As John Lehr, the host, puts it--chaos. With Alana in the "diary room" thinking about her kids at home watching her struggle, the entire camp loses electricity. Yet another difference from Survivor. I sure don't remember Survivor having electricity. I found it amusing that right before the power goes out, there is a crash of thunder and Alana asks if there is a lightning storm. Good question?

Robin starts bright and early coming up with a to-do list. With 3 inches of rain in a couple of hours, there was plenty for them to accomplish. Robin asked if he could be the new leader, and succeeded in that. He claims to be organized. We have a long segment of "Robin's Lectures and Commands." "John, why aren't you over here listening?" "There is NO peeing in the drinking water-period." "I'm not obsessive."

The group decides there needs to be a tarp over their heads so they don't swim in their beds. Now for "Robin's Requests from the
Producers." "One complete set of dry clothing." "Toilet paper." "Coconut shells." Wait a second, did he say coconut shells? Can you think of a reason for coconut shells? I sure can't, as it's night like he needs to build a coconut radio like the Professor from Gilligan’s Island. These spoiled brats are getting pretty much anything they ask for... more on that later.

The celebrities decide it's necessary for health reasons to dig a trench in the mud out of the camp. Isn't it great watching "celebrities" digging in mud! And their wonderful remarks-this stinks of sewage.

Tyson and Barbie Nikki head out for the luxury box, but they didn't have to play piggy-back this time. Tyson did act macho by carrying the box on his shoulder, but instead, the box pulled him down the hill-of course followed by a Nikki scream. On their way back, we have our first smack-talking about Bruce. "Does this guy ever SHUT UP?"

According to a survey in a popular magazine, what do women consider a bigger turn-off in a partner? A) Bad breath or B) A Hairy Back

They answer correctly with bad breath and earn much-needed dry towels, body scrubbers, and massage oil. How much are the towels going to help now, and come on... body scrubbers?

Hey Medic Bob, come over here for a second. Julie's got a FEW HUNDRED questions for you. Before Julie has to swim with leeches for food, she asks if these leeches hurt when they bite. Of course they do, and if they didn't, he'd tell you the same thing! Will they leave marks or scars? Oh of course not. That's just a few of the questions that I'm sure she asked. Bob is laughing at her, poor Julie thinks he's laughing WITH her. He does go on to tell her that each leech has 300 teeth. I smile as I listen.

Julie is shown a tank with more than a hundred leeches. She has to stay in for 5 minutes to get all stars. For every 30 seconds she stays in, she gets one star or meal. She sets her mind for one meal, but after many "bee stings", she wins five meals for the team. Her best question, "I'm not going to get pregnant from a leech, am I?". Yes, she DID ask that.

Some highly desired items from the group, I wish I could say we made some of these up, but the fact is they wanted every single one from the producers: Cigarettes, lip balm, wine, coffee, Pizza, cortizone shots (Nikki), shovel, candles, phone call, towels (remember how they already won some?), skillet cover, clothes, zip lock baggies, sponges, laundry basket and cookies! Wait--one more. Why might Robin want condoms? Oh, and Playboy magazine from Tyson.

The celebrities finally resort to moving to the dry diary room for shelter. They demand that things be better at camp, or they all walk out the next morning, that is except for Bruce and Alana who will stay until they are voted out.

I regret to inform everyone that we get a live shot of the camp. They now have more food, clothes, towels and CLEAR PLASTIC TENTS covering each cot.

Who goes to the next food trial? Who gets to spend "time alone" in the jungle? Julie. Again. Maybe she’ll have to spend time alone with the snakes … The leeches didn’t mind the taste of Julie. Maybe the snakes won't either.... One can only hope.

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