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7/11/06 Big Brother Live Feeds Recap – Flip Flops Are All The Rage!

This is a recap of events from noon Tuesday to noon Wednesday

*Snnnoorrk rrrk rrrrrk* Huh? Wha? Oh I must of fallen asleep with my head on the keyboard while watching the feeds. That’s why the T key is stuck to my forehead and my face looks like a Belgian waffle. And why everyone was looking at me weird at work today. Those feeds will do terrible things to a person’s sleep patterns. My wife’s not too happy with me. Ok, so it’s been a week since the players entered the house and CBS made a huge mistake by falling asleep at the controls and spoiling who was in the house and their big dual HOH twist. I love it when big corporations screw up like that…and I like it even more when people catch it and talk about it. I guess it’s no AOL customer retention call fiasco, though. Wondering what happened yesterday? Read on!

Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad…Chicken?

Chicken George has everyone in the house slightly off kilter. As the only representative from Season 1 of Big Brother, George is the only hamster who has never really run in the hamster wheel of Big Brother competitions. His season was completely different…if I recall correctly, they didn’t even vote people out. That was left to you and I, the loyal Big Brother viewer to do via internet vote. Heck, he didn’t even know what the diary room is or where it was. Or did he?

Nakomis and Diane are really suspicious of their elder competitor. He acts and talks like he has never really watched any of the subsequent seasons of Big Brother, but then he asks leading questions about the negative aspects of each person’s season. So he must know something. No one else really seems to know what to make of George either. He is either a bumbling, Ned Beatty Otis-like oaf, or a brilliant mastermind who knows all of the ins and outs of playing the game, and might even know each hamsters weakness. Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure…everyone is keeping their eyes on George.

Howie Will Eat The White Bread…If Only We Can Find It
Have I mentioned that I think Dr. Will is a pompous ass? Well, he is. Yeah, I know, that’s what makes him such a great character to have on BB, and I agree. Still, he sucks. Yet I can’t look away! His antics are entertaining, and this season he’s coupled with Howie, another ass, although an ass with a 12 year old’s sense of humor. Together, these two are providing 90% of the laughs this season. For example, at lunchtime when a lot of the hamsters were making lunch, Dr. Will told Howie “You have one thing to do…and that’s eat!” Dr. Will wants Howie to get fat inside the Big Brother house this season. Perhaps you had to be there…but it is funny! Will is trying to get Howie to eat everything with syrup, and then if someone leaves leftovers, he asks if they’re going to eat it, and then puts it in front of Howie. The guy is relentless!

Howie’s not backing down from Will either. They both went back and forth joking with each other, and Howie even came up with a game for the live feeds viewers...Find the white bread on Dr. Will! As you can see from the pictures, it’s pretty hard to do since Will is whiter than whitewash on a picket fence.

And in case you have forgotten already since reading Hepcat’s live feed recap for Tuesday, Will thinks us live feeds watchers are all really creepy. He can’t help but pontificate some more about how we see Will do something wacky—like jumping on and off the kitchen table—and scream for a penalty nomination. Or about the fact that we flip our favorites from hamster to hamster on a whim. Actually, Will, we’re not that freaky…it’s more like you’re the sideshow freak, and we can’t look away. Think about it.

Speaking of Flipping
Who the heck is going home on Thursday? Honestly, I couldn’t tell you. Marcellas has flipped more times than a Cub Scout at a Sunday pancake breakfast. And don’t even get me started on Chicken George. After a handshake deal with Danielle to ensure his vote for Allison, George has now been considering voting for Danielle since he thinks she has been lying to him. For some reason he is dwelling on the fact that Danielle claims to have not known Kaysar outside the house, but they are getting along swimmingly inside the house. Yeah, George, Kayser knowing Danielle out in the real world is what you should be focusing on…not Allison the most manipulative, lying fame whore in Big Brother history.

Later in the night, the begging and the pleading began. Janelle knows that Allison is coming after her if Danielle is voted out. The other problem is that the “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” (How hilarious is it that Toni Ferrari of “Paradise Hotel”/bug-eyes fame is sneaking her name into another reality show? For those of you that haven’t heard, Toni exposed her former roommate Diane’s possible alliance with Jase and Allison that was formed before the show even began) alliance might really exist, so Allison simply must go home. Janelle pleaded with Marcellas in the weight room to do the right thing and vote Allison out and focus on Danielle later. She even promised she would take him to the final 2 with her.

At the same time, Allison was working on Erika hard. So hard, in fact, that Erika is afraid to leave the HOH room for fear that Allison is still awake and will come talk to her some more. Allison sure did change her tune regarding Erika quickly. Didn’t she state on the very first day that she hates Erika?

In other strategy talk, Erika tried to convince Mike Boogie that the Season 6’ers are not out to get him or Dr. Will, but that Allison, Diane, and Nakomis see them as huge threats.

Allison’s Really “Urn”-ing It

In one of the wackiest moments of the day, Allison found a way to try and eavesdrop and find out how others might be voting…by hiding in one of the urns!! She’s so pathetic it’s funny. She must have spent a good 40 minutes in the urn trying to overhear something…anything. But I don’t think it proved fruitful…other than to provide the live feeds viewers and Diane and James with some great laughs. Yep, Diane saw Allison climb into the urn, and saw her climb out later. She couldn’t believe it, and when she told James, he literally fell off his chair laughing.

Here’s a picture I think is appropriate…since, well, I hate Allison.

Well, y’all, those are the highlights of my shift. This season of Big Brother has been an intriguing one, if not a funny one. The game playing started immediately, which is unusual during a regular season of the show. Since everyone knows everyone else, and they have all played the game before, the first evictee is meaningful and strategic. Usually the first evictee is ousted because no one knew them or because they just weren’t friendly to the first HOH. Not this time. I sure hope that snake Allison gets to do the first interview with the Chenbot.

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