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Thread: So You Think You Can Dance 6/28 Recap: Who Knew Alfred E. Neuman Could Dance?

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    So You Think You Can Dance 6/28 Recap: Who Knew Alfred E. Neuman Could Dance?

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    Hey, dance fans, so how many times did you watch the ass-kicking Cuban Rumba number performed by Heidi and Ryan on Wednesday night? That many, huh? And me, you might ask? I’ll admit to three. I don’t know anything about technical dance moves, or whether a pirouette is executed perfectly, but I sure know what I like, and I love this show. It makes me happy, and I’m reminded of Steve Martin’s suggestion to give banjos away at the unemployment offices across the nation, because it’s physically impossible to remain depressed playing a banjo. In this same train of thought, I defy anyone to stay in a foul mood watching these kids leap around the stage. I could easily do without Cat and her less-than-stellar repartee with the contestants, but the dancing is tres magnifique!

    We’re Idiots, Refresh Our Memories, Fox!

    The opening number with all sixteen remaining contestants looks like the choreographer, Shane Sparks, took one part cheer, one part hip hop, and threw it all into a blender. What comes out is a gooey, delectable, fast-paced, foot-tapping musical concoction that’s sure to please. Did I mention I love this show?

    To a pumped-up audience, Cat comes onstage topless. Wow! This show does go all out to keep its audience entertained. Oh, wait a minute, she’s actually fully clothed. It’s just that the bodice of her dress is the exact same color as her skin, and the skirt is black. If I sound disappointed, I guess I am. I was hoping her bare chest would distract me from actually having to listen to her. As if we’re morons, Cat reminds us the judges are Nigel and Mary (is it too much to hope she gets laryngitis sometime along this journey?). This week the guest judges are Olisa and Cicely. Apparently Olisa and Cicely are a package deal like Frick and Frack, Siegfried and Roy, and Star and Barbara…because you just can’t think of one without the other.

    I’m not sure why, but Nigel asks Ivan to let the audience in on a phone call he received this morning from his father. Apparently Ivan’s dad has not been very supportive in the past about his dancing, but after watching the show, his dad called to tell him how proud he is. Awwwww. Unfortunately the more I look at Ivan, the more he seems to remind me of someone. I can’t quite figure it out, until *BAM* it hits me. Alfred E. Neuman! I half expect him to peer into the camera and quip, “What, me worry?”

    I don't know, maybe it's just me. *shrugs*

    Two By Two

    The contestants come up to face Cat and as the lights dim for that extra special spark of drama, the news comes down:
    Allison and Ivan/Argentine Tango - Best performance seen on the show, ever, and Allison is like a small ball of fire. Alfred, er Ivan, certainly shouldn’t be worried. He and Allison are safe.
    Heidi and Ryan/Cuban Rumba - Hot, hot, hot bongo butt beating and the judges love it. Safe.
    Ashlee and Ben/Hip Hop - Ben was more Rodeo Drive than street, but they pulled it off. Not safe.
    Martha and Travis/Hip Hop - They hit a triple when others were getting homeruns. (Oh dear, it doesn’t bode well for the show if the judges are already running out of dancing descriptions this early in the season). Safe.
    Jessica and Jaymz/Contemporary Dance - Jessica complains about all her foot injuries (I say, “put some shoes on!”). Their dancing put the W in Wonderful! Not safe.
    Benji and Donyelle/Pop Jazz - They go together like champagne and caviar and they are fabulous. Safe.
    Natalie and Musa/Quick Step - Not very good, but showed a lot of heart. Safe.
    Aleksandra and Dmitry/Waltz - Nigel tells Aleksandra she reminds him of the Corpse Bride (ouch!), but the judges think Dmitry was outstanding. Not safe.

    Mary is surprised by the bottom three couples, as she would have expected Jessica and Jaymz to be safe, with Musa and Natalie being in the bottom three in their place.

    Dance, Monkey, Dance!

    Ashlee is first to perform her solo and she does a lively, fun routine to, She’s A Bad Mama, Jama, by Carl Carlton. Ashlee describes her dancing as electric hullabaloo pop.

    Ben is next doing a barefoot, ballet-like dance to Everything by Lifehouse, that includes a lot of pirouettes and twists. He admits he didn’t prepare a dance and simply made it up on the fly.

    Jessica is also barefoot (I don’t understand the lack of shoes on this show at all…a minute ago she was complaining about hurting her toes, etc.) and does some modern kind of jazz thing <----- technical jargon to Fever by Michael Buble'. She spends a lot of time crawling on the floor and performing high kicks. She says America still hasn’t seen her personality yet (now would be a good time, Jess - I’m just sayin’), and she assures us she’s fun and outgoing because she’s from Miami! Oh and she’s Cuban/Italian. Woot!

    A barefoot Jaymz performs a contemporary routine to Only One by Yellowcard. Again, lots of leaping, spinning and arm waving. Even my untrained eye tells me he’s making it up as he goes (I couldn’t tell with Ben), and he falters during a spin eventually spinning on his ass and literally lands in the audience. The only saving grace is he didn’t get hurt, and there was no need to call 911. He knows he didn’t do well, and he fights desperately to hold back tears, as his voice cracks with emotion. With a heavy cloud overhead, he thanks everyone for allowing him this experience. It’s clear he expects to go home.

    Aleksandra (again no shoes), performs to Insensible by Mandalay. More running, leaping, arm waving, ending up on the floor. As the camera zooms in on her while she chats with Cat, I notice she’s got what looks like staples, lots of staples, in her hair. Apparently not only is there a shoe shortage on this show, but there’s also a lack of barrettes. The poor thing probably scrounged up a stapler in Nigel’s office and went to town with it. She’s a creative one, I’ll give her that.

    Dmitry (hey, he’s wearing shoes!) dances to Magalenha by Sergio Mendes. Oh my, this boy can dance. I don’t know what you call it, well other than aiy, aiy, aiy, that is. *ahem* It’s definitely some sort of sexy Cuban number, and you’ll have to excuse me while I take a much-needed refreshment break. Cat asked him how difficult it was to dance with Aleksandra, since last week was their first time together. When he says it wasn’t difficult at all, Cat presses him and asks if he feels he’s there by default since the judges didn’t like her performance. He graciously says they were a couple, and he’s fine with it. (He just gets better and better in my biased baby blue eyes *bats eyes*). *sigh*

    The judges dramatically leave to deliberate, which gives us time [sarcasm on] yippee! [/sarcasm off] for Natasha Bedingfield to sing her single, Single. That’s creative. *yawn* Is it just me or does she sound an awful lot like Pink? Don’t get me wrong, I love Pink, but do we need another Pink? Isn’t one Pink enough? Is Natasha generic and therefore cheaper to book? Cat gives her a big bear hug, and invites her to come back sometime. I suppose if they can’t get Pink…

    Here Comes The Judge(s)

    Ladies First…

    The judges return, and Nigel says they unanimously agree when it comes to the female contestants. He says they feel Ashlee is a different person when she’s wearing the bowler hat (as she was for her solo), and they all believe she’s growing every week. Safe.

    Jessica is asked to step forward, and for some reason, Ben steps forward with her. Once he realizes his name isn’t Jessica, he steps back. Nigel says she continues to say she’s got a great personality, and he suggests she let it show. He tells her to step back.

    He then moves on to Aleksandra, and he tells her at times the judges overstep the line between a good critique and being rude. He admits he overstepped his mark, and he was rude the previous night. In retrospect, he feels that bringing up Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride was unnecessary (ya think?), and he would very much like to apologize to her. He offers his sincere apologies to her, and says her solo tonight was beautiful, and that it was obvious she thought about it and worked very hard on it. However, she’s still being cut because of her past dances on the show. Psyche! She’s a goner. She’s so graceful, it really breaks my heart to watch her good-bye montage. I wonder if she has to replace the staples she used in her hair, and if so, she’s guaranteed to be in Nigel’s office for several hours.

    …Then The Men

    Dmitry goes first and Nigel tells him he’s a little concerned because Dmitry has lost two partners already. Nigel says although the women love him, he’s staying because he’s a great performer. I breathe a heavy sigh of relief. *phew*

    Putting Ashlee on the spot, Nigel asks her what it’s like to have Ben as a partner. She says for a contemporary dancer, he did great on their hip-hop routine, because the dances are so different. Nigel then asks Ben how much work he put into his solo for tonight, and Ben admits “zero.” Rut ro.

    From there Nigel tells Jaymz he wasn’t good at all and asks how much work he put into his solo. Jaymz says he thought he was horrible and says he put something together, but his nerves got to him. Nigel is furious, and warns everyone they’d better put their homework into this production. He says he’s ashamed of Ben and Jaymz. He thinks Ben is a wonderful dancer, but his colleagues think they see more growth in Jaymz, so Ben is going home. Ben joins Cat mid-stage and works double duty at keeping the tears in control.

    Ashlee and Dmitry will be paired up next week, and I’m sure like me, you’ll be looking forward to waywyd’s snark-filled recap on the seven remaining couples. You can find me watching Dmitry again and again on a continuous loop roseskid@fansofrealitytv.com.
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