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Last Friday I attended a media interview with Becky OíDonohue, the twin who made it to Hollywood while leaving her voicebox-challenged sister behind. Perhaps she was missing the moral support of her singing partner, or perhaps America wasnít inclined to pass her along based on her stunning good looks alone, but her spotty performance wasnít enough to carry her into the next round. Still, she seems the type to feel that a little exposure canít hurt...as long as itís tasteful. Those pictures for Maxim werenít topless, after all.

Q: Letís talk about those Maxim photos.

Becky: Okay.

Q: In all seriousness, do you think that had something to do with you being eliminated last night?

Becky: No, I really donít think that it did. I mean, the two were unrelated and Iíll never really know why I was eliminated because only America knows. But no, I donít think it had anything to do with it.

Q: When you look back at it now, are you proud of it? Or do you regret it? And would you do Playboy?

Becky: I donít regret anything. I was a model for hire and it was just a normal shoot that you go on for auditions and go-sees. And as far as Playboy, no, I donít see that in my future right now. Itís not something I would want to do with my career, although Iíd be flattered. But no, Iím not interested right now.

Q: Do you think youíd follow Simon or Paulaís advice about pursuing modeling? Is that you next step?

Becky: Of course I would. I wouldnít put singing on a back burner. Singing has always been my first love, but I am willing to pursue avenues in acting and modeling especially to get my name out there for singing. And I love being in front of the camera and I feel very comfortable and I love doing it. So what other better way to spend your day than doing something you love.

Q: You called Simon your favorite judge before. Do you still think that?

Becky: My opinion hasnít changed. Heís always very honest and as I said before, if you can get him to say something nice about you, it makes you feel good because he doesnít say it much. And when he gives you a compliment, you know that he really means it. And he did it with me, so I still like him.

Q:Would you say it was unfair that the song that you personally like, ďBecause the Night,Ē didnít work for you?

Becky: No, it wasnít unfair. I went down with a rock song and Iím okay with that. I can live with that because I love rock and I had so much fun on the stage and I really showed who I was, in both performances when I sang it. I donít regret picking that song for a single second.

Q:What most pleasantly surprised you about the Idol experience? And what, other than getting booted so soon, was the biggest disappointment?

Becky: What surprised me the most would have to be looking back to see how much Iíve grown because going into this, you want to win; you want to do your best. But you never actually think that youíre going to change and youíre going to become a better performer and artist for it. So I was pleasantly surprised with just how far Iíve come as an individual.

As far as being booted off this early, of course itís disappointing. But that was yesterday and Iím moving forward and I canít wait to see the opportunities that will now present them to myself after American Idol has put me on the stage in front of millions and millions of people. Iím very anxious and again, Iím very excited to see those doors that have been opened.

Q: You know, a lot of the pre-season hype was about how this would be the cattiest, most back-stabbing-est group yet. Did you get a sense of any of that?

Becky: No, I didnít. I mean, people want publicity and they want controversy. Twenty-four different people from 24 different walks of life and personalities and I think under the circumstances, we were put in, we got along fabulously and very professionally.

Q: You were on Fear Factor before, and now Idol. Is there another reality show that you would like to be on next?

Becky: You know, I havenít even thought about it. When we did Fear Factor, we hadnít been dying to do it. These situations just arise. I havenít really even given any thought to whether I want to do another reality show.

Q:Back to Maxim for a little bit, I know the judges recommended you to modeling. I was wondering if you had done any other modeling besides that.

Becky: Oh, yes. I have. Iíve done a lot of different stuff. Iíve been in a bunch of different magazines; Glamour, Good Housekeeping; Iíve done television, movies; Iíve done a lot out there. So Iím definitely going to get back into the swing of things with that.

Q: Were you surprised how much traffic the Maxim Online got yesterday? Because it almost crashed the Website.

Becky: You know, youíre the second person thatís told me that. I was completely unaware. And I guess Iíll take it as a compliment. But again, this is all so weird for me because I never would have thought that people would have been interested in me. And itís a form of flattery.

Q:You got on Fear Factor, which isnít an easy show to get on; you made it to the top group of American Idol. Why do you think youíre able to get so far on these shows that a lot of people try to get on but never get to the point where you got?

Becky: I wish I had the answer to that but the only thing that I can tell you is that I always believe in myself and I donít worry about what other people are doing; just what Iím doing. And people say that they believe in me and they see a quality in me that youíre either born with or youíre not. And I wish I can be more specific as to what that is, but honestly, with every audition that I do, I just go out there and I be me. And if people like it, great. And if they donít, then itís on to the next audition.

Q: Do you think your looks play a big part of that?

Becky: You know, I donít really know. People have brought that up. Again, Iím just me every day. And if it helps, great. If it didnít, thatís fine, too.

Q: Hey, I wanted to ask you, just picking up on what the last caller just said; youíre obviously very attractive. I didnít think you were the worst singer by any means last night. Do you think that your looks may have worked against you? Like, is there a "pretty girls finish last" kind of thing going on here?

Becky: I canít really say. I would hope that it wouldnít because you like people for who they are and how they present themselves on stage. But every individual out there has their reasons for either voting for you or not voting for you. I wouldnít want to speculate and say that it had to do with my appearance. It wouldnít be fair for me to do that.

Q: So since I work at a teen magazine, Iím going to take you back a couple years to your teen years.

Becky: Oh, I have stories for you.

Q: Has this sort of issue come up with you and other girls when you were in your teen years? Have you sort of had to fight that? You and your sister?

Becky: Well, you know what I can tell you is that middle school was the worst years of my life. Youíre going through all the changes; I was a sixth grader with a 30-year old womanís haircut, trying to get it right.

Through high school, people always tell you that oh, theyíre just jealous, but you donít believe it when youíre going through it, and to this day, you never really know. Iíve always been a confident person and if I did get a lot of attention because of the way I looked and if people disagreed with it, then I couldnít really help it. But itís hard. You never really know why people donít like you and you would hate to think that a person would do it for your appearance. But you never know.

Q: After the show, what was your night like last night? Was there any family with you? And whatís your day been like so far today?

Becky: Okay. Last night after the show, we were put in a little room and we had to do some talking so I missed seeing my mom. My mother was there with Eileen Ross, who actually used to live in Dobbs Ferry. And I saw them back at the hotel we were staying at. We had a nice dinner. Iíd already had a good cry immediately after the show and I havenít shed a tear since then because youíre only going up from here and now you have to concentrate on the opportunities that lay ahead.

As far as today, weíve been with people from Fox and doing some press and getting our names out there and trying to strike while the ironís hot.

Q:You roomed with Brenna, right? Did she live up to her diva reputation behind closed doors?

Becky: Yes, I roomed with Brenna. She is a wonderful girl and we got along fabulously. The way she is on camera is the way she is. We have never, ever had a disagreement Ė weíve never even had a disagreement in the room, ever. We always respected each other and we really talked it up. We got along great.

Q: Are you going to be rooting for her through the rest of the competition?

Becky: Of course I am. Iím going to be rooting for everyone.

Q: Whatís your take on Paris Bennett? Thereís been a lot of pre-buzz about her. Whatís your impression having met her and seen her live?

Becky: Oh, sheís a very nice girl. Sheís very sweet. Sheís a great performer, and just like myself and the rest of the contestants, she puts her all into every performance and she tries to be the best that she can be.

Q: And were the Brittenum twins really that annoying in person when you saw them in Hollywood?

Becky: You know, the Brittenum twins, with everything thatís going on with them Ė I did speak with them during Hollywood week and they were really nice to me. Again, you never see what goes on once the cameraís turned on. But my experience with them wasnít bad at all.

Q: What, if anything would have done differently last Tuesday night?

Becky: Not that I wouldnít have done anything differently, but I wish that stupid last note at the end Ė I nailed it every single time except on TV! But no, I wouldnít change anything. I was very happy with my song selection. I went out there, I had a great time. Maybe a little nervous but I was really proud of my performance and the way I handled myself, especially last night.

Q: Whoís your personal pick to make it to the final four, if not to win the whole enchilada?

Becky: Oh, I donít know. You know what? Especially being just where the contestants are now, only hours ago, and everyone wondering whoís going to make it, I would never pick a favorite because theyíre all working so hard and theyíre all trying to perform the best that they can.

Q: Is there anything that really surprised you about the American Idol experience? If so, what was it?

Becky: Anything that really surprised me? It would just have to be how much I have grown as a performer, as an artist, because it was unexpected. You go into the competition confident and youíre worried about your voice and youíre so caught up with the whole deal that you never actually look back and say, wait a minute, I am growing so much and I am becoming such a better person for going through this. So itís been a nice surprise.

Q: What would a typical day as a contestant be like?

Becky: A typical day is always waking up early, being camera-ready, hair and make-up done. Shirts ironed. And it always differs. Sometimes you might have practice, sometimes you might have interviews, sometimes weíre practicing a song. It always changes, but I can tell you every, single day weíre busy. Every, single day.

Q:Youíve done reality shows before. Is there any reality show that you wouldnít do? And are you possibly going to appear on another one?

Becky: You know, I havenít even given it any thought. We had done Fear Factor and now this, which weíre not like these reality-crazy girls. If something comes up, weíll take a look at it. You know, you have to wait until itís put in front of you. But I hadnít really given it thought.

Q: There isnít any that you wouldnít do? Absolutely not?

Becky: Iím not really that familiar with reality shows to be able to pick some that I wouldnít do. I donít really know right now.

Q: So youíve done American Idol and singing, modeling, reality shows. I was just wondering, what is your ultimate career goal? Acting? Singing? All of the above?

Becky: Right now, Iím still trying to find my niche with that and I do want to experience all of them because I know that right now all three of them make me happy. Growing up itís always been singing. It makes me feel so good inside to sing. So I guess that would be number one. But I do want to pursue all three avenues.

Q: So youíre going to just let the offers come rolling in, then?

Becky: Hey, why not, right?

Q: How is your sister taking the news and all this? Is she more upset than you are?

Becky: No, sheís just Ė both my sisters, my younger sister Allie and my twin sister are just both so proud of me and just everything that Iíve accomplished and they canít wait to see me so they can give me a hug.

Q: It seems like the guys are always flirting with the girls when theyíre on stage. Be honest. Did any of the guys hit on you offstage?

Becky: No. No one did. Everyone was very friendly with me as all of the contestants and I got along with every single one of the guys. We have a great relationship.

Q: Were you attracted to any of the guys?

Becky: I had so much on my plate as far as just being focused and worrying about my song that there was no time for even to think about that.

Q: In your bio on the Website under most embarrassing moments, it says, walking out of a party with a professional athlete/celebrity and tripping, of course we have to ask, who was that celebrity?

Becky: I will take that one to the grave. That is never getting out. But I promise you, as soon as I went face first on that floor; my sister was hiding under the cheese table because she was so embarrassed. But Iíll tell you that the gentleman came over and offered me assistance and we joked about it afterwards.

Q: Iím pretty sure you guys arenít allowed to sign any contracts or anything until after the show ends. So what are you going to do between now and then, just to prepare for the next steps of your career? Are you going to take singing lessons or more acting lessons? Or what are you going to do to just get ready?

Becky: Oh, Iím going to be doing all of that. Iím going to prepare myself as best as I can so when I do have an opportunity, Iíll be ready for it. And also, everyone at Fox, they are helping me with that. Theyíre not looking to keep us hidden and locked away. They want us to do well and they encourage us to pursue any jobs that we can that are going to help us.

Q: You have a great Irish name. And this is going to come out around St. Patrickís Day. What are you going to be doing on St. Patrickís Day? Are you a party girl? Are we going to see you in the bars? What are you going to be doing?

Becky: Well, OíDonohue is a wonderful Irish name. Iím half Irish and Iím half Greek. And as far as St. Patrickís Day, it depends what day it falls on, because if itís a weekend night or if people are going out, I love to go out and have a good time. It depends where the party is.

Q: You were very pleased with the song that you chose, but was there another song that you kind of leaning towards and didnít do?

Becky: No. There were other songs that I had in mind, and Iíve got to tell you, I probably had some tricks up my sleeve if I did make it to the next round; I really had some numbers that I was really looking forward to doing. But I didnít get the chance to, and Iím not regretting anything with the first song.

Q: Is there a special guy in your life right now or are you single?

Becky: Of course you guys are asking that. Well, I was always keeping it that I am keeping my personal life out of the media, but of course, I do have very special people at home.

Q: Once you get into the public eye and everyoneís talking about you, friends or so-called friends have a tendency to call the tabloids and dish on everything they know about you. Are you concerned or have you had any trouble with all your past acquaintances and ex-boyfriends now calling to share everything they happen to know about you to the media?

Becky: My whole life, Iíve always tried to surround myself with people that I would want to represent me. And I donít have any friends that would ever do something like that. But anyone that does say anything, I can guarantee you were never a friend of mine. Because I know mine would never do that.

Q: And thereís no big surprises that we should expect?

Becky: No. Donít worry. Iím good. No surprises.

Q: Do you have any idea what your next move is as far as your career?

Becky: My next move is going home and giving my family a hug and after that, just kind of not so much sitting back, but seeing what opportunities arise. And pounding the pavement and getting myself out there and letting everybody know that Iím here to pursue my dream and to continue with it.