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Thread: Survivor: Exile Island 4/13 Recap Its Just Idol Chatter

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    Survivor: Exile Island 4/13 Recap Its Just Idol Chatter

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    I don’t know about you, but I have really been enjoying this season of Survivor. They have tweaked the game play just enough to keep it interesting and not completely ruin the spirit of the game. It’s still all about alliances, but now, with Exile Island in the mix, there are chances that a player won’t get to socialize with his alliance for a few days. And don’t get me started on the idol. There are so many different ways to use it effectively. Unfortunately, Terry is no Richard Hatch, strategy-wise. I am of the belief that Terry should have used the idol immediately after the merge. 1. They could have gotten rid of Shane, who is somehow the leader of the Casaya tribe, effectively cutting off the head to spite the body. 2. This “saving” of the other 3 members of his tribe would cause them to drop to the floor in worship of their new hero, pretty much securing their vote to the end 3. Immediately work on Bruce, and bring him into the fold as the swing vote. Anyway, that’s a completely different article.

    Last time on Survivor, Terry again won immunity, revealed that he may have the idol to Danielle in a futile attempt to bring her over to their side, and refused to use the idol to help save Austin, who was sent packing to the jury box.

    In The Navy
    It’s day 22 in the Gitanos tribe, and most everyone is gathered around the fire to listen to Terry tell all about his navy training. Terry is basically bragging about all of his abilities in the sky, in the sea, and on the ground. He’s a physical machine, even when he’s pulling 7 G’s and whacking his head on fighter jet canopies. Everyone knows that Terry is the one to beat, physically at least. And since he isn’t politically saavy enough to work his way in with any former Casaya members, he has to strut his stuff and let them know that he plans to win every immunity challenge to the end. It’s still a vote in the end, my friend.

    Over under the shelter, Danielle, Cirie, and Courtney are all listening in on Terry’s tales and quietly making comments amongst themselves. Courtney is in disbelief…how is anyone supposed to beat this virtual superman? He seems unbeatable physically, and he might even have the hidden immunity idol—no one is sure. What is his kryptonite? Cirie suggests that perhaps Terry will break his arm or she can “accidentally” sit on his ankle to hobble him. Not really, but she is hoping he’ll break his arm at least. In the meantime, the girls decide to do what they do best and snoop through Terry’s personal belongings to see if he really does have the idol. Nothing like violating personal space to further yourself in the game.

    A Sight For Sore Eyes
    It’s reward challenge time, and Jeff has a special treat for every Gitanos member. It has been far too long since these folks have seen the familiar face of a loved one, and today’s reward will be a long video of the winner’s loved ones. Unfortunately, they are not there in the flesh, but, oh, the wonders of video. Jeff teases each tribemate with a sample of the video their loved ones sent in. Terry gets to see his wife and his kids. Danielle’s whole family talks to her in thick Boston accents. Bruce cries through watching his wife and daughter get their dog to bark for lil’ ole Brucey. Courtney’s Mom sends love signs to her daughter. Aras’ Dad says hello, and then heads into the teepee they have set up in their back yard to chat with his son some more. Shane is bawling even before he sees his son on the TV. He had his son at the ripe old age of 21, and says that they grew up together and that he is not only his son, but his best friend and brother. I hope he didn’t mean that they are brothers in a “Chinatown” kinda way. Creepy! Sally is next, and she wipes away tears as she learns that her sister has moved into a new apartment while she has been living the island life. Finally, Cirie gets to see her husband and sons. Seeing them makes it much harder for her here. But she’s doing this for them.

    She Flies Through The Air, With The Greatest of Ease
    For the challenge, the tribe will be divided into two teams of 4. The winning team will get to see their full videos while enjoying PB&J sandwiches with ice cold milk. Additionally, the winning team will get to choose who goes to Exile Island. The challenge? One team member will lay on a platform that is suspended by bungie cords over a wide log support pyramid. All around the frame of the pyramid are 15 numbered flags, and on one log of the pyramid base are 15 numbered holes. With the other 3 members of the team using ropes to pull their suspended teammate around to each numbered flag, the “flying” teammate must grab each flag in order and place it in its respective hole. The teams: Terry, Bruce, Sally and Courtney vs. Aras, Shane, Cirie, and Danielle. Danielle and Courtney both take their positions on the flying platform, and Jeff yells “Go!” From the get go, Danielle and her team take a big lead and have 3 flags in before the others have even 1. The other team doesn’t seem to be able to figure out how to move Courtney. They figure it out soon enough, and start to make up some ground, closing the gap to two flags, and then 1. While maneuvering around the flag log, Shane accidentally knocks flag #1 out of its hole. Jeff points the missing flag out, and instructs the team that they have to get that flag back in before they can move on. It’s a struggle for the pullers to get Danielle back over to reach the flag and place it back in the hole, but they eventually get it back in. The delay has helped Courtney’s team not only get back in the game, but take a lead, too. They are way up now, and Danielle’s team knocks another flag out in their haste to catch up. It’s over…Courtney, Sally, Bruce, and Terry win reward. Before they can head off to watch loved ones on TV, they have to choose who should go to Exile Island. The team huddles quickly and sends Aras to exile. Now it’s off to PB&J!

    Shane, Shane, Shane. *Sigh*
    Shane, Cirie, and Danielle head back to camp on their own. They aren’t too upset that they didn’t get to watch their videos, but it is still weighing on their minds. But Shane has another problem, and luckily for him(and not so luckily for her), Cirie is a nurse. Apparently, something is going on in Shane’s nether region. Believe me, I’m not happy talking about Shane’s nether region either, but I have a job to do, and I’m going to do it. His penis hurts when he touches it, and he wants Cirie to take a look and give him a diagnosis. Cirie can’t stop laughing at the thought of having to diagnose Shane’s junk, but he is insistent and takes off his shorts and stands behind the tent waiting for the nurse. Thank God for fuzzy blob man! Cirie takes a look, and informs Shane that he has to keep his junk dry…he’s got a rash from all the moisture.

    Aras Island
    Over on Exile Island, Aras is enjoying himself. He has been looking for the idol, but he knows it is buried under a rock, and many rocks have been moved around already. He thinks Terry must have the idol, because he was so quick to send Aras to exile. If the idol was there, Terry probably would have sent one of the girls who might not find it as easily.

    A Puzzling Immunity
    Soon everyone is gathered on the challenge beach for today’s immunity challenge. The challenge has each person swimming out into the lagoon, diving under water, memorizing a string of symbols and then swimming back to shore to put the same symbols in the same order in a puzzle box. But…there’s a twist. If you are not worried about having immunity, you can choose to eat cheeseburgers while the challenge goes on. Jeff asks each person to make their decision, and Sally, Aras, and Terry choose to fight for immunity, while the rest of the tribe chooses to stuff their faces with cheeseburgers and fries.

    Upon go, all three challengers race out to look at the symbol string while the other 5 start cramming burgers down their throats. Terry is the first to dive down to start memorizing the symbol string, followed closely by Aras. Sally is also under water, but she has to keep coming to the surface to breathe. Both Terry and Aras head to shore at the same time, and open their puzzle boxes to put the symbol string together. Meanwhile, the other 5 have one eye on the competition, and the rest of their senses focused on scarfing food. Shane, who is on his second burger, yells for the guys to slow down so they can eat more. Aras calls Jeff over because he thinks he has the challenge won, but Jeff quickly checks his work and sends Aras back out into the water to take another look. Terry thinks he has the puzzle solved and calls Jeff over. Jeff looks it over for a minute…”Terry wins immunity! For the third straight time!” Terry is ecstatic. He jumps up and down and beats his chest. I think he’s mostly happy that the others must now stop stuffing their faces. Sally gives Terry a hug, thinking that maybe she has a chance now. Think again, sweetie.

    Politicking To Stay Alive
    Back at camp, Terry and Sally are still trying to prevent their Pagonging while preserving the hidden immunity idol that is in Terry’s back pocket. Aras, the most recent resident of Exile Island has already told the rest of his team that either Terry found the idol in the first 20 minutes he was in exile, or he didn’t find it. And I think everyone believes that he doesn’t have it….since he has let his entire alliance go home without using the idol to save them. Aras knows that he needs immunity more than any other member of his alliance, since if the idol is used, he is likely to be the next highest vote-getter. Sally is going around to everyone and putting doubt in their minds that they are safe. She is telling people that the idol will be played tonight if she is voted off in an attempt to shake their thinking. No one really knows if the idol is in someone’s possession in the first place. Cirie seems to be the only one with her strategy cap on. She tells Bruce that, if indeed Terry has the idol and he hands it over to Sally, it would be quite possibly the worst move in Survivor history. She’s right. At this point, if Terry gives up his idol, he is out at the next opportunity.

    Tribal Council
    After an elaborate fire dance by Courtney, everyone heads off to Tribal Council for their first look at a cleaned up yet still ousted Austin. Once they are all seated, Jeff asks them all about the decision to compete vs. the decision to eat. Shane has no regrets at eating, while Sally knows she had to compete, since her Survivor life is on the line. Aras points out that they just want to get Terry’s immunity idol away from him. Terry’s idol, since he is the only person to have worn it so far. Jeff asks the group if Terry’s dominance is talked about around camp. Of course it is, Jeff, just like everyone on the FORT talks about it too. Terry starts talking about the fact that he has to win immunity to stay alive, and Cirie rolls her eyes and says “Here we go.” She thinks he is too much of a cocky braggert about his physical skills, but Terry just thinks he needs to win. Jeff points out that the 5 people who ate at the challenge today were actually the ones who showed cockiness by basically saying they don’t need immunity, that they are safe. Eventually, it’s time to vote.

    Sally leads off, and soon the votes are in and Jeff runs off to tally them. He returns to read the votes, and really, there is no suspense as far as the votes go…Sally gets the first two votes, Aras gets the next two, and the rest go to Sally. Did Terry give her the idol? Hell no. He is keeping it for himself if ever he loses an immunity. Sally is the ninth person voted out, and the second member of the jury.

    Be sure to tune in next time while Terry waits for the 6 Casaya members to tear each other apart, and Bruce looks like he has a bad case of food poisoning.

    I would of chosen the cheeseburgers too. mrdobolina@fansofrealitytv.com
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