Welcome, Amazing Race fans, to this week's recap. If you watched last week's premiere episode we were introduced to the 11 new teams and got to know a little about them (sometimes more than we wanted to know). The first team to be eliminated was odd couple John and Scott, having had no luck with either taxi drivers or magic genie powers. So - who will be Philiminated this week? Will Lisa and Joni break out the Bedazzler and screech their way through this episode? Will Fran and Barry walk right by their clues again? Let's find out....

The Tasks

1. Travel 2.5 miles to the Edificio Copan, enter through Bloco F and pick up their next clue.

2. Roadblock. One member of each team must choose one of three fire escapes at the Edificio Copan and climb to the top. First to make it to the top is first to descend.

3. That team member must then rappel down the side of the 400 ft. building and pick up the next clue.

4. Travel to the Barra Funda Bus Station and get tickets for one of three buses, with departure times of 10:15, 11:15, and 12:15, and travel 150 miles to Brotas.

5. Pick a different colored Volkswagon bug to get their next clue, and then choose a...

6. Detour - Teams could either:
a. Press It: travel to Camping Bela Vista in Brotas, Brazil, press sugar canes to extract the juice, and distill the fermented juice into 500 milliliters of ethanol, which they must then pour into their cars as fuel.

b. Climb It: travel to Usina Jacare, hike to a waterfall and climb a rope up a 90-foot waterfall using mechanical ascenders.

7. Travel 20 miles to the next Pit Stop at Fazenda Primavera de Serra, a 19th century coffee plantation.

Eric and Jeremy Departing 5:34 am

The resident horndogs are the first to leave for the Edificio Copan, waiting up for unlikely travel buddies BJ and Tyler. During the taxi ride there, they manage to compliment a prostitute's rear end, but she ends up being a he. We are also informed that if they happen to get some sex while on the Race, it's all good. Anyone else think these guys are trying just way too hard? They reach the building early, only to find out that it doesn't open until 8 am. Once the task gets underway, Jeremy wastes no time in reaching the first roof, coming in first. After descending, they then grab a ticket on the 10:15 bus. Once there, they hop in the green VW and choose Climb It as their detour. Eric flounders as he tries to climb the rope, but Jeremy fares better. Deciding to be true slackers and just follow BJ and Tyler to the Pit Stop, the pair worries that their leaders are lost, and stop at a gas station to get directions...

BJ and Tyler Departing 5:36 am

Also one of the first to arrive at the Edificio, the pair make the decision to climb the third staircase, which nobody else had the sense to think of. With no competition, BJ completes the task and they get on the early bus. Grabbing a gold VW bug and proclaiming that they are "going back to their roots" in that car, the two summon their inner Hippie Powers and speed off to the waterfall. Tyler climbs first, obviously loving the experience. Bj follows with no problems, and they make their way to the Pit Stop, smartly asking a local to help them find it...

Wanda and Desiree Departing 5:45 am

Leaving third, the mother and daughter team also played the hurry up and wait game at the first task. Desiree eventually makes it to the first roof but is in third place. With Wanda cheering her on, she descends. The logjam on the first building causes them to lose some time, however, forcing them onto the 11:15 bus. Getting in their car, they choose the Press It detour, probabaly having had enough of heights for the day. They make a wrong turn on the way, losing precious minutes and arriving just after David and Lori. While watching their sugar cane juice distill, Desiree comments that "This is karma for all the times I passed out in Chemistry class." After pouring the finished product into their car, they head off to the Pit Stop....

Dave and Lori Departing 5:49 am

Another pair of early birds, David and Lori choose the second building. David plods up the 33 floor stairway to the roof, rappelling down to an encouraging Lori and leaving the first task in 6th place. They also get a spot on the 11:15 bus. The pair then drive their bug off to their chosen Detour, Press It. David claims that he did the very same experiment in school, so it'll be a snap this time around. His chemistry teacher would be proud. Cranking out the sugary juice, he exclaims that the "Spirit of Mr. Wizard is with us," and they soon pour their finished ethanol into the car and zoom away...

Lake and Michelle Departing 6:10 am

Married couple Lake and Michelle arrive a bit later at the Edificio Copan, but Lake seems to have no problem with the arduous climb and makes it to the second building's roof. After his descent, the directionally-challenged duo make a mistake and go to the wrong bus terminal, earning them a spot on the last bus to leave. They eventually arrive at their Detour, Climb It. It's ladies first as Michelle breezes up the rope, with her way-too-intense hubby following. Lake lets his primal side out as he grunts and hollers his way up the waterfall. The pair also enlist the help of a local to find the Pit Stop, but he must stop for gas, letting Danielle and Dani catch up. With the double D's in his rearview mirror, Lake floors it...

Joseph and Monica Departing 6:13 am

Joseph and his Barbie doll of a girlfriend Monica make it to the second building, with Joseph hightailing it to the top. Mo hollers encouraging words, and you just know this girl used to be a cheerleader. The fast climb gets them a place on the first bus, leaving at 10:15. After picking the white car they head to their Detour of choice, Climb It. Monica admits that she's worried about keeping up with the boys on the rope climb, but she handles it with no problems. Joseph follows suit and they head to the final stop, asking for directions on the way...

Ray and Yolanda Departing 6:47 am

This couple does well in the first task, with Ray making his way to the first roof. He rappells down second, and the pair grabs a ticket on the 11:15 bus. They choose to Climb It and head off to the waterfall. Yolanda goes first, with Ray hollering for her to use her incredibly muscular legs to climb the rope. He tells us that her legs are stronger than his, and I believe it. Don't mess with this girl, she could literally kick your butt to the next continent. Ray climbs the rope next, and they make their way to the plantation...

Fran and Barry Departing 7:06 am

Token older couple Fran and Barry choose to let Fran climb the stairs in the first task. She finally makes it but has to comfort a terrified Danielle at the top. After she makes it to the bottom in last place, they take their seats on the late bus and head to the Climb It challenge, claiming to know nothing about making ethanol. Bad luck strikes, and their car breaks down on the way to the Detour. A replacement arrives and finally they get to the falls, but Fran gets tangled up in her rope and lets Michelle pass her by. Barry has similiar problems, and Danielle cruises by him. They struggle to finish, and a somewhat dejected team makes their way in the dark to the Pit Stop...

Danielle and Dani Departing 7:19 am

The friends that thought cleavage would help them out in the Race get to the first task, and Danielle promptly freaks out on the roof of the building, holding up the people behind her. Fran sweetly hugs her and tells her she'll be alright. Danielle finally makes it to the bottom, telling us that she can conquer anything now. The pair leave the Edificio in eighth place, getting stuck on the 12:15 bus. Not wasting any down time, they flirt with Eric and Jeremy at the bus station. The girls pick to Climb It and have much less trouble completing that task, as they hop in their car and come up on Lake and Michelle...

Lisa and Joni Departing 7:28 am

Late sleepers Lisa and Joni finally arrive to see that everybody else is already at the building. Joni chooses to do the climbing, being the fourth to get to the top of the second roof. Leaving ninth overall, they get on the late bus and head to the Detour. The sisters pick the red VW and Lisa proceeds to grind gears, leaving bits of transmission along the way. Note to self...learn to drive a stick before applying for TAR. Lisa is miserable and stressed out, but Joni tries her best to calm her. They proceed to the Press It detour, and Lisa is still having a hard time. Joni tells her to pretend she's giving birth while pressing the sugar canes, but Lisa retorts that she can't do that because she had a C-section. The women finally finish, and sadly head for the Pit Stop....

The Results

First place - Bj and Tyler, winning a trip for two to Tahiti.
Second place - Eric and Jeremy. They shouldn't have doubted their partners.
Third place - Joseph and Monica
Fourth place - David and Lori
Fifth place - Ray and Yolanda
Sixth place - Wanda and Desiree
Seventh place - Lake and Michelle
Eighth place - Danielle and Dani
Ninth place - Fran and Barry, who couldn't believe they made it

Eliminated - Lisa and Joni.

Next week...we head to Moscow, Russia and play with nesting dolls.

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