You all know the drill by now—three people from this fourth group of eight will be pulled out, and two of those three will move on to take the seventh and eighth spots in the finals. Who will those two people be? Well, they can't tell us yet…y'all know that. Once we hear from Dramatic Voiceover Man and go through the opening credits, we come back to the stage and find Ryan standing there as usual. Right away, I notice a few things about Ryan tonight. First, he's wearing glasses, and he doesn't look all that bad in them. Secondly, his Day-Glo orange t-shirt says "Beauty Qualifies Me". Beauty qualifies you for what, Ryan? A spot on the next edition of "The Bachelorette"? Upon further inspection, we see that Ryan's t-shirt looks like its being worn inside out, because there is obviously some writing on the other side of the shirt. I can't quite make the whole thing out, but it looks like it says "USA ???? Dream Team". I don't know why Ryan had to turn his shirt inside out, but whatever. Let's move on. Ryan engages in the usual witty banter with the judges, and tonight's chat centers around explaining to Ryan and Simon what "bling bling" is. Paula explains that her jewelry is "bling bling", and Ryan then asks Randy, "Do you have any bling bling, man?" Randy replies, "I've got a little bling of my own." Now, I don't know about you, Randy, but I don't think having a little bling bling is something to brag about. But, maybe that's just me.

Moving on, we have the usual "scenes from last night" montage, and we get to relive all of the insults and compliments thrown out last night. There's Simon telling Sylvia that she sings like a ventriloquist's dummy. There he is telling Ashley she should be on a cruise ship. There's Simon telling Juanita that she picked the wrong song and Juanita coming back with, "Well, America picked da wrong juuuuudge." Finally, we see all three judges heaping praise on both Joshua and Corey. Hmmm…could the editing be giving us a hint of things to come? When the montage is over, we find Ryan on the couch with the contestants, and he asks Juanita about her "moment" with Simon from last night. Juanita tells us, "I love Simon. I just don't like his opinion." Juanita, now is not the time to try to suck up. You should have thought of that last night before your little episode of diarrhea of the mouth. Ryan asks Chip, "Did you find your personality?" Chip assures everyone that he has. Again I say, Chip, you should have found it before you went out on stage last night. But, what do I know? Ryan tries to get Chip to take Nasheka's cough drop, but Chip balks. So, Ryan not only takes it but he also puts it in his mouth!!! Okay, eeeuww. Just eeeuwww. Thankfully, we go to a commercial break before I have to see that any more and hurl all over my living room couch.

We come back from the break, and before we get to the results, Ryan tells us about some poll on the AI website where we can pick our favorite poster for the upcoming movie, "From Justin to Kelly". My question is, who cares what the poster looks like except for Justin's family, Kelly's family, and a few die-hard, hard-core fans? My guess is that they keep plugging this movie and mentioning Justin and Kelly because it's been so long since the last final, neither one of them has released a solo album yet, and they're afraid we'll forget about them or something. Anyway, let's get to the results. Nasheka, you have a good voice, but your song selection could have been better. You're not in the top three tonight. Joshua, the judges loved you, and so did America. You're in the top three, so go on over and sit on one of those stools at center stage. Ashley, you're a pretty girl, but you sound like Barbie on helium. You aren't moving on. Corey (who's wearing a huge crocheted hat that makes him look like Supafly), you definitely redeemed yourself with your performance last night; you're also in the top three tonight. Sylvia, you oversang your song. As a result, you're not moving on either. Juanita…yeah, right. Like you'll be moving on after the little scene you made last night. Don't even think about it. That leaves us with Patrick and Chip. Ryan makes a big deal about how he normally wouldn't show Chip the card he's holding in his hand, but he's going to do it anyway. As he's saying this, Patrick's eyes widen, and he gets that deer-caught-in-the-headlights look. Ryan gives Chip the card and tells him to read what's on it right into the camera. Chip opens it up and says, "We'll find out who moves on…right after the break." Yeah, like we didn't see that coming…

We come back from the break, and we find out that Patrick is moving on. This is the first of several surprises tonight. I had Nasheka as my third choice, and between Patrick and Chip, I would have thought Chip would have been the one to move on. But, no, it's Patrick. Patrick joins Corey and Joshua on the stools, and it's time to find out who the judges think will be the two from this group of eight to advance to the finals. All three of them predict it will be Joshua and Corey, and I'm sure hearing this makes Patrick feel like he's on Cloud Nine. Anyway, it's time to reveal the first finalist from this week's group. It's the person who got the most votes after last night's show, and it's…Joshua Gracin. Joshua joins Ryan downstage, and Ryan asks him if the last few minutes have been the toughest in his life. Joshua says, "Boot camp was first, then this", and Ryan looks surprised to hear this. Um, Ryan, I would think surviving boot camp would be just a little bit tougher than waiting to hear if you're in the finals of "American Idol", but maybe I'm crazy. Joshua reprises his song "I'll Be" from last night, and I think he sounds better now that the pressure is off. Who will be joining Joshua in the finals from this group? We'll find out…(say it with me now)…right after the break.

We come back from the commercial break, and before we reveal the second finalist from this group, we find out a little about next week's "Wildcard Show". In another surprise, Simon tells us that, while some of the people next week will be familiar to us, some of the people on next week's show are people who weren't even in the Top 32. These are people that the judges made a mistake with by not advancing them, so this will be their chance to show America what they can do. Simon also promises us a surprise bigger than the one on "Joe Millionaire". Of course, everyone who wasn't living under a rock knew that Evan Marriott didn't really inherit fifty million dollars, so I'm thinking the "big surprise" Simon is referring to is that the viewers will get to pick one of the two wildcards next week. Um, Simon, we've known about that for weeks now.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. Joshua has made it into the finals, and there's one more spot to be filled tonight. It will either be Corey "Supafly" Clark or Patrick "It's Still Rock and Roll to Me" Lake. Who will it be? America has voted, and tonight's second finalist is…Corey Clark. Before Corey sings, Ryan announces who the contestants for next week's wildcard show are. From Group 1, it's Kimberly Caldwell and Trenyce. From Group 2, we have Clay Aiken. The judges have not invited anyone back from Group 3, and I'm a bit surprised, as I thought Equoia Coleman might get a callback. The people that will be on the wildcard show that weren't in the Top 32? They are: Aliceyn Cooney, Janine Falsone, Olivia Mojica, and Carmen Rasmusen. But, wait, Ryan…that's only seven people. Aren't there supposed to be eight? Well, yes there are, and that means that someone from tonight's group will get another shot at the finals. Ryan gets the card with that person's name on it from Paula, and we learn that Chip Days will be coming back next week. Let's hope he finds his personality this time before he performs. OK, it's time for Corey to sing. But, wait…there's yet another surprise. There's another name on the card! Ryan looks at the judges and asks them if this is right…will there be nine contestants on the wildcard show? Of course it's right, Ryan. What did you think…that they put two names on the card just to trip you up? Anyway, that means that another person from tonight's show will be coming back next week as well. Who is that person? Why, it's…Nasheka! Here's hoping that she picks a song next week that shows off her voice better than this week's selection. Finally, Supafly takes the microphone from Ryan and launches into "Foolish Heart" once again. He, too, sounds better than he did last night. As Corey sings, the rest of the group joins him on stage and sings along while the closing credits roll.

Well, there you have it, gang. As expected, Joshua and Corey move on to the Top Ten and the finals. Next week is the wildcard show, and it will be interesting to see how these people that did not originally make the Top 32 stack up against Kimberly, Trenyce, Clay, Chip, and Nasheka. After next week's show, the Top Ten will be set, and the finals will begin. This is getting good…

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