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*This is a recap of events from noon Friday to noon Saturday

When we last left our houseguests, half of them had lost the food competition and have to eat oatmeal for the next week. Some of them took this news better than others.

Only two hours into oatmeal week, Howie contemplates eating a rubber rat.

Other houseguests are concerned with this.

Nominations are today, and Kaysar's mind seems to be set. James does go and try to persuade him to put Boogie on the block, but Kaysar's having none of it.

Kaysar has a talk with James...I mean, a rubber rat.
(yes, the rat joke had to be recycled, c'mon!)

Now James, we all know, has some weird moments. In one of his stranger, he goes and tells Diane that she's safe from nominations. Because in James' mind, he runs the BB6 alliance. Does this put Diane's mind at ease? Will she call him worse things than a rubber rat if he's wrong? We go to flames, and when we come back, we find out the answer.

Nakomis thinks the nominations stink.

I almost feel bad for her...almost.

The nominations are over, and it's Diane and Nakomis on the block. Nakomis is taking it pretty much in stride, but Diane is hysterically crying. She can't stop. She manages to say a few things here and there, among them:
  • "I just want to go to sequester! I don't have a life outside this house!"
  • "I can just file for bankruptcy!"
  • "I don't know how to get an agent!"
  • "I am not an all-star! I'm not cutthroat!"
  • "I feel like such a pansy-ass!"

If you like seeing people you don't care for suffer, this is all quite entertaining. Eventually she stops, goes out into the kitchen, and encounters Kaysar who tells her that she's breaking his heart with the crying. Soon Big Brother gives Kaysar his hookah to smoke, and many houseguests join in.

By the looks of it, Big Brother put in wacky-tobaccy.

Jase is also no stranger to the hookah. Seriously, is this nicotine?

After a long hookah session, Erika does the sniff test.

Lots of whispers are going on here and there about what will happen concerning the veto. What if one of the nominees gets it, who will replace them? Who will/won't use it? Finally Big Brother gives them all some giant golf clubs and balls to practice for the veto competition. Some of them practice with them into the late evening, others late into the night.

Erika is playing more than just golf.

You can say meaner things when no one can see you.

Diane and Nakomis try to go to sleep, but who can sleep being on the block? In the wee hours it's apparently easier to be bitchier. Diane says it hurts her intelligence that she has to go up before George. I say you have to HAVE some intelligence before it can be insulted. Nakomis hopes they don't edit her weird. I say she's not giving them much to work with.

Diane says that she prayed and prayed for the two of them not to go on the block, and she's mad that her praying didn't work. I don't like to bring religion into reality tv, but I have to say I think God has more on his mind than Big Brother nominations. In the next sentence, Diane says she wants to chop off the rest of Howie's fingers and feed them to his alliance. Now I'll just sit back and let you all absorb her back-to-back thoughts. Okay, done? Let's move on!

Much of the rest of pre-sleep time is spent with Diane and Nakomis trying to figure out mean names for Janelle and her alliance. Most of them I cannot put in my recap, but many of them allude to men being without testicles, and Janelle holding said testicles. The names get nastier and nastier, and finally Nakomis cries out "Why America, WHY HER? What's so special about her?" to which Diane replies "She's so hot." and I fall out of my chair laughing. It's okay, I didn't hurt myself too badly.

Maybe it's true that leopards don't change their spots.

Where is everyone else, you ask? Will, Boogie, Erika, George and Jase are in the hot tub very late, discussing alliances and such, then Jase makes the blunder of all blunders. He says that if he and Will had of been nominated, he was going to ask to put on Boogie's Chilltown shirt, then say "Leave it to an Iraqi to draw a line in the sand." Will immediately says "I am not co-signing that!" and George looks downright disgusted. Not a funny bit to add to the recap, but a glimpse into another side of Jase.

Heaven help us all, Kaysar rocks the mandanna.

It's veto competition day, and everyone scurries around getting ready. George is going to be the host. We see enough on the feeds to find out that in addition to the HOH and the nominees, the other competitors are Erika, Will and James. My shift ends as we go to flames, and if you want to know who won go here.

I'll leave you for now, with a pic of one of Nakomis' tattoos:

Nakomis' tattoo of a goat-headed lady laying eggs.

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