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Welcome to another leg of the Amazing Race! Last week saw the elimination of self-proclaimed nerds David and Lori, Eric and Jeremy won yet another leg with the hippies hot on their heels, everyone got covered in fish goo, and Phil got jiggy with it at the Pit Stop. Oh, and Lake was an ass. Just in case you forgot about the time change for the show and missed it, you can catch up here. Let's get on to this week's show...

We start off in Siracusa, Italy, with Eric and Jeremy leaving first. They open their clue to find their first task:
  • Travel 350 miles by train and ferry to Rome, Italy. There they must find the Trevi Fountain and locate a man on a red and yellow scooter to get their next clue.

The frat boys leave for Rome, but not before telling us that they don't want to take the Race too seriously, and they enjoy teasing themselves all day. I won't comment on that one, but I wonder if they will watch this later on and realize how silly they sounded at times. BJ and Tyler are second to depart, sporting their Bowling Moms t-shirts. Monica and Joseph leave next, and Monica comments on how the car smells like dead fish. Well, duh. Michelle asks Lake if he has the directions to the station, and he goes on a tirade, claiming that she never gave them to him. When she tries to retaliate, he calls her a bitch and tells her to shut up. Oh, those lovebirds. The teams all eventually make their way to the train station, only to realize it doesn't open until 4 am, with the first train leaving at 8. They pass the time in the parking lot chit-chatting, and Eric wonders aloud whether Lake is bipolar. I have to agree with that diagnosis, Eric. The station finally opens and everyone gets on the 8 o'clock train to Rome. Upon arrival, Eric and Jeremy find the scooter guy first, and open their clue to find the next task:
  • Travel less than a mile by foot to the Spanish Steps, and find the horse carriages. On the seats are black leather portfolios with the next clue.

In a shameless plug for the upcoming movie The Davinci Code, the teams are given a "code" they must crack to win a prize. The first team to get to the Pit Stop with the solution will win. The puzzle consists of two sheets of parchment paper with broken writing and a drawing of Davinci's Vitruvian Man. Want to know how to solve it? It's a toughie - take one sheet, flip it over, and lay it on top of the first sheet to reveal the complete drawing and writing. Yes, really. Even dunderheads Eric and Jeremy solve this pretty quickly, with the hippies getting it right away. The teams have no trouble finding the carriages, though I'm worried about Fran and Barry's huffing and puffing. They look like they're about to collapse out there. Eric and Jeremy are first to open the next envelope:
  • Teams must fly 665 miles to Athens, Greece. Once there, they must find the Agora, an ancient marketplace for their next clue.

On the way to the airport, Monica comments on how cool it is to be in the same place that Caesar walked, and Ray spies several shops in downtown Rome he wants to come back to. I never figured him for a big shopper, but whatever. The teams all arrive at the airport to find that there is only one flight to Athens, at 7:25. Oldsters Fran and Barry somehow leave the airport first, lifting their spirits. Monica is once again excited to be in a place "where thinking began." Hey, she's trying. Everyone arrives at the Agora, only to discover that it doesn't open until 8. In the pouring rain, they all run to the clue box to find:
  • Fast Forward. The teams travel on foot less than one mile to a tavern, and must break plates to find a colored ribbon embedded within. The first to find the ribbon claims the Fast Forward. They must then travel by train more than 70 miles to Corinth, and exit at Isthmos Station to get their next clue.

MoJo arrives at the tavern first, and they begin smashing the plates on the floor. Eric and Jeremy show up soon afterward, and quickly find the ribbon. A disgusted Joseph says that they have the crappiest luck, and the frat boys open their envelope to finds the directions to the Pit Stop, the Fortress of Rion. Before leaving, they sling the rest of the plates on the floor, even rolling in the broken china. In another duh moment, Jeremy holds up a bleeding hand to his friend, telling him "Dang, dude, I cut myself up good." Most normal people know not to go rolling around in broken glass, but not these two. Fran and Barry arrive to discover that the ribbon has been found, and everyone proceeds to the train station with the exception of Monica and Joseph, who can't seem to catch a cab. The evil look on Joseph's face is probably what's scaring off the cabs as he channels Lake and tells Monica to "lift up her spirits before he gets pissed." Of course she starts crying, because that's what Monica does.

Getting off the first train are Lake and Michelle, Ray and Yolanda, and BJ and Tyler. But wait...they got off too early, the Isthmos Station is further down the line. The three teams grab some bus tickets to Isthmos while Lake curses some more. Remember this, it makes a difference later on (not Lake's cursing, the bus tickets). The remaining teams are still on the later train, and the bus finally arrives at the correct train station. The first three teams run to the clue box and open it to find:
  • Roadblock. Teams must choose one person to bungee jump 240 feet into the Corinth canal, receiving their next clue after completion of the task.

Ray is the first to make the jump, leaping off the platform with no hesitation. Yolanda looks impressed, and they grab their clue and take off. Tyler is next to jump, and with a mighty TTOW, he makes his leap. Michelle jumps next while Lake cackles atop the bridge. Hey, if she can deal with this guy, a bungee jump is nothing. It's Monica's turn, and she does it with no problem. Fran is up next, and she's really regretting volunteering for this. Terrified, she has to be coaxed off the platform, but finally takes the plunge, screaming all the way. I can guarantee you, she did not enjoy this task at all. The teams open their clues to read:
  • Detour. Teams must choose either Herculean Effort or It's All Greek to Me. In the first task, one team member must throw a discus to a certain point, and the other must throw a javelin. Then both of them must compete with a wrestler, pushing him out of a circle. In It's All Greek, teams must go to the same stadium, find pieces of broken pottery with greek letters on them, and decipher them to spell out the name of a city on a map.

The teams all make their way by car to the stadium, and dysfunctional couple Lake and Michelle are arguing yet again. Shocker, right? Ray and Yolanda arrive at the stadium, and after a few tries, she gets her discus past the line. It's Ray's turn to throw the javelin, and boy, does he suck. After bobbling it many times, he finally gets it to the line, losing a spot. MoJo are up next, and get the task done with no problems. Fran and Barry and Lake and Michelle choose to decipher the pottery pieces, and eventually figure it out that it spells Dimitsana. BJ and Tyler take an uncharacteristic wrong turn on the way to the stadium, putting them way behind the pack. A gas station attendant tells them that they are traveling the wrong way, and they worry that it will cost them the game. They are at least two hours behind. Whipping out a frog hat, the hippies think it will give them some good luck. I think they've been hitting the bong too hard, but we'll see if the frog helps. Perhpas Barry could use that frog, as he makes a case for yearly driver's license tests and backs their SUV right into a tree, smashing the rear window out. Unfazed, he drives off, leaving the pile of glass behind.

The other teams begin arriving at the next portion of the challenge, the wrestling. MoJo is first, and take no time in wrestling the stocky dude in his underwear out of the circle. Ray and Yolanda wrestle next, and it seems like Ray is hesitant to really grab the guy. BJ and Tyler finally arrive, get the discus and javelin toss out of the way, and proceed to the wrestling. The bystanders look like they're laughing their asses off as they watch the hippies wrestle, one with a huge frog on top of his head. They'll be telling stories about the crazy Americans later on, I'm sure. Finishing their task, BJ and Tyler hop in their car and leave in last place.

Having obtained the Fast Forward earlier, Eric and Jeremy made it to the Pit Stop way ahead of the other teams, winning a red carpet trip to Hollywood for the premiere of The Davinci Code for solving the puzzle first. Ray and Yolanda show up next, and are overjoyed to find that they are second...until Phil tells them that they must sit out a fifteen minute penalty. Remember the bus tickets they bought earlier when they got off the train too early? The clue said nothing about a bus, hence the penalty. Read your clues, people! They sit and watch as Monica and Joseph arrive and take their second place spot, and they must settle for third. Fran and Barry make it to the Pit Stop and find out that they are fourth, much to their surprise. BJ and Tyler arrive fifth, but must also sit out the penalty for riding the bus. The hippies sit on the side nervously and wait as Lake and Michelle are shown running to the finish. The penalty runs out just in time, and Phil checks BJ and Tyler in just before the arrival of Lake and Michelle, who are eliminated this week. As much as I can't stand them, they take their loss pretty well. No cursing, anyway, which is a nice change of pace for these two.

So it ends up:

1 - Eric and Jeremy
2 - Monica and Joseph
3 - Ray and Yolanda
4 - Fran and Barry
5 - BJ and Tyler
Lake and Michelle - eliminated

Tune in next week, as Ray takes Lake's place and gets a major attitude with Yolanda, and the teams travel to the Middle East in the searing heat. See you then!

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