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Thread: Survivor 5: Standing in the shadows - A Collaboration.

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    Standing in the shadows - A Collaboration.

    Here is our first weekly look at the Survivor's, their highs and lows,and in many cases their sense of style.

    Brian Heidik
    The 34-year old used car saleman/soap & porn star from California, was chosen to be on the "older" tribe of Chuay Gahn.

    Best move/strategy:
    Treating the game like a business trip from the onset, being useful to his tribe, not making enemies, not trying to take a leadership role, and performing well for his team in the 2nd leg of the Immunity Challenge. (oh, and not mentioning his former porn star status during the introduction was probably a wise move as well)

    Worst move/strategy:
    The look of utter disappointment he displayed when Jan picked him to be on her tribe. As if the world would come to an end if he had to talk to a person over the age of 40.


    Seems to take to the island, doesn't act out of place so far, in tribal council acknowledged that there was some tension in the tribe.


    The 61-year-old Jake is the early leader in the "Coolest Hat" category, which encompasses both the style of the hat and the wearer's appearance under the hat. His stylish cowboy hat absolutely crushes Robb's limp offering. Jake looks like he just rode his palomino off the set of a John Wayne movie. He's incredibly fit, as evidenced by his rapid release of the underwater flag in the second leg of the race. He appeared to be even faster than Brian, and his contribution was at least as important in his tribe's comeback as Ghandia's stumble at the knife puzzle station. Being fit is an obvious requirement on the team of enthusiastic youngsters he's assembled. Jake's strategy of stockpiling the young muscle has its advantages, but he runs the risk of making himself the outsider among a group of like-minded members of a younger generation (Samburu, anyone?). To his credit, though, he appears to be genial and flexible. He's not likely to slit his own throat by holding his younger tribemates at fault merely for being young. He needs to let go of the notion that this is "his" tribe, though. You picked the players, Jake. Now recede into the background and let them play.


    Worst move: Rubs Ken and Robb the wrong way when he goes off on his own to find food.

    Best move: Kicks ass when he breezes through the knife puzzle challenge and beats Ghandia to win the immunity challenge.

    Flashing his pearly white, Jed is overjoyed to be on the younger, athletic, and may I say best looking, tribe. At Testasterone camp, Jed comes up with a logical idea. Food + Shelter = Good! Mr. Dentist goes off on his own, and that doesn't sit too well with the 2 cavemen ...er..alpha males. Tension starts building between "If I Only Had a Brain" Robb and Dentist Boy, Jed. Jed scores big when he comes from behind and easily wins the knife puzzle challenge to win the immunity. Yee-haw!


    John arrived sporting a stylist Hawaiian print shirt and prominent necklace (now available for sale on John's website). Jeff Probst immediately had it in for John, as only Jeff gets to wear the tacky print shirts on this show, dammit. John has been teamed up with most of the older Survivors, which is an obvious advantage, because he's sure that the other tribe are all puking their guts out just like Tanya, the youngest member of John's tribe. Realizing that it is dehydration and not youth-induced alcohol withdrawal that is causing Tanya to retch her guts out, the tribe goes on a quest for water, and John thinks this would be a good time for a nature hike up a steep rock. The viewing audience gets a great shot of John's snazzy necklace while high on the rock cliff (it's on sale at his website, by the way). Having wasted so much time looking in the wrong place for water, the tide has come in and now more than half of the tribe will need to swim to continue their search for water. John lucks out and scores a seat in the boat with puking girl Tanya and swim instructor Helen, as everyone else paddles for more than a mile. John thinks this would be a great time to play a practical joke on the rest of his tribemates and make them think this brackish pool is their water supply. Ha ha ha, that was really funny, especially when Ghandia nearly choked John with her bare hands after finding out he was kidding. He was sure they would all marvel about his keen sense of humor at tribal council tonight, but instead he was shocked to be the first person booted from Survivor Thailand.

    Heeeeeeeeeere’s Ken

    And the crowd goes wild! Certainly a first for Survivor introductions, Officer Ken received applause when introduced to his fellow castaways. Ken was the first male selected for Sook Jai, the younger and more athletic tribe. He obviously made a strong first impression with Jake the tribe selector. Good moves: Ken was the first to the water hole and was the recipient of a warm hug of the female variety. The first of many hugs to come is my guess. Considering his warm reception, Ken didn’t have a whole lot of air-time this week, but he showed himself as a strong contender and chose to avoid being the center of attention. He worked hard to provide shelter and can really swing an ax. He wisely kept his emotions in check when tempers flared. Bad moves: He started to jump on sk8ter Robb’s complaining train when others went looking for food instead of helping with the shelter, (but didn’t appear to be a part of the confrontation that Robb instigated). Overall: He had a pretty good 3 days.

    Robb At age 24 the youngest of the crew. His birthday September 12, just had one so ,happy birthday!

    Clothes- Robb has a varied wardrobe (not), continuing with the sk8ter theme started by his "useless on the beach" skateboard.
    First of all head gear , a must for the proper do.Robb's are the predictable bandanna's in Black/white pattern Red/white pattern and a black knitted hat.Yes Robb winter headgear is a must for those 100+ temperatures.

    Continuing on the black theme we have a black long sleeve T-shirt and ,black short sleeved T-shirt with logo.
    A departure from black in the pants shorts area ,beige pants and camouflage skater shorts, (could be zip offs).

    The huge, jovial Ted appears to be just a few dedicated weeks of training away from seizing the title of "World's Strongest Computer Programmer". His voice has the deep and rumbling resonance of a spring thunderstorm. He's partial to wearing T-shirts that stretch tightly across his giant frame like the head of a snare drum. But for all his imposing physical qualities, he is an empathetic team player, a father figure who keeps an eye on his teammates. He's articulate, fun-loving, compassionate, and physically strong. He'll be around for a while.


    Poor large-breasted small-brained Erin. Picked last for teams, just like back when you were flat-chested in junior high school. What's really sad is that even with all that ill-advised money spent on surgery, Ghandia still has bigger boobs than you! We didn't get to see if you had any other assets, but at least you didn't get naked on your first night like *cough* Stephanie, so there's hope for you.

    She’s up, she’s down, she’s Ghandia

    If personal introductions had been in written form, Ghandia’s would have been in bold type. Right from the get-go Ghandia made her presence known. A few minutes later it becomes apparent that this lady wears her emotions on her sleeve. As teams are being selected she mistakenly thinks she has been picked and begins glowing, finds out she was wrong and drops sharply into a bottomless pit. Then school teacher Jan takes pity on Ghandia and picks her next to save her any additional heartache. We’ve seen her laugh, we’ve seen her weep, cheer, and complain. We’ve seen her sarcasm and even seen her refer to John as a “retard”. If she doesn’t tone it down just a wee bit, this emotional roller coaster may cause her some problems down the line. Let’s start with the Bad Moves: Her tribe now knows that she’s not a very good swimmer, she can’t climb rocks, and when it comes to challenges and puzzles…{choke choke}. In a stunning display, Ghandia took 6 hours to finish a puzzle that Jed finished a week before he got to the island. She managed to blow the huge lead her team had given her, costing her team the immunity idol. If John hadn’t pissed so many people off, it might have been Ghandia’s time to go. Good moves: During the puzzle challenge, the real race wasn’t with Chuay Ghan, or even Jed. The real race was to finish the puzzle before falling out of that little black top. It didn’t look like she was up to the challenge, but just as she was about to show the world some monster bazookas she managed to pull the knife from the puzzle box. Good going girl. Overall: She’s lucky to still be in the game, she could turn it around but she’ll need to have a really good showing in the next couple of challenges.


    Helen didn't get too much airtime this week, but she made the most of what she got. Unfortunately, I didn't hear any of it, because I couldn't take my focus off those terrible teeth. I hope she makes it to the merge, just so she has a chance to get Jed's business card. Deciding to vote Clay off simply because "he can afford it" means you don't have a strategy that works. And that makes you vulnerable. Get with the program - half the tribe voted John out, why weren't you in that discussion?


    Jan was shocked as Jeff outted her as the second oldest Survivor their very first day in Thailand. She was hoping that her adorable pigtails would fool her fellow Survivors into thinking that she was in her 20s in order to avoid the curse of Sonya Christopher. Jan is thrust into the spotlight and needs to pick her own teammates. She cracks under the pressure, assembling a Survivor no-star team of older, slower players in juxtaposition to Jake's tribe of younger stronger (yet unfocused) competitors. At least Jan scored by getting soft-core porn star Brian on her tribe, as Brian proved a fierce competitor in the flag challenge by swimming deep for the flag and Jan answered the call of duty for her team in the rope puzzle challenge. Only Ghandia let down Jan's tribe this week with her Rams in last February's Superbowl sized choke at the end of the Immunity Challenge, sending Pastor John packing.


    Hey all! It’s the one and only Special Kay. Remember I’m new at this, and I’m only 11 so give me a break ok? Well I’m shadowing Penny. She’s from Texas. Yesterday she seemed kinda like an airhead in my opinion. Sorry to those of you who like her. I don’t hate her but I don’t love her either. But it’s only the first show. Anyway she was chosen for sook jai. According to what I saw she seems to like good-looking guys. She wore a cute top and has a good fashion sense, but is a good fashion sense going to save you from a python? I think not! She doesn’t seem like a very valuable player. That’s it until next week survivor fans.

    Shii Ann
    Our 28-year-old executive recruiter was chosen by our resident old man to be on the young hot tribe.

    Best Move/Strategy
    Well, I’m not sure it can be considered strategy… however she did inform us, that mercifully, she will not be showing us her Ta-Ta’s. She seemed to realize that although her tribe is younger and stronger, they are also a bunch of idiots. This was an eye-opener and she’s sure to benefit from her brilliant observation.

    Worst Move/Strategy
    She really didn’t need to let us know she’s a shii-devil. Everyone in the tribe knew Rob was being an ass when he went after her. She could have, and should have played it cool.


    Our prerequisite firefighter also happens to be a beautiful 29-year-old single female.

    Best Move/Strategy
    Hmmm. Does she have a strategy? Did she make a “best move”? Getting picked first was all luck, so I can’t include that. Taking off her clothes to skinny dip was pure exhibitionism. Is that strategy? Maybe, seeing as she’s on the young hot tribe. I guess I’ll give her that one.

    Worst Move/Strategy
    Well, let’s see, since it looks like she was only skinny dipping in front of Shii Ann and the camera crew, I will have to say this was also her worst move. Proving only, that she doesn’t understand the benefit of showing the guys your ta-ta’s. Don’t get me wrong, Shii Ann may have enjoyed seeing them, and Stephanie may have enjoyed showing them to her, but from a strategy point of view, she’d have garnered more points with the guys.

    Tanya Vance
    The 27-year old social worker from Tennessee is the youngest person on Tribe Chuay Gahn. So far I do not see that this as a disadvantage for her.

    Best move/strategy:
    Looking sweet, innocent and non-threatening. Not irritating anyone and continuing to work as much as she could even through her dehydration/sickness (something that killed Ramona in the original Survivor)

    Worst move/strategy:
    Even though she continued to work while sick, I was afraid the vomiting and dehydration could be the downfall for Tanya this episode. One of the tribemates even mentioned that if he voted for Tanya it would be because he felt sorry for her. She needs to drink a lot of water ,and get over this quickly to avoid drawing attention to herself in this negative way.

    Thank you to everyone who contributed towards this article.
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