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Thread: Top Chef 4/5 RecapÖIíve got a Fever for Fusion

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    Top Chef 4/5 RecapÖIíve got a Fever for Fusion

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    Hello everyone…It’s cooking time. Last week Candace was tossed out on her behind and we were treated to the ass that is Stephan. This week we get to look forward to Stephan being a bigger ass than last week, Tiffany being cold and heartless and the hotness that is Harold. The Harold part is strictly my opinion but you’re crazy if you don’t agree with me!

    Lisa realizes that the last competition she really messed up, it was her competition to win and she really chocked. Andrea thinks people don’t want her there because she has already been eliminated once. Stephan reinforces this by telling us that Andrea should not be in the competition because she has already been eliminated.

    Is it an Apple or an Onion?
    The Chefs enter the kitchen and are greeted by Katie and guest judge Mike Yakura, a well-known Asian fusion chef. Today for the Quickfire challenge each chef will have 5 minutes to taste a variety of ingredients. Whoever can identify the most ingredients correctly wins. The catch is that each chef will be blindfolded for the task.

    Dave is worried because he can’t tell ingredients by just flavors, he is a simple chef and does not use a lot of fancy ingredients. Lisa is worried that she is going to tank this task. Andrea thinks she will excel at this task because she cooks with fresh ingredients and knows them very well. Stephan knows he will do well because no matter what he does he is always in the top 3%. Except last week when he was in the bottom 3, I guess he forgot that.

    Each chef is brought alone into the kitchen were they are blindfolded and given 20 different ingredients to try. Every chef struggles with the task, they are given some odd ingredients that I have never heard of. The funniest part of this whole challenge is the faces they are making after they sample the ingredients. The other wonderful part is watching Stephan completely fail this task.

    Time to see who wins:
    Miguel & Tiffany each get 1 correct
    Dave gets 2 correct
    LeAnn, Harold, Lisa, and Stephan all get 3 correct
    Andrea gets 4 correct
    The winner of the Quickfire Challenge and immunity is Andrea. Stephan is shocked and I wish speechless.

    Fusing Cuisine in a Hot Dog Cart
    Elimination Challenge for the day is to fuse two of San Francisco’s cultures to make a new kind of food. Chefs will make the food in the kitchen and then see how it works in the real world.

    At this point all the chefs are wondering what they are going to be using when guest judge Mike rolls in a street vendor cart, or for the non-city living a hot dog cart. The chefs are going to be combing Latin cuisine with another kind of cuisine, which will be determined by drawing knives. Dave and Tiffany both draw Moroccan, LeAnn and Stephen draw Chinese, Lisa and Harold get Japanese, and Andrea and Miguel pull out Indian. They need to make their dishes as a team and serve them to the public. Judges will determine how well it fuses together and how it is accepted in the San Francisco mission district were they will be located.

    ¿Qué pasa?
    After each group is assigned their cuisine they immediately start to create a menu and are off to the market. Stephan and LeAnn first head to the Chinese market to pick up specialty items. Stephan tells us that he is used to four-star dinning not to street food so this is a tough challenge for him. I just can’t believe how out of touch with the real-world Stephan is.

    Dave and Tiffany work on their menu and both agree that they don’t want to do burritos. Tiffany takes over for the team and Dave is okay with that. Miguel and Andrea go the opposite direction and decide they want to do burritos and Andrea quickly takes over for their team.

    Harold and Lisa are also planning their menu and Lisa is confused by what they need to do so she depends on Harold to make the plan. Harold feels confident working with Lisa and can’t imagine how they can’t win this challenge. I can, they could show up and serve eyeball stew or some other nasty concoction.

    All the teams end up at the Latin market at the same time and it is a mad dash to get ingredients before other teams. Miguel is fluent in Spanish and is able to easily communicate with the market workers, which annoys Stephan to no end. As the episode goes on I just hate Stephan more and more, he is so arrogant.

    Fat Ass Snack Master Challenge
    After a long night of shopping, back at the house everyone kicks back and starts drinking. We finally get to see a little more personality out of some of these people and we actually see Stephan loosen his tie and laugh.

    Dave and Miguel decide they want to have a snack food challenge, similar to their Quickfire Challenge but using all junk food. Each person is blindfolded and given such delicacies as Whoppers, Doritos, Ranch dressing, BBQ sauce, etc. Each excels at the Challenge but Miguel is named the winner of the Fat Ass Snack Master Challenge.

    Trying to Fuse in the Kitchen
    Challenge day, let’s see what they chefs are planning to prepare. LeAnn and Stephan are combing Chinese and Latin flavors to make Char Siu pork with a pickled Asian slaw, with an avocado cream in a Sope tart shell. They will also be serving a non-alcoholic mohito. I have no idea what any of this food is but it sounds delicious.

    Lisa and Harold are fusing Japanese and Latin to make a seared Tuna, Daikon sprout, Jicama, and avocado salad. This does not sound really great to me plus if I am going to eat street food I want it to be served in foil and extremely messy, this does not seem to fit that.

    Dave and Tiffany are going to be combining the unique flavors of Latin and Moroccan. They will be serving curry pork with stone fruit chutney, in a flour Gordita topped with pickled carrots and red onions. Now I could have sworn that they weren’t going to do a burrito but I thought a Gordita was basically a burrito with a different name. I’m onto you Tiffany and Dave.

    Miguel and Andrea are creating a dish using Indian and Latin influences. They are fusing a Marsala chicken with spiced lentils into a flour tortilla with Spanish rice. This dish sounds all right but I have never been a fan of lentils.

    In the kitchen everyone is diligently working on their dishes when Chef Tom stops in to check on their progress. Tom is surprised how much Miguel is depending on Andrea for this challenge since she already has immunity. He notices that Harold and Lisa are going for a very traditional Japanese meal and that might be a hard sell to people on the street. LeAnn and Stephan are each bringing something unique to their menu and Dave and Tiffany are working really well together.

    After two hours time is up and it is time to get to the street.

    Taking it to the Street
    Each team is assigned a cart and location in the Mission district to peddle their wares. As Harold and Lisa are setting up their food they realize that they forgot their jicama, a main ingredient to their salad. Andrea and Miguel jump right in and Miguel starts working the crowd and speaking to them in Spanish. Tiffany and Dave have a line at their stand that lasts the whole day. LeAnn and Stephan have a slow start but Stephan in his finery starts to work the crowd and is nicknamed “the mayor” of the mission.

    The judges come around and stop by each cart to sample the different dishes. They enjoy all the foods at the different carts and comment that the rice at Miguel and Andreas stand is a little bland. When they get to Harold and Lisa Chef Tom notices right away that they forgot the jicama and wonders what happened to it. Harold tells him they forgot it and takes the blame.

    Failing at Fusion Street Fare
    Time for the judging, the judges enjoyed all the food at the carts and felt this was one of the best challenges. They first call in Stephan and LeAnn and Tiffany and Dave. The judges enjoyed both of their meals and felt they could see Dave and Tiffany’s food as a cart on the street. Tiffany and Dave are declared the winners of the challenge.

    Harold and Lisa and Miguel and Andrea are called in next to see who will be eliminated. Chef Tom asks Harold and Lisa about the forgotten ingredient. He tells Lisa that she was the last one seen with the bag of jicama and it was her fault that they forgot it. He is concerned that both groups chose food that had to be eaten with a fork because street food should be easy to eat and not require utensils. Andrea is upset that she put Miguel in danger and wants to offer her immunity to him so that he will be saved from being sent home. The judges think he relied too much on Andrea for the challenge and really should have stepped up to the plate.

    The judges send everyone to the hall while they discuss who should be sent home. They thought that Harold and Lisa’s dish was very arrogant. They think that the competition is overtaking Lisa, she is losing confidence in herself. They thought that Miguel and Andrea’s meal was too Latin and not enough fusion. They were also disappointed because it was not very good Latin, store bought tortillas and bad rice.

    They have made their decision and are ready to call the Chefs back in.

    Packing the Knives of Another Lisa
    Miguel, Harold and Lisa are all called back into the room for elimination. Chef Tom tells Harold that he needs to leave room for collaboration, he is not giving himself room to expand. Lisa is a good cook but she doesn’t have the killer instinct. Miguel he can’t believe put his fate in the hands of someone who had immunity.

    The chef who will be packing their knives and sent off into a hazy cloud of kitchen smoke is Lisa. I am not surprised at all. I also feel a little bad for her because she didn’t have a chance going up against Harold or Miguel. I also have a little observation I need to share that is completely off topic. The past two shows I have recapped have resulted in a contestant name Lisa being eliminated. This is pretty crazy because my name is Lisa and I am now considering having my name legally changed to Stephan for next time.

    Lisa goes back to the kitchen to announce her departure and all the chefs are sad to see her go. Harold is hurt and angry that she was eliminated because he feels that it is his fault she is leaving. Harold, if you need a shoulder to cry on, drop me an email!

    Queer Eye meets Top Chef
    Next week on Top Chef, the gang gets to prepare a dinner party for Queer Eye’s Ted Allan, and hopefully he will makeover some of the contestants. Miguel & Tiffany I am talking to you!

    If you know were I can get tickets to Harold’s gun show email me at Yardgnome77@fansofrealitytv.co m.
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