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Hello everyone…It’s Survivor night and that always makes me happy, mainly because that means tomorrow is Friday and I only have one day of work left for the week. Last week we saw Sally go home leaving Terry as the last member of the LaMina tribe. Terry won the individual immunity necklace while everyone else pigged out on burgers and fries leaving Aras as the only competition for Terry. Tonight will Terry win immunity again or be forced to use the hidden immunity idol? Let’s get started and see what happens.

Is this Big Brother or Survivor?
Terry is feeling a little melancholy because he is the only member of LaMina left in the game. Terry knows that he needs to win at least 3 out of 4 individual immunities if he wants to stay in the game. Shane and Danielle are sitting around the fire with Terry and start to discuss how they have been the only tribe to ever stick together. Bruce walks by the group and comments on how much his stomach hurts. He says that his stomach is bloated and he is constipated. He obviously needs to add more fiber to his diet for those regular and healthy bowel movements.

The tribe goes off to look for the tree mail and discovers large boxes with their names on each one. They resemble large wooden coffins and if I was a Survivor I would be a little nervous about that. When they open the mail they learn that large dolls are in each box and each person is supposed to decorate their doll to resemble them. This seems to be a little cross over from Big Brother, they always do this kind of stuff. Everyone gets to work on their dolls and Cirie adds some extra padding to make sure her doll has all the right curves. Shane tries to make his look crazy but nothing is as good as the real thing.

What’s a Poseur?
How well do you know the people you have been living with is the theme of the reward challenge. Each person will individually answer 25 questions privately, Jeff will tally everyone’s answers when they are done. He will then ask the group each question and they need to answer with whomever’s name came up the most often. Each correct answer you get to chop the rope of someone’s doll, after three chops that person is eliminated. The winner gets a helicopter ride, a mud massage, shower, food, and an overnight stay, they also get to determine who will go to Exile Island.

First question, who does least for the tribe? The answer is Danielle, most people get it right and Terry is quickly the first person eliminated, he is not surprised. Next question, who never shuts up? Courtney is the answer, Courtney quickly pipes up trying to defend herself proving why she won this vote. Next question is who mistakenly thinks they are running the game? Shane is the answer, and Bruce is the next person eliminated. Who would you trust with your life is asked next, and the answer is Cirie. Who would you not trust to watch your back and Terry is the answer to this one. I am a little surprised because the obvious answer seems like Shane, he is straight up crazy.

Next question is were it starts to get interesting, Jeff asks who is the biggest poseur? Courtney asks what a poseur is and Jeff tells her “you.” She still is confused and I sit at home and just laugh. Next question, who is the moodiest and Shane is the obvious answer. Danielle gets her third rope cut and is eliminated from the challenge. Who most easily succumbs to intimidation is asked next. Courtney tries to argue a point and Shane immediately starts to yell at her and she becomes quiet, we then learn the answer is Courtney. I also would be a little intimidated by Shane, the guy could easily lose it at any moment. Courtney is eliminated 4th after this question and then Shane has his final rope cut by Cirie and he is out 5th, he is completely pissed.

Cirie and Aras are the only two left at this point and the next question is who would never survive on their own? Cirie answers with herself and Aras answers with Terry. I think Aras has fried his brain or threw that challenge. We know what happens to people who throw challenges, Austin were are you? Cirie wins the competition and gets to take two people with her on the reward. The first person she selects is Aras and the second person is Danielle, leaving Shane angry stomping off to camp. Cirie also gets to select who goes to Exile Island and she sends Terry back to his second home. Bruce, Courtney and Shane get nothing and get to go back to camp.

Flying like a Bird
Cirie, Danielle, and Aras head off to the beach to board the helicopter that will take them to the reward location. They are off and flying over the ocean and seeing some remarkable sights. Cirie is super excited because this is her first time in a helicopter. I went on a helicopter once when I was in Brazil, it was one of the most awesome experiences ever, and I can understand Cirie’s excitement. They land at the spa were they will be staying and as they are munching on snacks they all start to laugh about Courtney being voted the most annoying. Cirie tells Danielle and Aras the reason she picked them to join her on the reward was because she thought they would be the most fun to hang out with.

Whoa is Me
Back at camp Shane is talking with Courtney and he is really upset that Cirie did not choose him to go on the reward. He thought Cirie, Aras and himself had a tight alliance and does not understand how Danielle fits into it. Courtney is upset by the whole game, she can’t believe she was the answer to so many of the questions that were asked during the challenge. She felt hurt and attacked by the whole game. Shane tells her to stop taking everything so personally, it was just a game.

Bruce comes out to the fire pit to tell Shane and Courtney that he is going to lie down, he still does not feel well. He is hoping to just be able to pass out and when he wakes up the pain will be gone. He is lying in his hut on the ground and just moaning, I feel really bad for Bruce. I know that when I am sick I just want to be at home in my bed and have my mom on the phone trying to make me feel better.

Seriously, Shane?
Back at the reward, Cirie, Aras, and Danielle are all getting mud massages. Cirie is having a great time on the reward, Danielle is enjoying her first massage although the man who is doing it is using a little too much pressure. After the massages they get to take showers and to eat lots of food. They start to talk a little about the game and Aras points out how similar Courtney and Shane are. Danielle thinks that Courtney has a little crush on Shane. I immediately run to the bathroom and throw up, who would be attracted to him?

911 Panama Style
Back at camp, Bruce is still on the ground and in lots of pain. Courtney comes over to him to see how he is doing and to offer him a little comfort. She starts to rub his back and sing and he immediately cuts her off and tells her “don’t.” How does she not realize how annoying she is? Shane is even worried about Bruce and thinks it is turning into an emergency situation, Bruce wants the medics called. The medics pull up to island in a boat and the doctor starts to examine Bruce and give him a shot. Bruce is yelling in pain and the doctor thinks he needs to come back to the main land to be examined.

The doctor goes to the boat to retrieve the stretcher and asks Courtney and Shane to help carry Bruce to the boat. Shane informs everyone that he is naked and is not putting his wet shorts back on. If I where Bruce this would make me instantly sick therefore cleaning out my stomach making me feel better, but alas, Bruce is stronger than I am and keeps it down. They get Bruce loaded onto the boat and Shane hopes that he comes back because he wants him to leave the game on his own terms not because of a medical emergency.

Terry Island
On Exile Island Terry is taking the time to relax and hang out. The weather is actually nice while he is there so he does not have much to worry about. He reflects on the game a little bit and liked that during the reward challenge he got to see the Casaya tribe start to fall apart. He was able to observe who was attacking whom and who was the weak link.

I’m a Little Bit Crazy, You’re a Little Bit Nuts
Shane and Courtney are worried about Bruce and wondering how he is doing. Shane wants to know if he has Courtney’s vote if he needs it. Courtney reassures him that he does. Shane tells Courtney that if she is lying he will come to her apartment and kill her. Courtney tells him that is real nice and Shane flips out and yells at her. He wants to take her to the final two because no one would vote for her because she is so crazy. Pot meet kettle!

The reward people arrive back at the beach and no one is there to greet them. When they get back to camp they notice that the tension is very thick. Courtney tells them about what happened to Bruce that night and everyone is concerned about him.

Shane pulls Aras aside and wants to talk to him about their alliance with Cirie. He does not want to trust Cirie after what she did to him. He is really mad that Danielle got to go on the reward and he was left out. Shane tells Aras that from this point out he is only worried about himself and everyone in the game now has a big problem. I thought they already did with him walking around naked.

Cirie gets Shane and wants to talk to him about the decision that she made. She tries to reassure Shane that they are still tight with Aras and they are going to the final 4. Shane then tells the camera that he faked the rant to make sure that Aras and Cirie are still serious about the alliance. I scratch my head and yell liar at the TV.

Goodbye to Bruce
The tribe is worried about Bruce since he has not returned and no one has heard anything about him yet. Courtney wants to honor Bruce and cleans up his Zen garden for him and writes him nice love notes in the rock, wrecking all the work he did.

Everyone notices a boat approaching the beach and they can’t tell if the boat has Bruce on it or Terry returning from Exile Island. As it gets closer they realize that Terry and Jeff are on the boat together. Jeff has everyone sit around the fire and catches Terry up on what happened to Bruce. Bruce’s digestive system and colon were completely blocked and it was good he was removed from the island when he was. He will not be returning to the game to win the million dollars. If Bruce is well enough he will be coming to the next tribal council and sitting in as part of the jury for the rest of the game. There will be no immunity challenge or tribal council because of the events. Terry is sad to see that Bruce had to leave the game this way.

Next week on Survivor
Make sure to tune in next Thursday to see what challenges the Survivors will face. Shane finds his some wood and calls it his Blackberry. Confirming that he is psychotic. All the Survivors are in for a surprise. Maybe the loony farm will show up and finally haul Shane off. Cirie faces a monster. Shane with his pants off again?

I might start my own show called Survivor: The Wilds of the Upper Peninsula Michigan, if you are interested in being a contestant email me at m.