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Welcome everyone…If you are reading this recap there is a good chance that you forgot that The Amazing Race has moved to a new day and time. Last week we said goodbye to our favorite buxom blonde team, Double D’s. Will the frat boys be able to continue on the journey without their friends with benefits? Let’s find out!

Let’s Get this Party Started
The teams are resting comfortably in Sicily in the ancient city of Segester. They have had time to rest, eat, mingle, and hopefully find some local Mafia to take care of Lake so we never have to see him again.

Travel 130 miles to the City of Catania and find the Anfiteatro Romano and search for the clue.

BJ and Tyler are the first to depart, they want to get a quick start so the frat boys can’t follow them to the location. They have finally realized that the frat boys are not smart and they want to ditch them. As they are running to their car they find a stray dog running around and decide to use their time wisely by asking the dog for directions. The boys are disappointed when he has no answer for them.

Eric and Jeremy are the next to depart and they are caught in a cloud of delusion because they seem to think that the Hippies are following them. Monica and Joseph are off shortly after the frat boys and are lost almost immediately. They stop to ask a local for directions and he gives them his map and they are quickly off in the right direction.

Fourth to depart from the pit stop is Fran and Berry, two of the most clueless racers this show has ever seen. Surprisingly they find the proper directions and are quickly on their way. Lake and Michelle are off next and Lake immediately is complaining that he needs more sleep and is in a bad mood. I guess the whole race he has been lacking sleep.

Our favorite nerd couple Dave and Lori are sixth to go followed closely behind by Ray and Yolanda. Ray and Yolanda have to stop immediately and ask for directions while Lori and Dave are well on their way.

The Smart Leading the Dumb
The Hippies are the first to arrive in Catania at the Anfiteatro Romano to find that it’s closed until 8:30 in the morning. They make a fake sign that has a sign-up sheet in hopes of slowing down some of the other teams. The frat boys show up next and see the sign-in sheet and immediately sign their names and then realize how unauthentic the sign looks. The frat boys run over to the Hippies car and call them on the sign. The Hippies smile to themselves as they have proven their point, the frat boys are not smart!

Monica and Joseph have made it to the city but are confused on the location and seek the help of a cab driver to take them. Fran and Berry are also lost and Berry is starting to lose it. Fran keeps yelling at him to “calm down, calm down, CALM DOWN.” My skin is just crawling at the way she is talking to him.

Teams must count the heads on the fence posts that surround the Anfiteatro then find the groundskeeper and give him the correct number to get their next clue.

The Hippies and the Frat boys are the first to complete the task and arrive at the groundskeeper at the same time. He hands them their clue and it’s a Detour.

Detour: Big Fish or Little Fish
Big Fish: Each person must carry a 32 lb swordfish 1/3 mile through a street maze to a designated street vender.

Little Fish: Teams need to go to the market and take over a stand and sell 4 kilos of a local fish.

Both teams, BJ and Tyler and Eric and Jeremy decide to do the task Big Fish.

Stupid is as Stupid Does
Fran and Berry are still trying to find their way to the Anfiteatro Romano but are caught up in a traffic circle and they literally are driving in circles. This is really bad but it amuses me to no end. Lake and Michelle, Dave and Lori, and Ray and Yolanda are all caught up in the early morning rush hour as they are trying to make their way into Catania. They all seem a little lost and confused by the immense amount of traffic. If you have ever been to Italy you will know that Italians are crazy drivers and very freely use their horns, it has got to be stressful caught in traffic.

Monica and Joseph finally make it to the Anfiteatro and get their clue. When the clue states that they need to count the heads they are confused but manage to understand. Really, some of the teams this season are not that smart.

Meanwhile the Hippies and Frat boys are loading large swordfish onto their shoulders to carry 1/3 of a mile. Each team takes off in different directions in a race to see who can get to the clue first. The Hippies decide to annoy every Italian within a 5-mile radius by yelling American words with an Italian accent. Imagine the game Super Mario Brothers and the voice of Mario that is exactly what they sound like. Instead of carrying large mushrooms they are toting large fish.

Team MoJo also decides to carry the swordfish and finds the fishmonger. The Hippies are the first to drop their fish and get their next clue followed closely behind by the Frat boys.

Drive 40 miles to Siracusa and find a clue at Ponte Umbertino.

The Hippies and Frat boys decide that they will follow each other to the next city and clue. Once again giving the Frat boys an advantage because for sure their stupidity would get them lost if they had to figure it out on their own.

Fishing for a Clue
Fran and Berry finally are able to navigate themselves out of the confusing traffic circle and arrive in 4th place at the clue. They manage to count the heads and can’t figure out were the groundskeeper is. Instead of looking all over, Fran decides to start screaming at the top of her lungs “Groundskeeper, Groundskeeper, Groundskeeper.” Berry informs her that the groundskeeper will not answer and they have to locate him. I am awfully glad he is her partner because I think I would be lead to violence if I had to work with her. They open their Detour and decide they are going to do task Little Fish.

Lake is very irritated that they are still caught in traffic and can’t figure out what to do. Dave and Lori are in the city but are lost and just aimlessly driving around looking for the clue. Ray and Yolanda decide that they can make better time on foot so they park their car and start asking for directions to help make up time.

Monica and Joseph have picked up their swordfish and are attempting to carry them through the streets like fire wood. This manner of carry the fish has got to weaken your arms, they really should have tried the over the shoulder approach. Monica is completely disgusted by the fish and has a total breakdown. They can’t find the right guy and Monica starts yelling like crazy because that always helps when you are in a bad situation. She drops the fish on the ground and claims this is the worst thing she has ever done. Personally I think her haircut is the worst thing she has ever done but that is just me. They start asking the locals for help but they all point in different directions, they finally find the right man and receive their clue. Monica is really upset because now she is going to smell like fish for the whole day.

Fran and Berry are still trying to sell fish when they see Monica and Joseph finish. They are able to talk old Italian men into purchasing the 4 kilos of fish they need to sell. They get their clue and they are the 4th team to depart.

Lake and Michelle finally reach the first clue and count all the heads on the fence. They confuse groundskeeper with random man on the street when they try to get their next clue. The random man is very excited that they are telling him the number 41 but he has nothing to offer them. They finally realize they are at the wrong spot and find the right person. For the detour they decide to do the task Big Fish. They run and pick up their fish and Michelle is concerned they are at the wrong stand and just stole someone’s fish. Lake of course yells at her and Michelle does something that is unintentional, Or is it? And almost stabs Lake with her swordfish. They get their clue and they are off in 5th place.

Dave and Lori are still lost and have not been able to find the first clue. They decide to finally ask for help and a nice man on a scooter tells them he will drive there and they can just follow him. They arrive at the clue shortly after Ray and Yolanda. Ray and Yolanda decide to do the task Big Fish as do Lori and Dave.

Ray and Yolanda race through the task and finish it quickly. Ray is even able to carry the fish with one hand preserving the strength in his other. Dave and Lori are not as speedy with carrying the fish but they finish the task and are the last team to receive their clue. They decide before they take off they should purchase a map to help with directions.

Get the Ball in the Hole
Eric and Jeremy are the first team to arrive in Siracusa. Here they find that their next challenge is the roadblock.

One person from each team has to participate in a game of kayak polo and score one goal.

Jeremy decides that he will participate for their team and proves immediately that he is not very good. Eric tries to encourage him by yelling “score you pansy.” You can feel the love on this team. Jeremy finally completes the roadblock and they receive their next clue.

Make your way on foot to Fonte Aretusa to the Pit Stop. Last team may be eliminated.

BJ and Tyler arrive at the roadblock and one of them gets in a kayak. I have no idea which one is which but the one participating does a good job. The other one keeps yelling “Go Peach,” that confuses me even more.

The Hippies and the Frat boys have a foot race to the Pit stop were the Frat boys are able to beat out the Hippies. Eric and Jeremy come in first place and win a nice romantic cruise for two courtesy of Royal Caribbean International. BJ and Tyler come in second and win nothing.

Fran and Berry arrive 3rd at the roadblock and Berry participates. As soon as he gets in his kayak he starts heading in the wrong direction. Monica and Joseph show up right behind them and Joseph jumps into a kayak and scores right away pulling into third place at the Pit Stop. Fran and Berry arrive shortly behind them at 4th place.

Lake and Michelle make it to the roadblock and Michelle decides that she will do the challenge. As soon as she gets in the kayak she complains that she does not know what to do. Lake tells us “he so could have done it better”. Michelle keeps trying to get a goal and I guess this makes Lake hot because he takes his shirt off. She finally scores and Lake is ecstatic that they get to make their way on foot. They arrive at the mat in 5th place.

Ray and Yolanda arrive at the roadblock and Ray climbs into a kayak. After being in the kayak for about 1 minute he manages to tip the thing over. Once he is right side up and steady he is able to score quickly and they take off for the Pit stop…

Dave and Lori are having a hard time finding the location of the roadblock but finally locate it. Dave gets into a kayak and right away we know he is not the most athletic person. He finally is able to score and they receive their clue and they are off to the mat…

Ray and Yolanda arrive at the mat in 6th place. Dave and Lori are close behind but unfortunately they are in last place. Phil informs them that they have been eliminated from the race. I am really surprised, I was expecting this to be a non-elimination round but they got me this time. I am sad to see this team because they were enjoyable to watch.

Here is the final standing:
1. Eric & Jeremy
2. BJ & Tyler
3. Monica & Joseph
4. Fran & Berry
5. Lake & Michelle
6. Ray & Yolanda
7. Dave & Lori - Eliminated

Hopefully Togas will be Involved
Make sure to tune in next Wednesday at 8pm to see the teams travel to Greece and compete in ancient Greek games. Fran will also face her worst fear, bungee jumping.

I’m off to call Rudy my personal Italian and ask him what he thought of the show. If you love Italy as much as I do email me at Yardgnome77@fansofrealitytv.co m.