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Hello, and welcome back everybody! It’s Hamster Time again, and my TV turns itself on to CBS automatically on Sunday nights. It used to look forward to the FOX network, but since The Simpsons are into re-runs it doesn’t pout about watching a different channel.

Last time we watched, Chicken George won the POV and took himself off the block. James nominated Jase to take his place, and Jase threw a huge tantrum before being evicted by his fellow hamsters.

Day 25, And There’s No More Jase To Kick Around
Almost everyone feels bad about Jase’s eviction, which is strange because he was voted out 9 to 0. Guess they didn’t feel bad enough to keep him. Diane is just about cried out right now. Too bad all those tears were for herself. Danielle tries out the nobility route and says she won’t let anyone talk trash about Jase. By the end of the season she’ll be saying Jase who?

Will calls James low class for back-dooring Jase. James doesn’t think he back-doored Jase at all since Jase threw the HOH competition and dropped out of the POV competition. Besides, James has to look out for Danielle and Janelle, and he was afraid Jase might go after them. Also, he didn’t like it that Jase is hotter than he is.

Will and Mike Boogie find it hilarious that no one voted for Will, especially after he told everyone he hated them. Will is like the popular kid in school that all the underdogs secretly hate and Mike Boogie is the second-in-command that toadies up to the popular guy but would be nothing without him. I’m banking on Big Brother secretly being a teen movie. I predict by the end of the season the good Doctor will get his comeuppance and run away to cry while Mike Boogie gets pantsed and learns a valuable lesson about bullying.

New Day, Same HOH
Janelle is running the house. Again. For the fourth time this season the BB 6’ers have won HOH, and it’s Janelle’s second time around as HOH. Yup, they’re just rolling all over the competition.

Marcellas was hoping that Janelle would throw the competition to him, but since they have a secret deal above and beyond even her loyalty to the season 6’ers (or so he thinks) he’s happy enough with her win. Diane calls them the Nerd Herd part 2, while Will says that if one of them had to win he’s glad it was Janelle since Howie’s not bright enough to deal with. Most every one is a little disgruntled with Janelle’s win but since no one else stepped up to the plate it sounds like sour grapes to me.

Who’s Zooming Who?
As if things aren’t complicated enough Janelle amps up the household by flirting outrageously with Doctor Will. She says it’s all part of her strategy, and Will smugly congratulates himself on her attention, but both blush when they talk about the other in the DR. I blush when Janey invites Will to hop in the shower with her.

Janelle, lying on the hammock with Erika and Mike Boogie: I’m so in love with Will, I don’t know what I’d do if he left.

Will, standing at the foot of the hammock: When did you know that you loved me?

Janelle: The second that you walked through those doors.

She says she makes him nervous. He says she’s waaay into him. Showmance or strategy? Maybe a little of both, but if they keep playing with fire someone’s gonna get burned.

Pretty In Pepto-Bismol Pink
Janelle’s HOH room is pink, just as she requested earlier in the season. It’s not baby pink, not rose pink, but shockingly-guaranteed-to-make-you-nauseous pink. Barbie Dream House pink. Janelle loves it even as Marcellas calls it an abomination. Mike Boogie gripes about the whole “Come see my HOH room” part of the game but He’ll be squealing for company when (if) he wins HOH. His room will probably be bile colored and decorated with the carcasses of small animals.

When the others leave it’s time for the season 6’ers to talk strategy. Janelle points out the numbers: There’s four of us, two chilltown, and five floaters. James thinks Janelle’s scared to put up chilltown; he wants to see Mike Boogie gone. Kaysar and Janelle are for taking out a floater. Kaysar points out that if they take out the chilltown alliance there’s no one left to come after but the season 6’ers, and the floaters outnumber them. He and Janelle want to take out Diane. James thinks Diane is timid; he doesn’t understand how the other season 6’ers can’t figure out chilltown is coming after them. Janelle’s not afraid of chilltown but she is afraid of the floaters. James complains that this is the fourth week they’ve had an opportunity to take out chilltown and they’re bobbling it. Oh yeah, James, your target was the Chicken man, the most dangerous player in Big Brother history.

James Just Loves (Almost) Everybody
James decides to take matters into his own hands after he confesses that He, Erika and Diane have a budding friendship thing going on. Since he also feels responsible for Danielle and Janelle, he’s allianced with Kaysar and Howie and he has a new respect for Chicken George, that leaves very few players left to take out. Good luck with that, James.

He tells Diane that Janelle may be planning to target her and she should try initiating some “damage control” by going to Janelle and asking her to please not nominate her. Diane doesn’t want to be a kiss-ass but she dutifully trudges to the HOH room. Janelle is lukewarm to Diane’s tepid efforts, like two air-kissing relatives that barely know each other. They had to do it but they’re relieved when it’s over. Despite protestations these two don’t really like one another.

Bath Time Fairy Tales
Will, who wants to take a bath and put on a puppet show at the same time, interrupts more strategy talk by the season 6’ers. Talk about multi-tasking! Giggly Janelle and a stoic Kaysar join him in the bathroom, and before you know it Mike Boogie oozes in, getting chairs so they can all sit to watch the show. Ruunn Forrest! Will sits in the tub surrounded by rubber duckies he names Rick Foogie, the lovely Princess Finelle and Doctor McDreamy. He describes the floating ducks as sometimes going here, sometimes going there, but the lovely Princess Finelle doesn’t know what to do when she starts getting feelings for Doctor McDreamy. Kaysar and Mike Boogie leave in the middle of the tale, and Howie sits in. By the end Will has dropped all pretense of the duckie show and tells them that chilltown will absolutely back Janelle if she’ll put up two floaters. He wants the final six to be the season 6’ers and the chilltown alliances. Of course, in the DR he says he wants them to float downriver so he can break their necks. All in a day’s work for Doctor Will.

Now You’re Cooking With Slop
Chicken George is still on his diet of slop. It’s encouraging to know that he can use condiments to make it taste better, but trying to bake it in the oven doesn’t work, and when he spoons it into the toaster it’s a recipe for disaster. It also gives him gas. Poor George, and poor hamsters when they find out that this week’s competition is designed so that half of them will end up on slop for the rest of the week.

Food Fight!
At least the competition takes place at night, maybe because it’s just so hot outside during the day. All the hamsters except Janelle gather in a padded ring; half a dozen balls rain down on the houseguests but only one has a star painted on it. The object of the game is to catch the starred ball and thus get food for the week. The ball-catcher also gets to choose a houseguest to eat slop. Chicken George can participate but he’ll be eating slop regardless, which means he’s not really trying too hard.

Mike Boogie catches the first ball and chooses Marcellas for slop; he hasn’t forgotten that Marcellas knocked him out of the last HOH competition. Payback is a bitch.

Howie catches the next ball and throws it at Will, hitting him with it. Before the competition Will and Howie made a little deal that they wouldn’t go after each other which Howie immediately threw out the window when he won. Howie wants Will to be nice and weak for any future competitions. Will doesn’t mind eating slop but now he knows he can’t trust Howie. Duh.

Kaysar catches the ball and takes out Chicken George. Janelle comments that he’s playing it safe.

James grabs the next ball after being elbowed by Danielle, who has made up her mind to fight against the slop. He takes out Diane.

Danielle and Erika are the only two players left. Erika dives for the ball and Danielle snatches it right out from under her. Erika gets the slop. Danielle rationalizes that Erika doesn’t eat that much anyway so it’s no big deal.

One Last Try
Will, Mike Boogie, Howie and Janelle huddle outside. The chilltowners tell Janelle and Howie again that they want to be one big alliance. Put up Will and a floater, then go to each of the floaters and tell them that they’re being put up as a pawn and see how they react. This really confuses Janelle because she doesn’t know if she can trust chilltown or not. As she and Howie walk away Mike Boogie sings you’re gonna get played under his breath.

Upstairs Janie tells Howie she doesn’t want to make the dumbest move in BB history. Howie is sympathetic, but when James comes in he tells her that if she goes after the floaters they’ll just gravitate to chilltown, which is what chilltown’s after. Howie agrees. Janelle looks distraught but says she’ll target chilltown.

A little later Will joins her in the HOH room and makes one more attempt to make a deal. He tells her to put up him and Erika; she counters with Mike Boogie and Chicken George. He thinks she won’t put him up because she likes him. She blushes but denies it. Will says Kaysar and James are cowards. He points out that James has Danielle as a parachute and Kaysar has Erika. He offers himself and Mike as her parachute and says he will support her unconditionally. She bites her nails and doesn’t know what to do. Whatever happened to Jedi Janie?

Nomination Day
Janelle finally makes her decision and calls the others into the dining room for the nomination ceremony. The first key removed belongs to James. Following him, Marcellas, Howie, Kaysar, Will, Danielle and Diane. The last key belongs to Chicken George, who takes it and stares at Erika open-mouthed.

That’s right, Erika and Mike Boogie have been nominated. Janelle says she nominated Mike Boogie because he says he’s coming after her and she dislikes him, and Erika because Janelle thinks everyone likes Erika and won’t vote against her.

Will is satisfied with Janelle’s nominations because she met them halfway by nominating a floater. She didn’t nominate him because, well, she loves him. And there you have it. Coming up Tuesday night: The house is bombarded by wake-up calls all night long, and someone will win the POV.

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