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What more can be said about Brenna Gethersí American Idol experience? Trust me, nothing I could tantalize you with in this introduction could illuminate what makes Brenna so...Brenna more than reading the text of her media interview for yourself. In the meantime, I will say that Brenna would approve of me saying her name five times in this paragraph. I'm only up to four, so I had better get cracking. Read on to see how Brenna entertained questions from reporters. And I do mean ďentertained.Ē

Q: Why didnít you just go on The Apprentice? Why American Idol?

A: Oh, no, no, no. Not for me, darling. I think that American Idol is the best reality TV show out there. You wonít be seeing me doing Fear Factor and the rest of those things, or on The Apprentice.

Q: Yes, but on The Apprentice, youíre going after the money. Come on.

A: I am an American Idol singer. Iím a singer, Iím an actress, Iím all of the above. And now America sees, Americaís my target area. Youíve got to read into it. Americaís the target area that Iím looking for so America now knows who I am. Itís the largest watched show ever. Thatís more than The Apprentice. Come on, Donald, you should know that.

Q: Now, do you think that your outpouring of confidence had anything to do with being eliminated? Do you think that might have turned people off?

A: Not at all. But I do feel that if a woman is assertive, sheís seen as aggressive or obnoxious or ruder. And if a man is assertive, heís Simon Cowell, I guess. Or heís doing what he has to do to get by in the business. So I think thereís a double standard that just needs to be Ė needs to catch up with this new century that weíre in. This new millennium, if you will.

Q: Well, thank you very much.

A: Thank you, Corey [Moss, MTV News]. I will be sending my tape to MTV so look out for it.

Q: Well, I just wanted to ask, were you guys offended last night when Paula and Simon seemed to be making jokes at like very tense moments, like right before you were finding out if you were eliminated? Paula and Simon are making jokes about fortune cookies and stuff like that. What was going through your head?

A: Well, they actually didnít make any comments before mine.

Q: Yes, before yours they didnít. But Ė

A: They didnít. So I really donít have any say on that. They didnít make Ė I guess they knew better. I donít know. I donít know. They didnít say anything before mine.

Q: Were you guys surprised, do you think, that they were saying stuff like that?

A: I mean, this is a TV show. Youíre in the business, you know. Itís a TV show. Ryan Seacrest always makes it so intense and everyoneís sweating. Come on. Itís a TV show. They do what they need to do to get ratings. Itís great.

Q: So they were trying to just lighten the mood?

A: Oh, you know. They do what they do. Theyíre paid to do that. Theyíre paid to do what they do and they do it.

Q: Since youíre up for acting, are you interested in any daytime soaps?

A: Yes, I love them Ė excellent. I love Passions; I really do think that I can. Iíve seen them done before, soap operas. Theyíre really tough. But I think that with just a little bit of oomph, I can do it. I could do soap operas. Iíd love to.

Q: And what type of character would you be interested in?

A: In any character I could be. The sexy siren, I could be the singer, if you will; I could be the receptionist since Iíve answered phone in my life but I wonít be going back to doing that. I could be the love interest. I could be the detective. I could be the lady who slept with the other manís husbandís wifeís husband. You know, whatever.

Q: What are your thoughts on Paris since you got to know her a little bit?

A: I canít comment on that because itís about Brenna Gethers. Write that. Youíve got to either love it or hate it. But you will talk about it. I will be talked about.

Q: Fair enough. What other TV shows, types of TV shows are you interested in besides soaps?

A: Series. Dramadies, you know? Comedy.

Q: Any favorite shows?

A: Oh, my God. I love the Simpsons, love Curb Your Enthusiasm. I love that kind of dry humor; you kind of have to have a brain to laugh at it. Kind of like Curb Your Enthusiasm or even Seinfeld. A lot of people didnít like him but if you really Ė he made sense and he made sense to me.

But anything that is willing to come my way, Iíd do it. Even if they wanted me to host a TV show. Yes, whatever comes my way. Iíll field opportunities.

Q: So you were roommates with Becky, werenít you? Whatís the deal with the room then? Is there some bad Feng Shui going on in there or what?

A: No. I think the Feng Shui is Shui-ing all right.

Q: Is there anybody else in the room that we need to worry about?

A: There are two more people in the room but theyíre on the show and you need to be talking to and about me.

Q: That ruins my next question. I was going to say, since you obviously took yourself to win this whole thing, whoís your pick to be the runner up and actually win it?

A: Actually, the secret rumor is that theyíre going to ask me to come back on the show and Iím going to win the whole thing. Keep watching. Stay tuned.

Q: Or you could be a judge.

A: I could be a judge. I could be Simon Cowellís vixen. Or I could be the first Brenna Gethers. You know, either way.

Q: Thanks.

A (to reporter from People magazine): Love it. Love it. Iím hoping to make your Sexy Top 100.

Q: One day, right?

A: We could be Idols, too, hello?

Q: Going back to Simon and Paulaís comments, did anyone ever get to the bottom of what they were even talking about? Like, was it talked about after the show? Was it ever explained what this whole fortune cookie thing? Like, did you know anything about it?

A: Well, they didnít make any comments to me.

Q: I know, but you were in the room and you heard it and everyone was talking about it.

A: Yes, but they didnít make any comments to me or even before me. So it was kind of like, maybe they knew better. Who knows? I donít know. Maybe they were Ė I donít know, afraid to make a comment. I donít know.

Q: Well, Paula said that Simon was whispering in her ear. Did you see him whispering in her ear?

A: Well, remember, I was the first person to get eliminated, so I probably wasnít around.

Q: Youíve been very outspoken about youíre willing to anything in the entertainment industry.

A: Yes, I think weíre very clear on that.

Q: Youíre very, very clear on that. I was wondering if like thereís any thought of Ė

(Persons talking simultaneously).

Ö sincere and working against you and if youíve thought about it in that light.

A: Has what worked against me?

Q: Just that youíre basically saying that youíre willing to do anything and somebody might take it as youíre not sincere about being a singer or Ė

(Persons talking simultaneously).

A: No, no, no. I donít think so. I think if we really look at how singers and actually entertainers were in the day, it wasnít so stick-in-the-mud, oh, I am just a singer, I am just a dancer, I am just an actress. Youíve got to be a triple threat, if we remember correctly when all of Hollywood wasnít Ö and I think today, people are afraid to do all of them and to do them well. And for me, Iím like the Renaissance woman. Iím going to sing, Iím going act, Iím going to dance, Iím going to do it all. And either way, youíre going to know me.

Q: Are you going to do anything to prepare for those roles? Like take more acting lessons or singing lessons or anything to really kind of sell all of them?

A: If I need to, I will. If it comes to a point that I need to do it, then Iíll do it. If I donít, like, I donít think I need comedy lessons. I donít know. I just tell the truth. If I were on Curb Your Enthusiasm, I donít think Iíd need to take an acting lesson for that. Iíd just have to kind of bounce off of Larry Davidís energy, you know? And I think that I donít need an acting class for that.

So whatever comes my way, like I said, Iím fielding opportunities. Iím not going to jump at anything. But I am going to field opportunities and see what comes my way.

Q: All right. Well, good luck to you.

A: Thank you so much. Pitch it to the Editor, 100 Top People Ö Pitch it to the Editor.

Q: So Brenna, the whole time that you were on the show, I think that us viewers kind of got the idea that you were on the show- you were sort of treating the whole thing as kind of like a glorified audition. Like, yes, youíre a singer, but you also were just basically interested in getting your foot in the door and Idol was a great platform for you. Would you say thatís an accurate description?

A: I think Idol is a great platform for anyone. Of course, itís American Idol, and itís a singing competition. But anyone who thinks that itís purely and merely a singing competition has another thing coming. There have been actresses that come out of this show; there have been so many different types of careers that came out of it.

And for me, of course, I love to sing. Itís my first love. Iím going to do that regardless. But for me, Iím in 150 million homes. Why not take full advantage of it and capitalize on it? This is America, home of capitalization. Why not do it?

Q: Well, keeping that in mind, when you were singing your song for the last time, did you have in mind okay, America, this is my last opportunity to just sort of wow everybody for my future career. What was going through your mind?

A: Heck no. This isnít my last chance to woo America. Maybe my last chance to woo American Idol like fans, diehard fans. But I have fans and I think thatís the great thing about this show is that people really do root for you and stand behind you. And for me, just get ready. Your appetite has already been whet for Brenna, itís been whetted for Brenna and you know what? You enjoy the ride, too, America. Because Iím going to enjoy it.

Q: Well, that being said then, while youíre fielding all the other opportunities that are going to come your way, do you think that you will continue to watch the show?

A: I think everyone should watch the show. Itís a great show and you know what? 70 million people watch Ė probably more votes than any election Ė actually 42 million votes. Probably the most votes ever in any election in the history of elections. So itís a good show. Keep watching, guys.

Q: I know the high school in Mt. Vernon in general could be a tough place so I know that you were like an honors student and you went on to go to college and graduate. How were you able to stay focused even though your family struggled?

A: Anything that you want in life, and I think whether you come from Mt. Vernon, which has a lot of things going on or whether you come from a farm town, like Heather Cox did; you have to just be focused on what you want to do. If thereís anything in life that you must remember, itís to reach for your dreams and to be focused because thereís so many distractions in life, whether itís love or whether itís Ė Iím not saying that love is a bad distraction but thereís love, thereís oh-my-goodness-I-still-have-to-pay-the-mortgage, thereís this, thereís that, thereís Ö thereís snow, whatever. You just have to remain to be true to yourself, wish for your goals and just have faith that God will take care of you. Iím a firm believer of that.

Q: Do you feel that being from Mt. Vernon, which is known for producing so much talent, does that play any role for you in growing up that knowing that you came from where other artists came from?

A: Absolutely. Thereís a Mt. Vernon legacy. Thereís Denzel and Phylicia Rashad, Debbie Allen, Pete Rock, Ben Gordon, most recently; (background noise) and the list goes on. So for me, itís just Ö itís just Ė and I know Iím leaving some out so if you quote it, if youíre writing this down as a quote, please tell them I know Iím leaving some out.

But for me, itís great to be part of that legacy because for me, this is just the beginning. I really do feel that and whether Iím doing my career in New York, on the East Coast or whether Iím having my career on the West Coast, itís just get ready for Brenna. It may take some time to get her up and rolling, full speed ahead. Even a Porsche takes about four seconds to go from zero to sixty. Just give me some time. But I am well on my way.

Q: Now, you had mentioned that youíre open to any kind of opportunities out there. But would you rather sing than act?

A: No. I want to be a triple threat. I want to sing, I want to act, I want to be able to dance. I really want to do it all and I always try to remind people of that. In old Hollywood, people were able to dance, sing and act equally well. And now, in todayís time, if youíre a singer, you canít be an actor; if youíre an actor, donít even try to sing, donít try to dance. Ö do anything. Thatís why all these other shows are coming out great because theyíre kind of stepping over the line Ė the career line, so to speak.

But for me, I want to do what I do and I want to do it well. And an entertainer entertains. So thatís what I want to do. I just donít want to be the next singer or the next ďitĒ singer. I want to be an entertainer and also learn the business because singers come and go but producers stay forever.

Q: Do you had any words of wisdom from the judges after about your career and how you should attack it?

A: I spoke to a few judges Ė a few means three, so I spoke to a couple judges because a couple means two post-show. What we all have to remember is that this is a TV show and like I always Ė people saw me rough and tough. I was competing with XYZ, the competitor, not the human being. And I think people get lost in the drama of reality shows and oh, this person hates this person. No, itís not that. Itís just that weíre all vying for the same job. And the advice that I was given, to me, really did Ė I guess it really did help me even more so on in the direction. And a lot of people have, in the past, sometimes fallen through the cracks of the American Idol machine. But I donít think that, with the best line that Iíve given in probably American Idol history about if you want to be coal in my diamond, then bling bling and shine on. I donít think you could forget someone who says that, you know what I mean? I really donít.

I liken the American Idol experience Ė oh, Iíve got it. I liken the American Idol experience as a diving board. Iím able to spring off of it and dive into the pool of possibilities that awaits me. I really do feel like America has gotten a chance to know me; either love me or hate me. But theyíre talking about me around their water coolers; theyíre stopping right now from typing from their busy jobs to talk about me and I think thatís awesome.

Iím just a little olí Jane Schmo from the street that someone is thinking enough to talk about me. Itís great.
Q: Knowing that you are a black belt in Shotokan, were you ever, at any point, tempted to give someone a karate chop?

A: A karate chop? Simon almost made me give him a karate chop once.

Q: Really?

A: Yes. I saw him in a dark alley, he was stalking me and I almost karate chopped him because I was like, what are you doing? Simon, Simon, karate chop.

Q: A lot of the judges were talking about how cute Kevin was and Ace was and stuff. I want to know what guy the girls were talking about the most and gushing over.

A: Me. They were all gushing over me. And I said, ladies, ladies, ladies, calm down. I am taken. Ladies, calm down. I have a boyfriend. Step away. Thatís exactly what happened..

Q: I know that youíre all-knowing, but did you learn anything during American Idol that youíre going to apply to your future?

A: Yes. Be comfortable in being yourself. I donít care if Simon doesnít like you, if Paula doesnít like you, if Randy doesnít like you or America doesnít like you. Be who you are because God made you that way. And I always say if you have a problem with who I am, you can always call my father, he has a 24-hour hotline. His name is Jesus. Just call him and heíll be there.

Many thanks to FOX for this revealing peek into Brennaís world.