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Thread: Survivor 6 Preview: The FORT Writers Speak - Tambaqui

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    Survivor 6 Preview: The FORT Writers Speak - Tambaqui

    Our writers have taken a pre-emptive look at this season's crop of new millionaire-wannabes, and given us their thoughts on each contestant for Survivor: The Amazon. This time, we'll look at the Tambaqui tribe, composed of all the males. Next week, we'll look at Jaburu.


    Back Row, L-R: Rob, Butch, Alex, Ryan, Dave
    Front Row, L-R: Matthew, Roger, Daniel

    Alex Bell
    32 - Triathlon Coach - Los Angeles, CA

    John says: The Belly connection for this guy, and his attitude, says he's not going very far. Back to the doorman job for him.

    Cali says: Im going to give him the benefit of the doubt, and believe he needed some cash bad, so he took a doorman job at Belly. I see his smile getting him places IF he can make it to the merge. He seems to be in decent shape. Im saying hell last a while.

    Sher says: Well, Alex is a triathlon trainer, 32 and cute!! His job and his hobbies clearly point out that hes athletic, plus hes worked jobs where he has to deal with people/customers/clients so I am betting that hes very likable, which will help. Also his favorite candy is Reeses peanut butter cups. How bad can he be?

    Bill says: Everything in his life seems to be focused on teamwork and family. From his jobs, chosen charity work, and family comments, I predict that he will be one of the guys always trying to build the team, but it wouldnt surprise me if he got booted near the merge for being a threat to win.

    Kylie says: Ugh, not the 'Belly connection' again! That said, he's in great shape and seems like he'd be a team player. His luxury item is his triathlon medal. That says a lot about him because it shows he's proud of the achievements he's worked hard for in his life. Plus, he's definitely hot. I expect him to make the merge.

    Miss F says: Fit, personable, down to earth, and a good sense of humor, (he likes Scrubs!) I think hell go far. He also seems like a guys guy, which will help him out on the all boy tribe. I reserve the right to change my mind should he turn out to be a Boogie-clone. ::shudder::

    LG says: Does everyone in L.A. need to frequent Bellys? If so, why does Mike Boogie wear crappy t-shirts all the time. Oh, Alex, he's going to be perceived as a threat unless he steals a page from the book of inVEEsible and brought only camouflage clothing so he will go completely unnoticed at his tribe.

    Paulie says: Alex will make a bold power play in the first episode and attempt to seize the host job from Jeff. Look for him to either be killed in the attempt or be voted off first, with the tiebreaking vote being cast by Jeff himself.

    Daniel Lue
    27 - Tax Accountant - Houston, TX

    John says: In a tribe of all males, obvious strength will be a negative factor. Coupled with the fact that he doesn't even like to use public restrooms, this guy's not a long-termer.

    Cali says: He will have to be careful about coming off as too much of a threat while the tribes are separated. I see him lasting longer than some of the older ones, as the guys will want to have someone strong around. If he cant find the protein he needs, he may not be strong for long though.

    Sher says: Daniel is a Longhorn. GO DANIEL!! This guy is into bodybuilding and tanning, two things usually signifying extreme egocentrism. I have to root for the Texas boy, but I hope hes not an ass.

    Bill says: He is a tax accountant and his listed hobbies include tanning and WWE. His luxury item is magnetic rings. This guy gets on my nerves just looking at him. I think he doesnt make it to the merge.

    Zhora says: With an all male tribe, they will not be desperately looking to keep physical strength. In fact they may be intimidated by Daniel. I think he will be out pretty early.

    Kylie says: Wow! This guy is BUILT. He will probably stay around for a while because of his strength, but I predict he will go either immediately before or after the merger.

    LG says: Daniel survived his stint as an accountant at Arthur Anderson without criminal prosecution, so maybe he has what it takes to endure the political struggle which is Survivor, but I doubt it. He'll be out of there as fast as you can say Enron.

    Paulie says: Daniel's business-like approach to the game will alienate him from everyone around him. There's no room for flip charts and laser pointers in the bush. The other men will resent him and vote him off first.

    Dave Johnson
    24 - Rocket Scientist - Pasadena, CA

    John says: He's intelligent, and has a sense of humor. If he's not a show-off, he'll go far.

    Cali says: I think he will be able to keep his smarts a secret for a while. Hes going far as he wont be seen as a threat until its too late.

    Sher says: Dave is a rocket scientist which is cool. Dave is a Sig Ep, which is a sign of a beer drinking rich boy. I think he would have done better on Survivor Thailand with Jed to hang out with.

    Bill says: A rocket scientist... no really, he is. He also likes to do something called body womping, which at first I thought was some sort of date with Trista on the Bachelorette, but apparently it is really body surfing. He enjoys reading Ayn Rand, but then he will head off to an Adam Sandler movie. It seems like he could have a good run, as he should be able to adapt to just about any group.

    Zhora says: If he is clever enough not to attempt asserting himself as alpha male, I think he will go far. I think the all male tribe will benefit him.

    Kylie says: Being a rocket scientist, Dave is definitely smart, but he seems like a really down to earth guy. He lists Atlas Shrugged as one of his favorite books....I think I will like this guy.

    LG says: Doogie Howser, Rocket Scientist is clever and will make it to the merge if he is serious about wanting to win this and has done his homework about the show. If he's doing this as a lark, watch for Gabe, part deux.

    Paulie says: Dave's attempts to demonstrate his intelligence will backfire badly. He will let the team down in the very first Immunity Challenge by flubbing a routine aero/astro anagram. In rage, the rest of his tribe will vote him out first.

    Matthew von Ertfelda
    33 - Restaurant Designer - Washington, DC

    John says: Matthew has been there, done that. If he can try not to come off as a worldly cocky guy, he can go far.

    Cali says: Judging only from the publicity still, he strikes me as too cocky. I see him trying to be the leader and stepping on toes. I see him leaving early.

    Sher says: Matthew sounds very interesting! He has been everywhere and seen it all! Hes apparently experienced difficult living conditions and triumphed. He might be the guy that everyone looks to for advice. Hopefully, he will not be one of those guys that gives advice unsolicited or he will come off as a know-it-all. Hes one of Peoples 50 Most Eligible Bachelors, too. Maybe he and Jenna both signed up for the wrong show!

    Bill says: A globe-trotter who has studied multiple languages and arts. Probably reasonably wealthy, and he has completed some very arduous survival treks already in his life. But, as Stephanie learned in S5, none of that matters... this is a game of influence and power. Matthew looks annoying to me already and I predict he goes early.

    Kylie says: Wow- he has accomplished a lot in 33 years! If he doesn't flaunt his intelligence and worldliness, he has potential to go really far.

    LG says: Matthew will design a beautiful restaurant setting for his tribe to eat their diarrhea-inducing manioc, the food staple this time around. He will bore people in many languages before his tribes try to feed him to the piranhas, which are very tasty if served in the right atmosphere.

    Paulie says: Matthew's arrogance will permeate everything he does like a cheap perfume. His tribemates will be sickened by the stench of his self-love and vote him out of the Amazon in the first episode.

    Ryan Aiken
    23 - Model - Ellicott City, MD

    John says: Ryan's the token "cute guy". That'll bring him to the merge, but no further. Unless he turns out as lazy as Jed from S5.

    Cali says: Ryan seems a bit one dimensional to me. I can see him doing whatever it takes to stay for a while, but I do not get a "winner" vibe from him. Possibly to merge.

    Sher says: I looooooooove Ryan. Ryan is the new guy eye candy. Based on looks alone, I hope he stays around for a very long time this season.

    Bill says: Hes an actor... his favorite scents are "certain womens perfumes... and clean underwear." Go away quickly.

    Zhora says: Look for Ryan to annoy those around him. He is young, and I imagine him trying to wheel and deal a little too much. With an all male tribe, I highly doubt he will make it to the merge.

    Kylie says: He's definitely a cutie! He strikes me as an 'All American' type of guy, listing pizza, Dr. Pepper, and Playboy in his favorites. Plus, his luxury item is a baseball and bat. I think Ryan will most likely make it to the merge if he doesn't pull a Robb.

    Miss F says: Another aspiring actor? Hope he isnt annoying or the bat and ball he brings might be used against him.

    LG says: Ryan is a fan of clean underwear. So were Ian and Teri in The Amazing Race 3, and maybe they can hook him up with some of their nifty paper briefs. He can model those on the internet while the rest of his tribe is deciding who should join him at Loser Lodge.

    Paulie says: Ryan will be shattered to discover that his dazzling smile is completely useless in a tribe of heterosexual alpha males. The others will nickname him "Pretty Boy" and force him to wear a French maid's outfit while serving them dinner. When the fun wears off after three days, they'll vote him out.

    Roger Sexton
    56 - Construction Company Executive - Valencia, CA

    John says: Roger has little tolerance for lazy young kids. In that regard, he's like BB. I don't see him going far, although I have this gut feeling that he might surprise me.

    Cali says: Being a Veteran may serve him well, if he can get a good handle on the young wippersnappers hell spend the first few weeks with. If not, hes out early.

    Sher says: Go Roger! A marine! And VP of Estimating. WTF does that mean? I estimate Roger will do very well this season. Hes our new Jake.

    Bill says: Is a "Vice President of Estimating" and I think he hopes someday to become President of Estimating... I wonder if that is a glorified word for weatherman? Has a great list of hobbies and interests. Undoubtedly joined to try to be the kindly older guy for some young hottie, and sadly for him, that hottie will have to be Daniel instead of Jenna.

    Kylie says: Roger looks like a sweet guy! He may just live up to the Bingham of days gone by. His luxury item, his dog tags, are an attempt to show his toughness, but I'm willing to bet he's got a soft heart.

    LG says: Roger is experienced in calculating risks and will use his head rather than Lex' gut when making boot decisions. Look for him to be a driving force in the male tribe.

    Paulie says: Roger will remind everyone at every opportunity that he is the oldest person in the game. He will even try feigning a limp to gain sympathy. The youngsters on his tribe will become annoyed by him and punch his ticket to the Old Folks' Home in the first episode.

    Rob Cesternino
    24 - Computer Projects Coordinator - Wantagh, NY

    John says: Rob is an idiot. He brought a Magic 8-Ball, for goodness sake. He's not going very far, and I'll be surprised if he doesn't "disappear" in the Amazon, never to be seen again.

    Cali says: Please re-read John's statement. There is nothing more to add to this gut. Will he make it far "My sources say NO"

    Sher says: I like Rob. I bet Rob is physically unfit. A little soft in the middle. But despite his lack of popularity here and at the official site, Im going to root for Rob. A computer geek and a reality tv junkie. I think many of us can relate.

    Bill says: Computer geek who looks like a convict on work release. Liked the movie Cocktail. He brought a Magic 8-ball... I predict that someone in his tribe will tell him where to put it sometime before his rapid exit.

    Kylie says: Here's my NY guy to root for. Unfortunately, I don't really like him. Doesn't seem to be the most physically fit guy out there, but it's possible he could make it to the merge.

    LG says: Rob hasn't been a lucky name for past Survivor contestants, but this Rob has luck on his side, or at least a Magic 8-ball in his corner. I'm crossing my fingers for Rob, but my rabbit would prefer to keep his feet attached to his legs, thank you very much.

    Paulie says: Rob's desperate attempts to ingratiate himself with his tribe through the use of humor will be painfully unsuccessful. His jokes will thud all around the camp like a storm of falling coconuts. His frustration will lead to anger, and he will come to blows with some of the stronger members of the tribe, who will, of course, punish him for his insolence by ejecting him from the tribe first.

    Butch Lockley
    50 - School Principal - Olney, Illinois

    John says: Butch seems like a good ol' boy, and even though he's a little old which could hurt him in the physical challenges, I think he's got the weapons to go far. At least past the merge.

    Cali says: The Good ol boy routine has been done. If he doesnt come off as too much of a red neck he could go far. I see him alienating too many people too quickly though.

    Sher says: Butch is a middle school principal. Clearly this means that he has no redeeming qualities.

    Bill says: He is a coach and a middle school principal. I get the feeling that his extensive athletic background that he might prefer to take the role of coach, and that could keep him in the game for quite a while.

    Kylie says: I don't know what to think of Butch. He seems like a very 'outdoorsy' guy, but being a principal, he's used to ordering people around. His fatal flaw is listing Julia Roberts as his favorite actress.

    LG says: A coach named Butch, who would have figured. I think he's got game and will inspire his tribe to the best of his ability despite getting their asses kicked on national tv by a bunch of girls. Look for Butch well past the merge, maybe final 4, unless he goes off on a tangent about Title IX as the death of competitive sports. Then the ladies will show him the door.

    Paulie says: Other players will find it impossible to resist heaping abuse on the middle school principal, both for his occupation and for his tinted glasses. His short stay on the island will be miserable. He will be voted off first, and the others will mock him for his poor vision as he leaves.
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