Our writers have taken a pre-emptive look at this season's crop of new millionaire-wannabes, and given us their thoughts on each contestant for Survivor: The Amazon. This time, we'll look at the Jaburu tribe, composed of all the females.


Back Row, L-R: Jenna, JoAnna, Deena, Shawna
Front Row, L-R: Heidi, Jeanne, Janet, Christy

Deena Bennett
35 - Deputy District Attorney - Riverside, CA

John says: She knows how to "deal", and how to get down to business. She might be a bit distant, though, which could hurt her.

Cali says: Deena will go pretty far. I think she knows how to deal with people and strikes me as a strong person.

Sher says: I feel confident that Deena is a man. She is very athletic, though, which is a benefit. When I think lady D.A., though, I think pitbull. She might be a little tough to take personality wise.

Bill says: She likes Life cereal... I canít forgive that.

Kylie says: I am really getting a 'Deb' vibe from Deena. I predict her to be an early boot for the ladies.

LG says: Deena prosecutes the criminals her husband arrests. Don't count on seeing her crying at tribal council anytime soon. Be the smart, strong female attorney survivor that whiney bitch Stacey from S1 never could be, even if she did eat all those damn grubs faster than Gervase. To think the things I could do with the brain space I waste remembering all this stuff.

Paulie says: Deena will try to engage the rest of the group in a friendly water balloon fight on Day One. Of course, someone will get hurt and may even lose an eye. That's just not funny. She'll suffer the consequences and get voted out first.

JoAnna Ward
31 - School Guidance Counselor - Orangeburg, SC

John says: I predict her to be the first boot on the female side. She does NOT have the ability to mesh well with others.

Cali says: I disagree with John. I think JoAnna will make it pretty far. Possibly all the way to the merge (provided of course, that they have one)

Sher says: JoAnna sounds fit from her bio. She talks about being a born again Christian, which I think is great, but if sheís over zealous in her proclamations of faith, she could turn many of the other contestants off. However, maybe her faith will give her the strength she needs to get through this endeavor. Good Luck, Jo!

Bill says: A fitness instructor, and she may be the preachy type. The real telling character flaw here is listing Angelina Jolie as one of her favorite actresses. She probably will not make the merge.

Zhora says: She might not get on the ladies' nerves, and they may need her physical strength. If she makes the merge, look for her to leave soon after (all that Lord lifting can get a little tiring).

Kylie says: I like JoAnna, she seems to be in great shape. I think she'll make it far. Being a Christian, let's hope she does a better job of representing the faith than Vecepia.

LG says: JoAnna has the potential to go completely loony like Linda in Survivor: Africa and even members of her own alliance will cheer her departure. Oh come on, you don't think Frank was serious with those crocodile tears, they were all relieved to send the earth mother packing just to be free of her rantings even it looked like Silas was about ready to run the table on them.

Paulie says: JoAnna will completely disappear into the background for the first three days. When she turns up at Tribal Council, though, the others will vote her off first simply because they won't know who she is.

Jeanne Herbert
41 - Marketing Director - North Attleboro, MA

John says: Jeanne has a hippie look about her, and this communal setting should serve her well. I see her going pretty far.

Cali says: To me Jeanne looks like she may just be there for the experience. If sheís not, I will agree with John on this one and say she could make it far.

Sher says: From her pics, Jeanne looks to be a very young 41. I have a good feeling about her. Nothing about her sets off any alarms. She might be mild enough to stay safely below the radar.

Bill says: Doesnít look her age at all in the vid-caps. She brought along massage oil... yeah baby! Her background seems to indicate an attitude that will get her to the merge.

Kylie says: I am going to disagree with everyone and say that I don't see Jeanne making it past the merge.

LG says: Jeanne has a great Tina (Survivor: Australia) vibe in that she might hook up with a couple people and coast under the radar to victory. But who would be her Colby (the strong one) and Keith (the despised one) in an all female tribe? Maybe Jeanne, Jenna, Janet and JoAnna will form the J-curve and toss everyone for a loop.

Paulie says: Jeanne will be well-loved and respected by everyone. They will write poetry about her and treat her like royalty. She will be accidentally voted off first, however, when half the tribe misspells Jenna's name.

Shawna Mitchell
23 - Retail Saleswoman - Redwood City, CA

John says: By all accounts, a well-adjusted friendly girl. She should fit right in with the other young girls on her tribe, and make it well past the merge.

Cali says: I agree with John. She seems like a fresh faced young girl. Not likely to be seen as a threat. Plus she brought a soccer ball!

Sher says: I donít like Shawna. I have absolutely nothing on which to base this opinion. I just donít.

Bill says: Is in great shape, likes the movie The Shawshank Redemption and for TV, she enjoys the Daily Show. Clearly a superior contestant... She should go far!

Kylie says: I really like Shawna, she seems very down to earth and genuinely nice. I'm going to go out on a limb here and predict that she will make the final four.

Miss F says: Iím sorry, I hate sorority girls. One strike against her already.

LG says: Shawna brought a soccer ball as her luxury item. When she gives it hair and a face and starts calling it Wilson it's time for Probst to send in the Michael Skupkin rescue helicopter to get her out of there. Until then, look for her tribe to keep her around.

Paulie says: Shawna will immediately catch Jeff's eye, and he will scheme to extract her from the game so he can spend some quality time with her at Loser Lodge. When the others try to vote out someone else in the first episode, Jeff will scribble out the other names and write in Shawna's.

Janet Koth
47 - Homemaker - Manchester, MO

John says: Janet seems like a nice lady, but she might very well get "motherly" with the younger girls, which will quickly alienate her like Pat.

Cali says: Janet seems to me to be a tad high maintenance. I see the "all female" tribe keeping her a week or two if she works hard, but I donít see her making the merge.

Sher says: Janet looks like she would talk and talk and talk. In her biography, she says she likes to be in control, which could pose a problem as she could come off looking like a yappy beyotch. However, her favorite books are the Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles, so again, how bad can she be?

Bill says: Lists her occupation as Travel Agent and Abstinence Counselor. Isnít that counter productive for a travel agent? I think she is gone as soon as the ladies lose an IC.

Zhora says: If she can manage her urge to control people well enough, and if she doesnít become a physical liability, I see her going pretty far.

Kylie says: I really, really like Janet. I think she just may be the 'cool, fit older lady' we've been waiting for. Plus, her luxury item is just plain adorable- a daughter's teddy bear. If she doesn't screw up in the challenges, she will make it far.

LG says: Janet's experience as an abstinence counselor could prove valuable to her tribe, but then again Brian Heidik isn't on her tribe, so she probably shouldn't bother to unpack.

Paulie says: Janet will try very hard to avoid mothering everyone around her, but she will fail. Her nightly admonishments to clean up the shelter and lay out clothes for tomorrow will set the others on edge. She will be unanimously ejected in the first episode, and everyone will yell, "Bye, Mom!" as she departs.

Jenna Morasca
21 - Swimsuit Model - Pittsburgh, PA

John says: The token swimsuit model. She's not going to go very far, unfortunately for Mark Burnett.

Cali says: Jenna will surprise the heck out of me if she makes it more than 2 immunity challenge losses. Looks as though she thinks sheís a princess.

Sher says: Jenna models swimwear and competes in beauty pageants. Jenna accidentally signed up for Survivor when she actually meant to apply for The Bachelor. I think itís possible that Jenna is supposed to be this seasonís sweetheart, but I have a feeling she will be annoying, whiny girl.

Bill says: A very young swimsuit model. The male and female split kills her chances of going very far... much to the dismay of the male audience.

Kylie says: From the moment I read that her luxury item was a Zeta crown, I knew there was no hope. I don't like Jenna, and I predict she won't be able to adjust well to the elements. She'll be an early boot for the ladies unless she gets a strong alliance.

LG says: Jenna, hmmm, no-one likes Jenna. Is it the beauty pageants, the sorority crown as luxury item, the shit-eating grin in her publicity photo? So many things to not like here, I'm with the crowd even though I'm traditionally championing the cause of the most annoying contestants. Yes, I was a Clay fan.

Paulie says: The claws will come out when Jenna reveals her swimsuit model profession. The other women will pretend to be fascinated and will tell her how nice her butt looks in her suit, but they will drop-kick her out of the game at the first Tribal Council.

Heidi Strobel
24 - School Gym Teacher - Eldon, MO

John says: Heidi's a go-to girl. She's got the strength, endurance, and conniving ability to make it pretty far. I'm guessing final 4 material here.

Cali says: By the looks of the pictures Iíve seen I would wager she makes it far too.

Sher says: I think Heidi is a cutie! Sheís physically fit, if not a little too thin to begin with prior to having her food rationed in the Amazon. I worry that though she would be a strong competitor physically, that healthwise she might have a problem, like Tanya did last year. I could be wrong, though. Starvation might be Heidiís diet of choice.

Bill says: Based upon what we know about Heidiís health upon her return, she either makes it to the final four, or she went immediately from shooting Survivor into a Richard Simmons fat camp. I am betting on the former.

Kylie says: Heidi is quite pretty, and since her luxury item is a guitar and songbook, she may have a voice to match. I think her main motivation for being on Survivor was most likely the tv exposure. That said, being a gym teacher, she will most likely have no trouble with the physical aspect. If she can adapt to the environment, she will go far.

Miss F says: Oh goody, she brought a guitar. Coulda been the bongos, I sípose like a certain S2 witch who will remain nameless. Sheís obviously the designated sweetheart of the series and they usually do quite well. Even on a tribe full of catty women.

LG says: Heidi's rumored weight loss has her in the final 4, but even amoebic dysentery didn't guarantee Lex the win, so Heidi will need to keep her brain engaged during the end game and she just may walk away with the million.

Paulie says: Heidi will injure herself severely while jumping rope. The Survivor medical crew will need to extract her from the rope with the Jaws of Life and airlift her out of the game in the first episode.

Christy Smith
24 - Children's Adventure Guide - Basalt, CO

John says: If she can minimize the impact of her deafness on the other tribemates, she's got the personality to go far. I see another final 4 potential here.

Cali says: Christy is the hardest one to call for me. The deafness will come into play, but she seems to have the strength and determination to make it far.

Firegirl says: I think if she uses her deafness to her advantage she could go far. Lip reading is a "survival skill," and if she uses it to sort of fly below the radar, she could do well. In the beginning, her fellow tribe members will help her as well, then when she has adjusted she will come out way ahead.

Sher says: Christy... she describes herself as succulent, which Webster defines as "1. full of sap or juice: juicy. 2. Having fleshy stems or leaves that conserve moisture." Well, I have no idea what that means. Maybe she wonít need as much water as the rest of the group? That could be beneficial in the Amazon. Seriously, I hope her deafness is not a detriment, but I believe it will be. Prove me wrong, Christy.

Bill says: As everyone already knows, she is deaf. I think that she will be a tough competitor, and should she screw up early, she will get a pass from her team due to the disability. Sheíll make it to the merge at a minimum.

Kylie says: I am really rooting for Christy. I think it's great that she is the first deaf contestant, and I hope she can overcome any challenges and go the distance! Also, her luxury item, sage, could easily be the best item ever. Sage can be used to treat nervous anxiety, as an antiseptic, or as a mouth freshener and tooth cleanser. Smart girl!

Miss F says: I hate to say it, but her impairment could earn her more time in the Amazon (who wants to vote off a deaf girl?) and give her an edge later on.

LG says: Christy will make it to the merge. She is the contestant who will waste the least amount of energy fighting her urge to kill Jeff Probst, as he will be slightly less annoying if she can turn her head and have him gone from her senses.

Paulie says: Christy will feel an urgent need to establish her value to the tribe. She'll spend too much time detailing her adventurous existence. Her fireside tales will grow tedious and will cause many women to consider running into the dark jungle to get away. Instead, they will send her home in the first episode.