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Last time on Survivor, Casaya and La Mina joined in an uneasy merge. They got along well enough to share some food and let Terry build a decent shelter, but when Terry tried to turn somebody, anybody, to his dwindling alliance, Shane was like a mother hen calling his chicks together. Austin thought he was going to be gone, so he blabbed that he was only pretending to be weak at the immunity challenge. Nick went home instead, leaving Austin to ponder his stupidity.

Gitanos Day 19
Courtney remembers Austin’s confession at the tribal council. Aras and the girls are on the beach picking up snails and Aras observes that the snails are like La Mina, slimy and hard to get out. Well, specifically it’s Austin that’s the slimeball, but he doesn’t like Terry or Sally either.

Meanwhile, Terry and Sally continue to plot. Terry admits that Austin will be under the gun now, and he and Sally decide to try to get one of the girls on their side. Terry wants to figure out which of the former Casaya team members are the most vulnerable. He’s got a few tricks up his sleeve.

Reward Challenge
Courtney strolls in to camp with today’s tree mail, a coconut with a little ditty written on it about political battles and dealing with nuts. This causes a commotion when tribal members want to know what the message means. I think it’s obvious the note refers to Shane, but maybe not since he doesn’t get insulted. Sally wants to use the opportunity to cause some conflict for those outside her alliance. That’s everybody except Terry and Austin in case you’re counting.

For today’s reward challenge the Survivors will be divided into three teams of three. Each team has a boat and 100 coconuts. The teams will race to take their coconuts and place then into the boats of the other two teams. When all the team’s coconuts have been placed into their rivals’ boats, they will row out to a buoy and pick up a flag and a net. Racing back to shore, they will dump all the coconuts from their boat into the net and drag it up to their bin. The first team to unload and put away all the coconuts and place their flag on top will win the challenge.

The winning tribal members will be picked up tomorrow morning and taken to a “lovely spot” where they will find a bed and breakfast. In addition to the huge meal they’ll get, they will also get to send one member from each of the other two teams to Exile Island.

The teams: Shane, Austin and Terry; Bruce, Aras and Sally; and Danielle, Courtney and Cirie.

Austin and Terry get rid of their coconuts by dumping them into the girl’s boat, but Aras has another plan. He begins dumping his coconuts into Terry, Austin and Shane’s boat, and tells Danielle to do the same even though they are on opposite teams. Soon everyone is unloading coconut’s into the guys’ boat. Austin wises up and starts dumping coconuts into Bruce, Aras and Sally’s boat. The girls fall so far behind they end up having to put their last coconuts into their own boat.

Aras, Sally and Bruce take the lead and are the first to get their flag and net. Shane, Austin and Terry are close behind. When they return to shore it’s a mad scramble to unload the coconuts into the bin but Aras, Sally and Bruce win the reward challenge.
Tomorrow they’ll get breakfast in bed, but for now they need to choose which members from the opposing teams will be sent to Exile Island. Aras names Austin and Danielle for exile and the two trudge to the waiting boat. Danielle makes a face and it’s clear she’s not happy with Aras’ decision.

Gitanos Day 20
The lucky winners of the bed and breakfast reward wake up to the sound of rain. They’re ready to eat but there’s no sign of the boat. Sally thinks it’ll be interesting to go on a reward challenge with Aras and Bruce. Aras, meanwhile, thinks he’s put a target on his back by winning – he’s exposed a little of his athleticism and a lot of his wit, or was it the other way around? He’s happy to have won the reward but hopes it hasn’t backfired on him.

The boat finally arrives and Bruce, Sally and Aras hop aboard. The trip isn’t really fun, however, as rain continues to pour on them. They sit huddled together until they get to their destination – a beautiful canopy bed perched atop a sandbar in the middle of nowhere. Did I mention the bed is soaking wet? The three crawl under the dripping blankets, disappointed. The mood lightens when a tray of pastries is set down in front of them, and the food just keeps coming – bacon, eggs, croissants, toast, orange juice, coffee. Suddenly the rain no longer seems to matter and they stuff themselves until they can’t hold any more. Sally says she’s never been so happy to be in bed with two strange men.

Meanwhile back at camp, Terry is putting in motion his plan to find out who the disposable members are in the former Casaya tribe. He offers Shane a $20 bet on who will be in the top four, and Shane says he sees the top four as Aras, Courtney Cirie and himself. Of course now Terry knows who the weakest links in the former Casaya tribe are unless Shane was just feeding him false information, and somehow Shane doesn’t seem intelligent enough to think that far ahead.

Sally, Bruce and Aras return to camp and describe the wonderful meal they’ve just eaten. This doesn’t set well with the losers, especially Cirie, who whines that she doesn’t want to hear about all the bacon they stuffed themselves with. At least she has the benefit of fire and a good shelter (thanks to Terry), which is more than Danielle and Austin can say.

Exile Island Night 20
It’s raining, it’s pouring, but neither Danielle nor Austin are snoring. The streaming water soaks them in their makeshift shelter. They can’t build a fire and it’s cold and wet. At least they have each other, and Austin says they’re getting along great. Danielle says she thinks she can count of Austin as a backup if anything goes wrong with her present alliance. It’s bonding time for the two of them as they huddle under their wet blanket, but will it last when they return to the tribe?

Gitanos Day 21
Terry is a man with a mission, I just wish I knew what it was. He gets Sally alone and confesses he has the immunity idol – he found it after about 20 minutes the first time he was sent to Exile Island. “Shut up!” Sally exclaims, and I second the motion. This puts a different light on things for Sally, and she’s looking forward to Terry slipping the idol to either her or Austin should they be voted out.

Immunity Challenge
An exhausted Danielle and Austin return from Exile Island to compete in today’s challenge. Austin says that he will never, ever, ever forget his horrible experience, and it’ll be the first thing he thinks of when he remembers Survivor, even if he wins the money.

Jeff explains today’s challenge: All nine survivors must dig their way through sand to go under a wooden fence, then race to a brainteaser puzzle. Then they will race uphill to a rope bridge over a moat, and finally race through a series of horizontal and vertical twisting tunnels. Only the first six will do the puzzle, the first three will go over the rope bridge and the first two will compete in the tunnels.

Aras is the first to dig through the sand but he misjudges and gets trapped under the fence. He, Cirie and Bruce are out after round one and after the brainteaser only the original tribe members from La Mina – Sally, Austin and Terry- are left in the race. Austin is at a disadvantage because of his exhaustion, so he doesn’t make it past the rope bridge. Sally and Terry are the last two in the competition, and Terry flings himself through the tunnels and somersaults the last few feet to win the immunity idol again.
It’s going to be a long afternoon back at camp.

Let The Scheming Begin
Danielle is fuming over Aras’ choice to send her to Exile Island. She confronts him about it and he tells her she was chosen because they knew she’d be fine – she’s tough as nails. Meanwhile, Austin is depressed because he knows he’s the next logical one to go. Terry and Sally take Austin into their confidence and tell him that Terry has the immunity idol. This immediately cheers Austin up; it puts a whole new spin on things. Terry spills his plan to ask Bruce if he will come over to their side if Danielle joins them, and says he will give Danielle the immunity idol to make the switch. Huh?

Terry and Austin double team Bruce in the tent and inform him that he’s most likely the next member to go from his alliance with Shane. Bruce feels betrayed and says he’ll consider their offer. Next, Austin confronts Danielle and tells her she and Bruce are the weakest members in Shane’s alliance. Terry tells her he doesn’t lie, and he looks her straight in the eye to tell her that he has the immunity idol and will give it to her if she will switch alliances. Danielle is silent but she’s thinking furiously.

Courtney doesn’t believe Terry has the idol. Even if he does, why would he give it to someone in her alliance? Terry has the immunity necklace, and Cirie speculates that if he also has the idol and everyone votes for Austin, Terry will pull out the immunity idol and give it to Austin, leaving the person with the next largest number of votes to go home. That will most likely be Aras, and I don’t see Cirie getting herself worked up over the possibility of Aras going home. Aras wants Sally to be the next one to go and Courtney suspects that Aras may secretly be planning a “guys against girls” kind of move soon.

Tribal Council
Austin says that the miserable conditions he and Danielle suffered through during their exile were character building. Both agree that they bonded during their stay. This causes some significant eyebrow arching, although Cirie admits they all get along fine until it’s time for a tribal council.

Danielle says it’s difficult to know when to make a move so she’ll just go with her gut. Bruce appreciates the alliance he’s in but wouldn’t be surprised if he’s the first to go. Shane scoffs at the notion that anyone would defect from his alliance, so I really, really wish somebody would.

Terry will hold on to his immunity necklace. It’s time to vote. I’m holding out for an upset, but the vote is straight down former tribal lines: Shane’s alliance all vote for Austin, and Terry’s alliance votes for Aras. Since the numbers are with Shane’s alliance, Austin is going home. Terry doesn’t offer up the immunity idol and Sally looks bemused as Austin hugs her and Terry goodbye. At least he’ll be on the jury.

Next time on Survivor: Terry’s arrogance is starting to show, and Shane exposes himself to shows Cirie his privates and complains of chaffing. I’m not kidding.

Dislaimer: My VCR crapped out during the bed and breakfast scene so I’m giving much thanks to Roseskid for filling in my sketchy notes. Any mistakes are either wishful thinking or a figment of my imagination. Please allow my blissful ignorance to continue, unless, of course, Aras was voted out instead of Austin.

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