Hi there, this is an official FORT interview with "Are You Hot" contestant Frank Losurdo. Frank was from Zone 1- the Northeast, and was one of the top 32 finalists from the area. He has kindly agreed to do an interview with us. If any other contestants would like an interview, please email kylie@fansofrealitytv.com!

Hello to all you reality fans out there. My name is Frank Losurdo and I was just recently booted from the reality series ďAre You Hot.Ē Hopefully this interview will clear some confusion up, or it might just possibly cause a little bit more

Hi Frank. How did you find out about the show?
My sister heard about the show on Extra and told me I should auditions for it.

Have you ever been on any other type of reality show?

Had you done extensive modeling before going on the show?
I had done some work for an agency here in Chicago (Elite), but not too much. I am what some would say ďA part time modelĒ

What's your college major?
I obtained a liberal arts degree with a major in Molecular Biology at DePauw University. I am currently a graduate student at Loyola University Chicago obtaining my Masterís Degree in Cell & Molecular Physiology.

Do you have a significant other? If so, what did they think of your appearance on the show?
I have a wonderful girlfriend who at first was kind of upset that I auditioned for the show but then changed her mind when I made it. She thought the show lacked some class from the very beginning. Katie couldnít believe that I didnít make it further. I couldnít agree more.

What made you decide to try to compete to be the "sexiest person in America"?
Iíve worked hard to develop my mind and body. Iím going to school so that I may one day earn an M.D. I wanted to see if developing my body could also pay off. I also liked the fact that it was basically a free trip to L.A.

Describe the original 'audition' process.
I was one of those mail-in submission people. From what I heard, some people had to wait up to 6 hours for their chance. It took me all of 10 minutes to make a 2-minute tape and send in 2 pictures of my body.

Who was your favorite judge, and why?
I liked Randolph Duke the best. During the interview process both Randolph and Rachael Hunter gave me great comments on my eyes, face, teeth, and body. At one point Rachael asked me ďWhy I thought I was Hot?Ē I told her in a nutshell that I was happy with the way that I look. I apparently gave her a cocky answer. Randolph then argued against her in my favor saying I wasnít too cocky.

Who was your least favorite judge, and why?
Lorenzo Lamos is totally FAKE. Lorenzo doesnít know Hot from Cold let alone physical appearance. Thatís my opinion on how he critiqued people on the show. He didnít say anything negative to me though. He did think that my outfit was a little too conservative. I was wearing black stretch pants with a gray body-fitting shirt from Paris.

Is there anything the judges said that you strongly disagree with?
If you somehow gather all the tape they didnít air on T.V., you will not find one second of footage in which the judges say anything negative about me to my face. That is what boggles my mind. Everything they said to me was great yet I got booted.

Were you stunned to find out you were a "Not" in the 32-person grouping?
I knew from the people that were getting booted before me that I wasnít going to make it. I wasnít all that shocked because I saw some of the people they kept and some who they didnít before it was my turn on the runway. The producers didnít tell us the catch until the show actually aired. Basically, they wanted to humiliate some people who thought they were hot. In reality though, all the contestants were great people. Also, the judges were sporadic in their scoring system. What in the world were they actually critiquing? Nobody knows.

Were you surprised at any of the people that made the final cut?
Definitely. Not to say that they arenít attractive, but I thought the outcome would be a little bit different. Almost everyone on the show thought Sean and I would be in the finals. That didnít happen.

Which people from this zone do you think the viewers will choose?
Iím guessing Travis and Kevin and Cari and Nicki. The reason: the viewers decide and not the 3 clueless judges.

Which of the other contestants did you think were hot?
I thought Sean, Chianne, Jermaine, Christine, Mel, George, and Philip were all hot. But then again, who am I to judge what is hot or not.

Are you still in contact with anyone you met on the show?
Sure. I have talked to Candice, Roderick, Chianne (the dentist), and Ken.

Have you gotten a lot of attention in your hometown for doing the show?
The papers have written some articles on the show. I really didnít make it that far for anything extraordinary to come out of it. I did get about 10,000 phone calls after the show from friends and family who had no idea I was on the show. Especially from friends I havenít talked to in a long time.

Do you think it's okay to have a network TV show whose sole purpose is to show "hot" men and women?
I do see where people have a problem with this type of a show. As the saying goes, ďBeauty is in the Eye of the BeholderĒ. However, this show attempted to poke fun at people rather than complement people on their beauty. Like I said earlier, I did not know the show was intended to disgrace and humiliate those that ďthink they are hotÖbut notĒ.

What is your definition of 'hot'?
If you are truly happy with yourself on the inside, I consider that ďHotĒ.

You mentioned that ABC did a lot of editing. Anything you would like to share about that here?
If you think they were bad on T.V., you should see what they didnít show. They got downright nasty to some people. E.g.: One contestant was referred to as looking like ďMarilyn Manson dressed in dragĒ. Take a guess who said thatÖLorenzo. I also think they edited the show so that those who didnít make it were made to look foolish. If you noticed in my interview, after the camera cuts away and the screen goes blank Lorenzo is heard saying something like, ďHe has a body but no personalityĒ. Were they talking about me or the next contestant? They never said that to me in the interview. I think of myself as very extroverted, funny, and personable. So, I have no idea were that came from. Also, they didnít give any explanation to why we were eliminated. Everything they said about me was great, but then I was buzzed off. And of course, the judges couldnít be reached for comment.

Would you do the show over again if you were given the chance? Anything you'd try to change for the second time around?
I would only do the show if it were a lot classier, they specified what they were critiquing, and the viewers get to vote straight from the beginning.

Share anything else you'd like for our readers to know here.
I said this on camera but they didnít show it on T.V. The viewers were denied the opportunity to voice their own opinion. Do I think the viewers would have a different opinion than the judges? Oh yeah, a way different opinion. Iíve read all the comments on your website and I couldnít agree any more with you all. I would like to say that all the contestants are great people in person regardless of their physical appearance.

Thanks so much Frank! We appreciate you sharing your experience with the members of the FORT (www.fansofrealitytv.com)