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Thread: AGT 07/27 Recap: He's Magically Delicious

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    AGT 07/27 Recap: He's Magically Delicious

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    Whether America’s Got Talent or not, is yet to be determined, but apparently Germany thinks we do, since The Hoff’s albums fly off the shelves there. Even with Hoff on the judges’ panel, however, I’m not convinced we’re seeing much talent on this show. I find some of the acts extremely amateurish, and others simply silly, like Rappin’ Granny. I just don’t get Granny’s appeal, and after seeing her continue to rap the exact same song, in the exact same clothes again, I’m already bored with her, and hoping she’s garnered her full 15 minutes, and we can move on without her. There were some terrific acts on Wednesday night‘s show however, (like Nathan Burton *swoon*), and if your memory needs refreshing, you can refer to SnowflakeGirl's Talented Recap.

    Regis comes onstage, wearing a sharp grey sharkskin suit and silver tie, to remind us the top four acts already selected are Taylor Ware, The Millers, Realis, and At Last. For the umpteenth time this season, we’re reintroduced to the judges: The Hoff, Brandy, and Piers Morgan. Yeah, yeah, we got it. Hoff’s the Randy, Brandy’s the Paula, and Piers with the English accent and hard nose, is Simon. But wait, Piers has a big announcement to make. Just kidding, he’s not willing to divulge it just yet. He’s going to fill us in later in the show, which leads me to believe NBC will go to any length to keep us from changing the channel. I don’t know about you, but I can hardly stand the suspense.

    Wednesday night was the third of four semi-final shows and featured 10 acts. My favorite act was Nathan Burton. Now, many of you might not recognize him, but I do. You see, my very first recapping assignment for FoRT was Wayne Newton’s reality show, The Entertainer, and Nathan was a contestant on the show. He didn’t win (he was robbed, I say), but I became quite familiar with him during the season, and he’s definitely got talent. Additionally, he’s simply adorable, and that makes my voting selection easy. A very brief FoRT blurb on him from January, 2005 is here. The judges picked Rappin’ Granny, the 73-year-old rapper to continue on, and tonight’s show will determine which of the 10 acts America chose to continue on for the $1 million. *Roseskid crosses fingers for Nathan*

    Kathy Griffin May Have Her Gays…

    …but Granny’s here for her seniors. She announces she’s a breast cancer survivor, and should she win, she’ll be donating some money toward breast cancer research, and would like to start her own record label. I don’t know what Reeg has against me, but he invites her to return later in the show and rap for us once again. Oy.

    Judge's Pick - Rappin' Granny

    Crazy Caliber Talent

    NBC has creatively discovered a new way to involve the audience and kill time (bonus!) with showcasing some of the weird and wacky folks who didn’t get selected to compete on the show. Each Thursday, crazies perform, and the audience selects someone to continue on to compete at the end of the season for a new car.

    Tonight’s special nut cases are:

    1. Arthur, the One Man Band. From what I could tell, he plays guitar, cymbals, drum, piano and harmonica…at the same time.
    2. Zach Freeman - I think he was singing, but I’m not sure.
    3. Bandaloni- Who knew there were so many one-man bands in the U.S, but here’s one more (keep in mind, I can‘t even rub my stomach and pat my head at the same time without help).
    4. Mayling Garcia - One of 13 Americans to play Benjamin Franklin’s glass harmonica (I don’t believe she meant it was his harmonica, but that he had created it. Hey, I’m just trying to be helpful). Just when I thought we’d heard enough of Somewhere Over the Rainbow thanks to Katharine McPhee, it’s back again, but I have to say, the glass harmonica sounded beautiful, and it was fascinating to watch her play.
    5. Duane Flatmo - Played the mandolin…with an electric mixer. Ha! He was terrific, and I’d definitely vote for him if I were in the audience.

    The audience gets it right for once, and chooses mandolin player Duane Flatmo as the winner. He was fabulous, and if you missed the show, I hope you can find a clip of his act somewhere on the internet.

    Piers Is Hiding A Wild Card Up His Sleeve (and just maybe something else in his pants)

    Finally Piers gets to make his big announcement that AGT has decided to add a Wild Card show in two weeks. Four acts who didn’t make the final, but who got the largest number of home votes, will come back to compete one more time. Each judge will pick two acts to bring back for the Wild Card show, then at the end of that show, the judges will pick one, and the home viewers will pick another. From there, they will go through to the final show.

    For No Special Reason

    Jurassic 5, a group of four men, sing/rap together. I thought they had great voices, but they seemed somewhat bored to me. Anyway, they’ve got an album on a store shelf somewhere near you. Oh, one more thing, Rappin’ Granny loved them.

    It’s Curtains For Some Folks

    Wednesday night’s contestants sit anxiously awaiting their fate, and they are:

    Team Acrodunk - think acrobatics mixed with basketball - Out
    Caitlyn Taylor Love - a 12-year-old girl who sang One Moment in Time - Out
    Sonia Lee - an electric violinist - Out
    Elliot Zimet - a young, somewhat awkward magician - Out
    Ten13Concept - a disorganized, noisy band - Out
    Nathan Burton - a comedy illusionist - Top Two
    Bianca Ryan - a spunky 11-year-old girl who morphed into Janis Joplin -Top Two
    Kenny Skelton - juggler - Out
    Trey Knight’s Stilt World - six people who dance and leap on stilts -Out

    He’s Put A Spell On Me

    The final two contestants vying for the one final spot are Bianca Ryan and Nathan Burton. In case I haven’t been clear enough, I have a soft spot for Nathan. He’s completely won me over with his humor, and he just happens to resemble my best friend’s husband whom I adore, so he’s got that going for him, too. In addition, he’s GOOD at magic. I mean, REALLY GOOD. He’s up first to give us one last look at his talent, and he pulls a wagon toting a life-size acrylic box that looks something like a Barbie™ doll would come in. With a quick whip of a cloth, voilà, a Barbie-doll-looking woman appears. Then just as suddenly, her clothes are changed from a little girl’s dress to a pink corset. The audience is still reacting to this little piece of magic, when before they know it, Regis somehow changes places with Barbie, and jumps out wearing her pink corset. This was a fun, skilled slice of magic heaven and I’m convinced more than ever that Nathan could win me the competition. The only downside to his act, is that now I’ve got an image of Regis wearing a pink corset. Some people should never wear pink corsets, like men for instance. I couldn't find a picture of Nathan from Thursday night's show, but this is the act he did Wednesday:

    Nathan Burton -Roseskid's Pick *swoon*

    Baby’s Got Lungs

    For her encore, Bianca chooses to sing And I’m Telling You. This may be a little girl, but she’s got the full voice of a grown woman who can certainly belt out a song. Her father is in the audience and he’s absolutely entranced watching her. As she ends the song, the audience showers her with a standing ovation.

    Bianca Ryan - An Amazing Young Singer

    Magic vs. Lungs

    Piers thinks this has been a brilliant semi-final. He thinks Rappin’ Granny is fabulous, Nathan is superb, and Bianca is nothing short of miraculous. The one act the judges choose to continue in the show is Bianca Ryan. Nathan (sigh) is a great sport and graciously congratulates her. As if I’m not crushed enough to see Nathan walk off the stage, Rappin’ Granny returns to do her signature song once again, demanding we "kneel to the Granny." Can I cry uncle instead of kneel? Be sure to join up with SnowflakeGirl’s magical recap next week, and I’ll see you in a couple of weeks. Do you want to cry uncle or kneel? Contact me at roseskid@fansofrealitytv.com.
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