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Welcome back to another Sunday night edition of Big Brother. Thursday night’s show was filled with events, from Kaysar’s eviction to a new HOH competition to the possibility of a Coup d'Etat. Confused? You won’t be after you check out Waywyrd’s wonderful recap here.

Little Lost Sheep
When Kaysar was voted out the Season 6’er’s lost their leader. Like a chicken when it’s head is cut off and the body continues to run around in circles, Janie and Howie linger on. Too bad Chenbot didn’t pull them aside and let them know about James’ betrayal when she told Kaysar. Janelle seems distracted by Dr. Delicious and Howie needs somebody to tell him what to do.

In the DR James complains that the only houseguests who voted for his eviction were his alliance. Since James is in an alliance with almost everyone he should probably focus on the fact that most of his alliance didn’t vote for him, but whatever.

In all Fairness, Ewe Didn’t Win
Thursday’s show ended with the crowning of a new HOH, but Erika doesn’t even get to enjoy her HOH room before the powers that be decide the competition has to be redone “due to technical malfunctions of the buzz-in device.” A disembodied voice calls for all the houseguests to return to the backyard. This is good news for Howie who has been complaining loudly that he was robbed, but not-so-good news for James since he’s playing every side against each other and Erika as HOH means the game is more likely to go his way. Erika and friends are definitely not happy about the do-over.

BB is taking no chances this time around. The houseguests will still be answering questions, but this time instead of buzzing in they turn a knob to reveal their answer as either true or false. No chance of technical difficulties here, unless you count the fact that some of the houseguests seem to be working with half a brain.

The competition is short and sweet. As HOH Danielle doesn’t play. Will and Chicken George drop out on the first question, then Erika, Marcellas and Howie are eliminated. James is out next, leaving only Mike Boogie and Janelle. And the winner is…Janelle, for the third time in the past six weeks!

Janelle and Howie scream and hug each other. “This is for you Kaysar” Janelle shouts as she dances around the backyard. In the DR Marcellas complains bitterly about the win; it was the worst possible thing that could’ve happened. “They are such poor sports”, he fumes. Have a look in the mirror to see another poor sport, Marcell-ass. Pot, meet kettle.

Danielle and Erika moan that it’s just not fair, especially since Janelle couldn’t play for veto this week. They wanted to evict her. Looks like they’ll have to make new plans, which include the possibility of both Danielle and Erika going up on the block.

Howie and Janelle are celebrating their dominance over the float herd, their new name for Danielle, Erika, Chicken George and Marcellas. James joins them. Privately he says he’s not worthy of being in Janelle’s presence since she’s the baddest player of all time. He thanks God that she’s on his team (for now). He argues with Janelle and Howie that Marcellas needs to go but they remain adamant about putting up Danielle and Erika.

Ewe Are Expected To Guess What The Sheep Clue Means
For another twist in the game, BB has introduced the Coup d'Etat as a way to grab power from the HOH. The person who wins it will be able to overthrow the HOH and make their own nominations. BB will be giving clues to a well-known phrase that applies to the BB game, and each houseguest gets only one guess as to what the phrase is. The winner will be revealed on Thursday’s live show.

BB announces the first clue is waiting for the hamsters in the house, so they all scurry inside. It’s a sheep with a pink bow. Mike Boogie assumes Chicken George has the inside track on this one. I guess if you feed chickens you’re automatically an expert on all farm animals.

Danielle immediately thinks of the cloned sheep named Dolly. She and James powwow, and he thinks the phrase might be pull the wool over your eyes. Danielle tells him her theory is that Dolly was cloned by DNA so the phrase probably is Do Not Assume. They rush to the bell to ring it, thus letting BB know they’re ready to give their answer in the DR. Erika is right behind them, with Chicken George bringing up the rear.

Danielle makes her official guess: Do Not Assume.

James’ guess: Pull the wool over your eyes.

Erika’s guess is the same as Danielle’s. Why? Only the first person that guesses an answer will get the Coup d'Etat. See earlier half-a-brain comment.

Chicken George: You are expected to expect the unexpected. Huh? He says a female sheep is a ewe but where he got the expected part is anyone’s guess. It’s a sure bet Georgie didn’t expect to be in the game this long.

Janelle, Howie and James discuss their thoughts. Howie is convinced the sheep is part of the herd, thus the phrase must be Nerd Herd. James tells them he guessed the phrase as pull the wool over your eyes and in a wonderfully ironic moment Howie and Janelle stare blankly at James, having never heard the saying.

Making Sheep’s Eyes
The household lost hot water privileges during the last veto competition. Will refuses to take a cold shower, so he hoists his butt up into the kitchen sink and hoses himself off. Eww. Janelle follows Will into the kitchen like a lovesick puppy and Will squirts her with water from the sink’s sprayer hose. The kitchen quickly dissolves into a mess and I wonder who cleans up after the houseguests?

Meanwhile, James and Mike have a quick meeting in the exercise room and Mike tells James they need to push Janelle to put up Danielle and Marcellas, so they can vote Marcellas out. James doesn’t think Janie will go for it because she wants Erika and Danielle up on the block, but he’ll try.

Do Sheep Eat Slop?
Sunday night always means a food competition. In tonight’s competition the hamsters will have one hour to cook seven dishes with BB slop as one of the ingredients. Three special guests will judge the slop on presentation, taste and creativity, and award points. If the dish gets at least 10 points the houseguests will avoid a day of slop. If the dish gets 15 points the houseguests will be awarded a barbecue for that day.

Everyone scurries around cooking, and most of the final dishes look tasty.
Monday is Slopcrisp with vanilla ice cream, made by Janelle.
Tuesday is Slopfredo, made by Erika.
Wednesday is Slopcakes with confetti veggies, made by Danielle.
Thursday is All-star cupcake medley, made by Will.
Friday is Sloppy slow-roast pasta with garlic cheese sauce, made by Janelle.
Saturday is Sloptacular All-star burritos, made by Danielle.
Sunday is Sloffles with blueberry compote, made by Marcellas and Janelle.

Danielle thinks the special guests might be Emerill or Rachel Ray. Alas, they’re BB alumni Jun, Marvin and Nicole. Since I never saw a season of BB before last year I don’t recognize any of them, but Jun looks like she could be a real bitch if she’s crossed.

The judges like the Slopcrisp, Janelle’s creation. Marvin’s comment is “Dayum” and he goes back for seconds. I like Marvin. The Slopfredo is good but doesn’t contain enough slop to suit the judges. Marvin calls the Slopcakes low-grade dog food. Will’s cupcakes look great but Nicole says there’s wild rice in the bottom of the cupcake. The pasta, burritos and waffles all get thumbs up. Final score: The houseguests eat every day besides Wednesday, and Sunday they get the barbecue.

Too Many Shepherds, Not Enough Flock
Will visits the HOH room and tries to talk Janelle and Howie into putting up Marcellas in Danielle’s place. He says they can cut a deal with Danielle to keep them safe for the next two weeks. Janelle says they have to discuss it with James first. Will doesn’t want them to tell James anything. Janelle says they have to, because if Danielle leaves he’ll come back to their alliance. Huh? I guess they need him for the numbers, but it’s hard to believe they want him back at this point.

Will reminds them of Danielle’s Coup d'Etat guess, but Janelle remains unmoved. She’d rather Danielle take her out with the Coup d'Etat than for her to get HOH next week and put Janelle up.

Later Janelle asks James whom she should nominate. He doesn’t care, but reminds her that there are three people who have to go – Marcellas, Erika and Danielle. He’d love to see Marcellas up on the block. Janelle tries to get him to say Danielle should go. Howie interrupts with baked goods and chocolate milk (no wonder he’s gained 30 pounds) and they talk a little longer. James brings up Chicken George’s name but Janelle is insistent on sending Danielle home. “Bitch needs to leave” she says. Oh, yeah, there’s the Janie I know and love.

Good Looking Wool
Next up is the BB All-Star hamster rock video. Will, Mike Boogie and Howie play pretend instruments while Janelle vamps in high heels and short-shorts. Oh, did I mention the video is filmed under the outdoor shower? The cameramen are really getting an eyeful as they film Janelle batting her eyelashes and slicking back her wet hair. Danielle yells from the sidelines as she pulls up her t-shirt to reveal her bra. Chicken George, Erika, and James watch and laugh. Danielle says the scary thing is that they’re sober but I don’t think she’s including herself in that statement.

Like Lambs To Slaughter
After all the talk from Will, James and Howie, has Janelle changed her mind about who to put up? (More importantly, is everyone tired of my sheep-ish puns yet? Okay, I’ll stop). It’s time for the nominations. Janelle tells the assembled hamsters that she tries not to take things personally, but when people come to the HOH room pretending to be her friend, then back-stab her, she takes it personally. *Gasp* Is she nominating James and Marcellas? No such luck. The first person safe is James, followed by Howie, Marcellas, Chicken George, Will and Mike Boogie.

Janelle says she’s nominated Danielle because Danielle put her up on the block last week. She nominated Erika because she’s a floater, and while she enjoys her as a person she despises her game play.

Erika gives a scathing rebuttal to Janelle in the DR. “I think she’d be shocked to find out I’m just a simple girl from a small town called Chill.” I was reaching to turn off the TV when I see the final scene of tonight’s episode: Mike and Erika in bed, with Mike asking Erika for one more kiss. Woot! Someone seems to have caught Boogie-Fever.

Be sure to watch Tuesday night, when we find out who will win the Coup d'Etat, and who’s going home.

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