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Thread: Rock Star: Supernova 8/09/06 Recap Josh and Jill Went Up the Hill

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    Rock Star: Supernova 8/09/06 Recap Josh and Jill Went Up the Hill

    Rock Star: Supernova 8/09/06 Recap – Josh and Jill Went Up the Hill

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    Well, look what time it is again! Welcome back to Rock Star: Supernova. Last night we saw a slew of great performances, unless you’re really curmudgeonly and thought they all sucked. But here’s the thing . . . a wise man who wore suspenders and a bow-tie once told me that pessimists actually derive pleasure from being unhappy. So, hey! Everybody wins, no matter what!

    While you’re pondering that one, let’s breeze over the opening of the show because my Tivo sliced this one right off. Um . . . some stuff happens and then there’s a recap of previous night, which won’t be as awesome as Speedy’s, I’m sure.

    The Very Best of Supernova (Rehashing)

    Let’s see: The rockers got a special gift of Gibson guitars—Les Pauls and SGs and Flying Vs all over the place. That seems as though it happened a long time ago, though.

    After a night of many exhilarating performances, the rockers decide to celebrate. Champagne in the back yard! It’s all wonderful, like going to a garden party to reminisce with your old friends, but then Jill brings the whole group down by demanding to know why no one fought for the song with Gilby. See, there are loving drunks and angry ones, and if nothing else, this show is a great public service announcement for this (with guitars!). Storm does pretty well to shut her up, saying that she didn’t choose it because she wanted to sing “We Are the Champions,” not “Won’t Get Fooled Again.” Duh. Also, she notes that she doesn’t have to prove that she can share a stage with Gilby . . . she knows she can. So does Gilby, according to her.

    Then things get a little weird, because Zayra starts making lots of sense. “If you aren’t comfortable with the song and only choose it because a guy from Supernova is playing,” she says, “you might as well [get the noose], because you’re going to hang yourself.” It would seem that Z actually has a good head on her shoulders! It’s either that or the fluoride in my ice cream.

    “So,” asks Gilby during the “chat” section, “What makes you think I know that you can take the stage with me, Storm?” For the first time, Storm is a bit lost for words, but finally says that Gilby knows her credentials and duly assures him that if she were to play with him, she wouldn’t hump him . . . that would probably break his back. Ha!

    Meanwhile, everyone was talking about Ryan’s crazy, theatrical Siouxsie Sioux imitation yesterday on “Paint it Black.” It was a great time, in my opinion, and if you’re upset about his smudged mascara, I must quote David Johansen of the New York Dolls, who said, “If a guy’s makeup is done too well, it’s kind of nancy-lookin’.”

    Tommy says that there was still something about the performance that made him a bit uncomfortable, to which Ryan exclaims, “Hey, I made Tommy Lee uncomfortable!” It’s a good point.

    With the formalities out of the way, Jason speaks up, and he’s got good news . . . since the rockers are doing so well and making them so maudlin, everyone who survives tonight’s elimination is piling into a private jet with Supernova and taking a little trip to Vegas, baby! They’ll head to The Joint and check out the stage that one of them will soon share with the band, and, in their spare time, generally cause much mayhem and debauchery. The contestants go all crazy, jumping around such that I think they all end up in a different seat. Boy. I can’t wait for this house show, and I doubt that crazy Tommy cat can, either.

    Double Dividend!

    Well, while Supernova is playing the proud parents, Tom Waits Jason also announces that last night’s show was so good, they couldn’t pick just one encore performance. Tommy engages the double-hand devil horns, showing that it’s too much rawk for one hand. The first encore performer, by a nose, is Lukas. Once again, he sounds excellent, with an improvement in the falsetto department, probably because he’s under less pressure this time. However, he makes a potentially bad move after the performance, when he doesn’t acknowledge the crowd as he walks back to his seat. Creep!

    The second encore, proving that there is justice in the world, is Magni. Since he went solo acoustic balladeer last night, he gives the audience a treat by performing “The Dolphin’s Cry” with the fully amped-up House Band, who, as always, is amazing. Though it’s not as intense as yesterday’s showing, having Magni do the song “at eleven” isn’t too shabby.

    Il Cattivo, Il Brutto, Il Clumsy-o

    Now it’s time to find out who must come crashing down from the wondrous night, perhaps in the fashion of a shooting star? Brooke announces the rockers who, at one point or another, were in the bottom three:

    Jill, Josh, Zayra, Ryan, and Patrice.

    Is Supernova surprised with these results? Dave certainly isn’t, but if he had his way, they all, minus Dilana, would have been in the bottom three for passing up Gilby Clarke and currently working as roadies for JDINXS. Regardless, the first member of the real bottom three is Jill, who chooses to sing the old Aretha classic, “Respect.”

    Oh, I forgot to add that Brooke first announces Zayra is completely safe this week. Hooray! I love Zayra and the NSA! I suspect nothing!

    Predictably, Jill screams her way through the number, but I just block her out and try to focus on Paul Mirkovich, who is wailing away on the harmonica like Zamfir on steroids. And non-suck pills. The guy is amazing! Jill, on the other hand? Sort of the opposite of amazing, since this is her third time in the bottom three. Throughout the performance, Jason was throwing glances as though he had a permanent migraine, and listening to Jill wasn’t exactly an Advil.

    Next up is Josh, who was unable to take advantage of Tommy’s surprise backup and received some criticism for continuing to strap himself to his guitar. Tommy, who thought they killed it together, is surprised. In his mind, Josh probably thinks that he rocked, and it was all Tommy’s fault. Well, in an absolutely brilliant move, he says he’s going to use his guitar again on Bad Company’s “Shooting Star.” Ha! Shooting Star! Did you see that foreshadowing I used back there!? That online screenwriting course really paid off!

    Josh’s performance, as usual, is hardly drenched in star power. I don’t remember anything notable about the whole affair, except that Phil seems to have left his head tottering behind on Josh’s body. It’s distracting, but, thankfully, it gives me something to focus on, so the performance is soon over.

    With that, it’s down to Patrice and Ryan, who both had good performances, in my mind. I definitely thought Ryan’s performance was in a tier above Patrice’s, though, so naturally it’s Ryan who rounds out the bottom three.

    When he announces that he’s performing and revamping Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence,” I immediately cringe, as that is a spectacular song from one of my favorite groups. However, I think he does the song adequate justice, with tough, angsty vocals and a guitar-driven arrangement similar to Failure’s ’97 cover. (See? Phil did leave his head here, and his apparently his musical taste, as well.) You know, I almost hate to admit it, but Ryan Star, I think you’re making a true believer out of me.

    An unintentionally hilarious moment occurs during the stomping goth-fest, however, when he leans over the edge of the stage and nearly tumbles off. To his credit, however, he keeps singing and kicks into a particularly effective screaming motive right afterward, all “Yeah, whatever. It doesn’t EVEN matter.” Big props to that fan who grabbed his hand and pushed him back where he belonged!

    Double DISASTER!

    It’s nearing Hatchet-Man time, and Gilby reveals that the band couldn’t really agree on the verdict. Oh boy. Creative differences already. Though Ryan’s stumble probably didn’t do much to alleviate Supernova’s concerns that Ryan isn’t so coordinated, he’s been on such a tear that they agree to let him hang on for at least another week.

    So. Jill, the screamer. Josh, who makes Clay Aiken look like Henry Rollins. Whom to cut? Well hold onto your hats, because as tonight’s show doled out two encores, the reaper shall slice down both of them in a double elimination!!!

    Ah, so that’s your game, huh, Tommy? A real dead-eye? Axe ‘em all, and let God sort ‘em out?

    I’m not that surprised, honestly, since most of those little airplanes only seat thirteen. Josh and Jill don’t look too shocked, either, with the former engaging in some humorous banter with the Supernova guys and the latter bowing out with considerable humility and dignity. (I’m guessing she was just happy she didn’t have to go home and have another showdown with Storm.) The crowd, however, is completely agog and aghast. I guess that’s entertainment!

    Well, this must be my cue to take a quick trip to Vegas . . . all the cool kids are doing it.
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