Each season of Survivor brings us sixteen new contestants, but not necessarily sixteen new “characters”.
With Survivor 6 : The Amazon starting this evening, take a look at some of the characters and see if you think Burnett has his stereotypes in place.

Sporty Girl.

Previous Title Holders:
Kelly W, Alicia, Lindsey, Tammy, Stephanie.

The sporty girl has the potential to triumph or fail spectacularly.
Fit and energetic, the Sporty Girl can seem aloof and does not always “play well with others”.
Witness, Kelly W: voted against her alliance mate Sue.
Alicia: Kimmi, chickens, finger wagging.
Lindsey: Creates “crap jewelry alliance” isolating the older members of the tribe.
Tammy: Tells everyone not in her immediate alliance that they “have done well to make the jury”.
Stephanie: Would rather sleep on the beach in the rain than be anywhere near her tribe.
Some listed have been victims of fate e.g. Alicia, consigned to being in the minority tribe by the twin demons of Michael’s fall into the fire and Kimmi’s big yap.
Others have been victims of their own foolish actions e.g. Tammy and her arrogance and Stephanie’s anti-social behaviour.
Most likely “Sporty Girl” – Joanna.


Previous Title Holders:
Colleen, Elisabeth, Kim P, Neleh, Tanya

The sweetheart is the one person who stands out from the crowd as being adorable.
That special “take her home to mom” kind of gal.

Some earn this title automatically, others by process of elimination.
No one can deny that both Colleen and Elisabeth were the rightful holders of that title in their respective seasons. Kim P? Would have had a strong contender in Jessie had she not almost died of dehydration and rampant lip crust.
Neleh, while annoying to many, was at least Burnett’s clear choice for sweet heart status, proving even Burnett can be off base on occasion.
Had we seen more of Tanya and less of her lunch she would surely have walked away with the title for season 5.

Most likely “Sweetheart” – Shawna.

Father Figure:

Previous Title Holders:
Rudi, Rodger ,Tom, Pappy, Jake

A mixture of athleticism and old-fashioned values, the Father Figure is often loved within the tribe for their sense of humour and nurturing manner. Few could resist Rudi’s crusty disapproval of the younger members of the tribes and Rodger beat the “Pagong” as his wonderful personality kept him in the game after two members of the majority tribe were sent packing (Jerri and Amber).
Being the oldest male member of a young tribe, Tom has the father figure role somewhat thrust upon him. He was the type of father you probably wouldn’t want your teenage daughter to spend a whole lot of time in the company of, particularly if she was wearing a bikini,
Pappy, well, the nickname says it all and Jake while clearly the oldest member in the tribe, earned the father figure title out-right with his mix of survival skills, camp fire stories and desire to “protect” his “children”.
Most likely “Father Figure” – Roger.

Mother Figure:

Previous Title Holders:
Sonja, Maralyn, Kim J, Patricia, Jan.

Ahhh, how very different than the father figure.
More than simply the oldest female in the tribe, the mother figure can be seen as meddlesome, over-powering, annoying, a liability during challenges and more than a tad crazy.
Kim J’s thong wearing attempt to “sex up” this role fell very short of the mark.
She blindly followed Lex, into the position of fourth member of his true alliance with Ethan and Tom, but gave hope to all such sacrificial alliance members by winning the final two immunity challenges.
Patricia managed to undo all the strides Kim J made for the mother level role, by trying to boss a tribe that contained many members particularly allergic to the very concept of any kind of hierarchy that didn’t place them at the very top of it.
Jan bought back the “crazy’ so successfully introduced by Sonja in the first season and cleverly combined it with a failure to even see, let alone comprehend the “bring her along then boot her” role Brian and Clay had so obviously set out for her.
Most likely “Mother Figure” - Janet.

Born Survivor:

Previous Title Holders:
Richard, Michael, Frank, Hunter, John

These guys would win any contest based purely on the physical and mental test of surviving in the wilderness. Their downfall is that the game requires you interact with your tribe.
You may say that Rich does not belong in this category because he won the original series, but who would have thought that early in the game?
Who would have thought that come the finale of the game?
He understood the game when no one else around him really seemed to, making him the original, and a special case for which all bets are off. He should have gone earlier, but the others just weren’t on the right wavelength, they just didn’t have a handle on the game.
Michael introduced a whole new level of weirdness that came to mark the essence of the “Born Survivor”. Food was indeed scarce, but he took delight in eating fish eyes and might well have done so, even if the producers had provided bountiful feasts.
Even bringing antlers as a luxury item will produce cries of “weirdo” from your tribe mates. Start smashing them together to simulate buck on buck wild fight action and those cries turn into frightened screams.
In the land of the lazy-asses the man who can sit on the beach all day yet complain about how much work he has to do is King. Hunter while unfortunate to find himself in a tribe that so closely resembled “lazy ass land”, did not help his situation by refusal to play the game on anything other than a pure survival level. Pastor John, we knew him so briefly, the rest of the Chuay Gahn tribe preferred it that way.
Most likely “Born Survivor” - Matthew.


Previous Title Holders:
Stacey, Jerri, Kelly, Shii Ann/Penny

You could actually be the type of person people consider a bitch, to be or you could simply be edited that way. This category discusses the Survivors who “appeared” to be the bitches.
Stacey and Jerri, no explanation needed.
Clever editing took Kelly from potential sweetheart in the early episodes to sorority beyotch by the time the tribal switch occurred. The early boot of Jessie seemed to throw everything off kilter. Kim P was not “born” to the role of sweetheart and could just as easily have been “sporty” girl instead of Lindsey, leaving her to fill the bitch role.
S4 had too many potential bitch candidates to hand it to simply one person out right.
Kathy, Neleh, Tammy and Gina had all displayed some of the ‘finer’ qualities of this genre during their story arc.
S5 saw a conflict in this category too. Shii Ann and Penny could stake equal claim to the role. The attempt to use Penny to fill the sweetheart role vacated by a regurgitating Tanya could not fully disguise her true calling.
Possibly the most accurate condemnation of your bitch status, is when two members of your own alliance ( in this case Ken and Jake) give confessionals noting your poor treatment of another contestant, as they did in Penny’s case.
Her betrayal of Jake, plus Shii Ann’s smart-ass nature give them equal billing here.
Most likely “Bitch” – Jenna.

Captain Paranoia:

Previous Title Holders:
Jeff ,Lex, John, Ted

Watch out guys, they’re out to get you.
In their attempt to cover all bases they sometimes leave themselves open to attack.
Needing almost constant reassurance of their position in the game they try to build alliances that will see them through while often feeling unsure of their own alliance mates.
Lex took paranoia to unprecedented levels with his witch-hunt during S3.
His gut proved to be very far of base in his assessment of Kelly and in his own alliance mates who decided they did not welcome the inclusion of Brandon into their fold.
John’s intense cross-examination of Gabe, while possibly necessary, spurred him into over-drive and facilitated the inception of the ‘Kitchen Alliance”.
Even without, Boston Rob, arousing suspicion in the returning original Rotu members, the coconut chopping challenge displayed the intended boot order and galvanized the troops into action to save their skins.
How many times did Ted ask Brian for confirmation that their alliance was still in place? Despite Brian’s platitudes, paranoia gave Ted the jitters and helped put the alliance in question before we saw any indication that Brian was forming a new partner out of Clay.
Most likely ‘Captain Paranoia” - Dave

Immunity Hog

This is all about perception. Who looked to have the makings of an immunity hog, not who it necessarily turned out to be.

Previous Title Holders: Joel, Colby, Clarence, Gabe, Jed

A muscular physique is not necessarily a requirement for the immunity hog, but it does help to establish who stands a good chance of wearing that all-important necklace.
Speed agility and the ability to maintain your strength level despite your decreased daily calorie intake are also important factors which can exclude anyone who is too “pumped” from contention for the title.

Colby lived up to his pre-show potential fully.
The members of the Boran tribe, although now merged, felt Clarence was such a threat they booted him after his first attempt at an individual challenge saw him defeated, not by his lack of strength or stamina, but by his failure to observe the simple and finite rule that you always choose scissors.
No individual immunities for Gabe, but he had shown that he was very strong in the group challenges up to the point his tree-hugging, Kibbutz building ways got him kicked off the show.
Jed, he had the body, he had the skill, and he was seen as such an overall hindrance to the tribe that they threw a challenge just so they could boot him.
Most likely “Immunity Hog” - Alex

Early Boot Fodder:

Previous Title Holders
: BB, Debb, Diane, Kathy, Ghandia.

The character that presents his or herself as the most likely to get booted first doesn’t always ultimately suffer that fate. Your tribe might not lose the first immunity challenge for one thing, or another tribemate could have a medical issue that sees them booted “for their own good”.
Some present as obvious choices before the show even starts, e.g. the oldest or least fit members of the tribe, others emerge as candidates through their whacked out behaviour.

Generally blustering about, being anti-social and washing your socks in the clean drinking water is an excellent way to stake your claim as an early boot choice – Nice moves BB.
Debb had that ‘look” about her before the show started, but her general behaviour, suggestion to build a shelter out of rocks and disapproving nature made her an obvious outcast in her tribe.
Diane, well “Beangate” was just as damaging to her credibility as it was to Clarence’s. Couple that with her ultimate poor move of almost spectacularly dying after the first challenge and you’ve propelled yourself past the bean thief and the cop slowly drying up in the corner to the top of the boot list.
Woah, there Kathy, steady on girl. She was too “in yer face” only too willing to take everyone on her own special emotional roller-coaster ride. She went on to emerge as the star of the show having been saved from the boot by the ability of the Rotu tribe to forge a strong, coherent and seemingly unbeatable team.
If only, the Chuay Gahn had been able to correctly interpret the early signs and boot Ghandia out first. Physically, she made Jan look like an Olympian and single-handedly lost the first Immunity Challenge when she insisted on completing the puzzle phase.
Had the Chuay’s had a little more of a sense of humour about John’s water gag, Grindiagate would never have happened. That’s an idea we should all be able to get behind.
Most likely “Early Boot Fodder: Deena

Episode 1 tonight is extended to 90 minutes.
Should give the viewers plenty of chance to determine Who’s who.