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*These are the events from when the feeds went live on Thursday, to noon Big Brother time on Friday.

Ah, Summertime, and the living is easy. 100% humidity, crickets that won't shut up, and me maintaining my ghostly complexion as I spend my hours glued to my computer screen. The reason? Why Big Brother live feeds, baby! I've waited a long long time to indulge my voyeuristic side, and I've plunged in, head first. Won't you join me?

The season's first bikini shot!

It's Alive!
The feeds crackled to life soon after the premiere ended on the west coast. Immediately we are treating to houseguests in the kitchen, and James and Howie are talking about how maybe Kaysar can come back into the house for a fourth time. I have a mild heart attack thinking Kaysar has been voted out somehow, but luckily they were joking. But I've shaved 2 years off my life with that shock, thanks a lot, hamsters!

James goes into the storage room to get alcohol, and of course they don't think it's enough. Is it ever? No! We like our Big Brother contestants drunk. Slurring their words, fighting, even puking drunk. If they took just one dollar out of every live feed subscription that's been purchased, and put it towards the houseguest's alcohol, that would keep them good and soused all season. Everyone piles outside for various activities, and their seems to be a general excitement about knowing the feeds are live now. Some people are hot tubbers, some are pool players, some are lay-abouts. Hard to keep up with everything due to so many conversations going on, but here are some highlights:
  • Kaysar and Erika play pool, and it seems to me that they're quite flirty. Erika teases about him marrying her, and then having to share him with her mother. Kaysar says this season is like they are a bunch of washed-up superheroes.
  • Danielle, Marcellas and Janelle have a great time laughing in the hot tub. The camera man seems very happy about this.
  • Some people seem to have not changed, like Howie. He's still full of sexual references and general loudness.
  • Some people seem to have surprisingly changed, like Jase. He's engaged now and seems to have matured. And WOW is that boy built. I knew I didn't mind him so much for some reason.

A healthy game of duckball!

Out of boredom, the houseguests create a game called "duckball" where you throw ducks into a bucket. There are angel ducks or devil ducks to choose from. All I can say is it's more interesting than watching a game of coasters. It looks like a great game, and I expect we'll see a lot of it this season. Erika is the only female to join in. Most houseguests are jovial, socializing with everyone, but Diane is very quite. Much talking of past seasons, some trashing of former housemates.

Everyone got the memo on the Big Brother dress code.

Many of the houseguests get hungry and go inside for snacks, making quesadillas and other things. Boogie decides to turn in early, and some of the guys go climb in bed with him as a joke. I can't imagine why anyone would want to bed down with Boogie, as a joke or otherwise. *shudders* Later on Danielle goes to whisper to him, and is worried about being on the block. He tells her people want Alison out more.

Bedmates for the night.

It's getting late and the houseguests are starting to wind down a bit. Lots of teeth-brushing going on. Will says he's going to sleep in the big bed with the girls, and wants to know what to wear. They're still yakking it up in the kitchen, and teasing Diane about her sexual escapades with Drew on season 5. She says nothing happened, and that Drew has gay tendencies. The powers that be don't like that and we get flames! Everyone finally winds down and wanders off to bed. Marcellas and Janelle talk into the wee hours, until I fall asleep at my desk. I'm dedicated, people! If you could see the imprint of the keyboard in my forehead you'd realize this.

The dawn of a new day!
Nakomis is the first one up, wearing a shirt that says "Cool Beans" on the back. She goes into the kitchen and does dishes. Danielle comes in, and they discuss the upcoming veto competition. As a new twist this season, two people are randomly chosen to participate, as well as the two HOHs and the two people nominated. Danielle and Nakomis both think it's fair. Boogie and Will join them complaining of George's snoring. James soon joins them. Will climbs on the couch, falls back asleep and gets chastized by Big Brother. The announcement comes that the veto competition will begin in one hours. The stragglers get up and get ready. And then wait. And wait. And wait.

Do as I say, kids, and not as I do.

As they wait for the competition to begin, they discuss Howie's bomb-making prowess, which is why he lost one of his digits. Will jokes that they can get him a bionic pinky. Howie entertains them all with stories of the explosion, as well as a tale of getting kicked out of college for lighting firecrackers in the dorm. You've come a long way, Howie, I mean, at least you've stopped playing with explosives.

Jedi Janie is ready for the kill

Finally the veto practice begins, and they come back from it with the info that Kaysar and George have been chosen as the random veto players. Marcellas, Jase and Janelle have a long conversation about whether George will use the veto if he wins it. Jase thinks they're ridiculous to think George is a threat, but Janelle and Marcellas think he has something up his sleeve. My shift ends before they leave to do the actual veto competition, but you can read who won by clicking here. Join us tomorrow, same cat time, same cat thread, for another day in the life of the houseguests.

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