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Thread: 7/10 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Buggin’ in the Habitrail

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    7/10 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Buggin’ in the Habitrail

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    7/10 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Buggin’ in the Habitrail

    This recap covers noon Monday until noon Tuesday.

    You know what they say about Mondays. Being forced to get up early at 11:00 A.M., eating hot dogs all day, playing a game of kickball with friends and floating in the pool – and let’s not forget that four-hour nap midday. It’s grueling, people. It makes for some bored hamsters, and they’re not happy to let the week finish without another round of strategy and deception. And to their surprise, there’s another presence that is making itself known. BB – Big Brother the Bug Bringer, that is.

    The Lowdown
    • Officially, nothing’s happening. The only business left to finish out the week is voting on Wednesday morning.
    • Alison’s dramatic headache has disappeared, and she’s campaigning, supported by Nakomis and Diane directly, and Will and Boogie indirectly.
    • Danielle’s been trying to do a little damage control, spurred by the talk with James the other night and also by Chicken George telling her that Marcellas’s rant against her “wasn’t helping”.
    • Danielle, friendless, isn’t venting to anyone around her, so expect a shook-up DR entry on Tuesday night’s show.
    • Janelle is convinced that if Alison stays, she will evict Janelle, and Marcellas will cry – which she saw in a dream.
    • Mike Boogie spooked James and Janelle by hinting he had evidence that Alison and Jase are a secret “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” alliance.
    • Boogie and Will have been on the move, campaigning hard to a) save Alison, and 2) expand their numbers. Who will be moving into Chilltown, Howie? It’s not totally out of the question.
    • By Alison’s count, she’s in if she gets either Chicken George or Erika to vote for her. If not, she could still get in as a tie – which means she’s sure she has Marcellas’ vote.
    The votes as they stand now – warning, will probably change every hour!

    Recapping from noon to noon is already turning into the usual hamster sleeping schedule. And yet, the hamsters are feeling sleep deprived. Will says that he was in the DR until 4:30 a.m. the previous night, and Janelle complains that she had to get up “early” at 11 in the morning. When the other hamsters laugh, she says that it is early if you go to bed at 4:00. Don’t these guys, you now, like the daylight? You need a little sun to show off that bikini.

    When I pick up at noon, the feeds were on an intense conversation between Will and Boogie in the HOH room. Will admits that his initial strategy this season was to appear to be hanging out, chillin’, while the rest of the house went after the obvious targets, the S6 alliance. But they both agree that playing the jovial, I-don’t-care-if-I-go-home dude just won’t work in the All Star house. There’s no “extra” players (except for Chicken George); there’s no room to coast. They don’t have the luxury of throwing an HOH competition. Boogie says he’s worried about getting to week three, much less making it to the end.

    They consider their options. They don’t particularly care which side of the house they can hook up with. The S6 alliance has the attraction of numbers, and there’s always the possibility that James will flip on his season members since he has an axe to grind with them. James, if you hadn’t guessed by now, has been trying his best to give the impression that he doesn’t like his alliance, just that he wants the safety of its numbers. It must be working, because Will and Boogie think he would turn on them in a heartbeat.

    Boogie says that he really likes Nakomis – “she’s cool”, and that he thinks she is completely in with Diane and Alison, who I like to call the Janellousy alliance. They want Janelle out so badly they can taste it, a definite plus to the Chilltown alliance. Support them and they would avoid being a target for a couple of weeks.

    The other floaters, Erika and George, are a problem, because Erika hates Alison. Will and Boogie worry that they will end up voting against Danielle with Diane and Nakomis, and the floaters come out in support of her, leaving it obvious that they were trying to take out Danielle.

    Boogie considers the possibility of splitting their vote, just to throw some confusion into the mix. They don’t know what will happen if there is a tie, and after a DR visit, it sounds like BB doesn’t know either. Later, they get official word that BB isn’t going to tell them what will happen in the event of a tie.

    Other plans they float: get Jase to sway Marcellas by taking off his shirt and sweet-talking him; tell Janelle she needs to hang with the cool kids because the S6ers are “a bunch of wanksters”; do Pilates with Erika and corner Marcellas to feel out their position. And as always, try to create mass paranoia.

    Chilltown Part Deux

    Just when you thought I was done talking about these two, they go to work on Howie.

    I didn’t start watching Big Brother until season 3, so for the first time I saw Will and Boogie really go to work. As a team, they’re smooth as silk. They invite him into the HOH to talk, and greet him with a surprise tackle as he comes through the door. After joking around, Boogie tells him how much he admires his game persona. Howie says something about it not being a persona, and Boogie doesn’t miss a beat, saying he meant that it was a fascinating extension of his personality, the way he can joke around all day and be memorizing every detail of Big Brother trivia at the same time. It sounds so manipulative when I say it here, but at the time it hit just the right note of admiration and good buddy jocularity.

    Will makes the pitch: he himself isn’t looking to win, nor is he hoping to make it to the sequester house. But since he has a big ego, he wants his buddy to go far in the game because it reflects back on him. Isn’t it nice how he shares all the amateur psychology right up front, so we don’t have to figure it out for ourselves? All Will wants, he tells Howie, is an arranged marriage for his partner. “I’m looking for the right person to date my Boogie.”

    Howie listens to the pitch, and agrees that it probably doesn’t matter which woman gets the boot this week. “Pick your poison,” Howie says of Alison versus Danielle. Will and Boogie go for the jugular – doesn’t Howie think that James would turn on the S6ers in a flash? How can Howie trust him? Howie assures them that he doesn’t trust James, or at least, “I trust him as much as I trust Will.”

    Howie appears to be worked over a bit, even complaining to Will and Boogie that Kaysar told him to stop joking around so much. They tell him he would make a good part of the team, and remind him that James and Danielle have been (gasp) talking. “This is Chilltown Two, here. Final three,” Howie declares. At that moment, Jase knocks on the HOH door and they greet him warmly. “Final four,” Howie jokes, and Jase agrees, turning to bump fists with Howie, Will and Mike. Shades of the Horsemen? It’s the first sign of the old Jase I’ve seen this season.


    Alison has attracted some unusual suspicions today. After a session in the Diary Room, she came out and told the hamsters she has figured out what Julie Chen meant when she said the food competition losers would be begging for PB&J. What’s chock full of protein and decorating one of the bedroom walls? Bugs, that’s what.

    What? This isn’t Survivor, you say? The houseguests are convinced that Alison’s right. Why else would Big Brother be giving them so many perks so early in the game? The gym, the hot tub, the pool table, lots of good food, even some balls to play kickball in the back yard. Bugs can’t be far behind.

    Later, the hamsters question how she “knew” about the bugs. She came out of the Diary Room talking about the bug idea, making the others wonder if the producers gave her a hint. Someone mentions that Alison said she worked for CBS and they made them eat bugs in Africa. Half the hamsters are genuinely alarmed by this admission before someone remembers that she’s probably talking about The Amazing Race. But later, when Alison is called to the DR, her picture on the memory wall goes completely blank. Before you can say “paranoia,” the hamsters take this as evidence she’s a CBS mole.

    On the freaky psychic front, Janelle dreamed she was in a timed competition with Alison, Marcellas, Nakomis, and Karen from BB5. She watched in horror as Alison won the competition, and chose Nakomis to accompany her to the final two. As Janelle was left behind, instantly evicted, she heard Marcellas sobbing.

    Now Janelle is telling her alliance members of her dream, and reminding them of last year, when she had a nightmare about a hurricane and wondered if her two dogs at home in Miami were safe. Completely shut off from the world, it was a little creepy that Janelle had this dream the same time that Hurricane Katrina was slamming the gulf coast. And no, the producers did not tell the hamsters about the natural disaster.


    Is it a rumor, a half-truth, or the straight poop? Mike Boogie told several people that he got a call from Nicole before the season started, who told him she saw Alison and Jase together in a restaurant. But…but…that little tyke in the photo with Jase is so adorable! Janelle and Kaysar are worried by the news, but find it suspicious that so many people in the house know about it. They check with Erika, who found it out from Boogie also. Janelle reasons that Jase had the opportunity to keep Alison off the block, so a secret “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” alliance is unlikely.

    Marcellas in a Muck

    How many times can Marcellas tell Janelle that he will vote for Alison if she wants him to…but that he wants Danielle out, he’s afraid of Danielle, Danielle will rise from the ashes and smite him down uncontrollably, he wants Danielle to go already! So don’t ask him to vote out his nem-e-sis. A dozen times? A hundred? He is well into his moral outrage mode as he recounts Danielle saying “to my face that I didn’t deserve to win.”

    Here’s the thing: I only watched BB3 casually, and I don’t have any emotional stake in these two. But what I saw was Marcellas going apecrap on Danielle out of the blue the other day in the back yard about the way she played their season. Danielle said she wanted her alliance partner to win. Is that so unbelievable? Marcellas is morally affronted, saying that Danielle was calling him a bad person, undeserving of a win. The upshot of all this whining is that he wants to vote Danielle out of the house before Danielle can do the same to him. It’s obvious that he’s got the perception of the public on his mind – okay, let’s be frank. He knows he will be eaten alive by the Internet fans if he can’t manage to outlast Danielle. That’s what really has him so “scared” of Danielle.

    Kaysar and Erika are part of this seemingly endless bitchfest, and Kaysar shows his special talent for speaking calmly and rationally with emotionally draining people. He points out that Alison has a photographic memory. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but in the world of BB competitions, where the hamsters are asked trivia questions to determine the next HOH, that’s a bombshell. That’s like having x-ray vision or spidey sense. After a dose of Kaysar, Marcellas agrees to keep to the plan to oust super-Ali.

    Later, despite the hugs with Janelle, Marcellas tells Erika that Janelle shouldn’t be clinging to all those annoying S6 alliance partners; namely, James. He says that the reason she’s such a target is that she has so many people protecting her. Marcellas seems to be clinging to Janelle visibly, but sharing more frank game talk with Erika. Maybe there’s more depth to his game than I realized. Erika mentions that “their” strategy was to float along for a few more weeks, not get themselves involved in a tie-breaker. She tells Marcellas that they should avoid getting HOH this early in the game. Is this our secret power couple?

    Evening Games

    Much of the evening was spent in hide-and-seek, freeze tag, and an aborted attempt to jump off tables. Later, the hamsters showed their pop culture savvy in several rounds of “Guess the Celebrity.” Marcellas shines at this game, and lets down his world-weary scowl for minutes at a time as he stumps the other hamsters with references to a girl who got her first break as a guest star Seinfeld who later was the television girlfriend of a hero in a movie that just came out. (Follow that? It’s Teri Hatcher, and I had to scream it at the computer for a full minute before the other hamsters could hear me.) Later, Kaysar tells Janelle in the kitchen that he can’t play these games; he’s just “sitting there like a retard.” Now now, Cowboy came up with the sitcom game, he didn’t just sit around like a lump on a log, Kaysar.

    12:30 a.m.: Booze arrives in the form of a few bottles of wine. But the plan to imbibe in the hot tub goes bust when the hamsters find that the hot tub looks, well, grody to the max. It seems that no one is cleaning it, and it’s not going to clean itself, now is it? Janelle and Nakomis settle for a smoke in the back yard with full glasses of wine, and slowly converse in a stilted, polite manner. The evening caps off with a round of ghost stories – which really turns into everyone’s freaky dreams, and Jase demonstrating his psychic abilities by dangling a paper clip over Diane’s hand and barking questions like, “Are there 17 Big Brother All-Stars?”

    After an evening of fun and camaraderie, the hamsters are in bed by 3:00 a.m. My take on the group sessions is that they are genuinely enjoying each other’s company, but also, when they’re in a pack, they’re relieved from having to discuss the game. It’s been a long week.


    By 9:00 a.m., Danielle had not only eaten but had washed her dishes while the rest of the house slept. A few minutes later, we find out why Danielle is up when BB slips up and gives us a few seconds of audio in the Diary Room. Danielle asks a producer why they woke her up so early, and they tell her she’s usually up and chipper by this time of morning anyway. They ask her what she thinks of Jase now and her plan earlier in the week to get Jase to disagree with Janelle’s nominations. We hear Danielle say that Jase missed out on a perfect opportunity to take out one of the S6 alliance, but that she doesn’t blame them because she wouldn’t have done it either.

    Nakomis is the first houseguest to wake up and join Danielle, and they talk quietly in the backyard. Most of their conversation is about their lives, but Danielle does make an attempt to feel out Nakomis, asking her if she’s looking for a partner in the game. Nakomis says that she’s not going to tie herself to anyone this early in the game; she wants “friends but not an alliance.” They both agree that they don’t know what everyone’s agenda is, and Danielle throws that fishing line again, saying she’s waiting for that one person to approach her and ask her to be a partner – but Nakomis doesn’t take the bait. One thing they both agree on is that Chicken George is hiding a mastermind understanding of Big Brother and pretending that he doesn’t know anything about the game. Really, this is the guy lifting weights by waving his arm around propped up on the arm of the couch. Is this really the puppet master of BB7?

    A few more hamsters wake up and start their day, and that brings us up to the noon hour. If only the house were in, say, Hawaii, this timing would make sense. As you’re watching the feeds in the wee hours of the morning, don’t forget what Dr. Will says about you:

    “The fans are creepy, and freaky, and if you’re on the net right now, there’s something wrong with you.”
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