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Welcome to the Tuesday edition of Big Brother. This week Wayward and I had to do a little switch so I hope I can do justice to the Tuesday night recap. Sunday night we saw all the hamsters fighting for the HOH in a tangled web of endurance. Danielle eventually stepped out as the winner and put James and Janelle on the block with the plan to evict Janelle. Tonight we have the veto competition and we will see if those nominations hold.

And the Oscar goes to…
It’s day 33 in the Hamster house and the nominations ceremony just concluded. All the hamsters are a little surprised by the nominations, especially Janelle. She is not surprised she was nominated but she thought that Danielle and James were close and can’t believe he was put on the block. Boogie is not surprised by the nominations because James is in the Legion of Doom. James thought his acting was Oscar worthy during the ceremony. He is looking forward to his eviction from the house and all the manuscripts that will be waiting at his doorstep like “The Scorned 2: Why Won’t These Reality Stars Just Stay Dead?”

Kayser and Howie discuss the nominations and wonder if James is playing them all. Kayser does not think that James would turn on him and that he can be trusted. Poor, innocent Kayser, how many times is it going to take you to get evicted before you realize you can’t trust ANYONE? Big Brother 6 alliance is now going to target Danielle after her nominations.

Marcellas and Danielle are talking up in the HOH about the nominations. Marcellas is happy with the way that everything went. Danielle thinks that her nominations put her in good standing with Marcellas. It would also be important to me to make Marcellas happy because he has proven himself to be a worthy competitor in HOH and veto competitions, or not.

Kayser and Janelle are sitting around talking and Janelle brings up the idea of James being put up as a decoy. Kayser does not think he would do it but Janelle is suspicious that he would sell her out. James just wants Janelle to go home and stop messing up his Big Brother game. I forgot that this season the game was just supposed to be handed to James. I can’t believe everyone is not cooperating with him. Whatever!

House of Hairless Men
While everyone else is talking strategy and planning their next move some hamsters have another agenda, to rid their body of hair. Will pulls Howie to the backyard so they can shave their bodies. Boogie refuses to attend because standing that close to men people might get the wrong idea about him, and he likes women. Don’t forget it! Will wants to shave Howie but is refusing to let Howie near him with the electric shaver. Chicken George, feeling left out, decides to join in the hairless fun and lets Howie shave his back. What does this have to do with anything? Nothing, but it is good lesson in bodyscaping!

Bonding & Hating Howie
Up in the HOH room Danielle is relaxing when Chicken George stops by for a minute to chat. He tells Danielle that he does not think he can make it to the end of the game but feels that she definitely can. Danielle tells him to be strong because they both have families and they need the money. George tells her he will be there with her till the end of the competition. If I didn’t know that they were both married I would think that little conversation was trying to get chicken George some HOH bed action later.

Erika, Will and Janelle are all lying on the floor outside the HOH room talking. Erika asks Will if he will marry her and Janelle. Will be the upstanding guy that he is tells her that polygamy is wrong but they can have a ménage a trois…alliance. Erika thinks Will is so charming, smart and cute. I think she may pass him a note later that says “Check yes or no if you like me.”

As Erika, Will and Janelle are having their little talk Howie comes up and interrupts them with some stupid joke. Everyone is getting irritated with him lately because he is constantly butting into conversations, being annoying and loud. He adds nothing to conversations and he is not being funny at all. What do they expect from him? The man has a brain the size of a pea and eventually he goes through all his material. They need to cut the stupid man some slack. Howie wonders away from them and goes downstairs and makes some joke that I may have thought was funny in the 5th grade.

So, I Spit On Your Grave
Danielle calls all the hamsters to the living room because it is time to pick players for the veto competition. Danielle picks first and she draws Will’s name out of the bag and is happy with her selection. Janelle is next and she draws out a ball that says Houseguests choice and I eagerly await her selection of Kayser or Howie. Instead she selects Marcellas. Seriously Marcellas? Is the veto win not important to her? Lastly James picks, and Boogie’s name comes out. All the veto players excluding Janelle don’t think she has a chance at winning it this time.

Everyone playing in the veto is asked to gather in the backyard where it’s set up like a huge Big Brother graveyard. All the players are freaked out that Big Brother is going to bury them alive. Do they actually think Big Brother is going to put them in coffins in the ground, never to be seen or heard from again? I actually see nothing wrong with that happening.

All the contestants are asked to hop in and lay in their own grave. This is not nearly as bad as it sounds. Each person needs to be still and quiet like the dead or in other words no talking or getting up. They each have 40 veto points they will start off with. They will be asked a series of 10 questions. The person to buzz in first will either gain or lose points depending on the questions. They can gain veto points by doing evil deeds, or they can lose points by doing heavenly deeds. The player at the end with the highest number of points wins,

Here are the temptations that are offered:

Who is willing to have army cots replace beds and lose hot water in the house for the rest of the week for 7pts?

Who is willing to spend 24hrs in solitary confinement with slop and a camping toilet to win 9 pts?

To win a margarita party for the house, who is willing to give up 3pts?

In order to win a plasma TV for their self, who is willing to give up 5pts?

In order to get a phone call from a loved one who is willing to give up 5pts?

In order to win a trip for 2 to Aruba, who is willing to give up 5pts?

Who is willing to put the 4 Houseguests not playing for veto on slop for the rest of the week to get 8pts?

In order to win a personal slop pass for the rest of the summer, who is willing to give up 7pts?

How many veto points are you willing to give up to win $5000?

Who is willing to not play in the next weeks veto competition to earn 10pts?

The game is over and its time to see if anyone grabbed these prizes or dished out these punishments. Who am I kidding, we know all these prizes were sucked up and all these evil deeds were issued.

Erika goes to the big board in the backyard and everyone gathers around to find out what is going to happen this week. Will the house be on cots and bathing in cold water for the week? Yes, courtesy of Janelle. The houseguests have no idea who got what. The only ones to know are the contestants who played in the veto. Next we find out that Danielle will be going into a 24-hour solitary confinement and that James gave up points to give the house a margarita party. Boogie was able to secure the plasma TV and the trip to Aruba while James will be getting a phone call from Sarah of Big Brother 6. Will risked all 40 of his veto points to win $5000 and Marcellas will never be eating slop again. Janelle put the remaining houseguests on slop, and gave up her right to play in the next veto competition.

The veto competition winner is Janelle. Danielle is pissed at the other competitors for taking all the prizes and not trying to win the veto. Will is happy with Janelle’s win because she will come off the block and people will be gunning for her next week leaving him and Boogie with no targets on their backs again.

Live From the Diary Room Starring Will & Boogie
After the veto competition Will and Boogie gather in the diary room for a humble celebration of their veto winnings. Their conversation went like this:

Will: Hey Boogie. Did you win POV today?
Boogie: No, I won a trip for 2 to Aruba and a Plasma TV. Did you win POV today?
Will: No, I won $5000.

Tune in Thursday for the latest diary room happenings with the evil doctor and his sidekick Mike “Boogie.”

Blaming Others for Your Evils

After the veto ceremony is over everyone is sitting around in the backyard talking about who gave what to the house. Janelle admitted to slop and cots to the houseguests but she has told no one that she gave up her inability to compete for veto next week. Everyone is allowed back inside to find that all their beds have been replaced by cots, just like BB promised. Boogie gets on a cot and is unsure how he is going to hook up with Erika on one. I am unsure how I am ever going to get that mental picture out of my head.

In the workout room everything has been removed and a solitary confinement room has been erected. Danielle enters for her 24 hours alone. Houseguests are also mad that some of them are stuck eating slop this week and now no one has hot water to bathe in. I guess when you get free room and board and paid to live in a big house you should definitely complain about everything.

Janelle and James are outside talking and she wants to know why he did not try and win the POV competition. Chill Town also does not understand why James did not try and win because he is not that safe. Chill Town wants Marcellas to go up in Janelle’s place so they can evict him this week and then everyone will still be focused on the Season 6 alliance. Will even goes so far as to tell Janelle that Marcellas got the TV and the 5 grand. This info starts getting around to other houseguests and people want Marcellas out of the house. Will proves once again why he is master of this game.

Party. Alone. Pleas.
It’s margarita party night in the house, all the hamsters put on their finest attire for the event. They are treated to an evening of frozen margaritas and Mexican food. I do hope they are careful, the last time I had frozen margaritas I was propositioned by an old man looking for a good time. I sure hope the ladies stay away from Chicken George. Will and Janelle are hanging out and flirting but the human side of Will does feel bad that some people are stuck eating slop and can’t enjoy the party. Howie and Erika decide to not participate in the event since they can’t eat or drink any of the food. Danielle is pissed that she is stuck in confinement while everyone else is having a grand time. If I were in the house I would grab a plate of the delicious smelling food and eat it right outside her door just to teach her a lesson, never bid on solitary confinement. I may be evil.

While the party is going on James goes to the diary room to receive his phone call from Sarah. He is excited to hear her voice and she is happy that he keeps flashing signs to her. They end the call with some kiss, kiss, love, love. James feels like the call was very uplifting to him.

The time has finally come and the 24 hours are up, Danielle can emerge from confinement. The houseguests all start chanting “Free Danielle.” When she emerges from the room I can’t believe how well she looks. She has been locked away in a spacious room for a whole 24-hours that must have been pure torture. She is very happy to see everyone and she wants to know what has been going on in the house. Boogie tells her that everyone thinks that Marcellas won the prizes and did the evil things to the house and that he needs to be put up. Danielle looks at Erika and asks her to meet her up in the HOH room.

They go up to the HOH room and Danielle calls everyone idiots. Erika laughs. She is sad that she did not take the phone call. James comes into the room and tells her Will, Boogie and himself all want Marcellas to be put up. Danielle is confused with the turn of events and does not understand why Marcellas is being thrown under the bus. James is worried that Kayser is going to be put up and he does not want him to get backdoored this week.

I’m Not Shocked Cotton!

Janelle calls all the hamsters to the living room for the POV ceremony. In a move not shocking to anyone, except maybe Howie, Janelle removes herself from the block. Danielle replaces her with Kayser. She puts him up strictly because it’s a numbers game. Danielle felt that putting up Kayser was right for her. Kayser is not going to take this lying down. He is going to fight till the end.

Next Week
Will Kayser be able to save himself or will he be the next hamster to receive some backdoor action? Make sure to tune in Thursday night to see who will be leaving the Big Brother house in shame. Maybe we will also finally learn about the coup d’ etat that Julie was rambling about last week.

If Will’s powers of suggestion made you believe that Marcellas won the TV and $5000, email me at Yardgnome77@fansofrealitytv.co m.