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Thread: Survivor 3/2 Recap - Beans, Beans, the Musical Fruit

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    Survivor 3/2 Recap - Beans, Beans, the Musical Fruit

    Last week we saw Ruth Marie off to Loser Lodge, Casaya whip La Mina's collective butts in both challenges, and Terry's discovery of the hidden immunity idol (was anyone really surprised?). Of course we had the usual bickering and infighting at Casaya, and Bobby gave us the catch phase of the week as he christened their new bush bathroom. Think we can top that this week? You betcha.

    Good Morning, Camp La Mina!

    The show opens with a beautiful sunrise over the beach, and the members of La Mina waking up with smiles. Why, I don't know...for people that haven't eaten in ages, they are awfully cheerful. Sally confesses that it's a pretty proud moment for her to still be there, and that the guys must have seen something valuable in her for them to keep her around. Let's hope you don't have to eat those words, Sally. She then tells Nick that she misses Ruth Marie already, but you just know she's jumping up and down on the inside. I'm just glad it was her and not me! Woohoo!

    Meanwhile, over at Camp Crazy Casaya, Bruce is spending his morning building a zen rock garden. He hopes that it will bring good energy and a "zen beauty" into camp and into people's souls. Good luck with that, Bruce. Some of these people are way beyond help. King Aras is displeased that Bruce isn't over with the rest of the tribe, trying to start a fire with soaking wet wood. Because apparently it takes five people instead of four. How dare Bruce do something on his own without permission! Aras attacks Bruce and tells him that they have priorites, dammit, and a rock garden just isn't one of them. Highly offended, Bruce assumes the Crane position and roundhouse kicks Aras in the head. No, not really. But I wish he would have. Bruce tells Aras he feels disrespected, they kiss and make up, and Aras comments that he'd like a break and wouldn't mind going to Exile Island. I'm sure more than a few people would like to send you there, too, Aras.

    Grab That Fish

    Both tribes meet on the beach for the Reward Challenge. Jeff tells Casaya that Ruth Marie was voted off, and the remaining women exchange glances. Yes, the girls are getting decimated. Better start thinking about that, ladies. Back to the challenge - the teams must run out to a boat and carry back bags of beans, rice, and fish, one at a time, throwing them in succession to the next teammate. The beans and rice must be placed in a box at the end, but the heads and tails of each fish must be chopped off before it can go in the box. The prize? The winners get to keep all of the food from the challenge, plus they get spices, cooking oil, utensils, and *gasp* wine! These people seem more excited about the alcohol than the food, but whatever. The losers get to keep either their rice or their beans, and one of them gets a free ride to Exile Island.

    The teams stop drooling over the prospect of food and get the game underway. Aras tells Jeff that "the two young girls," Courtney and Danielle, will sit this one out since they have too many to play. See a trend here? Casaya takes an early lead until they get to the fish-throwing, when Bobby drops the first one. Strangely enough, Bruce has trouble chopping the heads off the fish, putting them even further behind. You'd think that a guy who loves to carry around that machete as much as he does would be able to slice and dice some fish, but I guess not. Bobby switches with Bruce on the chopping duties, and I wince as I watch him with the hatchet. I keep waiting for a finger to go flying, but it doesn't happen. Terry has no trouble on his end, whacking the ends off and giving La Mina the lead. Until Sally, who seems to have trouble with all things fish, suddenly can't catch the fish that Dan is throwing her way. This is enough to kill their lead, and Casaya barely wins it. A dejected La Mina chooses to keep their beans, and Terry is sent packing to Exile Island once again.

    Lake Casaya

    A jubilant Casaya returns to camp with their spoils only to find it has been flooded. Everything is under water - their shelter, fire pit, even the Casa de Charmin. So much for product placement. How about a nice sump pump for this place instead?Unable to start a fire to cook their food, they decide to eat the fish raw. Bruce makes himself useful and sets up a sushi bar, slicing the fillets into bite-sized pieces. Everyone chows down with the exception of Cirie, who looks less than thrilled with the prospect of eating raw fish. Hey, we eat everything fried down South. Courtney is shocked and awed and Cirie has never had sushi, and proceeds to hit the bottle of wine.

    Gas-X, Anyone?

    Over at La Mina's camp, they are enjoying a pot of beans that they have cooked up. Well, as much as you can enjoy plain old beans, I guess. Without Terry there to tell him what to do and how much to eat, Austin and Nick go for seconds. WIth full stomachs they lie down for a nap...but wait. As soon as they lie down, the two start complaining about being nauseous. Gee, nobody thought a double helping of beans would cause any problems on an empty stomach? We get to hear about Nick and Austin's gastrointestinal troubles (on both ends) but are spared the gory details. Thanks, guys.

    A Bottle of Wine, and Thou...

    It's nighttime back at Lake Casaya, and Bobby and Bruce are bonding in the outhouse with the last bottle of wine. Yes, you heard me right. They justify their sneakiness by saying that it's okay because their spots in the shelter were taken, their blankies were taken, and the rest of the tribe is just plain being meanies. So there. Bobby announces that he's outta there if he makes it to the merge, and Bruce hiccups in reply. Methinks that Bruce can't hold his liquor very well. They promise to not vote for each other and that they'll stick together til the end, sealing the deal with a sloppy handshake. Yeah, but will you still respect him in the morning?

    Morning comes, and the camp is trashed. Courtney wonders aloud where Bruce and Bobby are, til Bobby staggers out from behind the bathroom. Cirie discovers Bruce still inside, empty bottle of wine at his feet. This throws everyone into an uproar. How dare they drink the last bottle of booze? Courtney lays into Bobby, and he gets an attitude back. She says that the last bottle should have been for the whole tribe (translated: I wanted it for myself!). Bobby declares her to be one of the most annoying people in the world, and I have to agree.

    You Have Tree Mail

    Dan gets a little coffin-shaped box with a note about the upcoming Immunity Challenge, which consists of sunken coffins filled with skull puzzle pieces. Jeff pronounces it "Skoal" instead of skull, irritating me to no end. They teams must retrieve the pieces and build a pyramid, topping it off with a golden skull. Cirie and Bruce are sitting this one out for Casaya. The teams dive in and begin untying the coffins, bringing back the skull pieces. La Mina, probably getting tired of having their asses handed to them in challenges, takes an early lead. Sally and Austin have some trouble assembling the pyramid, but eventually get it right, winning it for La Mina.

    Wheeling and Dealing

    Casaya drags back to camp, and the plotting begins as to who goes next. Shane pipes up and says that it's Bobby, no discussion. Aras, on the other hand, wants him to stay and thinks Bruce should go instead because he can't be controlled. What he really means is that Bruce doesn't respect his authoritah. In a rare moment of cognizance, Shane says that they can't trust Bobby and that he'll flip as soon as he has a chance. Aras dismisses Shane and says it's Bruce, done deal. Maybe sensing a crack in his alliance, Shane goes to Bobby and makes a deal, "swearing on his kid" yet again. Why anyone would swear on someone else's kid, I don't know.

    Courtney, feeling the love in Bruce's zen rock garden, is shown doing yoga right in the middle of it. Bruce isn't a happy camper, wondering why she had to choose that spot when she had the whole beach. Hey, she's not one of the world's most annoying people for nothing, Bruce.

    The girls get a clue and gather on the beach, plotting amongst themsleves. They see Aras setting himself up to win, and decide that they're having none of that - they decide they want Bobby gone instead of Bruce. Huh? Why not vote out Aras, then? Don't try and follow the logic here, there is none. The women drag Shane into the group and explain their plans. He flips out because he's sworn on his kid, and why didn't they tell him their plans before?

    At tribal council, Casaya is hardly a tight group. They all snipe and gripe about each other, while Jeff sits and grins. Good TV, this. Jeff reminds everyone that Bruce may have the immunity idol, and they all cast their votes:

    Bruce: Courtney
    Bobby: Bruce
    Cirie: Bobby
    Shane: Aras
    Courtney: Bobby
    Aras: Bruce
    Danielle: Bobby

    Bobby is voted off and we hear him express his disdain for his tribemates, calling them spineless little twerps and telling us that they made him want to throw up. Tell us how you really feel, Bobby.

    Never want to eat beans again? Tell me about it at:waywyrd@fansofrealitytv.com
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