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Exile Files is a weekly look at the political intrigue and alliance related trends occurring on the Panamanian beaches and on Exile Island. Who is wheeling? Who is dealing? And of course, who is reeling? This article is a purely subjective analysis, and we cannot be held accountable for your rankings in your office Survivor pool.

This week’s show was one of the least strategic shows ever, it was a transition in getting rid of the last of the LaMina tribe and letting the rest battle it out in the weeks to come. I had read some spoilers for this show and everyone was predicting Courtney to go home this week and I thought we would have an interesting show to dissect but instead Sally went home and nothing real eventful happened.

Team B
Last week with the ousting of Austin LaMina had one of the final nails pounded into their coffin. With Terry winning the individual immunity challenge and still holding the hidden immunity idol it seemed likely that Sally would be the next to go. Terry and the rest of his old LaMina tribe really messed up when they let Nick get voted off, they should have given him the hidden idol and let Shane or Aras go that week. It would have been much easier to convince one person to swing their vote instead of trying the get 3 or 4 people to. This week Sally and Terry really had no options and Terry would have been stupid to give Sally his immunity. If Terry can continue to win individual immunity he really has a shot at going far in this game and it should be interesting to see what happens when he does play the hidden immunity idol.

Team Stronghold
The old Casaya tribe is really standing strong together and I am actually really surprised by that. Usually at this point in the show someone has flipped to the other side and the game has completely changed. I was a little disappointed to see all members of this team excluding Aras sit out the immunity challenge. If they were smart they would have competed just for the pure fact to not let Terry win. They all know he probably has the hidden immunity idol but it seems like it would be better for them to vote for him and have him use it instead of letting him sit on it and keep moving along. This tribe dynamic is really going to get interesting in the weeks to come when they have to start voting for each other. Bruce seems like the likely first candidate they will let go of but after that I am not sure how it will go. Next week could be very interesting when it comes to tribal council and if Terry plays the hidden immunity idol. There is a good chance we could be saying goodbye to Aras or Shane if that happens.

Power Rankings
These are purely my opinion and frankly I am not that strategically minded of a thinker so these could see very bizarre.

Terry- Even though Terry is the last of his tribe left he is holding all the power right now by having the hidden immunity idol. If he continues to win individual immunity in this game he is going to be unstoppable. He is the only player on the beach right now that can single handedly send someone home.

Aras- He is one of the only smart players left in the game. He understands the power that Terry has and wants to take that from him. He also knows that he is most likely going to be the victim of Terry’s power so he needs to try and win immunity. Working to his advantage is that his team seems to like him, he really has no enemies and if continues to play smart I could see him making top 4.

Shane- This guy has been a lose cannon since day 1 but for some reason has been able to stick around. He definitely takes his commitments seriously and has been instrumental in keeping his tribe together. He has not performed great in any of the individual immunity challenges but also does not seem to have a huge target on his back.

Cirie- Cirie has been a very quite under the radar player. She has lasted much longer than I think she thought she would. She knows that she has to stick with her old tribe and she will make it to the final 4. She is a little older and her tribe seems to come to her for the truth and they respect her. She has worked her way into a solid alliance and in the weeks to come I think we will see a lot more game strategy out of Cirie.

Danielle- She has been a very quite player and honestly I did not know what her name was until she was on Exile Island with Austin. She has the potential to last a while in this game if she stepped up and performed during the challenges but so far has not. I don’t really think she is going to be around that long, she will not be the first to go but unless she starts talking and working on a plan she will fall victim to her tribe early on.

Courtney-I could not decide who I should put in this slot, Courtney or Bruce and decided to go with Courtney. I really think Bruce is the most expendable to his tribe but Courtney seems to know how to push Shane’s buttons and that could quickly lead to her downfall. She has not shown any signs of being a good game player and has let some good opportunities go by her. I would not be surprised if she went before Bruce and I would be even more surprised if she made top 4.

Bruce- Bruce has been one of the quietest players on Survivor ever. He really has taken the under the radar approach and ran with it. He seems to march to his own drummer and does not really care what the others think. I respect the fact that he keeps voting with a tribe that has shown him no signs of taking him far or friendship. He has shown loyalty to them but no one seems to care. He more than likely will be one of the first on this tribe to go home if Terry continues to win immunity.

Not a real exciting week to examine and I think the weeks ahead are when this show is really going to take off. One tribe has basically been eliminated but the last member is dominating the individual immunity and is also holding the hidden immunity. At this point in the show there is no person in particular that I am rooting for and I am really interested to see if Terry can pull off a landing in the top 4.

I am going to look up Panama on the map and see if there really is a place called Exile Island. Email me at Yardgnome77@fansofrealitytv.co m.