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Thread: 7/4 Big Brother Live Feed Sneak Peek Recap: Spoiled Like Potato Salad In the Sun

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    7/4 Big Brother Live Feed Sneak Peek Recap: Spoiled Like Potato Salad In the Sun

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    So I'm biding my time, waiting for it to get dark for the fireworks, and decide to mess with my Real Player, making sure it's all fine and dandy and ready to go Thursday night. I turn it on, and the first thing I hear is..."boobies!" That's right, people, it was Howie, LOUD and clear coming through on the audio on my Real Player. For a split second I think it's some sort of tape, and sit, frozen, but I then realize he's talking to Jase. JASE! I run like a bat out of hell to post this delicious info into a thread for all to see, and in my excitement posted in the wrong forum. Even kitties make mistakes! But, it's understandable, it's not every 4th of July you get a present like this!

    What We Know
    This lovely audio lasted just a little while, but long enough to get the vital information....the names of all FOURTEEN houseguests. And here they are!!

    Mike Boogie


    Eight guys and 6 girls. For some reason I thought it would be equal. I'm surprised by a couple, sickened by a couple more, and happy about some others. For awhile it's hard to make out all of this info because Howie is loud as heck.

    Other Things We Know
    We've pieced together that apparently there are two Head of Households (HOHs) and that one is Janelle and the other Jase. It seems that they have to agree on who to nominate for evicition and if they can't agree they both go up for nomination. Well that's an interesting twist! What I want to know is, what does this mean for the HOH room? Do Janelle and Jase have to sleep together? And if so, will there be a fist fight? Like say, when Jase steals Janelle's Creme de la Mer lotion for himself, because we ALL remember what a prissy girly-man he can be.

    Assorted Things We Heard
    *George may have broken the washer. It's batted around jokingly that this is grounds for immediate nomination.

    *Will, Jase and Boogie had a popcorn game.

    *Marcellas had some guacamole. And he's having a hard time going potty with the cameras in there.

    *Howie likes Danielle's boobies.

    And Now For A Little Strategy
    We've been able to piece together that George and Danielle are cooking something up. Alison is with them, and she wants to make sure that Jase and Janelle do not agree on the nominations. That way Jase and Janelle will go on the block, and then they can vote out Janelle. The remanants of the Sovereign 6 (now Sovereign 3? 4?) have a huge target on their backs.

    It's said that Erika is teaming up with Janelle, Kaysar and Howie, and perhaps Marcellas is as well. James went to Janelle and Kaysar to tell them Alison's plan to oust Janelle.
    James is appearing to be firmly in with the other season 6 people, which, with the above mentioned, would again make them a Sovereign 6.

    All Good Things Must Come To An End
    So there you have it. Our 14 houseguests. Are your favorites in? A new double HOH twist. Some hard-core strategy already. Whether it was a drunken CBS person making a slip, or a planned little nugget for us Big Brother addicts, it was still a tasty morsel of what's to come.

    The sound cut out on us finally, and we were left, unsatisfied, just like our selfish boyfriend had fallen asleep once again after his moment of fun. I ran outside to celebrate with fireworks, and I felt my independence all the more, since I know I'll be tied to my computer for the next 3 months.

    Eeeeee!!! It's almost here! contact suncat7@fansofrealitytv.com
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