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Thread: So You Think You Can Dance 7/06 Recap: The Jilting Of Jessi Jaymz

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    So You Think You Can Dance 7/06 Recap: The Jilting Of Jessi Jaymz

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    Tonight’s show opens with the entire dance crew performing a snappy West Coast Swing (I think - a dance wizard, I’m not) to the Kenny Loggins song Footloose, beautifully choreographed by Mary. I must have rewound and watched it at least five times, and from what I can tell Donyelle’s toe seems to be doing just fine. For those of you not in the toe-know, there’s talk that she has a broken toe. But there’s no sign of limping, so either it’s not as bad as we’ve heard, or she’s got a lot of that show-must-go-on chemical pumping in her veins.

    Cat comes out center stage looking moderately stylish with the exception of the rat tail hanging down her left shoulder. I believe it might be an inverted French braid, but to me it looks like the back end of a rat. *shudder* Who cares, though, because she’s English and perky! Along with our usual judges, Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy, the third judge this week is Dan Karaty. I hope he’s wearing earplugs sitting that close to Mary, because most certainly she’ll be caterwauling soon enough.

    Rehash Is Even Worse, Served Cold

    Cat reminds everyone that Nigel chastised the solo dancers last week for their lack of planning. He insists he wasn’t knocking the dancers for improvising, but felt they didn’t put enough thought into their solos. He says they need to prove themselves to the judges, and they definitely cannot fall off the stage (like Jaymz did last week). Cat tries to nonchalantly move on to Mary, but the audience boos Nigel’s remarks. Heh. He’s right, of course, but it still tickles me to hear the audience boo. Cat asks Mary how tough the physical strain is on the dancers constantly learning new choreography, and adds that it’s monotonous for the dancers. I think Cat means it’s continuous, but her choice of the word monotonous makes me laugh as I picture the producers cringing. (I’m sure they’d argue the dancers aren’t finding the choreography boring). Mary says last season the dancers had days off between learning new routines, but this year, it’s ongoing, and because of that, some dancers are getting injured. But she insists, that is part of a dancer’s life. She says one of the dancers currently has a bad back, one has a knee out, and another almost has a broken toe, but we viewers would have difficulty figuring out who they are because they’re that good. Cat presses to discover who they are, but the judges are mum. Dan says some dancers are helping their partners, and some are letting them down. He says Musa and Natalie make a good couple, but that Natalie helps pick Musa up. Unfortunately, he also thinks Jessica let Jaymz down a little bit.

    Git ‘Er Done, Already

    I love the premise of this show, but I swear, it moves along so s-l-o-w-l-y it drives me crazy. Let’s cut through all the gooey fill, and get right down to the facts, just like Joe Friday on the old Dragnet television series. Ashlee and Dmitry danced together for the first time last night, joined by Heidi and Ryan, Travis and Martha, Jaymz and Jessica, Benji and Donyelle, Allison and Ivan and Musa and Natalie. Oh and Dan got booed - twice, but I’ll let you read all about it in Wayward’s excellent recap here.

    Spill It, Cat

    We’re down to seven couples, and we’re finally at the point in tonight’s show to reveal who will be on the brink of being sent home. The first of two couples to face Cat is Musa and Natalie. They danced disco, and Dan said they were great, but Nigel thought Natalie helped Musa, and they lacked technique. However, they are safe. The second couple center stage is Benji and Donyelle who danced the Viennese Waltz. Nigel said it was bloody marvelous, and Mary thought they did a beautiful job. They also are safe.

    The next three couples to face the music (sorry) are Martha and Travis, Heidi and Ryan and Jessicer (as Cat pronounces it) and Jaymz. Martha and Travis danced the salsa and Nigel thought they were a little sharp, and Mary didn’t like the dancing. Heidi and Ryan danced Hip Hop but Dan thought they looked like a cheerleading team. Jessica and Jaymz also danced Hip Hop, and Nigel thought it was Hip Hop By Numbers. Dan was equally unimpressed. Martha and Travis are safe. Heidi and Ryan and Jessicer and Jaymz are not safe.

    The next two couples are Ashlee and Dmitry and Allison and Ivan. Ashlee and Dmitry danced a Contemporary Routine, and the judges were split. However, with America’s votes, they are safe. Allison and Ivan danced a West Coast Swing, and the judges were so impressed, that Mary actually thinks Allison could be the overall winner. However, they are not safe. Mary is so shocked that Allison is in the bottom three, she’s speechless. Although I’m not happy about Allison being in the bottom three, it’s nearly impossible not to be giddy at the thought of Mary being speechless. *does my own hip-hop dance of joy*

    Highway To The Danger Zone

    Jessica is up first dancing to Body Language by Queen. Frankly it looks like every other solo dance I’ve seen her do since the show started. *yawn* She still says she’s trying to show America what she can do.

    Jaymz is next and chooses a Doble to The Plaza of Execution by James Horner. It’s pretty meaty and shows off his long legs and taut behind. He says he just felt like doing something a little different.

    Next trying to prove she should stay is Heidi and she dances lively to Proud Mary by Ike and Tina Turner. It’s a bang-on impersonation of Tina, and she tells the audience that she loves performing for them, and this has been a liberating experience for her. For a minute there, I thought I was watching the Miss America pageant, and waited for her to tell us, all she wants for Christmas is world peace.

    Ryan comes leaping out center stage dancing to Love by Musiq Soulchild. He says Heidi was a wonderful partner, and he’s enjoyed dancing on the show. He humbly thanks everyone for giving him this opportunity.

    The last girl to perform is Allison dancing to Bitter by Meshell Ndegeocello. She does lots of pirouettes, handstands and I’m not sure, but I think the dance would be considered contemporary. When Cat asks how she copes with being considered the winner one night, and dancing for survival the next, she says everyone in the competition is amazing, and no one is better than anyone else.

    The final dancer is Ivan and he dances to Let Me Love You by Mariq. I don’t know…to me he looks like a mime trying to get out of a box, and I just don’t care for his style. Cat calls him Sunshine, and says the audience likes him. He says he always does his best, and says he’ll shine the judges’ shoes if they’ll keep him around.

    Time To Sell Something

    As the judges step off to deliberate who will be going home, Ne-Yo comes out to entertain us and sell his latest song, Sexy Love. As he sings, there are four female backup dancers who gyrate and bump and grind behind him. They also have microphones, but apparently they’re there as props, and as none of them actually sing. His tour starts August 17th and will be coming to a city near you.

    Someone’s Going Home, Baby

    Once again, the women in danger are Jessica, Heidi and Allison. Before he makes the announcement, Nigel states for the first time, the judges felt all the dancers really fought for their lives tonight. They believe Allison is one of the best all-around dancers on the show. She is safe. About Jessica, Nigel says she’s the first person to do point work on the show and he congratulates her. About Heidi he says her personality simply shines, and he suggests hooking jumper cables from her to Jessica to charge Jessica up. Heidi stays, and Jessica goes home. At the end of her montage, Jessica has tears running down her cheeks, and Cat gives her a big bear hug.

    The bottom three guys are Jaymz, Ryan and Ivan. I think Ivan should be going home, but I never get these things right, so he’s probably safe. Nigel questions Jaymz’ choice of Doble for his solo, saying it was rather experimental. I thought it was very good, so this just proves my point that I don’t know what the hell I’m looking at. Nigel tells Ryan although the show appreciates the technical part of dance, they also look for that something else. As for Ivan, he says he’s not a great dancer…yet. He says Ivan is a fabulous Hip Hop dancer, and his routine tonight was superb. Ivan is safe. *groan* Back to Ryan, Nigel says Mary was going to vote him off tonight, but Nigel and Dan saved him. He’s safe, which means Jaymz is going home. We see another wonderful montage, including a shot of him executing such a high kick, he actually kicks himself in the head. Fun times.

    In a couple of weeks, America will be voting for individuals instead of couples. I suggest the judges line their shoes up for Ivan, and I’ll see you around the dance floor roseskid@fansofrealitytv.com.
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