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*This is a recap of events from noon Friday until Noon Saturday

Hello my fellow Big Brother addicts! Is anyone getting any sleep? Yes? Oooh, tell me what it's like! With my eyelids propped open with straws left over from a couple of Big Gulp Mountain Dews, I continue my quest to become as white as Will. Look below to see what I mean!

When we left the houseguests, they were impatiently awaiting the veto competition. We discovered the participants would be the 2 HOHs, the 2 nominees, and George and Kaysar, who were selected randomly. Around 1 PM the flames went up, and it was veto time! An hour later the feeds were live, and this is what we found out:
  • Janelle won the veto.
  • Alison got whacked in the head.
  • Buckets of gross food was involved.
  • The challenge stunk to high heaven .

After a particularly dirty competition, Jase gets sparkly clean

The most important thing on that list, of course, is that Janelle won, which means that most likely the nominations will remain the same. What does that mean for the eviction? I present to you what the consensus seems to be:

Dead girl laying around

That's right, all fingers point to Alison as the first houseguest out. Personally I couldn't be happier, because the sound of her voice makes me want to break things. Like say, her face. Not that I'm violent or anything. She's visibly downcast after the competition, she knows her days are numbered. I had the opportunity at this time to screencap her buttcrack for all of you to see, but really, was it necessary? I had some decency and resisted. For now.

Alison goes and whines to Danielle, saying that Janelle has had it out for her on day one. Now, anyone with the feeds, or heck, anyone who watched the premiere knows that it was Alison saying from day one that she wants Janelle out. But now that things aren't going Alison's way, she whines about them. She mentions that she wants to leaves NOW, not in another week. Yeah, she's really there to play the game, isn't she? Let's leave my rant of Ali-hating now, and go out to the backyard, where we find....

One of the whitest men I've ever seen

Backyard fun! Howie and Will start ribbing each other. Will tells Howie to go upstairs and slit his wrists with a butterknife and be the first suicide in Big Brother history. Howie thinks Will has a lot of confidence for someone so pale. And so it goes, back and forth, until eventually they discuss (jokingly, I think) an alliance.

The face of Janellousy

Diane, in one of the weirder comments I've heard today, tells Jase not to fall for Janelle, but that she's a hot piece of ass and that even she has a crush on her. Later on, while in the hammock with Boogie, Diane complains about some pre-show comments Janelle made, and a fake apology. Boogie thinks Janelle is weird and detached. I think Boogie is weird and a freak. Later, in even MORE Janelle trashing, Alison says Janelle was "right at home in the garbage" during the veto competition, and they laugh about what they think are rug burns on Janelle's body, from sexual escapades pre-game. Geez, but Diane and Alison are a nasty pair. Bashing Janelle is their favorite pastime. Diane complains later that she's having a bad day because she feels like the stupidest person in the house. Someone says "no, that's Howie" and James makes a comment that she's then just the second stupidest. I crack up at this, James has been pretty witty today. I don't know how smart Diane may/may not be, but walking around saying "that's so retarded" is certainly not making her sound very intelligent. Or politcally correct.

A random funny thing
Will is sitting in the backyard, asking for banner planes. Any banner planes, he wants banner planes! Some of the others are asking him what he wants the banner planes to say, and he doesn't care, he just wants the planes. Finally he says the banner plane should say "Howie blows goats." I debated putting that here due to the bestiality angle of it, but it's a prime example of the juvenile (but funny) banter between Howie and Will. Hee.

Other happenings
  • Diane put some hair clips in Kaysar's hair, but he wouldn't wear a dress.
  • Diane wanted to put lipstick on James, saying she had the perfect hooker red! James quickly replies that it figures she'd have that color.
  • Janie asks Howie not to call her "Jedi" so much, as it reminds others of their friendship.
  • Alison already packed her bags.
  • They named the spiders for the people who didn't make it into All-Stars.

Beauty, even when in pain

Janelle got injured in the veto competition as well. James made her an ice pack. Alison offered her aspirin several times, but Janelle declined. I don't blame her, they were probably laxatives. Or cyanide. Janelle's not down for long, as she soon gets on the treadmill.

More random stuff
  • Howie is getting grey hairs.
  • James was falsely accused of a DUI.
  • Alison refers to Kaysar as an Arabic, but says it like "a-ray-bic".
  • Howie and Danielle both take thyroid medicine.
  • Boogie's birthday is July 16th.
  • Will's had lasik surgery twice.

Restless houseguests

After a long (and not thrilling) conversation about the HPV virus, the houseguests start preparing for sleep. Janelle offers Howie and George the use of the HOH room due to their snoring.

Bloodsuckers, the latest in earring fashion

Seriously, I think Nakomis' earrings look like leeches. Don't you? Anyone? Anyone? While her ear fashion is interesting, her morning conversation is anything but. She and Danielle have such a lengthy borefest that I finally can't take it any longer. Topics include Nakomis' narrow head and her piercings, including her nipples. (OUCH!) I can't take anymore of this. And the leeches are freaking me out.

As if her fate wasn't ALREADY sealed...
Alison broke the coffee pot. That's enough to get you an instant boot-a-rama from the hard-core coffee drinkers, if we have any The mess is cleaned up, the other hamsters finally get out of bed and creep around the house, and absolutely nothing exciting happens as this shift for me ends. I'll leave you for now with one last screencap....

Chicken George loves his bacon

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