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Thread: Big Brother Season Premier 7/6 RecapůStocking the Fridge with Leftovers

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    Big Brother Season Premier 7/6 RecapůStocking the Fridge with Leftovers

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    It’s that time of the summer we have all eagerly been waiting for, it’s Big Brother time. I was so excited about Big Brother coming back and a small part of me was really excited that it was going to be an All-Star edition and then the logical side of me remembered back to Survivor All-Stars and my excitement waned. Hopefully Big Brother will finally carry through with its promise of throwing in some twists that will really throw the Houseguests into a tizzy. So without much further adu let’s get the intrusive video cameras rolling and see what this season holds.

    An Overview of the Show
    Before we take a look at who is going to be living in the house this year I thought I should give you a little overview of how the show works. Tonight we will have 14 past contestants moving into a house on a Hollywood sound stage. We have no idea where the house is located and we can only assume that it is in the Hollywood hills and during the off-season is used to film porn. Each week one person will be leaving the house to never return unless it’s like Big Brother 6 and you get to come back to only walk out the door a couple of days later.

    Every week after eviction takes place the Head of Household (HOH) competition will take place. Everyone will compete to get this sometimes-coveted role. The HOH gets their own fancy room with snacks and treats from home. The HOH also determines who gets put up for eviction that week.

    The final piece to the puzzle that sometimes can throw a wrench into the plans is the Veto. Each week some people will compete for the chance to win the veto and remove themselves or someone else from the eviction block. Sometimes you don’t use your veto and get voted out that night. I am looking at you Marcellas!

    This year on Big Brother we have a new fancy house that looks like a gruesome mass murder occurred in it. There is red all over the house, on the walls, ceiling, floor, and furniture. I think Big Brother is trying to manipulate the houseguests, red is a color that naturally makes you angry. Let’s see who gets the angriest this season, my money is on Danielle or Dr. Will. Also, the house will have more cameras and microphones than ever before with 50 cameras and 76 microphones hung all over the house. Now I don’t know if Big Brother is pulling my leg or not, I have never paid attention in the past to this detail. My big question is do any of us really care?

    Hamsters don’t usually live longer than a year…
    Okay, now that we have all the housekeeping taken care of let’s jump into the good stuff. Let’s find out who is going to make it into the house. Julie Chen starts out by reminding everyone that the best players of all time are represented. I have to disagree, if the best players were represented all the past winners would be in the competition. I don’t know if anyone pays attention to this but I think every season of Big Brother Julie Chen’s hair gets bigger. I almost wonder if some of the past winners got lost in her hair and never made it home and that is why they are not in the running.

    Well, before we can find out who gets in the house we first need to be introduced to everyone again. From season 1 we have someone named Chicken George. The only season of Big Brother I did not watch was season 1 so I know nothing about George. Representing season 2 are Bunky, he was one of my favorite players of all time. If he does not make it in the house I am going to be in my bedroom crying. Next up is Dr. Will, one of the most evil contestants on his season, yet it was very satisfying to see him win. Next we have Dr. Will’s sidekick Mike “Boogie.” I am glad that Boogie showed up in his nice Saturday Night Fever suit, I hope the house has a disco ball and he can turn the mother out. What does that mean? Not a clue. The last person from season 2 is Monica, the loudmouth, brash talking, in your face contestant.

    Onto season 3 we have Marcellas, the contestant who made one of the dumbest moves in Big Brother history. Lisa and Danielle are the other two season 3 contests represented and I don’t really remember them so I don’t have anything to say. Onto season 4, up first are Erika and Dana, I get them confused because I think they look similar. Allison is the last person from season 4 she will give Dr. Will a run for his money on the evil scale. Next up is season 5, we have Cowboy, quite possibly one of the stupidest people to ever to be on the show and walk the planet. We also have Cowboy’s half sister Nakomis who I liked a lot from her season and it should be interesting to see if her and Cowboy interact if they both get in the house. We also have Erika who I don’t remember and Diane, the one who messed up her chance of winning because she stayed true to her house “boyfriend.”

    The last season to be represented in the house is Season 6, one of my favorite seasons of Big Brother. We have Howie, Kayser, Ivette, James, and Janelle. If all of these people get in the house like I suspect they will the other houseguests are going to be in trouble because this is going to be tough alliance to break.

    Now that everyone has been introduced Julie Chen tells everyone to stop staring at the birds popping out of her nest hair and that since the competition was so close 14 people will be going into the house instead of 12. I am still mesmerized by Chen’s hair so that news is exciting but I feel like I am hypnotized from the way she keeps swaying her head from side to side. I think if someone told me to run across my room buck like a chicken I would because I have lost all mind control.

    Debutantes of the Ball
    Julie walks up to the key box and is ready to remove the keys of the 4 women voted in my America. The first key out is Janelle, than Erika, followed by Nakomis, and lastly Diane. The ladies are all allowed into to house first. Janelle is not surprised to be voted in the house by America. The women all make a mad dash for the bedrooms trying to claim some space and not be sick from the hideous decorating. Nakomis is worried that she made it into the house with all the girly girls. Diane does not think that Erika deserves to be in the house. The first bit of trash talking has begun. In the infamous words of Tony from Paradise Hotel: “Yahtzee, Game On!”

    Strapping Young Gents aka Eye Candy for Me
    Back outside the house Julie is getting ready to remove the keys of the 4 men who were voted in by America. The first key out is Howie, next is Kayser, than James and lastly Jase. The males all enter the house hoping to find a spare bed and not the bodies that caused the mess in the house. Jase is concerned that there are so many from Big Brother 6 in the house. Howie is excited because of all the All-Star boobies he gets to see.

    A Donkey Wins the Kentucky Derby
    Waiting back out front are the 12 people who still do not know their fate. I am really concerned because Bunky’s name was not called and things are not looking too good for him right now. I guess I should have voted but I didn’t and I am going to complain if he does not make it in the house. Julie is going to pull out the keys of the last 6 people who will be going into the house. The first key pulled belongs to Dr. Will. The next key out goes to Danielle, then one to Marcellas who screams like a little girl, followed by Allison. There are just two keys left to be pulled and the first one goes to Mike “Boogie.” Really BB? He gets to go back in the house and not Bunky? The last key out of the box goes to Chicken George. I am kind of glad he made it into the house but I think he may get eaten alive by this group.

    The final 6 run into the house and the losers are all left out front to console each other. Everyone is now in the house and people are introducing themselves to everyone. Danielle and Marcellas are still angry at each other back from their season as well as Erika and Allison. It seems like you would want to put that behind you and make an instant alliance with the person from your past season. There is also a new feud starting between Dr Will and Kayser. The both want the other out of the house.

    Are these people even considered stars?
    Now that everyone is settled in the house and trash talking each other it is time for the first Head of Household Competition. All the contestants gather in the backyard and are greeted to two huge contraptions that have been set up for the event. Julie comes on to explain the competition but first surprises all the guests with the new twist. This season on Big Brother there will be 2 HOH’s each week. They will share the bedroom and nominating duties. The HOH’s need to agree on whom to nominate and if they can’t the HOH’s go up on the eviction block.

    The game they will be playing is called falling stars. Half the group will launch a 50 lb. swinging boulder at the other half who will be standing on pedestals on a rotating platform. When someone falls off that person is out and the last one standing becomes the first HOH.

    Nakomis is up first and she manages to knock Howie out. Danielle is next and guns for Marcellas but misses him and embarrasses herself. Kayser goes next and knocks off Boogie, while Janelle is able to knock down Erika. Nakomis goes again and takes down James while Diane is able to knock Will off his pedestal. Jase and Marcellas are the last two left and Danielle is up and takes Marcellas down. The first HOH of the night is Jase.

    Everyone switches places and Howie is up first and takes Nakomis off in payback. Will goes next and takes out his enemy Kayser. James gets Diane while Marcellas goes next and misses everyone. Jase is up and takes out Allison followed by Erika who knocks off Chicken George. Danielle and Janelle are the last two left and Howie is up and he manages to get Danielle giving Janelle the second HOH position.

    Janelle and Jase get their HOH room keys and everyone heads up to the HOH room to check it out. It is very plush and stocked with all their favorite treats and pictures. Every time I see this I always wonder what I would want in my basket. I would want a TV with cable, my computer, some trashy romance novels, fresh fruit, and nonfat no foam green tea lattes from Starbucks. I would probably get none of it.

    Trying to Plant the Seed
    After everyone leaves the room Jase and Janelle start to talk about nominations. They need to agree or else they are going to be put up on the block. Neither of them has any ideas at this point and that is were they are standing.

    Downstairs Danielle wants to have a little meeting with Chicken George and Allison. She tells them that if Jase purposely does not agree him and Janelle go on the block and they can get Janelle out of the house. Everyone wants to start breaking up Season 6 and this seems like a good way to start. Danielle wants to tell Janelle the plan so she is not shocked when it happens, but Allison disagrees. Chicken George is sitting there like a lost puppy not knowing what to do. It is obvious he is out of his league here.

    Allison goes outside and gathers Jase and some of the others to tell them the plan. They all like it. Jase is not sure because he does not know if they are planning to vote him out instead. Jase wants to go upstairs and tell Janelle what the others are talking about. As soon as he gets to the HOH he notices she is in there with James, Howie and Kayser. They all start talking about the plan and Jase agrees to go into their alliance. James trusts Jase more than Janelle or Kayser. Jase then tells the diary room camera that he was lying to appease them.

    Once Jase leaves the HOH room Allison pulls him outside to talk with him alone. She tells him that if he goes along with the plan he definitely has Will, Boogie, George, Nakomis and herself voting for Janelle. Jase did want Janelle to be the first to go. If he is actually considering this plan he may get voted more stupid than Cowboy in my book. Who would give up their HOH to be put on the block?

    Bye, Bye Bitches!
    It’s nomination ceremony time. Everyone gathers down in the living room around the dinning room table to see who will be put up on the block. Dr. Will is expecting to be nominated and no one else is. Jase and Janelle come downstairs caring the keys and have their own keys around their necks. I guess we can assume that they came to an agreement.

    The first key they pull out goes to Marcellas. He pulls out Erika’s key and she pulls out Nakomis’s key. Nakomis pulls Diane who gets James and he pulls out Chicken George. George pulls out Kayser, who pulls Boogie, who pulls out Howie. Left are Danielle, Allison and Dr. Will. Howie pulls out the final key and it belongs to Dr. Will.

    Jase and Janelle have selected Danielle and Allison to be put up for eviction this week. They are both stunned by the turn of events and I yell at my TV “you are the biggest bitches. How can you be surprised?" I don’t think they hear. Dr. Will is really angry that he was not nominated.

    If you can’t stand to wait to see what is going on in the Big Brother House check out the Live Feeds forum for day by day updates.

    Next Week
    Make sure to tune in next Tuesday for the veto competition and ceremony and then next Thursday for the first live eviction. After that the show will fall into its regular schedule of Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at 8 pm.

    I will be writing fan mail to Bunky consoling him on not getting into the house. You can try and reach me at Yardgnome77@fansofrealitytv.co m.
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