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Welcome back, Big Brother fans! Last time we saw the hamsters, we were treated to a rubber duckie puppet show by Will and some semi-surprising nominations by Janelle. If you missed it, check out Dinahann's excellent recap here. On to tonight's episode!

Flushing Those Floaters
Day 26, and Erika is shocked that she was nominated, thinking her strategy of floating and showing lots of boobage would keep her safe. Mmm, no. Janelle tries to assure her that she's just a pawn, and Boogie is the real target. Erika's not so confident, knowing good and well how many times a "pawn" has been shown the door. Will is half-pleased, saying that Janelle half took his deal to keep Chilltown safe and target floaters instead. Janelle confides in the Diary Room that she wants Boogie to stay, she's really after the floaters.

The season sixers hold a pow-wow in the pink palace (while Marcellas slinks out the door), and Janelle asks if it was a bad decision. James says no, he liked her nominations, he's not going to complain. Until he goes to the Diary Room, of course. In there, he says it was a stupid idea to put up floaters, "We have to go after the people who are coming after us!." This, from the guy who insisted on getting rid of Chicken George, a huge threat to everyone. Yeah, right, James. I wonder if it hurts to keep switching between those two faces of his?

Will is next to visit Janelle in the HoH room. Creepy violin music plays as he makes his way up the stairs. Very funny, editors. She tries to explain to him why she didn't go for his plan all the way - she just couldn't stand the tension in her own alliance and thought this was the best way to go. "Of course," says Slick Willie. She asks him again if he would still vote out the person she wanted gone, and he again replies "Of course." They discuss winning the veto and taking Boogie off the block, and Will says he'll send Boogie up to talk to her so he'll know what's going on. In Will's DR session, he says that Janelle responds better to charisma than she does to Kaysar and James yelling at her.

Boogie weasels his way up to talk to Janelle next, and she apologizes for her harsh words at the ceremony, saying it was just to make Erika feel better about being nominated. He says it's no problem. She repeats the same thing she asked Will, wanting to know if Boogie is willing to vote out who she wants in return for his safety. He assures her that he will, and says "I like this. It gives me life." Janelle says she doesn't want to make deals behind her alliance's back, but they're not seeing the big picture.

The floaters have assembled in the red room, wondering about their fate. Diane says they have nobody but themselves and each other, and Marcellas tells them that each week, it's going to be one of them. "The scary thing is, any one of us could be in Erika's position." Erika nods her head, and Danielle agrees. I wait for Diane to start crying, but thankfully she restrains herself.

The Strategy of Confusion
It’s the night before the veto competition, and Janelle holds a meeting so they can choose players. She reaches into the bag first, and draws a Houseguest’s Choice. She chooses Howie, who exclaims “Big boy like veto!” How old is this guy again? Erika draws next, and she gets Diane. Mike is last and also draws a Houseguests’s Choice, picking (you guessed it) Will to play. But wait – the competition won’t be held right now. They have no idea when it’ll be, because Big Brother will wake them up at some point during the night, and the hamsters will have exactly one minute to get their butts out to the backyard. If you don’t make it in time, you can’t play. Janelle then introduces a clip about America’s wake-up calls, and the houseguests look nervous. They learn that America has already voted on how often the calls will be played: every three hours, every hour, every 30 minutes, or every 15 minutes. "Not cool!" says Will. You just know all of us sickos voted for the 15 minutes, but they aren’t told this yet. They don’t look very pleased at the prospect of being woken up all night, with the exception of Danielle. She grins and says “I think this is a sleep deprivation contest!” Why this makes her happy, I have no idea.

The meeting is adjourned, and Janelle goes to Howie to tell him of her plan for the competition. She tells him that Erika and Diane can not win this one, and poor Howie looks confused. It doesn’t take much. Just trust me, says Janelle. He thought that Chilltown was the enemy, but goes along with Janelle’s plan anyway, admitting in the Diary room that “The strategy of confusion this year is working on me!” You’re not the only one, Howie.

It doesn’t take long for the houseguests to figure out that America voted for the wake-up calls every fifteen minutes. After enduring several hour’s worth of very loud, very annoying messages blared over the speakers, Marcellas is ready to end it all and jump off the balcony. He can’t believe that grown people took the time to make up such classics as “Wakey, wakey” and “The Slop Song.” Don’t look for these on CD anytime soon. Will is actually scared out of bed by one call, jumping out of the covers. The rest of the hamsters try in vain to cover their heads with pillows and blankets, to no avail.

The Torture Never Ends
Finally, the torture stops: at 5 am, they get one last call – the one telling them that the veto competition will begin in one minute. Oh, wait. The torture isn’t over yet, as the tired houseguests scramble outside to find six “electric chairs” in the backyard, complete with wires hooked up to batteries. We’ve got some real lunatics coming up with veto comps this year, don’t we? The players are told by a creepy electronic voice to remove their shoes and take a seat, and they reluctantly do so, not knowing where this is going. They are told how the competition will unfold:
  • Words pertaining to the Big Brother game will be spelled out backwards on two plasma screens in front of them.
  • The first player to get three words/phrases correct, wins the veto.
  • One incorrect answer will eliminate you.
  • For every correct answer, that houseguest may choose one torture device to give to another player.
  • “Torture devices” include a bucket of worms, ice, headphones, and goggles.

The game gets underway, and Boogie is first to get one right - "eviction.". He grabs some headphones and gives them to Howie. Will gets the next one wrong, and is eliminated. He’s not a happy camper about it, either. Howie amazingly gets the next one, even with the blaring headphones, and dumps a bucket of worms on Diane’s feet. Boogie gets the next one, and dumps worms on Howie's feet as Will yells that it's "cruel to the worms!" Janelle guesses the next word correctly, and gives Diane a pair of goggles. This prompts Diane to wonder why they’re picking on her, as she knows nothing about Janelle and Howie’s previous discussion about keeping the veto away from her and Erika. Finally, Boogie gets his third word right, winning the veto and saving his scrawny behind from eviction. He kisses the cheesy veto award like it’s an Olympic medal, saying “This game’s about to get really, really interesting.” Almost as interesting as his boneheaded move of kicking the goggles after he won, shattering the glass and cutting his foot so that he required 10 stitches. Duh-huh.

Afterwards, Erika, Janelle, and Marcellas sit in the pink nightmare of an HoH room and discuss who to put up, knowing that Boogie will use the veto on himself. Erika suggests Will or CHicken George, and Janelle throws out Diane's name. The room grows quiet, then Marcellas says "Why do you guys always do this?" He thinks Will should leave the house this week, and throws a fit that Janelle doesn't agree. Erika is strangely silent.

Later, James, Howie, and Janelle sit upstairs and talk, and when James asks why she targeted Diane in the comp, Janelle waffles and still insists she didn’t want Will or Boogie to win it. This wakes Howie up, who asks what she’s been drinking. “You told me you didn’t want Erika or Diane to win it!” An unpleasant look crosses James’ face at that news. In the DR, James threatens that there will be a mutiny in their alliance of she doesn't put Will up. Later on, Janelle talks to Will in the pink palace, complaining that she’s taking a lot of heat since Will didn’t win the veto like he was supposed to. He tries to reassure her that she has Chilltown’s support, and they’ll vote however she wants them to. “I’m really confused,” laments Janelle. People are going to be really pissed if I don't do what I said I was going to do, she tells Will. So what, says Will. That's what this game is about. I should know, I've won.

Shake n’ Bake
Surprise! The hamsters get a luxury competition thrown their way. This one is for a chance to see the new movie Talladega Nights with Will Farrell, complete with popcorn and goodies. Even those on food restriction (I’m talking to you, George) can eat if they win. The houseguests are broken down into two teams: Team Shake (Janelle, Danielle, Diane, Will, and James) and Team Bake (Howie, Kaysar, George, Erika, and Marcellas). Boogie can't play due to his self-inflicted injury, but is put on Team Shake anyway. They must perform a “pit stop” on a full-sized racecar set up in the backyard: change tires, clean the windows, place decals on the car and fill it with gas. Once they have completed all the tasks, they must jump back in the car, honk the horn, and wave the checkered flag.

The race starts with the car spinning on its platform, and when it slows, the members of Team Shake spill out. Will says he was so dizzy, he almost threw up. Diane did the decals, Danielle took care of the windshield, Will and Janelle filled the tank, and James did the tires. They hop back in and wave the flag, and Team Shake comes out for their turn. George acts like a kid in a candy store, oohing and aahing at the car. "It's sooo cool!" When the car stops spinning, George is out first, slinging Erika out of the car, followed by Kaysar. Marci did windows, Kaysar did the gas, Erika put decals on, and Howie changed tires with George's help. When they're done, Janelle announces the winner: it's Team Shake by 16 seconds!

The winners head straight upstairs to see their movie, and are in awe at all the candy spread out on the table. Will is so overjoyed that he takes a candy shower, dumping boxes of the stuff all over himself. Sick of slop, he says he was all over that candy like "stank on a monkey." The houseguests enjoy their prize (and snacks) before going back to their regular routine of sleeping and complaining.

You Want To Do What?!
Janelle gathers her alliance members around and announces that she's made a decision: she's putting Diane up. Howie thinks it's not such a bad idea, and Kaysar (who's been phoning it in all season so far) tells he that whatever she wants to do is fine, she's HoH. James gets pissy, saying that he's going to call Janelle out on her lie. He says that they made him a promise when he put Jase up, that the next one of them to win HoH would put Will and Boogie up. That wasn't the plan, says Janelle - Boogie came off the block. "It was the second best thing for me." James accuses her of doing what's best for her, and not the team. He tells them all that when he wins HoH, he'll do what's best for him, and stomps out of the room. In the DR, he says that the season six alliance is over for him. Done. He goes to wake Danielle and tells her of Janelle's plan, getting all melodramatic saying "I want to start the revolution!" He tells Dani that he's going to "backdoor that bitch" and calls her a "piece of sh**." We'll just have to wait and see if he's going to grow a set and back up all that big talk. I doubt it.

The veto ceremony is held, and as expected, Boogie takes himself off the block. Janelle stands to make a replacement nomination, and she chooses....Diane. "I knew it!" exclaims Diane as she takes her seat next to Erika. James vows to take Janelle out, and Will breathes a sigh of relief at ending up safe another week. That's all for tonight, guys. Wait. Is that the phone ringing?

Will: Hello?
Boogie: Will? It's me, Boogie. So, check this. I go to the veto ceremony. I veto myself off the block...
Will: Naturally.
Boogie: I think they're about to call your name...
Will: They are.
Boogie: Janelle puts Diane up!!!
(erupt into uncontrollable laughter)

Loving these veto comps....waywyrd@fansofrealitytv.com