*This is a recap of events from NOON Saturday to NOON Sunday

Hi there, live feeds fans! How are the feeds treating you so far? Good? Great? Has there been too much fire and not enough sleep? It has been for me. I wonder if the US saw as much of a work slowdown when the Big Brother Live Feeds as the rest of the world saw when the World Cup started. Probably not.

If you are reading this because you don’t have the live feeds, you are probably wondering what the juicy gossip is from yesterday. The short answer to that is there is none. It was a pretty boring day in the human Habitrail, but there were some funny and interesting moments. For instance:

• Allison is resigned to being voted out, and has already packed her bags.
• Howie is very happy with the female all-stars in the house. Well, at least with their boobies.
• Everyone has been talking about their past seasons. Will and Boogie have especially talked a lot about Monica from their season, hoping she will be a late arrival to help shake things up in the house. Will everyone remember their past mistakes and learn from them this season?

Master Hurricane And His New Apprentice

Howie took some time yesterday afternoon to practice his Jedi lightsaber skills, using a pool cue in place of last seasons cool lightsaber replica that he received. He almost took out an awning and broke the pool cue with one of his more elaborate moves. Chicken George took some interest in the ways of the Force, and declared his desire to become Howie’s padawan learner. I can’t help but think that it won’t be too long before these guys break all the pool cues in the house, and get themselves booted for taking away the one diversion the hamsters have.

The Backyard Crew Aims For Fame

Later in the afternoon, a crew formed in the backyard. Will, Boogie, Howie, and some others chatted about celebrities that they know that watch the live feeds and gave some shout outs to them. Now that they have been on Big Brother a second time, all of these hamsters are hoping to raise their status from the E-list to the D-list. Then maybe they’ll get their own show like Kathy Griffin! Howie’s plan? Just sleep with her, and get on her show that way.

Howie gives some shout outs to live feeds fans like you and me…normal people who he has met in the past year. Apparently one of his fans had died in the past year, and he gives her a shout out too.

Elsewhere, Petty Flirting Rules The Roost

Over in one of the bedrooms, Erika, Jase, and Marcellus talked about the physical attractiveness of the house guests. Erika told Jase that she thinks he has a perfect body, and Jase replied, asking Erika “If I told you you have a perfect body, would you hold it against me?” Ahh, Jase…he’s matured since Season 4, but not much. I hope, for his sake, that his girlfriend wasn’t watching, or, if she was, she understands that he’s just a moron.

Later in the evening, Erika led Allison, Will, and Boogie in a short stretching class in the backyard. They all got themselves into some pretty interesting positions. For example:

Mike Boogie couldn’t help but note that Allison was striking “calendar poses” during certain stretches. Allison, in what seems like one of her last efforts to stay in the house, replied in a flirty, sing-song voice “You mean like this?” and struck the pose for the Boogie man again. At least he’s thinking with his other head a little…Boogie points out that they may have gotten a good stretch in, but inside the house, everyone else is making alliances without them.

Will doesn’t care. He would just like Big Brother to set him up with a chiropractor, a masseuse, and a smoothie before he takes a hot tub. Has this ever been a game to Will? Or just a way for him to live the good life? The guy has been plugging his specialty—plastic surgery—to everyone in the house. And for a plastic surgeon, the guy is kinda fugly, in my opinion, at least.

Look! Up In The Sky! It’s A Bird! It’s A Plane! It’s Skywriting!

Several times during the evening there were planes writing with smoke in the sky. Jase noticed it first, but it was best received by Will. He seems to enjoy the outside influence on the show and the game. Of course, you and I are unlikely to know what was written, since Big Brother always goes to flames whenever a banner plane or skywriter shows up.

Believe It Or Not, There Was Some Strategy Talk

It is early in the game, and since Janelle won the POV and everyone expects her not to use it, it really does seem like Allison is on her way out, and there isn’t much game-wise that anyone needs to think about. However, there was some strategy talk amongst the hamsters yesterday.

• Kaysar and Janelle both chided Howie for talking about Season 6 too much, and asked him to tone down the “Jedi Janey” talk that is making everyone else form a united front against the Season 6 crew.
• Boogie worked on Nakomis a lot and tried to convince her that Will was good to have as an ally, and that James was the logical first choice from Season 6 to get rid of, since they could just say they thought everyone was against James anyway.
• Will, Boogie, and Nakomis also noted that it seems like a Season 6 hamster is always around and listening. It’s hard to talk about getting rid of them because they’re always there.
• The consensus seems to be that Chicken George knows a lot more about game play than he is letting on. He’s old and the only person from his season, but everyone is keeping their eye on him.

Hurricane Season Is Starting Up

Early in the morning—around 3 AM hamster time—Hurricane Howie started gathering steam for a possible landfall on the Big Brother All Star house. Not only has Marcellus asked him to tone it down, but apparently Nakomis has made it known that she has it out for Howie. Up in the HOH room with Janelle and Kaysar, Howie went off on Nakomis, calling her a “smelly freak” and cursing her out for having the audacity to try and tell people what to do and when to do it. He promised to evict her in an “electrifying fashion” and is calling her the new Busto. Janelle and Kaysar worked hard to calm the storm down, and he eventually petered out, but not before promising a tirade unlike anything he put on April last season if Nakomis ever nominates him for eviction.

Coming Up On A Veto Ceremony

Not much happened in the morning hours at the Big Brother 7 house, since apparently everyone was preparing for the first veto ceremony. Probably not much going on there, since Janelle has the veto, and it’s her and Jase’s nominees on the block.

Special thanks to bbnbama and Suncat7 for posting screen caps!

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