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Welcome, hamster watchers! On Sunday's show we saw the replay of the HoH competition where the power was snatched out of Erika's hands and given to Janelle instead, who promptly put Erika and Danielle on the chopping block. We also saw the houseguests play wannabe Iron Chefs in a food comp, make a silly rock video, and guess as to what the mystery Coup D'Etat power would be. If you missed it, I recommend reading Dinahann's most excellent recap here. On with this week's show!

From the Penthouse to the Outhouse
Day 40, and Danielle isn't surprised one bit to be nominated. Erika isn't either, but is much more upset about it after having the HoH crown taken away from her after only a few hours. "It's like going from the penthouse to the outhouse," she says. Erika didn't care for Janelle's use of the word 'despise' in her nomination speech at all (as in "I despise your gameplay"), going on and on about it in the DR. And to Janelle. And Danielle. Marcellas, too. Janelle thinks Erika is a "scumbag of a player," and thinks she's been hiding behind the season 6 people the whole time. No love lost between these two. Of course, James has something to say, and he thinks Janelle put the two women up because she has issues with women. He vows to protect Dani and keep the Legion of Doom alive.

Will sneaks off to talk with Dani, and tells her that Chilltown is going to throw the POV competition so she can get it. Cue the creepy violin background music - is this Will's theme song now, or what? He thinks that Chicken George or Marcellas will go up in her place if she can win the veto. Dani says that she didn't even think of that plan, and thanks Will.

Is This Really Necessary, CBS?
For some reason we are forced to watch Boogie and Erika making out in a darkened bedroom, kissing and sucking fingers and making me physically ill. Don't they realize people may be eating dinner while this show is on? Bleah. He asks her if they're going to continue the charade, and she asks which one? "The one where we're not madly in love with each other!" Erika thinks people may be on to them. Mmm-hmm. This isn't exactly the brightest group of hamsters ever to be on the show, but they're not that dense. For his part, Boogie tells us in the DR that he likes Erika's rack (how very romantic!) and starts to go on about her other physical attributes. This is where I stick my fingers in my ears and go "lalalalala" to drown out his squeaky rantings. Moving along...

Well, no we're not. Looks like we're not done with the Boogie and Erika story, as they head to the bathroom (again, so romantic) for a - get this - fake proposal. Why, you ask? Not a clue. They joke about Boogie's real proposal to Krista during BB2, and he gets down on one knee amongst the wet towels strewn about the floor to give his fake speech. Erika giggles and keeps looking over at something in the room (the doorway to escape?) as Boogie puts something on her finger. It looked like he picked something up off the floor, I don't know what it was. They fake kiss, and we're treated to another Boogie DR: he knows that Erika is going to have a rough week, being on the block and all, and he thinks she should "show a little loving" to swing his vote her way. He wants to play around with her a bit. What dedication! What love! What utter BS. He then says that things may not be what they seem, with a smirk.

It's Marci's turn to whine, as he sits in his ever-present white bathrobe and bitches about Janelle in the DR. He later asks Janelle where she stands, and she asks him why he's been talking trash about her. He denies it, of course. She tells him to his face that she knows he's in an alliance with Dani and Erika, and an "Oh, sh**" look passes over his face. After a few seconds to compose himself, he tells Janelle that he has only one deal in this game: the deal he made with her in the first week. You're throwing me under the bus, he says! *groan* Janie tries to tell him that everyone has been confirming his nastiness to her, but he's not listening. "I never hated you!" Marci lies. Janelle seems to believe him, and tells him to keep pretending that he hates her to hide their alliance. If only she knew...

Ewe Are So Screwed
Another clue appears in the backyard - a giant spool of thread with a huge needle. And just so they don't get all confused and try to use it for something, it has a sign saying "clue #2." James is still convinced that the phrase is 'pull the wool over your eyes.' Marcellas thinks it's 'blanket of immunity.' Janelle whispers to Howie that she thinks it might be 'a wolf in sheep's clothing,' and Howie agrees, going to ring the bell and make his guess. Janelle wants to wait until after the next clue to try it herself. She tells Howie not to tell anyone what his real guess was, and instructs him to tell the others his guess was 'spool of lies.' He obediently goes outside and tells them his fake phrase, but Dani's not buying it. Howie persists, but James and Will both think he's full of it, having never heard that phrase before. I'll give poor Howie points for trying, though.

More Blasts From the Past
It's time to pick players for the POV comp: Will, Erika, Marcellas, Danielle, and James will play. James says he doesn't want to win it, because he would have to use it on Danielle if he did, and out his secret alliance with her to the Sovs. Will tells Dani of their dilemma, and decides that he and James will take Erika and Marci out of the comp, leaving it for Danielle's taking. She agrees, but is nervous about pulling it off without giving the Legion of Doom away. I hate that alliance name. Really.

They head out to the backyard to find some old comps from past Big Brother seasons: the mechanical bull, flamingo toss, and the spinning chair. Nicole (BB2) is the surprise host, and Will is less than thrilled. It's the "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do" veto competition! The players must watch a former houseguest complete a task, and they have to write down a time that beats the former houseguest's time. The person with the lowest time written down gets to try the task, but must do it within the time they bid.

The first one out is April from last year, "Busto." Howie compliments her boobies, of course. You knew that was coming. April must eat a plate of sushi, and downs it in a little over five minutes. The others bid, and Will wins with his time of 2:56. He goes to it, and eats all fifteen pieces with plenty of time to spare. He then gets to choose someone to eliminate, and picks Marcellas, who proceeds to complain that he never gets to play anything. Marci thinks that Will and Boogie are gayer with each other than he is. Out next is Skidmark Scott from BB5, running like a fool around the yard. Seriously, I think I'd rather have Cowboy back for this. He gets the flamingo toss, and gets his ten points in 1:58. For some reason, Howie is screaming like a maniac the entire time. Will wants James to get this one, and James wins this one with his bid of 1:40. He gets his ten points in time easily, and boots Erika from the game. Janelle is obviously pissed, because she told him to take Danielle out.

FBI man Jack is back (BB4), and he gets the spinning chair task. He spins in the chair for 2 minutes, and carries the champagne glass to it's pedestal in 37 seconds. Much better than when he did it before. James wins this one again with a bid of 20 seconds, but goes in knowing that he can't win it. He purposely throws the comp and loses, with some of the worst acting I've seen since Keanu Reeves' latest movie. Everyone knew he threw it, and Will is embarrassed that it was so obvious. Hardy (BB2) comes out for the last event, and Erika proceeds to drool, saying how awesomely good-looking he is. Yeah, I remember taking many a screencap of Hardy working out back then.....*ahem* Where was I? Oh, the veto comp. Hardy gets the bull-riding comp, and falls off after 59 seconds. Will wins with a bid of 3 minutes, confident that he can beat his former housemate. Not quite, as the evil doctor goes flying after only 1:26, losing the comp and giving the win to Danielle. She's ecstatic, Janelle is livid, and Will is in pain, with an ice pack on the family jewels after being thrown around on the bull.

Snakes In A Storage Room
Will, Boogie, and Dani rejoice in the storage room over her win. They wanted her to win, and Boogie tells her that he overheard Howie outside saying "The ultimate betrayal" to Janelle. Meaning, James betrayed them by not taking Dani out. Janelle confronts the snake James, and asks why didn't he follow the plan? James lies and says that he through she said Erika was the target, and that he screwed up. Howie and Janie jump his case, and Janelle tells him "I can't believe you're that stupid!" They know he's lying, but they keep him in their alliance anyway. Janelle says that she wants to put Boogie up to ensure that Erika is booted, and a nervous James runs to tell his other alliance of this news. Will placates James, but he wants Janie to be suspicious of James because he is. Boogie and Will go to talk to Janelle, and try to convince her that Marcellas needs to be put up. Will also asks why on earth they trust James, but both Howie and Janelle refuse to consider putting James up because they don't want to lose their numbers. That's what screwed us last year, exclaims Howie. "It's a different game this year!" Will tells them.

Snakes In a Hot Tub
Somehow Will gets cornered again in the hot tub by Erika and Janelle, calling them vipers. He asks what would happen if there weren't cameras there, and they whisper that they'd take his shorts off. Will grins sheepishly at this. Let's all take a shower together, say the girls! They proceed to the HoH shower, and Will runs to wake the sleeping Boogie up, lest he miss out on the festivities. "You. Now. Come with me!" The two guys tell the DR that they are just playing the supposedly-smitten girls, and Will says they are "ripping their hearts out of their chest and squeezing the blood in the pocket of their cheap blouses before they can even think twice." Nice! Does he write this stuff beforehand, or does he ad-lib it?

Poor Howie. Once again, he is left out in the cold, getting kicked out of the HoH room so the four can take their shower in peace. Or, so he won't be in there commenting on bouncing boobies and making pervy noises. He wanders the hallway dejectedly, listening at the door as the first BB7 "orgy" is happening. There's some kissing, washing of each other, and Mike dropped his drawers at some point, according to Janelle. Thankfully, she claims not to have seen anything. You couldn't pay me enough to get in a shower with Boogie. *shiver*

Time for the vee-toe ceremony (why does everyone over-pronounce it like that?), and Marci is still campaigning to stay. Janelle finally promises him that she won't do it, even though everyone is pressuring her to put him up. Will talks some sense into her, saying that Marci won't be sent home, but he'll freak out and be useless for the whole week just because he was nominated. This way, they won't have to worry about him in any competitions. The ceremony is held, and Danielle uses the veto on herself. Janelle stands to pick a replacement nominee, and chooses....Marcellas. He plops into the chair and gets all melodramatic as Janelle nervously giggles. In the DR, Marci goes off: he wants to get "that busted blonde bombshell and pull that brassy blonde hair out by its black roots! Then I want to rip out her black heart and shove it down Will's cold, stupid, throat!" He had some good alliteration going there for a minute, huh?

So, will Erika manage to save herself this week, and will Marci go out in a snit fit? Or will Erika's supposed alliance throw her under the bus? Either way, it's sure to be interesting...see you then!

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