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*This is a recap of events from noon Sunday to noon Monday

Welcome back, feed fans! Hopefully those of you that had to do the work thing on Monday morning didn't stay up too late (like I did) watching the hamsters until the wee hours. For some reason, my boss just doesn't understand my Big Brother excuse for why I'm dragging around in the morning. Can you imagine?

Bored, Bored, Bored

It's been a normal day in the Big Brother house: sleeping late, stuffing your face, lazing by the pool, a little exercise, more sleeping, and non-stop jabbering about previous seasons. Boy, these people have it tough. Several of the hamsters lounge around outside, complaining of utter boredom, even making songs up about being bored. Yeah, now that's some exciting viewing. Not. Still, it's better than certain people's constant singing of real songs, which cause the feeds to go poof. Those stupid flames make me long for the ol' fishtank. A few of the more eventful things from today:
  • Janelle chose to not use her veto
  • Howie and Will have formed a regular comedy team
  • George snores like a freight train
  • Howie is still ranting about Nakomis, calling her a "tattooed freakazoid"

BB called for the veto ceremony to begin around noon, and we return to find that Janelle has decided not to use it. She later admits that she gave serious thought to taking Danielle off and putting Will up in the hopes of getting rid of Alison. Alison, meanwhile, has been campaigning hard to keep herself in the game with promises of safety and vows of getting rid of Janelle. Jase seems to be playing both sides, as does James (shocker!), while nobody believes Chicken George's claim that he knows nothing of reality shows. Of course, spouting off a list of people who have been on Survivor tends to cast doubt in other people's minds. As James says - "Dumbass!"

On a lighter note, the Howie and Will show has proven to be one of the more entertaining things so far. Howie pokes fun at the good doctor for being a pale stick figure, and Will mocks Howie's non-stop sexual innuendos in a high-pitched voice. Perhaps Howie likes this, because more than once he leaned over to caress Will's chest. Pulling away, the very uncomfortable Will tells him to stop because it freaks him out, calling Howie a "tri-sexual." Meaning, he'd try anything. Howie doesn't disagree. I wonder about Howie sometimes...

Stinking Up The House
Kaysar apparently put some lamb on the stove to boil at one point, and wandered off, promptly forgetting about it until Janelle and Marcellas complained of the stench. Danielle manages to save the mess, though, and they make a meal of it. Food is plentiful, though, and that causes some of the more paranoid hamsters to wonder if they're being set up for a fall. Since day one, everything has been at their disposal: the workout room, hot tub, pool, piles of food and booze. Hmm. Fattening them up for the kill, perhaps?

Too much food makes for fat hamsters, however, so they gather up for a rousing game of kickball. Well, except for Janelle and Boogie, who were probably off napping somewhere. And Marcellas, who moped around in his Unabomber robe, refusing to join in any reindeer hamster games. It was girls versus boys, and fun was had by all until the ball ended up on the roof. This was soon followed by romps in the pool and Erika's Pilates class, which Will seems to really enjoy.

The Freaks Come Out At Night
Night falls, and the whispering and plotting soon begin. It's almost impossible to keep up with who's with who, as groups try to decide who to boot in the coming days. Kaysar, Janelle, and Howie seem set on voting out Alison, who has been pleading her case to Will, Boogie, and James. Alison believes she has Nakomis and Diane on her side. Erika has gravitated towards the BB6'ers, Jase and James are playing everybody, and Danielle, Marcellas, and George look to be playing for themselves. But by the time I've typed this, the situation has probably changed. I can barely keep up with who hates who at the moment. These people change their minds more than Boogie changes those silly hats.

Thanks to suncat7, bbnbama and totoro for the screencaps!

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