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*This is a recap of events from noon Thursday to noon Friday

Thursdays. Nothing like a Thursday in Big Brother land. Someone will leave, someone new will be in power. Thursdays bring the excitement. But the anticipation we cannot see, because the powers that be leave us with hours upon hours of flames. So many flames that into hour 5, I find myself sitting here with a marshmallow on a stick, trying to make S'mores at my desk. The Big Brother delirium has already set in for me, and it's only week 2.

While brushing too deeply, Jase hits the "make hair stand on end" reflex.

For the briefest of moments we get action, and the houseguests are primping for the live show. Will puts on deodorant twice, because some of us might have Smell-o-vision. Kaysar debates chopping off an offending twig of hair. Starved for any live feed action, I am riveted to the grooming, then POOF! Flames again. We don't regain live feeds until after the show.

Is it just me, or is the house quieter?
Finally, finally the feeds are back. Alison is gone and Kaysar is the new HOH. You could easily pick out alliances by the smiley people and the pouty people. Danielle is relieved to still be there, and even surprisingly spends a half a minute in Marcellas' lap. But we all know he was thinking "Get off me, bitch!" Eventually Kaysar gets to go into his HOH room, and everyone scurries up behind him to see what goodies he received.

A Surprising New Twist! Only, not really.
In one of the "surprises" Big Brother has in store for them this season, the HOH room has been redecorated. gasp! Make the room black and gray instead of blue and silver? Genius! Find whoever thought of that and give them a nice, fat...smack upside the head. Because whoop-dee-doo, new color scheme, Big deal!

You know what is going to be a big deal? Janelle, if she doesn't quit eating. (I'm kidding, I think she looks great!) She immediately starts eating some of each of Kaysar's snacks, saying she is filling up in case they get bad food after the food competition. She even starts letting Kaysar throw her snacks, and they laugh about almost knocking out her tooth.

This could have such a nasty caption, but I won't go there.

Thinking Until Your Head Explodes
Kaysar, Janelle and Howie gather in the HOH room to discuss... more strategy? NO! The name of their alliance! Because everyone knows that's the first step in anything, having a good name!

Howie trying to get punched in the face.

The possible alliance names come in hot and heavy, mostly from Howie, and mostly very stupid. At one point, Kaysar is asking Big Brother for sedatives, a taser, or handcuffs. Anything to calm Howie down. Among the rejected names:
  • 4 Councilmen (to which Kaysar says "can I be mayor?")
  • I dream of Janies.
  • Tanners
  • Fantastic Four
  • Hurricanes
  • Forecasters
  • Julie Chen's Favorites

There is some strategy talk in there somewhere, and it appears that Diane and Nakomis may be nominated. They say Diane isn't a good competitor, so keep her, but that Nakomis has a good mental game. Kaysar says they could pretend to have a deal with Chilltown (Will/Boogie), and tell Chilltown that they are going after the floaters. For whatever reason, they think that Chilltown will then go after a floater themselves if they get HOH next week. It's a tricky line they're walking there, but Kaysar seems satisfied that any way you look at it, a good player (Nakomis) will be going home. Finally they calm down and go to sleep.

I have nakey Kaysar pics and you don't!

Nothing says "Good Morning!" like a bunch of nasty slop.
The sun rises in the Big Brother house, and it's time for the food competition! The houseguests get overalls to put on, and they look ever so cute. The competition is called "Slop 'Til You Drop". There are two teams. Each team breaks down into pairs (3 pairs per team) and are attached by the leg and have to each keep one arm behind them. The object is to use your mouth to find plastic rats in a trough of slop, the first team to find 12 rats wins! You could vomit into this slop and no one would be able to tell.

WINNERS: George, Erika, Boogie, Jase, Diane & Will

LOSERS: Howie, Nakomis, James, Marcellas, Janelle & Danielle

The losing team has to eat OATMEAL for the week. Erika seems to have hurt her ribs from Will slamming the pair of them into the trough. As my shift ends, they're still trying to get slop out of unmentionable places, and I think they should have to just be happy they don't have to actually eat the slop off of each other.

*thanks to Hepcat for the food competition pics

Who will Kaysar nominate? Will they ever come up with an alliance name? Would you lick oatmeal off of Kaysar's nakey body? contact suncat7@fansofrealitytv.com