Each week, our writers examine a Celebrity Mole: Hawaii contestant to determine their Moliness.

Michael Boatman

Michael is the Mole. Michael does so many things that are slightly Mole-ish, and that's probably the best evidence yet that he is actually the Mole.

- During the boatbuilding competition, he seemed to be taking things slowly, methodically, plodding along.
- Corbin and Erik clearly think he's the mole. (See below)
- That Arli$$ thing was a little wierd. I never even noticed that one.
- His reaction at the elimination for the past 2 weeks has been a little over-acted in my opinion.
- His journal was actually written prose. Who makes notes in complete sentences, like you're talking to someone? It really seemed scripted to me.

It seems pretty clear that Michael is the Mole.

Michael is not the Mole. There are several un-Mole-like things that Michael did this week, but wouldn't the Mole do those things, too? Hmmm.

- He helped out building the boat, and really seemed like he wanted to win the thing.
- As mentioned above, Corbin clearly thought he was the Mole, but Corbin was eliminated. That supports the theory that he's not the Mole.
- Michael ate the pepper, without having to check it against the list of "can't do" things from his wife. Sure, he complained the whole time, but he didn't even get a glass of $1,000 milk.
- Michael actually had pretty complete notes in his journal at dinner. Why would the Mole take notes?

Yes, upon further reflection, I can state without hesitation that Michael is not the Mole.

Kathy Griffin

Kathy is the mole:
It is so obvious.
- She was absolutely no help with the boat. All she did was complain about Corbin the carpenter not being able to do a better job.
- She had a blank journal sheet. She's the mole, why would she need to write anything down?
- She was unimpressed with Erik's sacrifice of the exemption from execution and smoothly expressed her opinion of how Moley that seemed.
- Though she was willing to eat a pepper for the 25,000 it was only after she was certain that Frederique would not eat the pepper. This was done to shift suspicion off of her.
- She's still there.

Kathy is NOT the mole:
- She was willing to eat a pepper to add the 25,000 grand.
- Obviously she made sure that Ahmad got a blank sheet out of her journal because she feels as though she may be close to figuring it all out.
- She's still there.

Erik Von Detten

Erik is definitely the Mole:

Continuing with his unique strategy, Erik definitely proved he was the mole last night.
- He accepted the initial offer for the exemption, losing 30,000 dollars for the pot.
- He told Ahmad "I am confident I know who the mole is." This is because he is the mole.
- Corbin Bernsen approached him about a coalition, and later Corbin was executed. Did Erik lead him astray?
- During the 'Looky Looky Hot Pepper' game, he ate his pepper fairly easily, causing no suspicion, successfully throwing the other players [read: Corbin] off his trail.

Yes, I am confident that Erik is the mole.

Erik is definitely NOT the Mole:

Some of Erik's actions tonight prove he is definitely not the mole.
- After accepting the exemption, he then gave it back to gain 60,000 for the pot. Unfortunately, doing the 'right thing' won him no praise from his fellow celebrities.
- He told Ahmad "I am confident I know who the mole is." Obviously, he is sure that Frederique, Boatman, or Kathy is the mole.
- He entered a coalition with Corbin Bernsen. Remember, he was already in a coalition with Kathy Griffin. The mole would not need to be in any coalitions, especially multiple ones. He's obviously clueless as to who the mole is.
- During the hot pepper game, he ate the pepper easily. If he was the mole, he could have 'needed' a glass of milk, or claimed to hate peppers, losing money for the pot.

Of course, I am sure that Erik is not the mole.

Frederique Van Der Wal

Frederique IS the Mole:

-She did not even attempt to eat the pepper for a chance at $25,000. She absolutely refused because she hates spicy food.
-Once the chance had passed for the money, she nibbled the tomato pepper. She could have done that 2 minutes earlier.

Frederique is one smooth Mole!

Frederique is NOT the Mole:

-She does nothing interesting and nothing suspicious so I won't waste anymore of your time trying to convince you that she's the Mole.

Frederique is not interesting enough to be the Mole.

Corbin Bernsen

Corbin Bernsen Is The Mole. The evidence isn't overwhelming this week. In fact, it was a struggle to find one shred of moliness in the guy this week - even before the ending of the show. But, it is my lot in life to tell you why he is The Mole, and I shall carry out my appointed task to completion.

- He was once a carpenter, but he couldn't build a boat to save his life. He pretended to be upset about it, and even built it again only to fail - just to throw everyone off his trail.
- He tried to enter an alliance with Erik. Why? He has no need of an alliance. Because he wanted to throw Erik off with his Arli$$ theory.
Clearly, Corbin Bernsen is The Mole.

Corbin Bernsen Is Not The Mole:
- He was so upset at failing to build a raft that he kept trying. Did anyone ever tell him that carpenters don't build boats, shipwrights do? Poor fella.
- He ate every pepper that came his way and then some. He even told Frederique which pepper was not hot so they could add $25,000 to the pot.
- He's easily the most competitive player of the group. He absolutely hates to lose.
- His diary notes were far and away the most detailed, impressive notes of any of the players. The guy is paying attention to the smallest details. The fact that he noticed the dollar signs on the money bags in week one only had one line through them just like the "S" on the show Arli$$ was very impressive.
- He attempted to enter into an alliance with Erik because he was struggling to figure out who The Mole is.

And most telling of all - our boy Corbin was executed tonight. I hated to see him go. And I hated to see what a poor loser he was; he picked up his bag, slammed his diary on the table, and stormed out without so much as a goodbye to the rest of the players. Corb, it's been fun. I'm gonna miss ya, ya big lug.

Obviously Corbin Bernsen is not The Mole.

Goodbye, Corbin! Please, seek a little anger management help. But keep that sense of humor! And whatever you do, don't come back next week as a cabana boy.