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It's day 39 in the Big Brother house, and someone from season six is guaranteed to get the boot tonight - either Kaysar or James. If you missed what happened on the last show and are wondering how Kaysar is on the block yet again, check out Yardgnome's excellent recap right here. Tonight's vote will be live, according to the Chenbot, and she tries to wring some drama out of the two "friends" being on the block together. Friends? Well, we'll see about that later.

But First!
Kaysar is in danger of leaving right before making the jury. Haven't we done this before? Twice? He tells us that he's not surprised by his nomination, but will fight to stay in. It might be too little, too late, considering his half-hearted approach to the game so far. Guess it took a kick in the pants to get him going this time. James knows he was put up as the ubiquitous pawn, but isn't 100 percent sure that he's not the target. He's nervousing, if you will. In the Diary Room, James says that since they can't get Janelle out this week, Kaysar is the next best thing. Remember that "friends" thing? Hmm. Yeah.

Kaysar goes out in search of some votes, and Erika is his first stop. He reminds her of how he campaigned for her earlier in the game, and how he has always been upfront and honest with her. And, he let her hit his bong hookah! Erika waffles, telling him that she doesn't think her vote would matter right now. He says he won't beg for her vote (but he does) by reminding her that she may need an ally later on - Erika looks up, down, and all around him but won't look him in the eye. She claims that she hasn't made up her mind about the vote yet (liar!) and needs some time. Looking disappointed and a bit disgusted, Kaysar gets up to leave.

Janelle is pissed about the whole situation, and spills to James in the bedroom (which looks like a clothes bomb went off in it, by the way). She has no clue James is playing both sides, and he not-very-convincingly tells her that she has his vote if she wins HoH next time. He pretends to be upset about being nominated, and is quite pleased with himself in the DR, saying that he deserves the best actor award. Yeah, you're right up there with DeNiro, buddy.

Kaysar isn't giving up, and goes to Chicken George to scratch up a vote. George confides that he appreciated how Kaysar spoke to him in the beginning, even though others shunned the Chicken Man. He's always been honest, kind, respectful, and all those nice adjectives. Even so, George says that he can't tell Kaysar what he's going to do yet, but "we'll see what we can do." Sounds like Kaysar is 0 for 2.

It's almost time for the live vote, and Julie asks the houseguests if they were surprised by how many people tried for the prizes in the last veto comp. Most answer no, but Janelle, Marcellas, and Danielle said yes, they were shocked at how greedy their fellow hamsters were. Really? I wasn't. Not at all. The Chenbot then asks Danielle how solitary confinement went, and she pretty much said "It blew chunks, Julie." What, was Julie expecting a positive response? Duh. She then asks George something, but I didn't catch it. I was too distracted by the garish pimp outfit he had on, complete with what looked like a dead animal on his chest. It may have been the afro wig. Either way, it was gross.

Your Mom Would Be Proud. Well, Maybe Not.
What would a Thursday show be without some silly filler? This time around, we get to meet Will and Boogie's moms. Yep, they were brave enough to show their faces on TV. Will's mom, Judy, is introduced first - and I immediately see where he got the big mop of hair from. We also get to see some of his cutesy baby pictures, and learn that even though he was a shy kid, he always had girlfriends. She then slams Howie, saying that she wished that he would keep his hands off her baby. I don't see that happening - Howie is an equal opportunity perv. He'll grope anybody within reach, male, female, or otherwise.

Boogie's mom is up next, and after sharing their story, she tells us that Mikey was a chubby speed skater as a kid. Hee! I love it. The big-talking, name-dropping restaurateur used to be a chunky ice skater from New Hampshire. He's going to love watching this episode later on. She goes on to tell us that he lost all his weight, and turned into a flirt. His mom thinks there is a little somethin' somethin' going on with Erika, and that their secret alliance will come out later. Both Chilltown moms think their sons have good gameplay and strategy, and that they "just enjoy being evil!"

Third Time's Not A Charm
It's votin' time, and after the obligatory save-me speeches, the hamsters file into the Diary Room one by one to cast their votes. Here's how they voted (and, I must add that Howie kissed both Marcellas and Erika in the hallway to the DR. Just wanted to throw that in there.):
  • James - snottily nullifies Janelle's vote with his pass
  • Marcellas - Kaysar
  • Howie, reluctantly - James
  • Erika, with tears - Kaysar
  • Janelle, straight up - James
  • Will, not really caring - Kaysar
  • George, the traitor - Kaysar
  • Boogie, whatever Will says - Kaysar

So, by a 5-1 vote (with Janelle's vote being nullified), Kaysar is evicted from the house for the third time. I can't tell if he's upset or relieved. Maybe some of both. He heads out for his interview with Julie (who almost screwed up yet again, saying James was evicted before correcting herself. She needs a reboot.) and takes a seat on the couch. It's his birthday, and what a sucky present this is. Julie asks Kaysar about James, and he has nothing but kind words for his "friend," saying that he refused to campaign against him.

But wait - Julie has some news for Kaysar. James has been in a secret alliance behind his back, the Legion of Doom! Also, the dumbest alliance name yet. That's right, she totally outed James. She then repeats some nasty quotes from James about Janelle, and you can just see Kaysar's heart breaking. He hangs his head and tells her that he just isn't cut out for this game. He then gets to see his goodbye messages - Erika crying, Chilltown saying "I told you so," and James trashing Janelle. Poor Kaysar looks honestly hurt, and he says that he's going back to his loved ones to regroup. I love the guy, but I have to agree - this just isn't his game.

The Power Of Cheese Compels You!
Someone (or something) has been taking things from the house over the last few days, and they've noticed. Erika is sitting quietly in the kitchen when she lets out a scream - the others come running and she swears that she saw Alison's face in the mirror. I know that'd make me scream. Janelle is next, letting out a scream worthy of a horror movie gig after she sees a creepy face in the bedroom. Boogie even sees one of the apparitions, and the big girly-man almost plows down the girls in an attempt to get away. Wuss.

Is the Big Brother house haunted? They hold an incredibly cheesy sťance to find out, led by Danielle. "Spirits of the Big Brother house, reveal yourselves!" Bunky is the first "ghost" to appear, and he's about as scary as my grandma. Alison pops up next, and snarks about Janelle's and Erika's fake boobage. I'm thinking Alison would have made a better witch, but anyway. Josh (from season 3) pipes up, as Danielle claps. Holly, with her so-high-only-dogs-can-hear-it squeaky voice comes out next, and says "Paging Doctor Delicious!" Oh, ew. Will grins and asks if they can vote her in. Don't even think it, Will. If that wasn't bad enough, Cappy makes an appearance, telling them "lights out, bitches!" I secretly hope that he falls off the box they gave him to stand on back there as a chicken appears, wearing George's missing necklaces. The hamsters laugh, clap, and look around nervously, wondering what on earth that was all about.

The Day After
All of the previous night's weirdness was leading up to the day's HoH competition: The Ghosts of Seasons Past. This is another one of those true/false question comps, with only the fastest to answer being allowed to move on. If they answer incorrectly or are the slowest to answer, they are eliminated. The comp begins and George is the first one out, with Marcellas right behind him. Janelle gives a wrong answer and is out, then Howie is eliminated after hitting his buzzer several times.* Will is out next, followed by Boogie. Only James and Erika are left, and Erika answers the final question the fastest, winning the HoH comp.
(*There may be some issues with how the HoH comp played out - check out the CBS website right here to find out more)

Erika rejoices over her win, while Julie announces a new twist: the Coup d'Etat. The person that wins this power will be able to overthrow the current HoH and replace any of their nominations at any of the next three evictions. Of course, she doesn't tell them exactly what they're trying to win - only the winning hamster will be told what they've won, after they've won it. Nobody else will know about it until it is used, and the first person to come up with the correct phrase in the Diary Room wins. And, you only get one shot. Interesting. At least it's better than the other lame-o twists they've come up with over the years. We leave the houseguests as they re-enter the house, and find a surprise waiting for them in the living room: a big honking sheep with a pink ribbon around it's neck! No, it's not dinner, it's a clue. Just keep the poor critter away from Howie and figure out what it stands for, hamsters....

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