and James draws Erika. Before the comp, Will and Boogie tell Janelle again that they have her back, and will do everything they can to get Janie the veto. Will's thinking is this: Janelle has to stay, because she's the biggest target in the house and it will take the heat off Chilltown. These guys are going to run out of suckers soon.

The hamsters go out to the backyard to discover it's been turned into a jungle, complete with Tiki torches and a huge, flaming idol head. They must have had some leftovers from the Survivor set. The game goes like this: they will be asked a question by said flaming idol head, and they must run to get the correct "doll" as the answer. They must then race back to a set of kneeling stones, but there will always be one less stone than than there are players. Kind of like musical chairs: someone's gonna be left standing.

They begin the game, and Will quickly realizes that this is another comp he needs to throw. He wants to make the others think he really sucks at competitions. Danielle is eliminated in the first round, and Will is next. He doesn't care, though. Round three, and Boogie leaves the correct doll in plain sight so Janelle can grab it. Boogie is last to return and is eliminated, having kept his word for once. Round four, and James and Janelle tussle over the Howie doll. They roll in the dirt, grabbing for the Marcellas doll, and James claims that Janie kicked him. She says that he broke one of her nails, and holds up her middle finger (ha) to show him. They race back to the stones, and James doesn't make it in time. It's down to Erika and Janelle, and, you guessed it...Janelle wins. She goes to get her veto from George, and the others give half-hearted golf claps. Except for James, who has steam coming out of his ears.

The Aftermath
James rants in the DR that Janelle ripped the doll from his hands, calling it nothing short of assault. Let's not get carried away here, James. Janelle can't believe they fought over a "frickin' doll," but she's won the Power of Veto and is "here for revenge." James stomps inside to complain to Danielle about what happened, and they show a replay of the incident: they fought over the Howie doll, but James never had the (correct) Marcellas doll in his hands. Janelle grabbed it before he ever touched it, contrary to James' story. Will makes fun of it in the DR: "The way I saw it, she just whooped his ass!"

Boogie and Will spaz out in the privacy of the HoH room, overjoyed at the outcome of the game. James is gone, they say while jumping up and down like lunatics. It couldn't have gone better! "James thinks the game is fixed in Janelle's favor," says Will with an evil grin. "It is. I'm the one fixing it!"

Erika slinks up to console Boogie, who acts upset at the way the comp went. He leaves in a fake huff, and Erika asks Will who he'll put up. Why, everyone's favorite pawn, of course: Chicken George. They both agree that James will still be the one evicted, though. If they can't get Janelle, James is the next best thing. Janelle knows that if she uses the veto on herself, her new alliance partner George will go up in her place. But, use it she must, and takes herself off the block. George nods, knowing what's coming next: Boogie puts him up in Janie's place. He takes a seat next to James, dressed in one of his garish radioactive-green t-shirts with a sombrero on his head. Next stop: the What Not To Wear show.

Will Chilltown keep their word and vote off James? Or will the pawn go, as is usually the case? Will James stop whining about Janelle before then? We'll find out Thursday...see you then!

No more Boogie in bikinis, I beg of you! - waywyrd@fansofrealitytv.com