Dear Diary,

YES YES YES! Whew, I know I usually start off with telling you all about the last few days, but I'm just so excited at the results of the necklace ceremony that I just can't wait. At the ceremony yesterday, Evan handed out four ruby necklaces, to Melissa, Sarah, Zora, and I. Mojo has been eliminated from 'the game.' Honestly, I am soo glad to see her go. The four of us could tell she was basically just a golddigger, and obviously Evan saw that quality too. Unfortunately, the next ceremony will be really hard, because all of us that are left get along well and are becoming really good friends.

Speaking of becoming friends- Melissa and Sarah are super close. They both smoke, so every night they go outside on the porch or terrace to light up. They have become really good friends, and I know that is going to wear on them eventually, when the 'competition' gets tougher. For now though, they really are two of a kind.

Zora is pretty quiet around all of us....I think she's afraid of getting too close and making 'friends.' I could tell she was really upset when the four of us came and got into the hot tub with her and Evan after their date. It was actually Mojo's idea to crash the
tub- she couldn't sit around and let anyone else get intimate with Evan! Wouldn't want to mess with the Mojo. :rolleyes So of course, we all slipped into our bikinis and joined them. The look of disgust on Zora's face was surpassed only by the look of happiness on Evan's! We were all flirting and having a great time,
but in just a few minutes Zora got out and left. I was actually surprised that Evan didn't get out and say SOMETHING to her, but of course I was glad he didn't leave the three of us there. I was honestly expecting Zora to be eliminated during the ceremony, so I was pleasantly surprised when Mojo left instead!

I had a little conversation with Paul yesterday morning. I've still been trying to make sure that I am on his good side, so while the other girls are staring at themselves in the mirror, I've been trying to get some information out of the dear butler. Finally he caved! He gave me the scoop on Sarah, Melissa, and Mojo's dates with Evan. Hehe, I knew I could charm it out of him.

According to Paul, Sarah and Evan had quite the make-out session after their date! I was surprised to hear that, because when asked if they'd kissed, she said "Well, yeah," almost as if it was no big deal. I knew she had that 'easy' potential. Obviously, I wasn't surprised in the least when she received a necklace this week.

Melissa and Evan had a pretty uneventful date, cooking in the chateau's kitchen. Paul admitted that he had more fun on this date than any other! Melissa was so out of her element, that she didn't even know the difference between garlic and onions! When she tried to make a salad, she could barely chop the tomatoes! Paul said that he almost died trying not to laugh, but that Evan was a good sport about it. The most shocking piece of news to me though, was that Evan and Melissa didn't even kiss! Wow.

Mojo certainly made an impression on her date! She had written Evan a poem, and given him a puzzzle that read "I Choose You!" Pretty funny that it would say that, as who she chooses really doesn't effect whether she stays or goes. When I heard this, after getting over the "Dang, why didn't I think of that?!?" feeling, I decided that Mojo unfortunately would definitely be getting a necklace at the pending ceremony.

Oh! I almost forgot to tell you about my date with Evan! It was somewhat romantic. We played tennis at the chateau's tennis courts (and as a typical lady, I obviously let him win ) Then we cooled off in the swimming pool for a while, and then we had a nice picnic on a secluded area of the lawn. Evan is a really nice guy, and we had a lovely time. I think that I am falling in love with him. *sigh* He's surely not the most handsome guy I've ever met, nor is he a Rico Suave, but he just has this wholesomeness about him. Plus, to be rich, he's definitely not a snob or anything. Okay, I'm sure you're wondering whether or not we kissed, but I must say that I'm definitely not the type of girl to kiss and tell.

Well, it's getting late! I can't believe I've made it this far. I wonder what the next few days will bring.....I hear we may be getting private overnight dates with Evan!


***Disclaimer: This article is purely a work of fiction written by myself. Bambi is not really a contestant on Joe Millionaire. To contact the author of this article, email