Dear Diary:

Wow what a couple of days I’ve had!

The “date” that Evan took me and a couple of the other girls on was definitely...interesting. I guess I was expecting something 'romantic' and 'Cinderella-like'. He must have thought it would be funny to have Paul tell us that we were going on an 'outdoorsy' date. What really happened was Evan had us shoveling coal. Yes, coal. We took a train ride on a steam engine and had to “fuel” it up. I actually did a pretty good job and it was funny to watch the other girls try to wield a shovel. They were pathetic. I couldn’t tell if Evan thought their attempts were cute or ridiculous!

On the train Mojo talked the entire time. When it was over Evan asked if we had a good time to which I responded “Oh yes, in fact I’m off to write Mojo’s biography” He laughed, but she didn’t think it was funny. I know I wasn't the only one that felt that way-Katie and the others were ready to shove some coal down Mojo's throat by the end of the day, just to get a word in!

When all the dates were over we all had time to hang out together. It was revealed that Heidi actually has a boyfriend back home! This rightly pissed a lot of us off. I realize that legally she is single, as there is no ring, but I still didn’t think it was fair. What if Evan's soulmate was really cut the first night because Heidi was kept in?

Apparently she gave everyone a chance to tell her what they thought, but I was in the kitchen chatting with Paul (I’m still confidant that if I’m in good with him, I’ve got a better shot. Plus, he really is a funny guy). When I returned I found out no-one said a thing to Heidi, although many claimed they wanted too. Whatever, I had lots to say, but the moment was over. I couldn't just walk up to her and demand she tell Evan the truth or anything. And if I tried to tell him, he'd just think I was trying to eliminate the competition. I can only pray she doesn't make it any further!

We found out that the field was going to be narrowed quite a bit the next morning. It was weird to think over half of us were done “playing” this game. We were expecting it to be a really gradual 'elimination', so a cut from 13 to 6 was drastic!

We woke up bright and early and the girls started going crazy with what they were going to wear and how they were doing their hair. Luckily I had talked to Paul and he had told me that Evan isn’t into that much make-up. He also said something about finding a hot picture of my mother for Evan, but I'm really not sure why he'd want that?!

It was fun watching Heidi cake it on, as I went more minimal. I also figured it was really too late at that point as he’d probably already made up his mind, but of course it didn't hurt to try.

We met in the parlor and we all took our assigned seats.. yes, we were told where to sit. DO you think I'd have CHOSEN to sit beside Heidi? That girl from Trading Spaces showed up- I had forgotten she was part of the show. I wondered how much she was getting paid, because really, what did she do?

Evan and Paul showed up and Paul was holding a velvet pillow with beautiful sapphire necklaces laid upon it. I was hoping to get picked, just so I could have a necklace… Then I started wondering why the losers didn’t get a thing. Oh well.

Paul finally called my name and I couldn’t believe how relieved I was. The best part, however was watching Heidi’s face get uglier and uglier as others’ names were called!

She had a hard time with the rejection. Everyone else loved it! It was only fair, after all, since she DOES have a boyfriend back home! When she left, she couldn't find one of her bags. She got all mellow and started speaking to Paul in French, which was lost on me. I'm not very good with foreign languages, I don't even fully understand ebonics!

Oh! I forgot the best part! Those of us who got picked -me, Mojo, Melissa, Alison, Zora, and Sarah- are going on a four day trip to PARIS with Evan. I think it sounds magical, and I've never extensively toured Europe. I can't wait- I'm ready to pull out all the stops to win Evan's heart! I'll write more later- I have to go pack my bags!


Disclaimer*** This article is purely a work of fiction written by myself and Cali. Bambi is not really a contestant on Joe Millionaire.